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Hannah Mae
March 05
United States
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August 6, 2003
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About Me

 Hello, folks! I haven't been around for a while, but I figured it was time I updated my information, so here it goes!

 I received my Master of Fine Arts degree from Pacific University in Oregon in June of 2013. Since then, I have been teaching poetry and composition at the community college where I live. I stopped posting much to the site a couple of years ago because as I was looking through publication guidelines, it became clear that work published online is not eligible to be published in journals. Despite my absence here, I have been continuing to write and improve my technique. My work has appeared in several publications, including Cloudbank, The New Mexico Poetry Review, Minerva Rising, The Whitefish Review, and others. I have also had a poem appear in an anthology, Poems Across the Big Sky. That poem, "Go Fish," appears here on the site.


I am currently Assistant Editor of Many Voices Press, and I do freelance editing in my spare time. In addition to all that, I've just launched an academic journal at the college where I teach so students, faculty, and staff can publish the things they're working on as they create them, whether it be research, fiction, poetry, art, personal essay, etc.


It's great to see you again. Thanks for stopping by!



Poems: 602 total (13 with awards). View By: Date | Title | Award
What We Talk About When We Talk About Anything (2)Rookery Suite (1)Wednesday - Storm Report (2)
After an Outage (4)Time Capsule (3)The Creeper and the Vine (4)
Muzzleloader (3)Arbor Days (3)The Offing (6)
Camping Villanelle (7)Coccinellidae et Coffea arabica (4)Emblem (4)
After Hours (1)Almost Gone--Repost/Revision (4)Troth - Wordbank (3)
How Raking Leaves is Symbolic of Sleep (2)Silhouette -- A borrowed Word Bank (5)Fear of Staying Still (5)
Sanctum (4)Bluestone (5)Where a Basin is Next to the Mountains (5)
After You (5)Post (3)Simply This (2)
For Three (4)~Mariquita~ (3)Salamander (5)
Valley (2)Silver Dollar (5)Dear Unkyl (4)
Letter to Mom From A Late Night (1)Reflections (2)When Green Went Bronze (3)
Under Cassiopeia's Throne (4)After Breakfast *|Part 2| D.G.* (1)Just One Day Dying (2)
Electric Avenue (4)The Tax Man (2)Eight Ball (4)
Someone You Didn't Know (3)After Breakfast *Davin Govreath* (1)Kylia |Part 3/end of chapter| (1)
Kylia |part 2| (1)Kylia *Davin Govreath* (1)The Woman in the Woods *Davin Govreath* (1)
Discovery *Davin Govreath* (1)Swan River Road (4)Lycanthropy About contains a digital article (2)
Spring in Swan Haven (3)Like a Man out of Air (1)Forfeit (1)
For the Puddle in My Driveway (1)Eros (14)Angler (3)
Grandpappy's Ghazal (2)Adalia (4)For Pappy (5)
Illation (5)Rosewood (6)Luster |Ghazal| (2)
Ode to my Obsession (5)How My Father Got His Deer (5)For an Afternoon (2)
swan (5)Crane Mountain (3)Evidence of Rain (6)
Untitled (7)Aurora (5)Storm (2)
Just Like Jazz (1)August (3)Blind (1)
Armor (3)Lily (15)Day's End (5)
Worth (4)Apparition (5)Conversations (6)
Trajectory (6)And All Quiets (3)Exodus -of mind- (4)
One Day-Translations (2)Un Día (2)Woods Bay (5)
Integument (1)Spilling Stars (4)Aural (1)
Ghost River (2)Windbreak (1)Sever (1)
Predation (1)Ponderosa (1)Just Fine (1)
Run (2)Seashadow (2)Trackin' Squirrels with Glata (4)
Rejoicing Home (2)On 'Untitled' by Aden Arnold (0)Gypsy (2)
