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Jake R. Parsons
January 29
United States
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January 25, 2003
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About Me

Donít be so sure now.

A picture might lie.

Iím not just a photo.

Iím not just some guy.

Iím not who youíre thinking.

Iím not what youíd guessed.

The Ďmeí in my poems, might tell the tale best.

So take just a tick and look closer to see.

The words that I write tell the most about me.


I'm a sappy, silly, cheesy, hopeless romantic and my poems reflect this, so if the 'lovey-dovey' stuff isn't your thing then you'll likely hate most of these ;) lol

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." -Philo of Alexandria "

[He] is gifted, they say. [He] has the gift. A gift with hard labor attached. After inspiration must come the plunge down inner passages, the search which suffocates but liberates: the spelunking where no one could help even if you wanted them to. Instead, plucking souvenirs from those depths, you must keep asking yourself, in a tongue only you can speak, 'What next? But how?' while shapes and colors swirl out of control. A gift, but a subpeona." -Anneli Rufus, "Party of One"

Poems: 387 total (0 with awards). View By: Title | Date | Award
<Untitled> (6)"Will You Be Here In The Morning?" (14)...But It's Time (3)
3 X 5 (7)300 Miles Northwest (4)A "What Was" World (3)
A (Salad) of Emotions (7)A Distant Love's Reply (6)A Dream (6)
A Few Too Many (9)A Moment (revised 2-7-04) (7)A Promise Without Proof (7)
A Writer's Worries (8)Adding Up The Absence (7)Adolescent Rage (10)
All Dressed Up (REWRITTEN 6/08/04) (6)All of It (revised 2-12-04) (5)All This Time (4)
Alone (7)Alone In My Room (5)Alone, Again (7)
Already (8)An Angel Gone Unoticed (10)An Immature Love (3)
Angel (5)Another Meeting (6)Anyways (2)
At Any Rate (3)Awakened (5)Back to Feeling (Revised 12-7-03) (1)
Back To Then (5)Be Kind (Quote) (3)Befitting a Backlash (2)
Before There Comes a Day (5)Best Friend Ever (6)Better a Man (Revised 12-7-03) (6)
Blossom (4)Borrow My Emotions (11)Boxes (Revised 8-28-03) (4)
Bridges and Boundaries (3)Building a Dream (10)Building A Friendship (2)
But I... (4)Butterflies (7)Came Along Too Soon (7)
Cannot Get To You (5)Cannot Start (7)Caught in the Act (Revised 12-7-03) (5)
Caving In (6)Comfortable Desperation (Revised 8-12-03) (4)Constant Confrontation (Revised 12-7-03) (5)
Darling, I Can (4)Daylight (Revised 12-7-03) (1)Delicately Lifted (12)
Diamond Dreams (9)Do I? (4)Do You See Me? (2)
Do You StillÖ.the Way I Do? (11)Dreaming of an Angel (Revised 2-7-04) (2)Dress Me In Satin (8)
Embrace (Revised 12-7-03) (8)Endless Love is All I See (3)Errors Made (6)
Every Heartbeat (9)Excuse To Get Away (revised 2-7-04) (1)Exposed To You (4)
Extended Invitation (Revised 12-7-03) (4)Far Too Long (11)Fear Not (5)
Feigned Love's Fight (7)First and Last *quote* (2)First Kiss (Revised 12-11-03) (9)
Flirtatious (Revised 02-07-04) (7)Floating Freely (Rewritten 7/14/04) (4)Foolish Faith (4)
For Caryn (8)For Heidi (2)For You (6)
Forced To Face The Truth (7)Forever I'll Adore (revised 2-12-04) (6)Friend or Foe (revise 2-12-04) (5)
From Afar (3)From Dawn to Darkness (6)Fucked-Up People (12)
Get What We Ask For (3)Glad You're Coming Back (5)Golly-Gee Almighty! (7)
Great Expectations *quote* (1)Green and Blue (3)Guardian Angel (7)
Hanging (5)Help Me Not To (4)Here (revised) (3)
Here I Stand (13)Here In The Darkness (5)Hold Me Together (4)
