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The transience of human kind will never know the Pelagic Mind

Poems: 242 total (1 with awards). View By: Award | Date | Title
Pictures in the Gallery (12)A Christmas Tale part 2 (4)Snow's Falling (2)
Africa (2)Time's not. (4)The Man who could hear the past (5)
Summer's Heat (2)"No God Squad" Poem contains a digital article About contains a digital article (2)New York City Impressions (5)
Being Here (0)Happiness (2)Rings of Bright Water Poem contains a digital article (2)
Serendipity (3)The Chart (2)God's Particle? About contains a digital article (1)
Lust (10)Trumpets did not breach his walls (4)Paradises’ Eagle Listen To Poem (4)
Antarctic The Ice Kingdom (1)shrinking Circle (3)Poetry? (2)
What Can We Say (3)Howl (2)Ive Sailed the Seven Seas FRIDAY CHALLENGE (1)
A Summer Motorcycle Ride (5)Night Dreams (2)Impermanent (2)
It's National Poerty Day Today! (4)Fear (7)Oil? Is just a load of old Tar! (3)
So Proud (2)My Flag (3)My Triumph, My Experience (5)
No Anger? (1)Sucession (0)Earth (3)
Inaugural Speech (7)Burn (6)Arab Spring (1)
Am-Ree-Ca (3)Collective Memory (1)The church on Leigh hill (1)
Knowing Alexander Pope Poem contains a digital article (0)Life's One Big Puzzle (6)Warriors (5)
Visualise (2)Rocking! (2)The Sun is Sleeping (3)
Cypress Trees (4)SAGA of the Battle of Maldon 991 AD (2)Confession (3)
Aldeburgh on the Suffolk Coast (3)Racing (7)ZEN? (6)
Waves (6)Glassy (1)Leaves of Grass (5)
Pilgrims (5)Thinking (5)Liquid (3)
Sing To Me (3)Patchwork Quilt (5)Batten Down The Hatches (6)
Barren (2)Storm (4)Cats! (4)
Gravity Poem contains a digital article (5)Fragile (4)What Price (3)
Knowing Autumn (6)A Christmas Tale part 3 (3)Jerusalem (3)
Cacophony of an Age (2)Brits (3)Nile (5)
For Ted (5)The Offering (2)Impressions of Malaysia (4)
Late Summer Reflections (4)The Rains (1)"A Christmas Story" (5)
What Where and How (6)Dragons (2)Where I Live (6)
When diving to the BED of the sea (4)Spring in East Anglia Listen To Poem (3)What Value Faith (2)
Truth and Reason (4)Celtic Lament (6)Exploring (3)
Golden Dawn (2)Silent Swells (1)If Ye Forget (3)
The world’s too crowded for utopia (5)End of the English Summer (3)Election Rap! (5)
Two Worlds (5)The Keeper of Tides (6)Barrows (2)
Mellow (1)Peg, My Motorcycle (3)A Thames Whale About contains a digital article (2)
William (3)Religion Raps on Armageddon (6)Do Not Insult My Eyes (3)
Seeing Time (7)Boats (3)Shoes (3)
New Year Resolution 2006 (3)Loving autumn (4)Vines (4)
Solstice (5)Death of a Superstar (3)Tangled (1)
Time Travel (3)Different (3)A Bomb (1)
Egyptian Air (2)4% (4)Gulls (5)
Time's Hourglass (4)Felix-A Space Odyssey (9)Pilots (5)
Costal Dolphin Listen To Poem (2)Reeds (1)OMG (5)
Lions (4)Winter Daisy (5)Breakthrough (3)
Vacant (1)<Untitled> (5)Inner Space (1)
Mesopotamian Autumn (4)Tell Me (7)Nature of Life (3)
Primary Route (8)A Girl Called God (4)Politics (1)
A Christmas Tale, Final Part (4)Adagio for Life (2)Predator 2 (2)
Trust (4)Thoughts on Ithaca About contains a digital article (4)Camera (6)
Time Was (1)Christmas Trees (3)A Mariner's Tale Part I Listen To Poem (2)
Knowing William Blake Poem contains a digital article (2)Questions (5)Not Sure (2)
Literal? (3)Knight of Rusted Armour Challenge (7)Christmas Atlantic Low (4)
Distant Pagodas Listen To Poem (2)The Last Mothers (2)Aztec Skies (3)
Plain Paper Blues (3)Badger Country (2)Friday Challenge Coming Home (3)
Rage! (4)As the world’s weather worsens (2)The Deaf (4)
Plato's Voice (3)Three Worlds (5)Envious Eyes (3)
Speaking English? Poem contains a digital article (3)Pointless (3)Motorcycle (7)
Beauty's instant rush (3)The Perfect Christmas (1)Wales (2)
Osmosis (1)The World's Gone GaGa (3)What Rage (3)
A Christmas Tale, Part 1 (4)A Poets World (5)Wreck , Repost (1)
Bali (3)The Ring (4)Still Moments (3)
The Caledonian (4)Wanderers (3)History (2)
UN Ceasefire? (2)Journeys (2)WILL (5)
Compass (4)And Death Shall Have No Dominion (6)Dreamtime (5)
Things of Motion (4)The Dream Listen To Poem (3)Like Mangroves (1)
Gallery of English Farming (3)Spring Fever? (5)"If" (5)
Dates (2)Time (4)Inside (4)
Talking Pets (2)Poems (1)Olympic Spin (5)
Tanglewood (4)The Revolution (2)Just Because (1)
The day was still... About contains a digital article (1)Voices From The Black Ocean (7)Mist (5)
Notes on Atlantis (4)Freedom's Fall (2)Blitzed City (2)
Global Deal (5)So Where Am I? (1)Time Was... (2)
A Mariner's Tale II Listen To Poem (2)Free Verse (1)Myth (4)
Cyber City (4)Melancholy (1)The Boat (8)
Black and White CATS (5)When Did? Listen To Poem (4)Iteru and Misr (2)
Christmas Carol (3)We Bloom then die. About contains a digital article (9)A Pelagic Mind (3)
Truth's Autopsy (3)About Love (2)Ama (6)
The idea of permanency. Poem contains a digital article (1)An Essay on Conservation (2)The North (2)
Ripper (4)Eggs (2)The Other World (7)
Terror in all we do? (4)Autumn Fall (5)The Last Snowfall (1)
The Eagle of the Ninth (6)The News, Compensation Culture, and Hydrogen! (1)Whale Passing (5)
Hadleigh Castle (4)Exodus (4)


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