Sunset Sky (3)One Cold Night (3)Christmas Photo (2)
It Should Be... (3)My Ellie (5)5:00 Coffee (2)
Sometimes Enough (1)On Listening to "Sunset Drive" (1)Aged (1)
Nine White Inches (3)A Farewell For Paul (0)Hourglass (3)
Under Cover Of Stone (1)For Us All (1)Flowing Home (4)
Break Away (3)Not a Day (0)Hope He Doesn't Come (1)
Unintentional Discrimination (1)Shadows of Greatness (2)Renting Movies (2)
Abstraction (2)Word of Art (5)Twin Lakes (1)
50 cents a Glass (5)Early (3)Open And Empty (1)
Swan Morning (3)Wanderer Walking (1)Wiser Hands (2)
Just Something (1)Single Sentry (4)Not A Dead End (1)
Beachlight (3)Mourning Journey (1)Hitchhiker (3)
Old Friends (3)Driving (1)Remembrance Of Me (1)
Forever, Goodbye (2)Spinning Stars (1)Mezmerize a Moment (1)
Your word for today is.... (2)Echo Lake Poem contains a digital article (1)Future Abyss (1)
Mentum (4)One Last Eagle Flying (2)Leaf-Sown (1)
Moment Alone (1)Swan Song (1)Homeless Mike (1)
Twas The Last Day Of School.... (1)Shipwreck (2)Teach Me The Ways Of The Elders (1)
Dire Straits 32 (1)Snowboy (2)Morning Fresh (3)
Waiting For Dad (3)Every Night There's A Miracle (1)Dire Straits 31 Rewrite (0)
Tea In The Evening (2)Dire Straits 30 (3)Under the Mistletoad (2)
Holly Jolly... (1)Dashing Through The Snow... (0)Luminescent (0)
Tied Down (0)Go Fish (0)Dire Straits 29 (2)
Dire Straits 28 (1)Dire Straits 27 (0)Dire Straits 26 (1)
Face Value (0)The Minnow Murders (1)Angel Eyes (1)
Supposed To Be (0)Dire Straits 25 (0)Capture The Shore (1)
Dire Straits 24 (0)Dire Straits 23 (0)Leave Them Be (1)
Dire Straits 22 (0)Silence On The Radio (9)Warning (1)
Catching Fun (0)Valley Floor (1)Watching Through the Snow (1)
Well-worn (1)Dead Ahead (1)Avoidance (1)
Midnight Lullaby (2)Watching Jonathan (6)Winter Evening (1)
With Daddy... (1)Life Undefined (1)See The Sun Dance (1)
Christmas This Year (3)Dire Straits 21 (0)I Got What I Wanted (2)
Digging (1)The Wind Swept Low (1)A Single Tear (3)
Moment: Goodbye (0)Dire Straits 20 (1)Greengates (1)
I Love A Party (1)Outside The Box (0)There's Always Next Lifetime (2)
My Heart Stopped (1)A Letter I'd Never Deliver (1)Amber Tear (1)
Life After Death (1)Notebook Symphony (1)Once Upon A Yesterday (1)
Dire Straits 19 (0)Faithful Bicky (0)...Until next time... (1)
Shattered Silence (1)For Once, Be Kind (0)Simplicity (0)
Abies Grandis (2)Bygone Forever (1)A Room Of One (0)
Just Yours (1)Dire Straits 18 (1)Dire Straits 17 (0)
Spoken Words (1)~Kyle James~ (0)Dire Straits 16 (0)
Dire Straits 15 (0)Once Upon Forever (0)~For Jeffrey~ (1)
Dire Straits 14 (1)...Confused... (1)Drowning (2)
Match Point (1)Wanderer (1)Dire Straits 13 (2)
~I'm Sorry~ (3)And The Moon Rose... (3)Heartbreaker (1)
Dire Straits 12 (0)I saw her dancing (3)~One Second...Lingers~ (0)
Dire Straits (11) (1)Dire Straits (10) (0)Dire Straits (9) (1)
Dire Straits (8) (1)Answering The Question (1)To You (0)
Maybe Say Maybe (0)Dire Straits (7) (2)Dire Straits (6) (2)
Dire Straits (5) (2)Dire Straits (4) (2)Dire Straits (3) (2)
Dire Straits (2) (2)Dire Straits (1) (4)Grace Defined (0)
A Stroll To The Mailbox (14)Big Froot-Loopin' Whoop (0)Archery Practice (0)
Angel's Eyes (0)If You Wanted To Know Me... (0)Nothing Left To Lose (1)
Summer Games (1)Composition (9)If I'd Known... (1)
I've Missed The Rain (2)Love Never Stops Happening (0)~What Will Become Of This Boy?~ (14)
Sometimes (1)Poetically Unloved (3)~All I Am~ (0)
Time is an illusion... (0)~ Your Friend~ (1)These Are The Days I Remember (0)
