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Mahala Rose
March 19
New Zealand
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April 8, 2006
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About Me

Poems: 873 total (0 with awards). View By: Date | Title | Award
Hungry For (1)Do you still love me (3)Lake house (3)
Your eyes (1)Loving you (3)I'll remember last night (1)
Headache (0)My Love (0)Mama (1)
The Row (0)Lonely at the beach (2)Swarm of Bees (0)
Velvet decay (0)While you make dinner (0)Wind (1)
Heartache (2)Baking (0)Love you (1)
You and me (3)Coming home after a week (1)Water on sand (1)
Brothers (0)Spider (1)Pictures of you (0)
The Undressing (3)Plastic cutlery (2)When you realise you're nothing (1)
Shivers and tears (1)Love must be in the air (1)The smell of you (0)
C (1)Fortress (2)Electricity (2)
Frieght Train (1)I Dreamed Of You (2)Mania Blossoming (1)
Rachel (0)Weak (0)Double Digits (0)
Ambulance (0)Missing Rachel (3)Once again (0)
Fingerbones (0)the poet is dead (0)God (1)
Friend (0)Ocean (1)Sea Slumber (0)
The Truth About Forever (4)Death (1)House (3)
The sun and the moon. (2)My Ten Year Old Mahala (3)Does Wifey know? (4)
The Sky (4)Insecurity (1)Smoke (1)
Ladybird (0)Pavement (2)Walls (0)
Touch Me (1)Tell My Mom (1)Bullet (0)
Bed Bug (0)Tradgedy (0)Silly Girl (3)
Dare You (0)Anna (0)Follower (4)
Its Clear To Me Now (0)Run (1)Manic (1)
Tell My Mom (3)800 STEPS TO FREEDOM (1)My Head Hurts (0)
Telephone (2)Empty Streets (4)F off (1)
Razor (3)Friday (2)Miss Mary Jane (4)
Mahala In Wonderland (2)Release (2)Glass (2)
Death (1)Away (1)Simple Skeleton (1)
Dancing With Anna (0)Delight (0)Numb (0)
You Think I Give A Fuck (1)NO (0)Broken (0)
Father (0)Now (0)Binge (0)
Rain (3)Street Roaming (0)Fantasy (0)
Ode (1)Rain Man (2)Blur (1)
My Name Is.... (1)Splinters (2)Hey You (0)
Soap (0)Tears (2)Overcome (1)
Alice (3)Anna (1)Let Me Go (1)
Womb (0)Slipped Away (3)Habbit (0)
Heavy Cross (0)My Words (2)Summer Blues (3)
Hanger (2)Yes (1)Substance (1)
Island Bay Dreams (2)Driving The Night (1)My Friend (1)
To Hell With It (1)Let Me (1)To Slip Away (1)
Beast (0)Day By Day (0)Remembers Me (0)
My Place Poem (1)Ana's room (1)My White Flag (1)
The Taste (1)Tune (3)Shadow Of A Girl (2)
May be (0)Torrents (0)Revenge (1)
Bitch (1)Do Not Argue With Me (1)Wonder (3)
Anger Anger (0)My Place (3)Bulimia (0)
Skeletal (1)Prey (1)Fantasy (1)
Lost Being (1)Loosing Myself (0)Something Special (0)
Landing On The Floor (0)Empty (0)Unfinished (2)
Battle (1)Red (0)Unarmed (0)
Used To (2)Real (1)Regret (2)
Ocean (0)All The Mess (3)Sick And Tired (1)
Done With It (0)Simple Perfection (1)Electric Trip (1)
Dust (2)The Noose (1)Go (0)
Where I Belong (0)Sadness (0)Last Embrace (0)
Play (0)Best Friend (0)I Am Angry (2)
Never Enough (1)My Mother Listen To Poem (6)Knocking (1)
Food About contains a digital article (1)Paper Bag (0)Sweet Dreams (3)
No Stranger (2)Pain (1)Love (3)
Depression (1)All The Noise (0)Hopeless Wine (0)
Shadow Play Listen To Poem (2)Food Lust (1)Sunshine's Kiss (1)
Its nothing (0)Waste (1)Depression Explained (1)
Suddenly (1)Too Late (0)Take Me Away (1)
Hear Me (1)Room For Silence (0)Damage (0)
Frustration (0)Loss (0)Frame Of The Truth (0)
To Go Through My Front Door (0)A New Life (0)Sharing The View (0)
Band-Aid Sanity (0)Emotionless (2)My Home (3)
No Point Crying (2)Reluctant Tree (2)Beneath My Skin (2)
Hollow (2)That Mirror (5)Sweeping the Dust (2)
Ugly Girl (2)Limitation (3)Cliff (0)
Leave Me (0)Endurance (0)The Battle (1)
