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November 10
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April 20, 2004
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Poems: 299 total (3 with awards). View By: Date | Title | Award
tired (1)life after love (1)lifetimes (1)
submerging (2)angels and demons (4)love me endlessly (2)
the cold (2)the value of your own worth (0)the praise we should have gave (0)
I'd cut my strings for you (2)The journey (1)a hope for peace 8 (1)
Love me endlessly (2)The things we lost in the fire (5)Jealousy in the sanctuary of sleep (2)
Fishing (1)My words (5)A glacier's retreat (1)
the little thats left (3)the thin white line (1)what makes us human ? (1)
save it (0)Wrap me around you (3)hide and seek (2)
The moth 2009 (0)shaped (2)my heart - your playground (1)
Chordata 2009 (1)moviescene (1)Inflatable egos (0)
my city is art (1)Theories of love (2)Chemistry and Destiny (5)
spiraling (0)Freezing (0)Her beautiful mystery (1)
Cum on a woman (2)sunset 2009 (2)philosophy today (2)
Lost in the median (1)heart attack (1)Winterlike Love (3)
my heart your playground (5)Merging (3)patience takes faith (1)
7 pounds (5)The epiphany of a soul (2)Touch mine (0)
without love (5)The Last Flame (6)Fahrenheit (8)
When I'm gone (12)Punch DRUNK love (2)become of us (2)
Karma's a cold bitch (5)A hope for peace 7 (4)Deserved to you (0)
not mine to keep (1)aesthetics in poetics (3)Poets love deeper (5)
longing (5)End scene (2)I reckon (2)
giving thanks (6)purposeless (0)ask you (1)
leapt (5)words like water (2)waking up to your poetry (4)
Blood and Math (4)Our kisses (7)mine (2)
A hope for peace part 6 (2)Blaming human imperfection to justify our mistakes (3)unfinished (6)
Flowers, Bullets, and Clocks (4)contemplate (2)Footprints (4)
God isn't the only one who can judge you (2)ever so sweet (8)the closest thing to a scientific proof of god (7)
Live your life (4)my life About contains a digital article (5)In love and death (4)
calm before the storm (7)young hearts in bloom (4)An insight gained from a life lost (5)
America is bleeding (3)good poetry (10)understanding understanding (4)
between the ice and the stars (7)ineffable love (1)In it (4)
her art (5)The beautiful equation (2)helix (1)
dream on (2)The Physics of a Broken heart (3)hope and faith (4)
love/hate love (6)1984/2008 (11)A heart's simple beat (3)
worth (3)The Mirage (3)Fasting to understand (5)
Shapes, Flames, and Ropes II (4)Is eternal love real - Let me explain: A thesis on the proof of love as we know it part 2: the antithesis (5)Is eternal love real - Let me explain: A thesis on the fallacy of love as we know it (6)
A flame inside a frame* (9)love and the four horsemen of the apocalypse (3)understood (9)
Finding Beauty in a Pure Existence (3)the birds and the bees (5)umbrella ella ella a a (5)
Dance in the rain 2 (3)Shapes, Flames and Ropes (5)the breeze and the air (3)
so that's it (1)our mistakes (3)insecure (1)
a piece (2)my introspection (3)our paths (4)
running (3)distrusting trusting (5)the smell of freshly cut grass (3)
judge me (2)mask (2)A crystalline lattice (4)
I love your poem (3)the drake equation of love (1)Poetry (7)
loser (2)history repeats (0)Last haiku - a haiku of fire (4)
everything (5)valencia mango vodka (2)I'm me (5)
fusion (2)fabel (2)Quantum (11)
erasure (0)burn it down (2)dreaming in color (6)
wrong about being at odds even when you know its not right (2)constructive criticism (3)my immersion (3)
leave behind your tears (1)you're not that pretty (6)fated (3)
selfish bitch (4)I am not an artist (2)this is a promise to my self (3)
lines (4)time amassed (4)all for what (3)
how will i die (6)think (3)a day in bed (2)
i am not a poet (7)crime scene (7)a milli ...freesyle exculsive About contains a digital article (0)
bitch love me (1)the awareness of our mortality (1)of ellipses and endless expansions (0)
a bit to much (1)half-hearted (2)A witness of our impact to the universe (4)