~*~My Library~*~ (0)The Lie Is Just Beginning (0)~Someday...~ (1)
~Betrayer~ (0)I Can Never Forget (0)Buddy, You Just Lost (0)
The Night The World Stood Still (0)At The End Of All Things (0)Monsters With Grade Books (1)
Until Death Parts Us (0)Pass Me A New Mirror (1)Meet Me At The Gate, Say My Name (2)
Can't You See What You've Done To Me? (2)Nevermore, Amen (0)Let Me Breathe Tonight (1)
Wish You Were Here (0)Never Isn't Far Enough (0)Aslan's Eyes (0)
How Much I've Missed The Rain (0)Standing On The Edge Of Never (0)Do You Know I Cry For You? (1)
Thinking Of Something (0)The Waters Lay Still (0)If I Don't Come Home Tonight... (1)
The Greats (2)Gotta Change (1)Marred Slopes (0)
Gone Are The Days... (1)The Highway Turns Left (1)Missed My Exit (2)
Take Him Away And Don't Come Back (0)Watching The Moon Again (1)Drink To The Past (1)
Until The Stars Fall (0)On A Celtic Breeze (1)The Bonded Threshold (0)
If Mom Knew (2)Into Far Beyond (0)Ordinary Day? (1)
I Found Freedom In A 2000 Ford Contour (0)I Came, I Saw, I Wish I Hadn't (2)Understand (0)
How Does The World Look To You Now? (1)Merry Christmas, Past and Present (2)Search For The Promise (0)
If You Would Only Come Home (1)Have You Forgotten Me? (0)Illusion Of A Day (0)
Waiting, just waiting (0)The Night The Moon Wed The Sun (1)Midnight Longings (2)
To My Dearest Uncle Pennybags (3)Little Blue Sanctuary When All My World Is Grey (1)I'm Just Monkeying Around (1)
Across The Ages (1)Between The Lines (1)One Night Of My Own (0)
A Weak And Shaky Pillar (0)Feeling So Lost (0)I'm Fine, I'm Just Cutting Onions (2)
Walking In The Evening (0)Happy Mother's Day (1)Shoe On The Side Of The Road (1)
Be My Shepherd (1)I'm Not Listening Anymore (0)But I Miss You Anyway (0)
Seeing You Tonight (1)Walk Down The Old River Trail (0)In The Game Of Life, Are You A Player Or A Pawn? (1)
But Not Today (2)Sing Sweet Nightingale (0)Sonnet (0)
My Eye To Yours (0)Inside He Was Dancing (3)Calling Me Home (1)
Heart Of A Poet (4)God Knows (0)The Way It Used To Be (1)
Poker In The Hall (1)Halls Of Learning (0)Can You Remember? (1)
Just Be There (1)Very Bad Day (1)Return (0)
Best Friends Forever *Lyrics* (3)A Prince's Personality (2)To Paint The Morning (1)
The Story Continues (0)~Trust Me~ (3)Missing a Soldier (4)
Best Friends for 3 years, and still liking strong!! (1)Can you fly? (24)Starry Embrace (0)
Sleep, Child (3)Forever, My Love (1)How Often Do You Cry? (1)
Kyle (1)Forever (1)For Eternity (2)
Missing you (2)Shipwreck of the S.S. Muskateer (0)Just One Word (2)
Starlit Sanctuary (1)Wings To Fly (2)Homeless (0)
Rome and Julia (Finale) (0)Ocean (1)What May Have Been (0)
The Watcher (3)You Are My Brother (3)Ocean Midnight (1)
To Z (0)Unloved One (0)Away (0)
Just One (3)I'm Just Me (3)Forever Lost (0)
Dying (0)A Heart (0)Lady Of Winter (2)
Personality Of An Apple (1)Midnight (0)Just As I Am (3)
Twilight (2)A Star (8)Rome and Julia (In Friar Laurence's Cell) (1)
Rome and Julia (Back to the Balcony) (0)A Traveler (2)Remember When (1)
A Prayer For The New Year (1)The Triumph (1)I Don't Want To Be Alone (3)
And You Weren't Even There (2)Tell me (1)And Lost (2)
Best Friends Forever (1)Merry Christmas (1)Fairy Wings (1)
Meekyr (2)A Summer Night's Dream (2)To Just Be Me (0)
Bye, Nonny (1)Again (2)Annabelle (3)
The Climb (1)Thoughts Of You (0)Cry For Safety (1)
A Part Of Me (0)Bilbous Q. Blister *Smile* (0)Midnight Vigil (0)
Diary Of A Dreamer III (0)October Hunt (0)Sunday Drive (With Shanna) (3)
