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October 10
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October 16, 2003
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About Me
 Since life, and indeed the world, are conceptions, assemblages
and progressions of rhyme and unreason, I read anything
no matter how obnoxious or unreasonable. So please pardon
the blankness and plasticity of my poems.
A poem is a means of capture. Then it offers release - Dan Beachy-Quick  
A poem is never finished, only abandoned.  - Paul Valery (1871 - 1945)  
I've always associated the moment of writing with a moment of lift, of joy,
of unexpected reward. I always believed that whatever had to be written
would somehow get itself written…The word "poet" still has an aura -
 that's why people want it so much.
             - Seamus Heaney (b. 1939); winner Nobel Prize for Literature 1995
Poems should be written rarely and reluctantly,
under unbearable duress and only with the hope
that good spirits, not evil ones, choose us for their instrument
 - Czeslaw Milosz, Selected Poems: 1931-2004; winner Nobel Prize for Literature 1980
When power corrupts, poetry cleanses.  -  J.F.Kennedy (1917 - 1963)
Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings
..takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility.
Williams Wordsworth (1770 – 1850)
I believe in poetry as a way of surviving the emotional chaos,
spiritual confusions and traumatic events that come with being alive
- Gregory Or (b.1954)
Like the voyages of Columbus,
Poetry consists less of finding
What you set out to find,
Than in learning to live
With what you've stumbled across. - John Stone (b.1936)
  Life however long will always be short.
Too short for anything to be added.
                     - Wislawa Szymborska(b.1923); winner Nobel Prize for Literature 1996   What will survive of us is love - Philip Larkin 1922-1985, An Arundel Tomb

Poems: 259 total (0 with awards). View By: Date | Title | Award
The Destitute (5)Crossroads (4)A Poem of Pageantry (5)
The Mad One (5)The Shelf (7)The Last Train (6)
Unsung Lullaby (4)The Loser (6)Wolf City (2)
Fish Garden (5)Locusts and Rainmakers (5)Forgotten Love (4)
Waitress (6)Bird Watcher (4)The Face (7)
Walking the Beach with the Poetess (9)Recall (8)Sleepless (7)
Book of Verses (6)Farm Girl (8)Scarecrows (5)
Aircrash (5)Pomegranates (5)Fresh Air (5)
Finding the Tune (6)cascades (5)The Encounter (4)
The Third Element (3)Toadstools (4)Tenderness (3)
lyric song (3)A Kiss by the Lamp Post (3)When the caged bird sings (4)
Intimacy (5)Desire (3)The Scaffold (3)
Flutist (5)Dead love (4)The Shepherdess (3)
Echoes (5)Bird of dawn (5)Masks (1)
Concrete (1)The Outsider (1)Arpeggio (3)
Cherish (1)Vista (2)Knowing Love (3)
Hidden Portions (2)Firewalker (3)The Beach and the Waves (3)
Forgive (1)SHE Loves (3)Soul (3)
Chopsticks (3)How sweetly your smiles tease (3)suicide (3)
painting a rose (1)Picture of Lost Love (1)butterfly (3)
Power (2)trance (1)Grub (1)
Detachment (1)Dear (1)Thirst (1)
Ghost walk (1)days (1)Cinema (0)
Remember (2)The Crypt (2)I am bird on a wavering tree' (2)
'Sitting by the river side among water weeds' (2)Drop of Rain (2)For they were unknown among the known (1)
Sun (1)Sanity (3) Always (3)
Waiting (1)the face (1)Bliss (2)
Rose (2)Promise (1)Moments Between (1)
The Burial (1)Underground (1)Untouchables (1)
Forgiveness (2)the sea sings softly (3)'Looking at dead eyes' (2)
The Frozen (3)mothers (4)Another Road (5)
Concerts (0)A Crust of Blood (1)Sea weeds (5)
Upper Case (4)Yearning (5)Smooth (3)
The Knife (1)Extremes (1)the perfume (4)
In love (3)Love Script (4)Undone at Dawn (2)
Admiration (4)Dialogue of Hearts (2)waves (4)
Skywriter (6)Widow (1)Fragile (2)
Poetess (8)The Dark (3)Butterflies (3)
Silence (2)Homecoming (1)spell (1)
Day you left (1)Fear (2)tempests (1)
Golden Flower (3)death at sea (4)'When I say I love you' (2)
i wake up at your subtle side this val morning (1)Breaking (2)Venom (2)
estrangement (2)rain and drums (6)Possibilities (1)
Unfinished Dress (0)Wife Deserted (2)hypnotism (1)
Pebbles (1)suicide eyes (3)The Painter (1)
Crimson Skies (3)night (0)grandma's tv (1)
the village market (1)Dead Hearts (2)santuary defiled (2)
beggar girl (3)wailing silences (2)dewdrops: identification parade (2)
Unforgettable (3)Bitterness (1)Portrait (1)
Taboo (2)Beautiful (3)The Heart (4)
Dreams Laminated (3)forgiven breaks (1)the return (1)
the page (2)seconds (1)When madmen seize divination trays (1)
O memory marooned on the famished river (2)The Predator's Effect (1)tomorrow (1)
Late Notes Undone (1)sleepless (2)The Dream (1)
dance my love (3)Alibi (2)dream (1)
love lost (0)love as time (1)heart missing (0)
songster of the gods (0)The loop (0)hemlock (1)
memory (1)'Drawn at gun point' (2)Thief by Mistake (1)
Victims (1)Disappearing (2)Home Front (1)
The Lost Earth (1)Adaora (1)if love would come (1)
Sunflower (1)naked heart, naked song (2)old flame (1)
girl nameless (2)love genial (1)woman (3)
The Interview (1)g (2)laughter (2)
footprints (2)second thoughts (0)Monrovia (2)
Learning Love (0)Immemoriam (0)of glass and blood (0)
sunsets and rainbows (2)Permit Me (3)Execution Stakes (0)
Portrait (1)Cross-examination (1)Love apart (1)
Silhouette (4) Night for Dying (0)affirmation (1)
Suicide Pact (1)disclaimed (0)silences (1)
essence of days (0)sacrifice (3)Dream call (0)
Red Caps (0)Proposal (1)Night Raid (2)
The World is a Bat (0)Postcard (3)absence (1)
Poverty (4)Moon (3)Coffins (2)
Undertakers (1)Crossroads (2)vigil (0)
can i tell (0)Night Cry (3)Jewel (2)
she called me (4)pray (0)Preparing the Mind (0)
the fence (1)Rowdy Affair (0)Desertion (0)
Faded Laughters: A Punctuation (0)Sleepwalking (2)Ashes of Evil (1)
Curfews And Cockroaches (2)maydew (0)Weeping trees (1)
Three candles (0)Before The Storm (2)The Final Solution (1)
Close to the Window (3)She loved well (3)Laureate (0)
Eden's Light (1)Rain (1)After the hanging (1)
flame (2)Suzzane (2)Sadness (0)
Raja (3)Before Dawn (2)Nightmaid (2)
Night call (1)the trial (3)memories (2)
Graffiti on the Walls of a Deserted Nunnery (1)we love (5)Love Forbidden (6)
birdsongs on the death of two by fire (2)

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