the marathon (2)colossal (0)I can't write for shit (4)
push pull (0)the duality (2)it doesn't antimatter (1)
The mirror and the glass (4)The difference between our hearts and minds (2)the test (1)
The way of the superior man (3)Cherish (5)heart string theory (1)
the fallacy of depression (3)the realest love i've ever had (6)a verse broken like my heart is (4)
one thing (3)a coded curse (2)the reason for being (3)
the moth (1)the courage of mattie stepanek (5)hold me forever (5)
curving space time (2)sweet dreams (2)the premonition (4)
Blood red art scene (5)chordata (2)Pillar (3)
pretty. ugly. (6)stop. listen. love. (10)a broken shell (6)
nerd (9)burning me alive (4)What made you stop reaching for your dreams? (7)
the passion to inspire (9)Drifting endlessly (2)fall apart (3)
no justification (5)a zero knowledge proof of our love About contains a digital article (0)we are not alone (3)
my two cents (4)the difference a day breaks (1)The dilemma (3)
sad (5)The cure for aids (1)The journey of a soldier (4)
The Cherry Blossom (12)My thoughts and my prayers (3)Of poets and immortality (9)
You finally found me (9)The autumn of your eyes (6)my only weakness (9)
Dance in the rain (24)mind of purpose (4)Destined to be; the morality of saving a life (6)
I hope this makes you think: being limitless in a finite world (6)The flowers and the stars (8)A hope for peace part 5 (10)
The biggest black hole in the universe (3)The fear of death (9)Fuck this shit to death (13)
one quote (7)i just wanted to tell you (11)the evolution of love and planets (4)
A letter from the abyss (4)a reason (7)finding beauty in a pure existence (9)
A hope for peace (part 4) (4)Like the Leaves From a Tree (10)its so like me to fuck shit up (11)
a summer hillside without her by my side (7)Can you feel my heartbeat racing? (12)a short poem for something other than love (9)
a short poem for a misguided mind (5)So do what makes you happy… (6)My prayers, my sacrifice (9)
a pink rose (10)it's amazing what people do to for scraps of love (7)One step ahead of the best (4)
a piece of me (4)lyrics for a generation to identify with (6)In a night you changed my life (12)
A hope for peace (part3) (3)Thank you (6)bittersweet (9)
the anatomy of hope (7)through these woods I walk alone (6)Perfection through silence (2)
The Cycle (23)I let you go (7)closure (4)
The pace of it all (5)one small meaning (3)"accident" (9)
Suffer {(freestyle)} (0)More than just friends (6)life {(after pain and strife) freestyle} (2)
[Taking solace in our imperfections ( don’t expect an apology)] (6)Vicious Ambition (9)time (5)
your idiosyncrasies (2)the art of losing a limb (2)no way out (7)
The story of her (through hiakus) (7)the real me (11)A drink, a wink, and a look (12)
Ignition: I’ll see you in space (3)HURT (11)then and now (2)
we live like the sun (11)goodbye to you (3)A hope for peace (part2) (2)
Mosquito (5)life (or just a small part of it (1)BITCH (23)
gun violence {(freestyle)} (2)graduation sonnet [iambic tetrameter and triameter] (4)be where i wanna be {(freestyle)} (0)
soulmate (10)Manhattan (2)I am Young and Living (2)
This one is called fuck you (5)sunset (8)A hope for peace (4)
3 a.m. (13)Girl1/Girl2 (8)Angel (14)
reflection: the return to the single most important reason for leaving in the first place (4)being caught in the middle of a lose- lose situation (0)Death by a painless sleep is a luxury few ever receive, so take this pill and swallow it with appreciation (11)
[Insomnia as an act of escape from the beautiful nightmares of you] (9)[An honest mistake made intentionally to bring down an otherwise perfect lie] (9)

Favorite Poems
I'm not a poet by Rachel
Head Between My Knees by Carrie
Love, now undone by Rachel
Rambling Love by Rachel
I Am an American by Tia Bayer
you came to me by Rachel
Holiday Blues by Tia Bayer


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