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Collaborations: 9 total (0 with awards). View By: Award | Date | Title
My Kitchen Window (4) by Septolets IILove is.... (20) by The Capricious Travelers
Haiku Summer Fun! (12) by The First C-P Haiku Group!Summer Garden (9) by Glorious Nature Writes
Awaiting Spring ~Mirror Sestet~ ~One Stanza~ (1) by Mirror SestetsNight Life (1) by Cameo Poetry Style Writes
Awaiting Spring ~Mirror Sestet~ ~Two Stanzas~ (2) by Mirror SestetsShimmering Illusion (5) by Septolets are Fun
Ducks Parade About contains a digital article (4) by Mirror Sestets

Poems: 1225 total (0 with awards). View By: Award | Date | Title
A Tale of 2 Lizards and a Squirrel (8) HOMEMADE MEALS (8)HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TANGO (4)
KIMBER HAPPY BIRTHDAY MS GYPSY (2)Evening Sunset on a Texas Lake (19)Garden Blessings (6)
WHAT DO YOU SEE? (6)The Chapel Bell (2)Reason for Season (3)
Here & There (9)Shadows to swodahS (1)TO ANN: POETRY CALENDAR (4)
Dance of Lights (6)Rules are Rules (3)TO CATCH A DREAM (6)
Colour Storm (Cyhydedd Fer style) (3)Seeking (7)LEN (3)
THE LADY'S VISITOR (1)India -- SHEEEE- Velvet Panther (24)Just Chattin' With The Shrubbery About contains a digital article (5)
James Lagoski's Day (5)The Banner says "Happy Birthday Len" (5)By The Lake (7)
As Evening Descends (2)Welcome June 2015 (5) E S C A P E (a Palindrome) (5)
Secret Haven ; 10-5-2009 Anns Poetry Calendar (7)V E R S E (6)Happy Birthday, Wind Whisperer (5)
Sunshine Supreme (6)Looking Carefully (2)Spring (A Tanka) (7)
DAY OF TRAGEDY (7)Mesmerized -- cowrite with Dream Ghost (5)The Dragons are Soaring -- for Sensual Sorceress (7)
The Dream -- dedicated to Mary Lou (7)My Favourite Word (7)Spontaneous Combustion (14)
Evening Coffee (5)MT OLYMPUS (6)Immortal Crimes: part 2 Beyond the Realm of EverLasting (6)
A Walk in the Woods -- cowrite DreamGhost and Lady D (8)Mary Lou Allen -- Happy Birthday (11)The Full Moon (12)
Along the Pathway (6)Let's Dance (4)Seeing From Both Sides - Poetry Calendar Entry (5)
Backyard Antics (A Haiku) (12)Darkness Falls (9) A T L A N T I S (9)
My Garden Friends (7)Demons Howl in the Twilight (7)The Lizard Tail (A Haiku) (7)
Haunted Spiral Emotions (4)Dream or Message to Explore (5)Where Rainbows Wait (3)
30 November (9)Dance Partner (6)Firestone Feinberg, Birthday Wishes (10)
As Days Grow Short (Triolet - Expanded Format) (6)Peter, The Dude, Birthday Greetings (4)My Thoughts Wander (4)
BEAUTIFUL BACKYARD (5) W I L D C A R D (7)The Last Rose of Summer (8)
Who Should You Trust (5)SECRETS (a Rondolet) (14)A Bountiful Garden (9)
Day by Day (5)Glitter Flash (11)Rain Falls Softly (9)
A Tomahawk challenge -- Wandering in My Thoughts (6)Happy Birthday, Miss VEE!!!! (4)Temple In The Jungle (4)
New Mown Grass (4)Nature's Majesty (condensed Haikus) (20)Ms Pink and Lavender Spider (5)
SHE WHISPERS (9)Beauty in Flight (a Naga-Uta) (25)Geometrix at Play (5)
FATHERS DAY 2013 (4)A Moment in Time (8)COLIN, SIR, HAPPY BIRTHDAY (4)
Happy Birthday, Nathaniel (8)The Prismatic Geode (5) 3 Favorites (7)
Feathered Friends (2)Gene Myers Birthday (7)The Spiral (A Bussokusekika) (12)
Glory of Nature (13)Relaxing with Nature -a word bank from Linda Jo (4)PRAYERS FOR THE PEOPLE OF INDIA (4)
S I L E N C E (13)Love's Dance (3)A PLACE OF PEACE (11)
Desideratum (Rhopalic Style) (5)From The Mist (10)Into The Distance (4)
A DELIGHTFUL DISCOVERY (1) D O G S (13)Early Evening Dreaming (10)
DYNAMIC (3)Lady Neanna's 16th Birthday (9)An Eerie Stillness Shrouds the Garden (12)
Visitors From A By-Gone Era (5)Beautiful February Dawn (17)Earlier Night Fall Poem contains a digital article (7)
BEACH MEMORIES (4)Little Green Frogs (9)The Speciality of 9 December (6)
My 1976 Silver Firebird Poem contains a digital article (4)Coby (22)Winter Is Beginning (4)
Rainbows Glitter (6)My Green Moth (6)KING ALISTAIR - Happy Birthday (5)
First of June 2009 (5)They're Talking About Me From Their Planters (6)W A L S H Y (16)
Hey, India !!!!! (8)Rainbow Ryder (5)Insect Antics (2)
JAMES LAGOSKI HAPPY BIRTHDAY (1)A Beginning (A Minute) (11)Into 2008 (6)
As The Muses Dance (7) Where is Dennis?? (11)Celebrate the return of the Bag Lady (5)
Beauty for the Beholder (9)Full Moon (A Seicinque) (9)Happy Birthday, Hamp (2)
You're Sure It's Yours -- Anns Poetry Calendar (2)TEARS LINE MY FACE (4) The Kingdom of Creative (7)
Words of Love -2 Sept Poetry Calendar (4)Life's Fascinating Journey (7)An Evening Visit (Minute - Lady D style) (7)