Dear Nobody (0)Thin (2)Porcelain Doll (1)
The Low (1)Laughing (1)Stomach (0)
Consumed (1)Heartbeat Voice (2)Defeaten (0)
Embrace Me (3)Unbound (1)Shivering (1)
To Depression (3)Lets Play (1)Snow (1)
Remnant (1)Safety (3)Coming Home (0)
Not For Nothing (1)Happy (5)When The Storm Passes (1)
I Am Sadness (0)Rain (1)Beautiful, Not Me (1)
Sad (0)There Is No Way (0)You Are (0)
Breathe Me (0)Marriage (0)Womb Cave (0)
Who Am I? (1)Slave (0)The Door (1)
I Can't Remember (1)The Wound (3)The Blank Page (3)
Look (1)I Own Myself (0)Closest (3)
Red (0)Trained Heart (0)I look (2)
Take My Hand (3)Into The Darkness (2)Here Comes The Pain (0)
To Shout (1)Desire (3)Ashes (2)
Misery (1)Fluently (2)Until I Collapse (3)
I Lay In Fragments (3)Beaten (1)The Chain Rule (1)
Faliure (0)Little Tree (1)This is Silence (0)
Destruction (2)Wild Horses (1)That First Breath (3)
Angel Of Bravery (2)If I Were A Tree (3)White Butterflies Inside (2)
Hurt (1)Hospital Bed (0) Tears Of Icing (0)
Do You Know (0)Sick (0)Gone Fishing (0)
Starving (0)While I Rest (1)Let Go Of Me (0)
Hole (0)Thunder (1)Squashed (0)
Pages Of My Life (1)Man In The Shadows (0)Not My Masterpiece (0)
Frozen (0)Summer (1)Rainy Day Blues (0)
Permanent (1)Lonely Pain (3)Re-Birth (0)
I Am Not Afraid (0)Running Blind (0)Pills (0)
Attack (0)Rubberband (0)Vertical Limit (1)
Superhero (0)The One I Left Behind (0)Homeless (1)
Space (1)White Insides (1)A Journey (0)
Limited Life (0)Despair (0)Sweet Dreams (0)
Defience (1)Stringless (0)Sinking Cage (1)
Worthless (0)To Be Happy (2)Rain (0)
Comfort (0)Simply Alone (1)Independence (0)
Rain Of Imperfection (0)Race (0)YOU DONT OWN ME (0)
Butterflies In The Rain (2)The Journey (2)Fading Away (0)
Rotten (0)Just Be Patient (1)I Gotta Stand To Live (1)
Red Tears (1)Merry-Go-Round (0)F NOTHING (1)
Procrastinate (3)My friend... (0)Zero Imperfections (1)
Hell's Lamp (0)Come And Take Me (1)The Devil's Eyes (0)
Waiting No More (1)Unkeepable (1)Fire At Will (1)
I Must Stay (0)Carrying The Blame (1)Empty Me (1)
YOU CAN'T HANDLE ME SO GO AWAY (1)Addiction (5)Gasoline (1)
I am nothing (3)Danced (3)Beat It (2)
A Time To Write (3)Poetic Strangulation (1)Screaming (2)
Broken Down (0)Death (2)To Breathe (1)
Anger ripping my Rips (2)A Blackbird (1)Alone (1)
You used to make me better (1)Cold (2)Craving It (1)
Hopeless (1)Crying (2)The Point Of No Return (2)
Polyurethane flight (1)High (1)Only In Dreams (1)
The Next Time I Break (2)Shadows On My Skin (0)The Mirror (2)
Silently Crying (3)In My Head (2)Leaving Life (1)
The Depths of despair (0)Heart, Let Me Know (2)Control (0)
I Must Confess (3)Eleven Ways Of Looking At Flying Poem contains a digital article About contains a digital article (4)Fading Away (1)
My Goodbye (3)A Million Kisses To My Skin (4)One Goodbye (3)
The Butcher And The Butterfly (5)Glue. (2)You're Not Worth Anything To Me (0)
Rejection (0)On My Mind (0)My Hands (3)
The Transformation (1)Only You (4)HATE (3)
Rescue Me (1)On Today's News (4)Tonight's Sky (2)
The Way That I Love You (5)Razor (3)When I Fall (1)
Whilst In Love She Killed Me (2)My Enemy (2)Fighting WIth Myself (2)
Sleepless Nights Because Of You (3)One Kiss (2)Our Hearts As One (3)
You Left Me Sad (0)Broken Madness (3)My Family (3)
All I wanted (6)Left In The Silence (4)You Can't Forget Me (2)
I Can Smile For You (5)Carrying On (2)Six Ways of Looking at Rain About contains a digital article (5)
The End (1)Disappointment (2)Suffocation (1)
Mankind (3)Crying (1)Oh Well (4)
