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Leigh Star
November 30
Milky Way
The Galaxy
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July 23, 2003
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About Me
                    Hi's. The name's Leigh.
                    More to come your way

Poems: 415 total (3 with awards). View By: Date | Title | Award
155 (0)16 (0)One Hit (2)
Tattoo (3)The Lost Stories (0)Spirit Dreams (2)
Fishing Trip (0)Her Treasure (1)Kyrie Eleison (1)
Journalist (1)That Night (0)Secret Messaes (2)
Kissing Summer Goodbye (0)The Silver Balloon (0)The Wisher (0)
Magical Rose (3)The Giver (0)Neptune (1)
Rage takes its toll (1)Never Second Best (0)Falling grains of time (5)
Darkness Prevails (1)Marshmellow Confessional (1)Soul Awakens (1)
Searching Forever (0)She dances (2)The Artist (1)
How to catch a fairy (3)A surprising write (2)I'm going on a search... Any joiners? (1)
Sailing (7)The Candle Haikus (10)Shameless (5)
JORDYN :: An Acrostic (4)The night I got rid of the lady in the frame (8)Morning Dance (8)
5 years later (14)The Ice Skater (7)Round up of Haikus (12)
Words metaphor (7)Kisses metaphor (4)Flowers (9)
Paper lost, a memory not so lost (5)Don't give up ((short story)) (5)Is there a Sock Monster? (8)
Fallen Angel (3)The Fall of the Insane Man (3)A bowl of chocolate chip icecream (5)
Glass house (3)Game of a basketball player (2)Come play among the stars (1)
Evil vending machine (2)Being a mouse (1)No one gets out alive (4)
Not making sense (5)Dragon Wars 3 (3)Dragon Wars part 2 (6)
Let the Rain Fall (4)His Word (3)The walls (1)
Ghost (0)An Excotic Fruit Dream (6)Facing Death (4)
Dragon Wars (3)Antony's Fury (2)How I got my pearl (8)
chocolate quote (3)Frost Fairy (5)I believe in a thing called Fairies (6)
Wings of Afar (6)Hush Puppies (6)Talking to the Rain (5)
Drama Queen (3)Zeus (4)q u o t e (1)
q u o t e (0)q u o t e (0)Lies/Truths (3)
Gingerbread girl gone wrong (3)Color (0)A squirrels prayer (4)
The Incredible Machine (6)Waking up to the sea (7)List of complaints... by a cat (2)
* Dream Catcher * (4)Magic gone (7)Happiness (6)
Quiet (6)Aim... (2)What a tangled web we weave... (5)
~Fairy Dreams~ (4)Castle Falls II (3)Silent Voyage (5)
Castle Falls (4)Letter writing adventure (7)Save the Last Dance... for me (4)
And the thunder rolls (4)Don't mess around when cake is involved (4)Dreams (1)
Changing his mind (2)~_ Friendship Box _~ (7)Sea of Words (3)
∙ Under the Bed ░ (4)├ Mans Dream Remote LOL ├ (7) Take Flyt O' Dreamer (4)
* ╚ Moonlight Dancer ╜ * (4)~_* The Dance *_~ (4)** just a thought ** (3)
Finding Nemo quote (4)The Night we danced among the stars (6)~~Haiku Land~~ (7)
{{ T E X A S }} (7)*quote* (2)dog quote (3)
Christmas Quote (2)L E I G H (an acrostic) (5)Blue flowers (6)
Mystical Flute (6)*quote* (1)*quote* (2)
-_ AbStRaCt UnIvErSe _- (5)~Catching some Rays~ (4)Garden Poem contains a digital article (4)
*quote* (0)JASON (an acrostic) (1)Amethyst (5)
*Star* Chaser (3)For The Bag Lady (7)Trapped (2)
Images in the Clouds (2)~End of Nature~ (3)* Secret Place * (7)
Masquerade Murders part 1 (4)Winter means Snow (7)An adventure (4)
chocolate quotes (8)New Day (5)*quote* (3)
*quote* (4)*quote* (2)At a Glance (3)
Mysterious Cloud (5)Blazes of fire and silvery moonlight (3)Mighty roar gone wrong Poem contains a digital article (5)
Wanna do lunch? (4)The Turkey Shuffle (5)*quote* (3)
The colouring fairy (2)A good hiding place (2)Snow Dancer (1)
Imagine (2)*quote* (0)Abstract art (3)
Black Wolf (3)Welcome to the castle (7)Looking out my window (2)
Walk in the woods (3)*quote* (2)*quotes* (1)
Tongue twisters... returned! (3)B U T T E R F L Y K I S S (1)morning surprise (2)
*quote* (1)My dessert now (3)~ Ain't Misbehavin' ~ (6)
Purple Candles (3)tongue twister (0)*quote* (1)
Little Pianoist (4)Living by the stream (3)Bubble Magic (2)
*quotes* (1)Niagara Falls (3)Ballet Dancer (4)
Walk with me (3)Interesting male lol (5)Bell flower (2)
During the Night (4)The Haunting Continues (2)Yellow Roses and a butterfly (3)
Whitestar Returns (4)I was listening... now give Whitestar back (3)I am not a horse thief! (5)
the waterfall (4)*quote* (4)*quote* (0)
*quote* (0)*quote* (1)Halloween Payback (3)
*quote* (2)*quote* (1)*quote* (3)
The ice queen (3)House of Horrors (6)desert wanderer (6)
Scents of Ga (2)An evening gallop (3)swirling colours (3)
The Magician (3)Roll out the Red Carpet (9)Haiku (2)
Rainbow Power (6)Graduation Speech (2)Night of Horrors (5)
Pictures/words in my mind (4)Sleep (1)Colouring Days (4)
October (4)Another Halloween Party (1)gasps! (3)