View From The Patio (11)They Found Me Poem contains a digital article (7)Len - Master of Flying Snakes (11)
Fall Captures Georgia Poem contains a digital article (5)The Risk Taken - A Word Bank Challenge (4) Marks On Your Page (11)
I Remember (5)Greenery so Vivid (3)A Pleasant Interlude (A Naani) (5)
Anns Poetry calendar for 7 Dec 2009 Poetry styles to try (4)TRACY FLETCHER HAPPY BIRTHDAY (2)Re-Sign or Resign (7)
Alison Storm Wolf (6)Along The Zone (An Abecedarian) (12)LET'S PLAY BALL (5)
Peace in the Valley (5)MARY LOU ALLEN, YOU HAVE BEEN CAUGHT (9)Fall Is Here (9)
Eerie Stillness (7)LATE SEPTEMBER (7)Tut Has Joined Abby (4)
Travis -- happy birthday (3)B E Y O N D (15)Mr 8 Legger (11)
LOVE IS : She Whispers (5) While The Day Is Young (9)Garden Beauty (3)
Nature's Glory (5)In The Stillness (Dodoitsu style) (8)Jolen: please read (7)
Tanya Harrison - Happy Birthday (7)REFLECTIONS (3) Alphabet Zoning (11)
Love for Mary Lou -- Happy Birthday (5)AUDACIOUS KNIGHTS SUPREME (5)Evening Reigns (9)
Mark Valence -- The Dragons are Looking for YOU (4)A Special Moment (4)MY DAILY BLESSINGS (3)
Fruit Salad (A Palindrome) (13)Kaleidoscopic Reality (10)GUIDANCE (5)
A Checklist (5)Winter Begins (9)A Dream? (3)
Dark Dwelling (9)Festive Country Santa Poem contains a digital article (4)FF -- WBC -- TIME IN THE GARDEN (6)
Natures Tapestry (13)In The Field About contains a digital article (4)Turki Meets New Friends (3)
R A I N (Extended Allitera-Ku) (10)RED ROSE KINGDOM (26)The Green Lizards Tail Tale (6)
A TREE OUTSIDE MY BEDROOM WINDOW (8)Which Pathway to Traverse (7)Constellations Poem contains a digital article (8)
Gratitude (an Acrostic/Palindrome) (16)Ms Purple Penguin (4)Redemption (3)
Birds, Frogs and The Stars (3)JAG -- Happy Birthday (1)Waves (7)
Time Eternal (8)TRACY FLETCHER --- Happy Birthday (4) A Wondrous Day (12)
Pathways (4)Moon Fairy, Happy Birthday (1)Colours of Fall (15)
The Dancer (5)A Noise on the Patio, I Look to the Right (6)BRIGHT RED LEAVES (2)
A Day At The Beach (9)LOST (5) S T O R M S (7)
Leigh Star (8)The Dragonwyck "Ball" for Tracy Ball (3)Actress Dixie Carter has Died (2)
MY MENAGERIE (2) C O L O U R - Palindrome (10)Glory of a By-Gone Age in the Emerald Valley (6)
HUMIDITY (8)Wishing (13)Into Infinitum (2)
Rainy Days Are Beautiful (4)Tuesday (A cinquain) (7)The Turkeys That Got Away Anns Nov 2009 poetry calendar About contains a digital article (4)
MOON STAR --- HAPPY BIRTHDAY (6)Len, Len (6)Filmy Shadows (6)
Scared Daughter-in-Law (7)Church Sign (31)St Patricks Day (6)
MYSTICAL (10)The Dresser About contains a digital article (14)Another Rainy Georgia Afternoon (5)
TRACY's BIRTHDAY (3)The Brazier (2)As Memories Call My Name (6)
Cosmic Blazing Glory (7)Frozen Tears, Happy Birthday (3)Residents of the Mazes of My Mind (19)
Whistle "News" (1)Spring Is Here (5)Yellow Butterflies (A Rondolet) (8)
The BEST News for Glata (7)The Bromeliad Plant, The Bellman Visits (3)HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOON STAR (8)
Nature's Influence (13)Misty Curtain (3)MY GRANDMOTHER (4)
Falling In Love Is For Fools (Hudibrastics Style) (6)Tom Biggbear's Birthday (4)A DAY IN SPRING (9)
ON THE JOURNEY (3) K I T E S (5)Tangle with a Tiger (8)
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY !!! (3)Nature's Vibrant Glory (11)My Grandparents House (8)
Points I Ponder (2)Challenge (16)A Wonderful Surprise (9)
David Firestone Feinberg (5)15 September 2006 (14)JOLEN RULES!!! (11)
Where Is My Share? (6)Her Reflection (25)Christmas Eve 2009 (4)
Fantasy -vs- Real World (3) The Secluded Beach (20)About Rebellious Unicorns (2)
Nature's Beauty (5)My Dog and the Bee (6)Transition of Seasons (5)
March Marches In (2005) (7)Attention: Pamela Lamppa (6)Coloured Water (12)
Coffee Time (3)LADY NEANNA BIRTHDAY (4)The Gypsy (8)
Hey Walshy (3)Samuel Stone -- Birthday Wishes to YOU (6) DEVELOP (3)
Holiday Season Has Truly Begun (9)Chapter 1: Pegasus -- co-write of Fletch and Lady D (3)On The Fence Poem contains a digital article (4)
Who Rules This Day (Rhupunt Style) About contains a digital article (7)Dragons Do The "Tango" (4)Stepping Stones (3)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JESS (2) Attention..... (9)West Virginia Calls (6)
A Lazy Drive Around My Small Town (5) REINCARNATION (17)Icy Shapes (7)
I WISH YOU WERE HERE (7)Nature at Play (15)A Daily Treat (6)
THOUGHTS ABOUND -- LJ word bank (5) STEVE IRWIN (23)Shadows Inhabit The Temple (5)