Splintered Heart (0)You Make Everything Perfect (0)Persistent Heart (1)
I Am Here For You Em (3)Just Love Me (2)To Be Thin (5)
Be Careful With Me (4)Angels Of Death (3)Only In Dreams (0)
In Love Again With You... (3)Leads Me To You (4)Finally He Leaves Me (2)
Unforgiven Silence (0)The Blade (2)Broken Love. A Goodbye. (0)
Look For Me (2)Silent Unstitching (0)Cruel Thorns (2)
Untouchable (1)Lover's Duet (3)Teasing Rhythms (2)
Sitting By The Window (3)Dance For My Heart (1)Dragon's Skin (2)
My Life's Mountain (1)I'LL BE WAITING (0)Daddy And Me (6)
He's Within Me (7)DEAD (0)Darkness Be My Friend (2)
My Angel Is Broken (0)Just Breathe Heart (2)Mahalarose, Me. (2)
Defeat (0)GOODBYE. I'LL LEAVE YOU BE. (1)Heart, Be still (2)
My Angel (2)Beyond Saving (1)KEEP STARING (0)
Lover's Dance (2)Take Me Home (2)Hurting Myself (2)
Farewell (1)I DONT CARE WHAT YOU SEE (2)Pondering Past Years - Days (0)
Save Me (2)I'll Do Anything For You (1)An End (1)
Forever And Ever Love (4)I Trust You Mr. ED (1)I Saw You Today (3)
They Will Realise (0)Undying Love (2)My Inspiration (2)
Hold My Hand As We Journey Together (3)Come Back To Me (1)Scared (1)
I Miss You (0)Given Up (2)Memories Of You (1)
Demon Of Death (2)Sarah's Birthday!!! (0)Falling (2)
I Am Double (3)Imagine Me And You (1)My Friends Of Creative Poems (3)
Revisited Loneliness (2)Never The Same Again (2)See Through Love (0)
Just Waiting (1)Defeated By Them (1)Dear Broken Heart (1)
You've Broken Me (0)This Enraged Heart (0)"You Alone Can Make My Song Take Flight" (1)
God's Doors Of Opportunity (1)Angel In Hell (1)Friends Through All These Years (2)
A Love Story (3)Agony (0)Waiting To Care For You (0)
You're Still My Smile (1)Goodbye...Again (4)Waiting In Paradise (2)
Chained Soul (4)Insomnia (2)Blessings (2)
Pure Bliss (2)Helping Myself (1)Life (2)
An End That Fits (0)The Caged Bird (1)Long Road Home (2)
Free From This Illness (0)Panic (0)There For You (1)
Straight From My Heart (3)I'll Let You Leave (1)Tear Stained (6)
Beat Of This Heart (1)Two In This Tragedy (1)Treading Sand (0)
Weakened Rose (2)Cold Tears (4)From This Heart (2)
Give It To Me (1)Rain Wash (3)SORRY (2)
Exposed (0)Aphid Attack (1)Death And Forever (0)
Hope Like Ink (1)Right The First Time (2)Gone (0)
My Mistake (1)Simply Forever (0)The Sky Watches Over (1)
Pieces Of Me (1)What They Don't Understand (1)Blood Letting (0)
The Most Beautiful Girl (1)Terminal Illness (1)His Monster Is Back (1)
Stay Away (0)Block To The Passion (1)A Pencil, A Rose, Myself. (2)
Let Them Die (0)Holding Your Hand (2)Joyful Rose (3)
Bent Not Broken. (2)She Loves Me (2)Name Me (5)
Moth Infested Closet (1)Dismal Rose (2)Rose Red Kiss (0)
You Bully (2)Mahala Rose (1)It's Going To Go (1)
What Is This New Emotion? (1)I'm Sorry Beautiful (0)My Sleeping Angel (0)
Reflections Number 2 (0)Who Will? xD (3)My Smiles (1)
Prepare To Fly With Me (0)My Little Lulu !! (0)I Can't Rest Until (1)
Battery Farming Poem contains a digital article (0)Homophobic (2)Nature, Take Me Away (0)
God? (1)Her Spell (2)Her Words (1)
Isolation (3)Take A Look Inside For Next Time (1)We're Falling Again (2)
You Have No Right To Do What You're Doing! (1)Words Are Friends (1)Discrimination (1)
Lost Courage (0)Teasing Me (0)Wish Master (3)
Crimson Sea Gone (0)Feelings, Make Up Your Mind (0)What's Happening To Our World? (1)
Bright Red Screams (0)PERI (0)Captivating Ballerina (0)
You're My Pain (0)Schizophrenic Poetry (1)Just Three Verses (1)
My Blessings (0)Rest Me (3)Mindless (0)
It's What You Do To Me (0)A Tear (0)My Girl XXX (1)
