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You can now get my two new books, "Quacker's Bedtime Stories" and "Quacker's Bedtime Stories, continued" At Barnes and Noble, Amazon, And Publish America


Love writing, love poetry.

Poems: 337 total (4 with awards). View By: Date | Title | Award
Rain Storm (7)Ghost Town (6)A Touch so Tender (2)
I see you. (4)Peace and Beauty (2)Face in the Canyon wall (5)
Two Hearts. (5)Because of You. (16)Flash Flood (12)
A Warriors Prayer Poem contains a digital article (11)White Buffalo Poem contains a digital article (11)Entwined Lullabys Written by Danielle Aka and Needledorf (3)
Dice with Ice (9)The Child is Born (10)"Vicki Graham" (10)
Oh, that Holster. (9)The Dead Still Dance (16)A Warriors Dance (12)
From Where? (8)My Own (10)Song on the Breeze (11)
Semi-mental Journey (4)Sing Me a Lullaby (10)Barbed Wire (9)
Natures Crystal Dress (6)Overturn the Sun (6)Tears for a Child. (12)
Tears in the Wind (8)Cow-boys? (11)The Crystal City (9)
One of Natures Gifts (3)A New Future (5)Countless Tear Drops (6)
Once in a Life-time. (8)Not a poem. (4)Of Days Gone By (3)
Christmas Day Joy (4)A Horse (8)Happy Christmas Y'all (4)
Flanders-----Forgotten (2)The Child is Born (4)A Fallen Soldier (3)
Just a Load of Balls! (8)A Lone Diner. (4)If I were You….. (5)
Slightly Confused (5)Picture of a Lady. (6)Fire! (5)
Tranquility Voids (3)The Sublime (5)Little Tired Eyes. (5)
Why do Women…. (12)Contract of a Killer. (1)Ants. (2)
Missing Light. (4)Tomorrow, Today. (4)A kiss, a Touch (8)
Your Kingdom for a Gherkin. (4)“But…Officer!” (13)Copious Tears (3)
Prayerful Request. (4)Plumbing Oop’s (4)One Bright Summers Day. (3)
Over Your Shoulder. (4)Your Blind Date. (3)French Fries (3)
Their Story Shall be told. 3 (1)Whilst Thou? (3)Loves Tide. (4)
Their Story Shall be told. 3 (2)Variations on Old Nursery Rhymes. (2)Thqueak, Thqueak. (5)
Oh How Sweet. (First attempt) (3)My Son (8)Destruction of Heaven (4)
Return to Fall (3)Such is—Gentle Trust. (3)Hole in the Mist. (4)
Faltering Steps. (2)Action Stations! (2)Stumbling Bear. (3)
The Story Shall be Told. 2. (2)The Story Shall be Told. 1. (1)Swallow Attack! (3)
Running Crow. (6)An Old Broken Wagon Wheel (Free-for-All) (1)An Empty Wooden Chair (5)
Dark Star--------The Gunfight. 6 (6)Cherokee Woman. "She" (7) 60! (6)
A Moment in Time. (5)The Old Coffee Pot. (6)Dark Star------Vs----Mad Jake, 5 (2)
An Awesome Sight. (6)Dark Star, the Final'e? 3 (2)Holocaust. (3)
Unbreakable Bond. (3)The Magestic Deer (2)Visitor from the Sky (4)
Love in a Water Melon. (3)Dark Star----Returns Home. 4 (2)My Lost Cherry. (2)
When an Eagle Feather Falls. (4)The Blessing that is, "Lady Margaret." (4)Snuggles and Cuddles. (5)
Dark Star...Continued. 2 (3)Light. (2)When the Light Shines. (1)
I Am, Chimaera. (For my Lady of Dragonwyck) Poem contains a digital article (2)Dance of the Tribes. (3)White Buffalo (3)
Hell Fire, Bridget! (4)Moments of Destruction (4)A Joyous Award. (For My India-She.) (6)
Fire Crystals. (5)Eternal Fountain (4)Kachina Doll (6)
Turquoise Bracelet Poem contains a digital article (5)Everlasting Tears (3)Dark Star. 1 (21)
And it Rained. (2)Before the Dawn (3)How Far is Tomorrow? (8)
Vodka Sunset. (10)Shot with a Two Ton Truck (3)Flight of Fancy. (3)
I Appreciate You Kitten (3)Head Job. (6)Wall of Water. (4)
Gnarled Forest (5)Joella-----My little Sister (6)Let Me Count the Ways (7)
Wolf Ghost (3)Faded Cameo. (5)Eagle and the Warrior (4)
The Lynx and the Woman (10)So Many______Words (8)Why?___More of an observation than a poem. (8)
Oh That Toffee Cappuccino! (6)You______I Adore. (8)Long_____was the Day (5)
Stars in the Moonlight. (She) (5)Star Spangled Banner. (6)Rogue Convoy 3 (4)
Ghost in the Fog (5)Awakening Twin Peaks (7)Plunge in Deep. (6)
Find Your Smile. (4)Where do I begin? (4)Nipples. (6)
Rogue Convoy 2 (5)Rogue Convoy. (4)Rings Around the Moon. (5)
Chocolate. (11)Justice. (5)Legacy of Me (3)
Lay with Me to Life (Happy Birthday Princess) (7)Fire Door (5)Army Dispatch Rider (3)
Life Soup (3)Loving Lust (2)Through the Eyes of a Child. (5)
Spider and the Fly (4)Woodpecker (1)A Lone Soldier (3)
Vietnam Angels (6)Freedom (Dedicated to the son of Silver Fox.) (2)Last Thoughts. (2) (2)
Death of a Ship. (1) (2)On Reflection.... (2)Hook of Sly (7)