A Squirrel's Tail Tells the Tale (3)Facts First (12)My Blessings (8)
LOOKING INTO THE NEW YEAR (4)Infatuated (5)As Evening Begins To Fall (7)
Man of the Mountains (7)HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Blake (6)Pastel Star Evening (2)
SUMMER HOT !! WINTER COLD!! (9)Savanah B -- Louisiana Shining Star (10)Tom & Lady D Strollin' (5)
GLACIER EYES (4)Strollin' The Beach About contains a digital article (3)Adorable Puppies Are Just Not Fair (3)
My Mentor (A Lira) (8)Greetings (4)A Chance Encounter (8)
My Menagerie at Play (17)Summer Memories - Day 1 Ann's Poetry Calendar (3)Garden Pixie (7)
Enthralled (A Pleiades style) (4)Tom, a special invite (3)sHeRi birthday greetings (3)
END OF YEAR 2013 (4) Two Thousand and Four (13)Bad for Dieting -- Anns Poetry Calendar -- favourite food (5)
WORD BANK FROM SHE WHISPERS (6)Down Time (A Lune format) (3)And Time Stood Still (4)
Early April Morning (8)A LOVELY DAY Poem contains a digital article About contains a digital article (2)Peacocks (A triolet) (9)
The Ghost and the Vampire (5)Journals From The Vault (3)Nachos Rule !!! (11)
Morgana's Dream (2)The Birds Nest in the Queen Anns Lace Bush (5)A Stone Circle (A Rictameter) (11)
Grandparents Poem contains a digital article (5)NUMBERS RULE 1-10 (7)Imprimatur (5)
The Beasties Chat (4)The Fancy Snake (12)Visitors on the Patio (3)
PRIDE (4)Nature Eternal Cycle (6)Seeing Beauty for Anns July Calendar (4)
The Witch's Spell Craft Victory (13)SPRINGTIME (8)QUIETLY, SHE WAITS (7)
Stormy Interlude (2)As 2010 Floats into Eternity (1)His Greenness (12)
December is Here (8)Ann's Poetry Calendar Jan 2010: Jan 28 Edit or Not (3)The Memory That Burns (11)
Who's Knocking About contains a digital article (3)Elemental Shape Shifter 2 co-write with Dream Ghost (5)Waiting (A Kimo) (2)
January Garden Plans (8)Spring Magick Poem contains a digital article (5)HAPPY THANKSGIVING 2013 (2)
Sydney loves Colin (5)Animals at the Castle (4)AN EVENING TO TREASURE (8)
Cooler Evening (An Englyn Cyrch style) (8)Rainbows (10)I Sit Here Quietly (3)
CARAMEL (2)Gypsy Lady (13)Capt Jack's Halloween elixir -- anns poetry calendar oct 2009 (7)
GRANDMA'S BIRTHDAY (6)August Glory (10)Hoof Beats Echo in the Twilight (7)
Honeysuckle Dominates the Fences (2) Myth Or Ancient Force (A Tyburn) (7)Red Velvety Bush About contains a digital article (5)
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 (6)Foxy and the Garden Fairies (15)Garden Magic (8)
Ruth Goes Riding Poem contains a digital article (4)Glorious Ocean Sunset (27)The Finding (2)
The Peregrine (4)Moon Fairy's Day (3)The Haunted Bridge cowrite Dream Ghost and Lady D Poem contains a digital article (7)
Rain to Rainbow (21)What You Believe (8)TRYING TO UNDERSTAND AND PROGRESS (3)
Knowing the Secrets (2)The Night Time Charmer a co-write with Dream Ghost (5)Red Rose Bouquet (13)
Dear Last Temple Knight (5)Duck Crossing (6) A to Z ??? (11)
Stars at Night (5)My Coffee Maker Tells On Me (5)A Magic Morning (A Ottava Rima) (5)
Joe Petro -- Happy Birthday (8)It's Just a Day Poem for Ann's Poetry Calendar (6)VETERANS DAY 2013 (3)
Sexy Bronze Miata (7)By The Bayou (6)GLORIOUS DAYTIME MOON (7)
The Pathway (Monchielle style) (7)INDIA ---- (7)Talking Shoes (8)
HAPPY THANKSGIVING 2014 (1)Creative Minds (7)Bruce Dixon -- the Dragons Love You (3)
Tip Your Cap and Smile (5)Dream Scene (21)Fall Holiday Planning (5)
Dude loves people food (2) The Circle (A Pantoum) (14)Looking out the Door on a gray overcast day (6)
MY GARDEN -- FF Word Bank Challenge #7 (8)Leigh Star Rocks!!!! (4)Changes in My Garden (4)
The Texture of Memory (4)Ancient Corridors (24)The Poetic Soldier Marches On (0)
The White Bloom Poem contains a digital article (6)Red Rose Extravaganza (Happy Birthday Mom!) (8)Fast, Slow, Around We Go (5)
GODS NATURE GLORY TO ENJOY (4)The Center of the Lake (2)Changing Colours of Autumn Leaves Poem contains a digital article (9)
Happy Birthday, Dennis (6)Mary Lou Allen (9)CLEAR BEAUTY (4)
Green Frogs (4)Time Progresses (6)Mark Valence, your Birthday (4)
Remember Tree Swings ? (15)February Daytime Moon Poem contains a digital article (6)AUTUMN DAYS -- Word Bank Challenge (5)
To A Dear Friend (9)Summer Beauty (3)BAG LADYS BIRTHDAY (7)
It's All Wind Whisperer's Fault (A Ronsardian Ode) (8)Cook out Night (11)The Beauty of Spring (2)
ISOLATED (6)Dream Weaver - Dream Catcher (13)Awesome Aussie Day (8)
SUPERSTITIONS (4)R A I N B O W S (A Cinquain) (13)An Evening Visit - A BellMan write (4)