Shrink Me (0)They Won't See (0)I'll Risk It All (0)
Wishing For You (1)Fairytale (1)You Changed Me (4)
Thin Monster (2)You're Not Sorry (1)Graffiti World (1)
The Feeling That No One Knows I Feel (1)Return Please (1)Death's Dark Cloak (1)
Forced Passion (0)This Is Out Of Control (0)You (1)
Solway (1)One Last One For You (1)Words Betray (1)
Sweetie, Come Take Me (1)Walk On (1)Don't Leave Me (0)
My Best Friend (0)Goodbye Life (0)Sliding Rain (2)
They Can't See The Real Me (1)Nature's Ways (2)Silence (0)
The D Word (0)Two Within (0)Long Lost Sister (0)
Why I Cry (2)Take Me Away (2)LIAR (0)
All Because Of You (1)How (1)God's Angry Storm (0)
I Am Master (2)A Place Where My Words Won't Struggle (2)Hungry Monster (1)
No Painful Tomorow (2)Look What You've Done (0)Wounded (0)
Monique (0)Love Broke Me (1)You're Depression's Slave (1)
Even Though... (1)My Words Finally Speak (0)Dancing With Death (1)
Thought Mistress (2)Blinding Rainbow (2)I Can't Explain It To You (1)
Dear She (3)Ballerina Dreams (2)Leave Me Alone (1)
Your Victim (1)So Weak Inside (0)nothing matters (1)
Dreamt It All (0)My Scars (3)Loneliness (2)
I DON'T Need Your Love (2)Kill You Secretly (2)Death Claims A Little Girl (1)
No purpose At All (0)I Can Try (0)Broken Mahala (2)
While It Lasted (0)I Wish For You (2)The Misunderstood Fat Kid (1)
Break My Heart And Hope To Die (2)Red Riboned Package From God (2)Abuse Me (0)
Only You (1)Wish Upon Mommy’s Star (0)My Blind Friend (1)
World Corrupting (1)Garden Of Life (0)Broken By You (1)
They Tell Me I've Come Far (1)How Can You Hurt A Spirit So Free? (0)Look Away...Again (0)
Mom, I'm gay (1)Meeting Death's Angel (3)My Dad is an expert. (0)
Reflections (2)Ice Heart (2)Falling From Hell. (1)
Love's Lies Kill. (0)Foolish Dancer Poem contains a digital article (1)Our Beauty Is Deep. (1)
My Crimson Tears And Why. - kindness of a human heart - (2)Simply just not ment to be. (1)Dear Death (4)
A love-not nightmare. (0)A daughter's trip to the park. (0)Loser in the rain (3)
My love for you. (1)all we are supposed to do is wait (0)like a feather floating free (1)
let me sleep (1)are you lonesome tonight? (1)death and despair (0)
i still know your with me (2)drowned at sea (2)what the angel taught me *healing my scars* (0)
suicide time (0)a little somthing for you (0)cant anyone else see it? (0)
history of violence (0)knowing whats not real (1)burnt white angel wings (0)
playing games (0)i call you a rapist (0)think thin girls (2)
least of the married passion remains. (0)no longer will i be your victim. (0)butchering myself to the floor (0)
maybe when i depart (2)the empty hole you can fill (1)i will not be found (1)
messing with my head (0)dying thin (0)im slipping back (0)
cast me under your hurtful spell. (0)the last of the poetess (0)dissapointment in you (0)
wasting away (0)betrail of an unbroken heart (1)cheer me on at the sideline (1)
dear nobody (0)digging me deeper (0)fight alone poor little soul (0)
if only i knew (0)anchoress (0)you dont even deserve a goodbye (0)
haha i killed you (0)f.u.c.k YOU (1)death meets us again (0)
i bleed for you my angel. (1)lifes a game (1)mirror mirror staring still (1)
drip off me fast (0)i still want to kill you (0)"i will kill myself for tommorrow" (2)
the murderous thing (0)isnt it funny? (0)they call it rape (0)
being with death (0)her darling death (1)you will hate me forever (1)
memories of suicide (2)the abducting of love (0)dear she who is unknown (0)