Adam and Eve (5)a gift... (2)A mind trip (5)
Morning with Nature (5)Across the street (1)Milky Way (3)
Come in (4)Bike Ride (2)Nature (3)
Ocean Blue ( song) (2)Talking to the Moon (2)I'll Remeber You... Poem contains a digital article (2)
Hula Dancer (2)Singer/Poet (5)Cloud Pillows (2)
Serenity (4)A night Journey (4)Lady Dragonwyck (7)
Rainbow Coloured Tiger (4)Haunted House (6)A Basketball players prayer (1)
quote (1)quote (1)quote (0)
A walk to remember (3)Justice or for a broken heart? (4)Rainbow Rider (6)
Oh no, not again (2)The Stork (4)Goodbye...never (4)
These Words (3)Reality, Ready? (5)a poem (1)
Bubbles (1)I don't (3)The Dancer (3)
Pen Incident (2)life... quote (0)shadows (1)
*LCT* (1)Highschool Haiku (1)*quote* 6 (1)
*quote* 5 (0)*quote* 4 (0)See that down there? (2)
Just Nonsense 4/18/03 (0)What I did in school today (1)*quote* 3 (0)
*quote* 2 (0)*quote* 1 (0)poetry in motion *1* (1)
Bored (1)Ever think of this?? (0)quote 9/21 (0)
anger quote (0)pantry=food (0)Our American Flag (3)
jay's quote (0)me and jacque quote (0)*quote* 9/20 (1)
My thoughts (2)Exercise (1)snowflake quote (0)
nuttier (0)oh, we always listen (1)Your... (2)
Wasn't me (1)The Bunzers (1)Leigh Star's warning Quote lol (1)
It doesn't matter.... (0)Hawaii and Alaska (1)Where do clouds come from? (2)
Tut (1)Miracle Dog (1)Time (1)
Today (3)The Eagle (2)Horses (1)
Twin Morgan Foals (0)Jynx (0)The New York Gift (1)
Peaches Poem contains a digital article (0)How silly of me (2)*quote* (3)
tongue twisters (1)*quote* (0)*quote* (1)
The beach (4)Ring Surprise (3)Stop!! Poem contains a digital article (3)
*quote* (0)what are you really? (3)Welcome to my world (2)
Poetry for thought (1)Oh mooooooommmm!!! (1)partners in crime (0)
Reality (1)Valentine's Poem (0)A kid's stars and moons (0)
Summer slipping away for two friends (1)An orchad of trees blooming on a path (1)Toilet paper issues (3)
Chole Hugs!! Poem contains a digital article (0)Childhood memories Poem contains a digital article (1)Do you care? (0)
A note for you (0)Magic Quote (0)The Funky Chicken Dance (2)
penguins: they are after you (2)Reasons why I love you (3)lifes mysteries (2)
My Cat (0)Locker (1)Ooops (1)
just something (0)beginning of a story (2)hop scotch hole (2)
Who is more correct? (1)I.Q. Test (2)Quote! (1)
Quote from a movie (1)Campaign for Pizza Hut (2)Crash landing (3)
Sick day at home (0)Wow!! This is a big box! (0)Sick (4)
You did what? (3)The scale Poem contains a digital article (0)How things came to be (1)
This isn't good (1)A ticket?! (1)to hoot or shoot that is the question (0)
Marshmallow clouds (0)A day among the stars (1)* A starry night* (2)
The Workings of the World (1)another page of thoughts (0)The Devil went to the Cookie Jar (1)
Cookie War (0)Icecream terror (0)Happy Birthday to HIM (1)
Friendship quote (0)Treasure Chest (2)Just a thought of mine #1 (1)
I'm sorry (2)New Fashion in Town (2)Basketball practice hurts (1)
Glue or coconut wafer? (2)DYE (2)I have found out the truth where babies come from! (1)
Leopard or Roses? (2)My first rhyming poem (0)Mystery (2)
Colour Haiku (0)Straightjacket not needed (2)My Wish (1)
Illegal Driver (2)Bra Crisis (2)A quick note (1)
Divorce (0)Why Not (0)Stonehenge (1)
The Dream (3)Do not disturb (0)Chatroom poem 4/14/03 (1)
The Scale (0)Caught!!! (2)Library Party (true story) (0)
Not so smart (0)The Outlaw (2)Tide maker/ star maker (2)
I always know that your watching over me (0)A walk through the snow (0)Skip the kangaroo (0)
The Days of August (0)Honest to God quotes (0)green eyes (0)
The Lone Ranger's Silver (0)The Runner (0)Wanna??? (0)
what's wrong? (1)Christmas song (Jingle Bells, the Remix) (1)The Joker/Mad Hatter (0)
Rumours (0)What I had for lunch (1)Paradise (0)
rewrite of the beginning of Romeo and Juliet (1)On the bus (0)No magic, just me (2)
The Unicorn Poem contains a digital article (1)How much is that Kitty in the window? Poem contains a digital article (2)Computers... argg (0)
A kid's new shoes (1)A cat's day at home (3)My turn to be King Poem contains a digital article (1)
Make a wish my child Poem contains a digital article (1)Tired Mom Poem contains a digital article (6)Talk of the Town (2)
The Day by the Stream Poem contains a digital article (1)Oh Dear ;) (1)A Day at the Beach Poem contains a digital article (2)
My My, what a Day! Poem contains a digital article (2)She waits no longer Poem contains a digital article (4)My Car Poem contains a digital article (12)
The Guide to playing Pyramid in your sleep Poem contains a digital article (2)


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