The Pale Moonlight (3)The Pathway Awaits (10)Bas -- happy day (3)
Shoppin" (7)Fall of the House of Dragonwyck (28)Christmas (5)
SOFT BREEZE SINGS -- Firestone Feinberg WB #9 (9)Limit Time (6) NUTSHELLS (6)
Sasha (4)Take Me Home Country Roads (10) Morning LOVELY Morning (A Palindrome) (9)
Birthday Greetings, Ms Serpentsoul (4)W A Y L O N J E N N I N G S (9)Softly Softly (2)
Bob Salty and Mark Spencer Birthday Greetings (2)Peregrines A Lai (5)A Special Note (11)
Just Between Us - Ann's 2-17-2010 poetry calendar (1)SEDATION (7) T h e C r e a t u r e (16)
Rainy Moments About contains a digital article (3)Words are In Charge (3)Behind the Window (Cameo Style) (5)
Horrible person..... (9)White and Yellow Blossoms Poem contains a digital article (5)Sunrise (6)
Roses For Mom (14)ML Allen -- Happyness to you (5)Happy Birthday, Jaymcquen (2)
Teen Drama Queen (10)The Dragonfly Hovers Poem contains a digital article (7)My Father-in-Laws Birthday (3)
Caught In The Act --word of day by Lord of Shadows (7)A Starry Night (8)Summer's Beauty (3)
The Past Lives (Rictameter) (11)Cynthia Jones -- Happy Birthday (5)JESS HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS (3)
Surrender (3)A Mighty Sailing Vessel (10) Dazzling Colours (12)
A DAMP CHILLY APRIL MORNING (2)A Moment in Time (3)An Evening Rain Storm (4)
Just Another Day (A Dodoitsu) (9)My Garden (18) P A S S I O N (14)
What Colour Today? (2)Twilight Beckons - A Bellman Write (11)A Daily Ritual (13)
From The Beach (8)Southern Breeze (8)Do You Feel The Heat -- (12)
The Misty Curtain (2)My Backyard Birds (5)Small Wonders (Ottava Rima style) (7)
NATE - THE POETIC SOLDIER (1)Great Spring Gift (2)13 Friday December 2013 (2)
Life is.... (5)Revise This? (4)Wonders of Nature (6)
Rhythm of the Rain (Tanaga -dual rhyme style) (6)"wordsworthswords" (13)Mystical Butterfly (3)
SPACE TIME CONTIMUUN About contains a digital article (3)WILD LIFE (A Palindrome) (8)Anns Poetry Calendar for 10-26-2009: Glorious Nature Array (3)
SHADOWS SPARKLE (5)FROM THE SHADOWS (8)Cycle of the Desert (3)
A Box of Pictures (5)The Olde Man (Kyrielle) (11)Backyard Beauty Poem contains a digital article (4)
EARLY MORNING FOG (7)Lady Neanna's Special Day (6)Weighted Waiting (5)
Mr Squirrel Poem contains a digital article (4) D R E A M S (A diamante) (16) NATURE'S NONCHALANCE (15)
The Storm (7)SPAGHETTI NIGHT (5)A Visitor (4)
The Pier Poem contains a digital article (6)Dragonwyck Menagerie Tribute (12)Burn, Baby Burn !!! (15)
Good Old Days (8)An Ancient Meeting (2)BARBARA D HAPPY BIRTHDAY (3)
Penguin & Igloo (7)Ancient of Days (11)JESS -- happy birthday (3)
Nature, Her Glory (11)It's A Good Life (4)sHeRi birthday greetings (5)
Shimmering Air (A Cyhydedd Naw Ban) (6)Tracie - Moon Fairy - (2)Dancing With Destiny (5)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, "Wide Awake" (4) What about the Protestants? (5)Evening Light Show (4)
With Love To My Uncle (7)A Lovely Evening Greets Lady D (7)Pamela Lamppa's Day (7)
She Whispers - A Thank You (4)INCUBUS (1)Dorothy's Red Roses (6)
29 Sept anns poetry calendar - poem about a neighbor Poem contains a digital article (7)HAPPY FATHERS DAY (2)The Way It Is (10)
An E-Mail Hug Away (4)Dreams and Fantasies (3)The Herald of Spring (13)
Evening Descends About contains a digital article (7)THE PORTAL BECKONED (4)J A C Q U E (5)
Visitors In The Garden (4)His Regal Beauty Poem contains a digital article (3)I Think I'm In Love (35)
Golden Butterflies Return (5)A Special Birthday Message to My Dad (6)The Horizon (10)
REVERB!!! (6)2013 - Happy 4th of July (6)FLETCH (7)
THE GHOST TRAIN (7)Spring Awakening (15)Your Heavenly Path (3)
Grandmother Hattie Mae (10)Are You Ready You Are (3)Nature's Rebirth (8)
Why 15 September is Special (13)Bruce Jr (4)RunRebelRun: Ann's 3-2-2010 poetry calendar (3)
PATHWAYS (6) Leigh Star -- again (11)The Un-Doing (4)
A Party In The Garden (7)Cooling Weather (A Ronsardian Ode) (5)Ham's birthday (6)
Miss Birds New Treasure (6)GOODBYE LOVELY SUMMER (6)Knights and Ladies (9)
Mid-October Delights (8)May Day 2010 (2) Beauty's Mask (19)
Just An Overcast Georgia Day (5)COLIN SKILTON -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY (6)November Reflections (8)
Evening Descends About contains a digital article (8)Thank you (4)The Circle Game (A Double Tetracty) (11)
2009: an Overview Ann's Poetry Calendar for 30 Dec 2009 (2)IN THE DEEP SOUTH (7)Wind Chimes Serenade (3)