A Snowy Hunt (1)The Crimson Flow (1)Quit Teasing Me!! :) (4)
Morning Mist (2)A Sister and A Friend (2)Wings Of A Zephyr (0)
Breaking The Walls (2)To Zaschere Aye Earthan (1)Ode To Peanut Butter (3)
My Name Is I Am (1)Alone (0)Supper Shopping At Shanna's (1)
Not Anywhere There (Humorous) (1)Shooting Star (0)Diary Of A Dreamer II (1)
Of Science And Leeks (0)~Together~ (2)Darkness Lifted (2)
Different II (1)Pope For A Day (1)Caring Stranger (1)
Larkin (0)Child Of The Sun (0)Evanan's Truth (0)
Thanksgiving At Mildrid's (2)I Am Here (1)The Chickens Strike Back! (1)
Murderous Magpies (3)His Eye Is On The Sparrow (2)Quote III (1)
Last Letter Home (0)I Could Be Cute, But.... (4)You Are There (1)
On The Shore (2)Diary Of A Dreamer (2)Sadness (0)
Silent Hopes (3)Summatim (0)If I Could Tell You (2)
~Elegant Sorrow~ (2)Ellie Mae (0)Away (1)
My Love (2)Evanan's Heartache (1)Pizza Parlor Blues (3)
Evanan's Joy (1)Evanan's Homecoming (1)The Gift (3)
Evanan's Glory (0)Whatever You Do (1)Country Song (1)
Evanan's Training (0)She Died (2)Lamp Search (0)
Evanan (0)By The Pond (4)The Lazy Woman (3)
Household Pests (0)The Revenge (10) (0)The Castle (9) (0)
Did You Know? (1)Pine Lane (3)Ripples On The Water (1)
The Page (8) (0)The Princess (7) (0)The Kind Heart (6) (0)
Mystayks (1)The Soldier (2)The Battle (5) (0)
The King's Court (4) (0)My Friend (2)Ants (2)
The Card Game II (1)The Card Game (0)Spring II (0)
Bass Fishin' With Kirk (1)Small Fry (2)Rome and Julia (3)
My fishy (1)Spring Rains (2)Lady of Love (0)
The Knight's Decision (#3) (0)She Is (1)The Black Knight (2) (0)
FORD'S THE BEST!!!!!! (1)Lemonade *Song* (0)My Hero (0)
The Other Side (4)Mushroom Mongrel (2)Jackson Palm (7)
Tonight (1)A Happy Dream (1)The Tournament (#1) (0)
Today (0)Orion II (1)The Wedding Of The Moon (2)
More Lysol Please! (10)Night Gnomes (1)Nightlife (2)
*QUOTE* (0)Just Imagine (0)That Great Day (1)
Un-named (1)No One Else Was There (4)Orion (1)
Valentine Fairy (11)Fodio Digger (3)Bailey (0)
Biggomice (0)We Are Blessed (2)Too Early For Spring (0)
For Marv (0)A Jungle Night (1)The Wind (1)
*Song* I Will Never Leave You (3)Welcome To Montana (1)Little Mr. Sunshine (1)
Sunset (1)The Grandfather Clock (1)Winter Solstice (0)
Don't Say Goodbye (0)Summer Solstice (0)A Secret Place (0)
A Heart Unbroken (1)He is (1)Come Back (1)
The Greatest Friend Of All (1)A Runaway's Story (1)Honey Bear (0)
A Simple Flower (1)I Might Be Home For Christmas (0)Past The Light (0)
Cindy B. (1)The Night I Stole Saint Nick (0)A Fishy Dream (10)
Snowy Silence (1)Friendly Silence (0)Dearest Friend (2)
Friendly Forest (1)Silent Night (0)Jerry (1)
Confused (1)Winter Falls (1)Welcome to the circus (2)
Deepest Night (2)She Cries (0)I AM (1)
Why? (0)Rainwashed breeze (1)Smells of heaven (1)
Golden Rain (5)The Forest (0)Where am I? (2)
Grandma and Grandpa's house (4)Montana Summer (5)The Squirrel's Cache (2)
A Deadly Dance (3)The Old Willow Tree (2)Autumn's Eve (1)
Sadie (2)Your Trust (2)My Quote (3)
My Aunt's (1)Come One Come All (3)Forever Friends (5)
The River (4)Where Are You? (5)Ocean Waves (10)
A cry for help (4)Unashamed (2)Rain (5)
A New Day (4)Spring (8)

Favorite Poems
That Special 16th Birthday by Lady Dragonwyck
The Cherry Blossom by S
A Coffee Ring by Roger Bacon
Treacherous Waters by She Whispers
What was... by Steven
Finding Beauty in a Pure Existence by S
Heartbreak by Ellis Beck
The Blessings of Creative-Poems by Andrew
Science Homework by Colin Hart


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