time to leave (0)maybe (0)im cold inside without you (0)
she has chosen her end (0)skinny arms, ballerina dreams and things that mind. (1)beading my necklace of life (1)
i long to be with you (0)i lay a slave to your love. (1)Daddy And She (4)
lifes ups and downs (0)to my daddy (0)wishes of a sad girl (0)
forced mermaid. (0)waiting for the kill (0)Girl Renewed (0)
THE FREAK DISEASE (0)The Ultimate End (0)suicide (1)
to Bernice.. (1)i am..., a memory poem (0)my haikus (0)
life ,a pantoum. (0)lying here, thinking of you (1)vampire of the night (1)
dreams of hell and death (1)cutting (3)beautiful ballerina (0)
lesbian suicide (0)sarah and her rapist (0)to one and only (0)
nine months (0)me and my blade (2)bleed me dry (1)
you found me,i found you (2)judging people (2)through my eyes (0)
the crucifixion (0)suicidal mermaid Poem contains a digital article (0)loosing my false world (1)
daddy (3)carry me off to italy (1)i am not your prisioner (1)
*when* (2)what my family means to me (1)waiting (1)
let me take you there (1)staring out her window. (1)tasting her tears (1)
oh daddy you have a monster (0)dear daddy (1)o sweet music (0)
a heart full of love (2)the pressure to be thin Poem contains a digital article (1)leave me (1)
prison (2)she is confused (0)contemplating (1)
my dear tormentor do you remember? (2)a body full of life (2)names. (2)
lost forever (fallen) (1)beautiful paper snowflake (1)forget me (4)
thatnk you my gaurdian (1)goodbye my 'freinds' (1)the storm within my mind is silent (0)
the ray of light (0)strangers stop and stare, for today they have witnessed a story of true love. (1)storms nd non-storms (0)
thoughts of the mind (1)my passion( CANOE POLO) (0)fuckers (i want to be me) (1)
the lights are dim, the lights are bright (0)suicide (3)trees, clouds and being found (0)
death (0)she (1)rememberance (quote) (1)
a haunted burial (1)help (1)the teacher and the student (sounds) (2)
wayne (0)this girl will do anything (0)im so sorry that you care (3)
the world is insane (2)just you and me (0)some one hust tell her why (0)
god picked me. (2)love me (1)i will not do it just for you (2)
that girl that you look at is me (2)time to go to heaven (0)like a porcelain tea cup. (0)
the letter (0)i remember... (0)i (0)
catterpiller or buterfly? (1)hate letter (3)my simplified wish (2)
a lonesome suicide (6)broken hearts (1)carrier of a disease (3)
#*#WINGS#*# (0)the eagle and the dove (3)a rumor (1)
the rhyming clown's thoughts (1)lets soar through the skies, hand in hand (0)little girl is lost (2)
...:::::::;what i need::::::..... (1)the mirror that murdered her (4)two lost souls, now lost together (2)
the cause of his screwed up daughters pain (2)i will hide (5)its all in my head (2)
questions, but where are the answers? (2)fear (3)the tormentor that brought her into this world (3)

Favorite Poems
Purge To Be Thin by Victoria
The Dying Rose. by WilliamGoldenpen
The Tree That Could Walk by Gabriel Ku
my little girl by Sarah
One More Dance by Emma
She moves me by john carter
First Kiss ~*~ Of Love by She Whispers
Keep Holding On... by Emma
Mahala. by Emma
Shadow of denial by FLETCHER
For Love by john carter
Mahala Rose -- your day by Lady Dragonwyck
Who We Are Not. By Mahala and Emma. by emma jane
Something Deep by FLETCHER
Mahala Rose and Daniel Master of Puppets by Lady Dragonwyck
If Raindrops ~*~ Were Kisses by She Whispers
Mahalarose by Keith J
Food by Annie
MAHALAROSE by Lady Dragonwyck


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