Peter: editor-in-chief (3)Thank you Dennis, (17)I am ME... (8)
Night Descends (7)The Ravine (3) What? She's doesnt prefer diamonds? (7)
Early Morning (17)Mark S Valence - Happy Birthday (2)A Brightly Coloured Orb (5)
Memory Taunts (1)House of Style (5)Heat of the Night (A Minute) (11)
Reflections (10)My Perspective: Ann's 2-23-2010 calendr (5)GEORGIA (3)
Fall Approaches Slowly (10)Wishing (6)HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIRK (4)
Dreamcatchers Shiver In The Night (6)CINCO DE MAYO (4)DREAM GHOST -- a birthday wish from the Castle (2)
SEND ME AN OCEAN (2) Martian Medleys (8)A September Drive About contains a digital article (8)
Revolving (6)Happy Birthday, Tracy (6)McLean's Birthday Bash (4)
Goodnight To The Evening (3)February (9)My Special Time (6)
Meandering Thoughts -- word bank from Tomahawk (10)Labour Day BBQ (6)Slow Dance (9)
Dude & Squeaker Poem contains a digital article (6) What I Believe (25)Glata -- Happy Birthday (7)
A-shoppin' We Go (6)Capricious Chimaera (8)RED FEATHERS RADIANT (7)
Natures Display (9)Silverware in the Drain Tray (8)Middle School Chorus Holiday Concert (11)
Jeff's Birthday (2) S T O N E H E N G E (14)A Moment inTime (2)
Birthdays are upon us (8)Gardens (A Bussokusekika) (11)Gentle Time (8)
Just Me (8)The Stone Steps (12)Days End -- entry for Ann's August Poetry Calendar (6)
MOMMY, WHY???? (8)A Visitor (Rondolet Style) (7)Mahala Rose -- your day (7)
Trees in my neighbor's Yard Poem contains a digital article (3)HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FIRESTONE FEINBERG (8) Pretty Preppy Pieces (5)
I Am A Beloved Unicorn - Anns Poetry Calendar - poem about tattoo Poem contains a digital article (2)The Libertine (8)Welcome 2006 (A lune format) (6)
My Lovely Garden (10)Happy Birthday Keri (3)A Fun Day (9)
Broken Fence section Poem contains a digital article (7)Wine is NOT Necessary (7)COLOUR PARADE (5)
Welcome to Autumn (2)From The Beach (5)From The Patio (9)
For Ann: the Happiest Birthday (7)BAD OVERWHELMS GOOD (6)Birthday Time Again - Lord of Shadows (3)
My Fluffy Puppy Collection (5)Summer Storms ( A Sedoka-Katauta) (10) SPRING APRIL 2013 (3)
A Nature Walk (7)Mark Valence Birthday (1)A Fancy Vibrant Coloured Feathered Friend (9)
Inspirations (6)A DAY IN THE GARDEN About contains a digital article (8)Wedding Bells (2)
My Soul Journey (8)Tranquility (13)Darkness Reigns (8)
Ann's 3 Feb 2010 Poetry Calendar: I Am Lucky (4) Eerie Stillness Dominates (14)The Warrior - Battle Weary (2)
Dream Lover (9)Twilight Welcome (A Choka) (5)Mystical Poet -- A Birthday Greeting (0)
Golden Butterflies -- Haiku for Anns Poetry Calendar Poem contains a digital article (6)A Plethora of Blessings (7)Holiday Thoughts (7)
Kimber, Gypsy, your Special Day (6)THE OLDE CLOCK (7)A WANDERER WONDERS (2)
Mystical Place (a Palindrome) (8)Last Stream: Ann's Poetry calendar 11 Oct 2009 (7)JULY 5 --- a Special Day (9)
August Rain Storm (5)Back to a Kinder Time (5)The Aunt and the Ant (3)
Cloudless Day (A Triolet) (7)Santa And Travis Poem contains a digital article (5)Firestone David -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY (3)
Happy Birthday, Solus McKnight (3)Tracy Fletcher -- Happy Birthday (7)New Bird Feeder Poem contains a digital article (4)
The Gazebo ( A Mathemetric) (19)The Pathway (2)FIRST DAY OF SPRING 2013 (10)
Turquoise Stone Path (8)Lily Pads Poem contains a digital article (8)Mini-Dragons About contains a digital article (18)
Colours That Blend (9)SCORCH (7)The Cattle Rancher (4)
Shared Domain Poem contains a digital article (6)May Delights (12)Dear Diary (9)
A New Garden Friend Poem contains a digital article About contains a digital article (4) A to Z (more???) (5)Dance With Me (7)
BIRTHDAY WISHES (0)William Golden Pen (7)Around The Circle (5)
Words of a Feather Flock Together for Ann's 8 March 2010 calendar (3)Shadowy Shadows (3) The Train (15)
Early Morning Glory (7)I MISS YOU (8)Winters Song (Serventesio Format) (12)
Ms Serpent Soul (5)Do You Believe (5)BIRTHDAY WISHES (3)
The Baby Dragon (17)Emerald Valley (9)Pilgrim's Progress (4)
The Interlude -- for Dave Harris word bank (6)Under The Silvery Moon (6)Cinco de Mayo (1)
B E T T E (14)Fall Holidays Are Here (6)DAN MAZUREK -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY (5)
Dream Window (14)Dancing In The Moonlight (5)Which Report (7)
Hi May (Cinquain/Acrostic Combo) (12)Spring Springing in the Deep South (4)Stars Twinkling In The Night (5)
Blazing Glory (14)Our Wait Will Be Long (8)KALEIDOSCOPE (5)