How It Is (3)How She Smelled (21)I Am Still Their Father (Revised 12-7-03) (7)
I Believe That Love Can (9)I Can't Help It (3)I Could Sit Here (4)
I Could Treat You Like... (10)I Did My Best (7)I Do Not Speak Your Language (7)
I Fall in Love All Over (4)I Forgive You (5)I Found You (7)
I Go Through It All (9)I Had To Hear You Speak (7)I Have My Life To Show (revised 02-12-04) (2)
I Haven't Ever (Revised 8-12-03) (4)I Know She Wants To Fly Away (8)I Live and Die (5)
I Love Her, But.... (23)I Make Them Anyway (6)I Meant the Words (9)
I Miss the Way (8)I Must Fight (Revised 12-11-03) (4)I Peddle The Pieces (6)
I Penciled In My Memories (6)I Pick Up These Pieces (11)I Pray (3)
I Rest Upon The Remnants (7)I Saw You Look at Me (8)I Sent My Love (5)
I Set Out That Evening (4)I Should Have Left You Long Ago (5)I take it back (4)
I Think I Want To Be Alone (5)I Think Too Much (8)I Want To (6)
I Watched Her (4)I Will Always Be Your Friend (5)I Wish I Could Be The One (2)
I Wish I Could See You (6)I Wish I Had (8)I Wish I May, I Wish I Might (8)
I Would Give the World (4)I'll Be Fine (4)I'll Be... (2)
I'm Not Sure (5)I'm Yours (Revised 11/30/03) (6)I've Been Working (7)
I've Come to Claim the Pieces (9)I've Made All These Changes (4)I've Seen You (5)
If I Could (8)If I Loved You (10)If It Only Rings Once (12)
If Only (5)If You Only Knew (22)Imagine My Reaction (6)
Imprinted (8)In a Box, In the Closet (8)In a Dream (5)
In My Dreams (7)In the Wake (5)In Time (9)
In Too Deep (5)Incurable Kiss (4)Indecisive (5)
Innocent Confession (3)Insisting on Distance (2)Inviting You In (5)
Is It Fair To Say (6)Is It Love? (9)It's You (5)
Jigsaw Puzzle (5)Just "Friends" (7)Just a Boy (4)
Just a Chance (3)Just Because (3)Just For A Time (7)
Just To Keep You Poem contains a digital article (10)Just Visiting (3)Kevin - Programmer Elite (10)
Kid Stuff (2)Knowing I'm Alone Now (4)Lacking Of A Presence (5)
Last Kiss (6)Last Leap (3)Learn Something From Me (4)
Leave Me Only "Ands" (5)Left On The Line (5)Left to Linger (5)
Lemons (Quote) (3)Let Me Be Your Doormat (12)Let Me Linger (5)
Let Me Show You More (7)Let Me Tell You Anyways (7)Let's Take a Trip (4)
Li'l Lady (4)Library of Life (7)Lie And Say You Love Me (8)
Like a Child (6)Like a Fool (Revised 8-12-03) (6)Listen (9)
Listen to My Heart (Revised 7/24/04) (8)Little Feet In the Hall (revised 2-12-04) (5)Look How Far I Got (11)
Loss Replaces Love (7)Love Lets You Go (5)Loving and Losing (Cinquain) (3)
Meant To Be (4)Missin' Lil' Lady (5)My Evening Best (5)
My Heart (7)My Last Memory of Her (4)My Love For Her (revised 2-12-04) (3)
My Missing Heart (rewritten 2-12-04) (7)My Name (10)My Own Excuses (6)
My Precious Dreamer (9)My Recollection Fading (revised 2-12-04) (6)My Safe Place (4)
My Simple Word (8)My Tears (9)My Will (8)
My Words (7)Neglectfully Yours (5)Never Said Enough (6)
New Friend (2)No More Lonely Feelings (7)Nothing (16)
Oh, To Be In Your Position (4)Oh, To Be... (3)On To You (Revised 8-12-03) (2)
Once Again (6)Once Was Me (4)One Day Only! (2)
One Last Time (5)One More Toast (6)One Word (Hello) (7)
Only His (6)Only One Wish (3)Out of Sweet Things (Revised 8-12-03) (4)
Passing By (6)Patiently Prodding (6)Petals Falling (15)
Picking Teams (5)Pining (Revised 8-12-03) (2)Poisonous Lips (7)
Practically Perfect (2)Presence of an Angel (2)Priceless Poems, Just Because (4)
Realizing For the First Time (Revised 8-12-03) (3)Reclaiming The Past (1)Reclusive Writer (5)
Replacing Her Still (1)Riding On Her Smile (Rollercoaster) (5)Rocks Upon My Window (5)