Parking Lot (6) His Name (4)Drum Beat (4)
Wal-Mart Cart Willie (5)Mexican Girl (5)Circle of Women (4)
Indian Spirit Mask (4)The Bra. (9)Texas Boarder Crossing. (5)
Boot Hill (7)Snow Princess (6)Guardian of the Lake (6)
Secrets of Atlantis (7)Indian Rain Goddess (14)Happy Birthday Master! (Dennis O'Gorman) (3)
My Heart (6)Just One More Ride (5)"Weapons of War!" (4)
Be___________Slow (4)Prayer Dance Poem contains a digital article (17)Once Proud_____Humiliated (2)
End of the Trail (5)Evil Darkness (3)The Dying Rose. (6)
Life has Killed the Dream (5)Cherished Memories 2 (4)Cherished Memories 1 (5)
Midnight Diamonds. (4)Happy Holiday, Creative-Poets. (5)The Adventures of Two Little Kittens. 1 of 12 (0)
"Pucker up India!" (5)"Snow____Doe" (2)"The Simple Things of Love" (3)
Wanted------Sugar Momma (3) Could it be? (4)"Eagle Feather." (4)
A Caring Heart (1)Five Hundred Years. (1)Diminishing Light. (2)
A Glass and an Ashtray. (4)Indian Lance (3)Latticed Dream (0)
Nuts 2 (6)Fragments of Steel. (2)Butterflys, Flowers and Bees (2)
Black Light and Incense (18)Shoppers Nightmare. (5)"Just one more Taco" (4)
Stars and Space. (2)"Nuts" (5)The Atlantic Run. (3)
I Love my Job! (4)"What goes around....." (3)A Little Drop of Water. (6)
No-one Knows (4)Storm Clouds Grow (5)Texas Drummer Boy (6)
This is love? (7)Black Shaddow (4)"Encircling Rainbow" For our "Bag Lady". (8)
~*~ “She” ---Is the Air that I Breathe ~*~ (10)“Like a Rose Trampled on the Ground.” (4)SNOW FLAKE. (3)
John’s Pain (3)~*~Naughty Sorceress 2 ~*~ (7)~*~The Naughty Sorceress~*~ For the "Sensual Sorceress" (6)
~*~ Silhouette of a Warrior ~*~ (4)"Wot Spelchek?" (14)~*~ Lady Margaret ~*~ For the "Bag Lady." (6)
"Delete the Past" (6)"Terlingua Friendship" (2)"Confessions of a Camping Trip." (7)
"INDIA'S SPECIAL DAY." (5)"Your No Longer There." (5) "Oblivion" (2)
"RED WINKLE" ( For Len Wilson) (9)"Should I Take it Personally?" (5)"An Indian Name, Stud Muffin?" (5)
"Popcorn and Night Crawlers!" (4)"Getting your Rocks Off!" (9)"A Wild Night with India." (Part Two) (3)
Blood---y Mosquitos (6)Girl----Woman-----Lady. (6)"Gon Fishin!" (7)
"Unsung Hero." (For Dennis O'Gorman.) (7)"A Wild Night with India." Part One. (8)"Woman and Man." (2)
"The Song of the Leaves." (5)"The Master Poet, William Sullens!!" (5)"THAT----------- DADGUM DOOR!!" (8)
Texas Girls. (6)Living Death. (3)The Hooked Blade. (3)
Thunder Heads (2)Life is Sweet (3)Rolling Thunder. (1)
Little House Filled with Love. (5)Smoke Alarm. (6)Dagger of Ice. (4)
INDIA_______THE WOMAN (8)My Other Woman____Thelma. (4)"Only in Texas!" (6)
Honky Tonk Bar. (4)The Chiming Clock (2)The Giant Texan (3)
Frenzied Peace (3)The Frailty of Time (3)Laughter Instead of Tears. (5)
Tortured Dreams (6)Mobile Phone (3)Something on your Mind? (2)
Warmth (1)I Love your Ring! (2)Towering Low. (2)
What A day! (3)This Moment in Time. (2)Woman of Mystery (4)
Eyes that Smile (1)Sue (2)Oh! My Head! (1)
A World without Strife (2)The Other Half of Me (2)When I gain Strength! (2)
Romance Can Live (2)India's Smile (3)Make it Happen (1)
R ight Here Where You Are (1) " J oretta " (3) " Keeper of My Hear t" (1)
Why Do You Stare? (5)Whoever would have thought? (3)Utter Madness (3)
Once in a Lifetime (1)Woman... (1)Wishful Thinking (1)
She is the Sea (2)Sleepless (1)My Princess (3)
Think of Me, I'll Be There (1)Like a Prisoner! (1)Freedom to Fly (0)
This is Bliss (1)Silver Arrow (1)As She Sleeps (2)
Silver Tears (3)Cheese or Pop? (2)Blown Away (2)
Friction Burns (2)Please Wait for Me (2)You and Me (3)
"Unforgettable" (1)Shared Feelings (1)The Sea and She (1)
Jealous of Bed Linen! (2)How Can I? (1)Soon (0)
Melancholy Red (0)"Pink Ribbon" (2)We're Open for Business (1)
She is Mine (3)Without You (4)"She" (4)
Opening Gates (2)Behind Gates (1)"Thank You" (3)
Inner Peace (6)

Favorite Poems
A wish for you by Lubaina
All I Want Is To Be The Part Of Your Heart by Lubaina
Will you ever understand how much I like you by Lubaina
(Tanka) Beauty by William R. Sullens
For all Eternity by wendy hall
Water Dance Prayer by CeeCee
spirit guide by nottelling
Spirit in the Sky by Samantha Firefly
Black Bear by Jeff
Favorite Authors
She Whispers


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