Texas Beauty (8)Lizards at Play Poem contains a digital article (7)The Glance (4)
Tony Barton - Your Special Day (2)I Am.... Me (12)Watchful (7)
Elemental Shape Shifter a co-write Dream Ghost and Lady D (2)BiggBear's Garden (11)Mr Turtle (3)
A Recent Addition (8)FLOCK (5) Leigh Star (14)
Ancient Garden (5)A Place of Love About contains a digital article (10)A Future In Full Bloom (Decastich style) (8)
My Heart Sings (8)Only One As A Fav? (6)DAVID WOOD has Entered Heaven (4)
W I L D C H I L D About contains a digital article (10)Starfish Poem contains a digital article (4)ARCHAIC (4)
The Poetic Soldier (10)The Gift (15)Fire and Bubbling Brooks (3)
Rain Days (A Tanka) (14)Sand Dunes of the Emerald Valley About contains a digital article (4)THE OWL BLINKS -- WBC from Firestone (5)
A Chocolate Fixation -- words from Dave Harris (4)Quiet Spiders Quickly Conquer (5)Mama Bird is so Busy Poem contains a digital article (7)
Leigh Star and The Lady Return (28)Shells From The Sea Poem contains a digital article (5)THIS CURRENT JOURNEY (6)
That Looks Like My Cup (11)A RAINY SUNDAY IN MAY (5)Swaying on the Patio (4)
MS BAG LADY's BIRTHDAY (8)Happy Birthday, James Lagoski (6)Circles (11)
r U NN i nG D o w N the R o AD (9)Thoughts of you (2)A WALK IN THE WOODS (4)
By The Stream (An expanded Triolet) (9)Ms Sorceress Please Read (5)Lady Neanna Happy Birthday (0)
Happy 89th Birthday, Mom (8) T H E C O L O U R G O D D E S S (7)Romance in the Air (3)
Medieval Creatures Do Abound (7)Rainy Night (A Rhupunt Style) (7)Keri, for your Birthday (4)
Nightly Rituals (3)NEW YEAR PHILOSOPHY (1) F I R E (9)
All the Far Age Poem contains a digital article (4)A MIND MOMENT (6)Pa, His Granddaughters and the Water Pistol (7)
Sparkling From The Mist (10)What Makes A Man Appealing (6)That Special 16th Birthday (21)
Butterflies Dance Poem contains a digital article (7)David, Come Visit the Menagerie -- a Word Bank Challenge (6)Jack's Remedy -- 1 Sept 2006 Words of Week for Lord of Shadows (10)
Winter Gently Begins (4)A Welcome Summer Gift Poem contains a digital article (3)Jungle Pyramid (A Quatern) (14)
NEW FRIEND IN THE GARDEN Poem contains a digital article (4)FOAMY HAPPY BIRTHDAY (4)Lady Neanna (2)
A June Gift For The Menagerie (3)Happy 92nd --- Olde Man !!! (15)Dominant Matriarch Moment (14)
Fragments of the Past (6)Heat Calls (3)A Picnic By The Stream (3)
Suddenly the Demons Laugh (An Ottava Rima) (12)Rain Drop EdanereS (7)ONCE MORE THE STRUCTUR E SHIFTS (5)
Evening Dance Party (4)Mid-January Day (4) Dragonflies (A monorhyme) About contains a digital article (13)
Happy Birthday, Glata (10)James Lagoski - Happy Birthday (3) Sir Dave Maclellan, Princely Knight (11)
Wandering (4)Nature's Glory (6)Soft Sighs & Chantilly Lace (11)
Garden Mistress - Ancient Egypt (9)Confessions from the Parrot - Ann's 25 March Calendar (3)BIRTHDAY WISHES TO GLATA AND ADRI (4)
K H A R M A (7)From my window --- Anns poetry calendar 25 August (4)NOTHING (7)
About "that" Commercial (7)Earth (8)EARTH DAY 22 April 2010 (2)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM (4)Valentine Day (8)DAVID TURNER - Happy Birthday (3)
Dragonflies in My Yard Poem contains a digital article (10)Day Into Night (11)Evening Begins (6)
The Muses Chant (2)Dream World (A Tetracty) (12)Santa and My Dragons Poem contains a digital article (6)
GODS GLORY MANIFEST (2)Nathaniel Poetic Soldier -- Your Birthday (4)First Mug of Coffee (11)
Glorius Georgia Sunset Poem contains a digital article (4)Just Another Voice (18)Travis Tapley's Birthday (5)
SHARING (6)My Soul in Dis-Array (7)Laundry Day (9)
Colour Goddess -- Your Day (18)Birthday Wishes : Raev Kareste (2) Once More , Trying (6)
Tracy Ball -- Happy Birthday (2)Adri and Glata (6)BiggBear (9)
Just A Penny About contains a digital article (7)But, I can't.....Ann's Poetry Calendar (4)October's Entrance (11)
Mist Shrouds (2)God's Gift of Nature (3)Stormy Prelude (A Rhupunt style) (7)
James Lagoski (3)Colours That Make My Day for Ann's 22 March Poetry Calendar (7)RUMMAGE (5)
Sir Bruce, the Awesome Aussie (11)Coffee For Two (9)Fancy Feathered Ducks (6)
A Lovely Day for Cynthia Jones (9)LIONHEART (13)The Cuties Plot Against Lady D Poem contains a digital article (4)
Feb 2015 -- Natures Glory (3)Chimaera's New Friend (10)Colin Skilton (6)
AN ANCIENT RITUAL (4)The Hirsute Prostitute (11)In A Twinkling (7)
Tango's Day (4) A Way To Live (19)The Purple Rose (8)