Save Me From Myself (5)Say It (revised 2-12-04) (4)Searching For Someone (9)
Serendipitously Sitting (5)Shades of Emotion (8)She (5)
She Asked Me (4)She Hasn't Seen Me Cry Yet (12)She is Beauty *(updated)* (Revised 12-7-03) Poem contains a digital article (8)
She Told Me Once (7)Should I Bother? (Revised 8-12-03) (2)Should I? (3)
Simple Situation (4)Simple Subtleties (6)Simply Friends (4)
Since I Met You (7)Sitting At This Red Light (10)Smother Me With Sweetness (5)
So Do It - So Be It - So Long (6)So I Can Breathe (3)So I Can Walk Away (Revised 8-13-03) (1)
So Much (3)So Now You're... (5)So That You Might Know (7)
So, This is What it Feels Like (8)Somehow (3)Something For Show (revised 2-12-04) (1)
Stable (6)Still (4)Still Goodbye (Revised 8-12-03) (2)
Stow away (8)Struggle to Stay Floating (revised 2-12-04) (3)Stunted (1)
Suddenly Alone (Revised 8-12-03) (3)Sunken (6)Sweet Angel (2)
Tailored To Fit Me (6)Take Away the Words (13)Take It All (5)
Take Me Back (4)Take Me With You (8)Talking To The Bluebird (6)
Tallied Up And Counted (2)Tear My Heart To Tiny Pieces (5)Ten Year Itch (8)
Terminal 6 (6)Thank You (2)That Girl (3)
That Guy (4)That Smell (revised) (5)That Smile (5)
The Answering Machine (2)The Better Part Of (4)The Catch (5)
The End (5)The Friend That I've Searched For (8)The Games (5)
The Girl With Sapphire Eyes (4)The Incredible ToasterWave! (5)The Joy Of Loving You (4)
The Last Time We Spoke (4)The Letter (10)The Letter (Part 2) (6)
The Letter (Part 3) (7)The Mirror (9)The One (I Want To) (6)
The One Thing (5)The Parts Of My Heart (9)The Shoreline (9)
The Victor (2)The Way She Said My Name (3)The Way... (2)
The Whole World (5)There You Stand (Revised 8-12-03) (5)These Secrets (4)
These Tears (5)Thinking Aloud (6)This (4)
This Block (4)This Distance (6)This Mask (8)
This Moving On (5)This Road (5)This Rose (4)
Thursday - 2:30 in the Morning (3)Time (4)Time To Say I Love You (8)
To and From (3)Today (3)Tomorrow Might Be Different (2)
Tonight (3)Tonight (11)Too Comfortable (8)
Top Dresser Drawer (Revised 8-28-03) (4)Transfixed (6)Tripping on Time (7)
Twilight Reverie (4)Twilight Visitor (4)Unrewarded (revised 2-12-04) (5)
Unspoken, Undying Love (4)Until The End (7)Up For The Ride (Revised 8-28-03) (4)
Upon Some Shelf (6)Vacancy (5)Waking Up (5)
Walking Lies (4)Welcome To My Wonderland (7)Went Un-witnessed (4)
What Are You Afraid Of? (8)What if I... (4)What It Took (9)
What Love's All About (2)What's Left of You (2)When All I Do Is Love You (10)
When I Make a Wish (5)Why The Fuck Is It? (7)Will You? (3)
With All My Might (3)Won't You Let Me? (8)Would You? (13)
Wrapped in Shadows (revised 2-12-04) (7)Write Me A Letter (5)Write Some More (7)
You (If Love is Forgiving) (7)You and Me (4)You Beside Me (Rewritten 12-7-03) (3)
You Can Hide Behind Me (6)You Can Tell Me (7)You Need Not (Revised 8-28-03) (2)
You Say... (Revised 8-31-03) (4)You Seem So Far Away (6)You're Looking for an Actor (12)
Your Comfortable Silence (4)Your Sweet Touch (Revised 8-28-03) (5)Your Words Are All But Useless (4)

Favorite Poems
*Do You Want to be Popular?* by Trey Brown
Fickle Mind by Jennifer Wesner
Not Just A Pretty Face (For JakeInAz!) by Caryn
To My Muse by Candy
Come to Me Tonight by Jasmine Christian
within by melanie del valle
...His Poems... by
Vulnerable by melanie del valle
Dearest Friend by Andrea D. Carlon
We Share Our Deepest Thoughts by Sue Tancheff
Impatiently Waiting by LovesLostHope
Favorite Authors
This member does not share favorite authors.


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