HELLO NOVEMBER 2012 (10)Welcome 2007 (8)MY LOVELY MEADOW (6)
After Sunset walking the beach co-write Lady D and Dream Ghost (3)T O U C H E' (21)A Patio Party (4)
THE MEDUSA GATHERING (6)Mahala Rose and Daniel Master of Puppets (5)Pamela Lamppa (10)
Nature's Cycle of Rebirth (18)T E M P E S T (4)HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD (4)
An Ancient Ritual (5)As Michael Smiles To Me From Heaven (9)The View From Dragonwyck (11)
Birthday Party for Bag Lady (4)Grandfather O.C. (12)Olde Love Poems (5)
Vocabulary Folder (1)What A Morning.... (13)Courtesy of the Wind (6)
Conversations from the chill - 4 March 2010 Ann's Poetry Calendar (3)PEGASUS (3) Who's Our Leader? (12)
Glorious Nature (3)A HOLIDAY GREETING (5)The Crow's Birthday (Lai Style) (5)
Jeff - The Party is Ready (1)The Sundial (4)INSIDE MY HEAD (6)
The Mirror (15)Natures Eternal Cycle - Anns Poetry Calendar 9-22-2009 (5)IT IS AS IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE (6)
Day Break (7)Television (12)COULD, WHERE, WHEN (6)
Sadness Clouds My Mind (19)Little Bit About contains a digital article (12)Trying to Be Normal??? A David Firestone Word Bank (8)
Toys All Around (9)The Barefoot Contessa (4)The Green-Eyed Lady (2)
Your Reflection (a triple tetracty) (14)Sepia Hue Memories (2)Glorious Georgia Sunrise Poem contains a digital article (6)
E N I G M A (An Acrostic) (13)Caution... (7)Caramel Cream Cheese Coconut Pie (7)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAM (3)30 September 2010 (7)Fred the Bunny -- Happy Birthday (7)
wordsworthswords --- birthday greetings (7) Dance of Bright Colours (7)Feelings (2)
Kitchen Chatter for Feb 2011 calendar (3)Another Rainy Hour (A Monotetra) About contains a digital article (8)Happy Birthday, Solus McKnight (3)
Rain Gently Falls (10) FIDDLER (4) A Peaceful Sanctuary (14)
NATURES GLORY (6)MARY LOU --Happy Birthday (7)Safe Return (13)
A Desert Day (11)The Bellman and the Dragon's Key (2)ATLANTIC OCEAN (4)
C A T S (11)Early Evening (7)IN A FRENZY (11)
The Pendulum (14)Garden Walk (6)I Am The Rebel Unicorn (3)
Lovely Day (8)THE ENCHANTED GARDEN - A Bellman write (4)Mid-September 2012 (7)
Rain Showers (7)A Surprise (7)A May Blessing Poem contains a digital article (2)
The Author (21)HappyBirthday Adri (5)Wandering This Lifes Journey (7)
Mom and Dad's Endless Love About contains a digital article (7)MOTHERS DAY 2013 (4)Happy Interlude (2)
A Hot Day and the Vines on My Fence (7)Dragonwyck's Australian Christmas Gift (20)Happy Birthday, Outlaw About contains a digital article (0)
A Different Vista (6)Darkness (4)COMING OF SPRING - Feb 2011 calendar (6)
The Stroll (A monotetra) (6)SEEK (6)A Work in the Works: Ann's Poetry Calender entry (7)
Rusty (7)Daytime Moon Poem contains a digital article (7)Colour Blue Highlights this Day (5)
Sunshine's Glory (A Lira format) (6)To Our Moon Fairy (8)A SMART SQUIRREL (7)
SMELTS (4) All Alligators (8)The Dragonfly Poem contains a digital article (7)
My Lavender Blessing Poem contains a digital article About contains a digital article (6)Thoughts (13)A Small Fire Spurt (7)
My New Home Poem contains a digital article (7)To: India & William (12)MOON STAR, ITS YOUR DAY (11)
MIST (6)TONY BARTON --- Your Birthday Greeting (5)Happy Birthday, Ms Wide Awake (3)
My Last Vacation (6)Talent Show (A Sentolet) (6)LITTLE RICHARD -- Birthday Thoughts (2)
THE DRAGONS ARE LOOKING FOR TOMAHAWK (4)Planning Tomorrows (6)Vibrant Green Plants Grace the Area (4)
The Pirate ( A Sijo) (18)A BEAUTIFUL CHILLY DAY (5)Treasures From The Sea About contains a digital article (3)
Joe McNinney's Birthday (6)D E R R E L L (10)The Rivers Majesty About contains a digital article (8)
COOL SEPTEMBER MORN About contains a digital article (9)Natures Glory (3)MISS YOU MOM (7)
N E W B O R N (18)Sandscape (8)'WITH': 8 Feb 2010 for Ann's Poetry Calendar (2)
Black Pegasus (11)Kimber, our Gypsy (4)TO JAMIESON STEELE (5)
Dreamcatchers (Goliardic style) (6)SAMUEL STONE (2)Jennifer - ariesgirl - birthday greetings (7)
AS 2013 DRIFTS INTO ETERNITY (2) There's Dennis!!! (10)Lady D's Confession: Anns Poetry Calendar, Secret Addiction (6)
My Beautiful Plants (7)W R I T E R ??? (a backward Acrostic) (11)David Wood -- Your Day (7)
Not an "Oh Boy, Lunch" Smile (6)SUNDAY MORNING THOUGHTS (1)Little Girl Memories About contains a digital article (20)
JACK O'LANTERN (6)Today's Musing (4)A Future Place (5)
Dancing On The Beach (8)A MAY DAY (3)Legends Live (A Nonet) (6)
My Winter Greenery Poem contains a digital article (8)THE SANDS OF TIME (8)Haunting Memories - a Lento Format (10)
The Cave (6)Gray Dominates Poem contains a digital article (5)C A T S (an Allitera-Ku) (8)
A Winter Day (5)Softly Walking the Forest Paths (6)Quiet Before the Storm (4)
The Spider Web co-write Dream Ghost and Lady D Poem contains a digital article (5)K I S M E T (9)Lasagna Delight (9)
C'est La Vie (7)WRITING AND ME (6)ANN birthday wishes for a special lady (5)
Delightful Interlude (22)Happy Thanksgiving (5)Welcome Home Poem contains a digital article (6)
A to Z or is that Z to A !!! (12)Valentine Memories (3)BY THE WAY (2)
Misty Shadows (16)Lilith, I Am (4)Early Morning with the "pets" (4)
CLUSTERS OF LEAVES (2) A Newcomer at the Castle (15)Do You See? (9)
A BRILLIANT FULL MOON GLOWS (12)My Teen Girls (Shadorma format) (9)HOORAY!! IT'S FLETCH'S BIRTHDAY (4)
My Crystal Ball Has A New Friend (4)Winter in the Deep South (2)Silver Horse -vs- Moonlit Dragon (11)
Goodbye to Summer About contains a digital article (14)IT'S BEACH TIME (6)Happy Birthday, Tom Biggbear (8)
Temple in the jungle (4)Visit of the Garden Faeries (8)A M B I T I O N (A Tanka) (6)
A Mental Moment (5)October Gentle In the Deep South (9)DESMO HEY DESMO (4)
Repute of the Dragon (4)Walking The Beach (4)Walk With Me (30)
Lilac Bushes About contains a digital article (6)Jillian and Andrew birthday wishes from Lady D (10)abut rwiting peoms (23)
Of Course He Has A Knife... (8)ONE YEAR TODAY (6)Her Laughter Haunts (7)
DAVID TURNER - HAPPY BIRTHDAY (7)Lessons (A Than-Bauk) (7)The Hall of Mirrors Waits (8)
C H I M A E R A (5)Love of Writing (4)From The Shadows (6)
A Peaceful Setting (18)Evening (4)When "olde" isn't really old; happy birthday Gene (6)
RIDING IN THE RAIN (6) A POET (13)Joe McNinney -- birthday wishes (6)
1 December 2011 (3)Red Headed Woodpecker (Hexaduad style) About contains a digital article (10)Lady of the Loch (12)
An April Showers Day (3)HAPPY FATHERS DAY June 14 2014 (2) Gee, Gosh, Gulp!! (12)
My Venus Fly Trap Poem contains a digital article (4)Alistair Muir (5)SPRING EQUINOX (10)
Colin Skilton -- Happy Birthday (2)Memories of Mom and Grandma (4)Midnight (22)
November Decorating (6)Foliage (11)HURTLING TO IMMORTALITY -- Dave Harris Word Bank (7)
2009 (8)SHORT BUT ACCURATE (5)Looking Ahead (20)
Simple Pleasures (2)GENE MYERS, HAPPY BIRTHDAY (8)Gone Looking (16)
Self-Doubt Melting!! (6)NATURES GLORY (3)First Kiss (4)
...if my jewelry could talk (5)Uncle Bud About contains a digital article (21)Hey Fletch (5)
INNER STILLNESS (9)Mockingbirds (2)Stepping Stones co write Dream Ghost and Lady D (0)
Once Upon a Time on Padre Island Texas (8)Moments in Time (16)February 2010 Garden Plans (5)
TOMMY TURTLE (7)Early November Splendor (11)Sand Castle Memories from Childhood (3)
The Gypsy's Birthday (4)Mud Pie Days (Lira Style) (5)JimiBlue -- For you (2)
Early Spring (4)DARKNESS SHROUDS THE NIGHT (2) F R O G S (7)
A Salute to ALL WORKERS -- Anns Poetry Calendar (7)My "Butter cup" Morning (6)Walshy's Birthday (8)
Touch Me (12)A Day In My Life (4)Spring is Springing (a Palindrome) (11)
HAPPY HALLOWE'EN (5)Harbor (9)As The Music Moves Me (11)
Wind Chimes Melody (4)Sounds of Summer (7)A p r i l is N e a r (17)
Lavendar Rose Blooms -- Anns poetry calendar (4)JAMES LAGOSKI HAPPY BIRTHDAY (1)Samuel Stone (4)
Mr Bluebird Poem contains a digital article (10)Ooops! What Eggs?? (14)ADDICTION (9)
Portals (4)The Heavenly Path (4)Dreamcatchers of Life (A Paradelle) (17)
FireHam (4)P A T T E R N S (6)Pamela Lamppa, a special day (4)
Looking Out My Glass Door (10)A Day In The Sea (Allitera-Kus) (9)Adri's Birthday (5)
GREEN THEME (7) La Bare About contains a digital article (10)Friday Morning Errands (4)
SHE WHISPERS BIRTHDAY (5)Sighs Enthrall (A Trois-par-Huit style) (6)By The Apple Tree (16)
Ms Purple Bromeliad Poem contains a digital article (7)I HAD A DREAM (3) December Holidays (7)
Music To Me -- Ann's Poetry Calendar 26 August 2009 (4)Gene Myers (8)...but, but, it's Christmas Eve (5)
Sabre the Pirate (3)A Few of My Favourite Prompts (2)Perspective (4)
G R E Y D A Y About contains a digital article (11)Late October Day Clouds Poem contains a digital article (10)Randy Johnson (3)
Small Puddles (6)A Gentle Night (4)Nature's Gifts (2)
A Promise (A Pantoum) (9)Time (4)My Garden of Mythological Delights (7)
Shadows in the Sky (17)James Lagoski (3)I'm Not A Bare-Footer (6)
An Open Mind (13)


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