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February 22
Ft. McMurray
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October 23, 2003
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About Me
Defining the ghosts we share in lyrical and poetic manuscripts. Asking the questions asked time and time again, I attempt to drag those interested further into the center of my creation, where I began. And with that I leave you with everything and nothing all at once within the following words..

We Are All Nothing But Shadows And Dust.... Shadows And Dust....

-Maynard (L.Cooper)

Poems: 329 total (0 with awards). View By: Date | Title | Award
.Intro. (2)It's Called Cooper And Son! (0)My Guitar As My Gun (2)
.Almost Home. (2)Vous ne pensez qu' a ... (2)I Woke Up To Her Screaming (5)
.The Heart Of The Man Buried In My Yard. (2).Any Questions. (1)When The Jukebox Flips The Record. (4)
And Everyone, Everyone Will Wake Up! (1).Eleven Minutes. (0)You Cannot Reach Me Now. (1)
.Winter Nights. (5).Sometimes. (2).The Words I Have Tattoo'd Upon My Heart. (3)
Guitar Pix, Drum Stix, And Chix With Dix. (2).Sudoku Isn't For Everyone!. (0)Goggles And Gloves Please! (1)
.You. (2).Can You Hear Me Through These Voices. (2)Doors! (5)
unquestionable (2)Serenity In Your Mumbles (1)The Awakening Of Time (1)
As Stars Collide (1)The Silent (2)How? (1)
The Looking Hole...... (0)The Calm In Chaos (4)Evening Desires (1)
So Bad. (0)Sour Mary (0)Alive *We're Dying To Survive* (1)
? (1)A graceful Piece. (1)Something Different.... (2)
A Brief Lapse In Restraint. (1)Your eyes told me when your lips forgot the words (4)She's Forever Sleeping (3)
And I Don't See It Through My Own Eyes (0)Moist With Sweat (2)Pre-Paid Experience (1)
When I'm Alone.... (1)Whisper Me Your Name (2).I Spoke First. (2)
Cancel My Invitation (2)A Spoken Verse (0).I Felt You On My Soul. (1)
.Good-Bye My Angel. (1)Reflect... (2).Sometimes Winning Isn't Everything. (1)
.You Will Never Know. (1).You Saw A Dream In Me. (2)Lonely Hearts Meeting (1)
What I Erase! (3).Crack Along The Seam. (2)First Mornings Breath (0)
To All Of You (2)A Little Reminder.... (0)I Know, It's You! (1)
Sinking Ships (1)it's called Goosebumps (0)Tragedy (1)
Where Did We Go? (0)The Music May Fade.... (3)Tomorrows Haunt (1)
Is This That Moment? (0)All I Need (0)Your Smile Says It All (2)
But I Saw You Leave? (1)I Spoiled The Day (4)Whispers In My Dreams (1)
Digital (1)Mixed Up (1)Another Ghost In My Life (1)
Another Step Back (2)All The Hurt (The One Who Slipped Away) (1)Betroth To Misery (1)
Crucified For Love (0)Flesh On Flesh (2)We Kissed (1)
Smell You On My Soul (0)Dream In Color (1)Fade Out (0)
What me and the kids did on sunday (Reprise) (1)Metamorph (1)Anguish In My Eyes (2)
Taste My Absence (0)Bin 45 (0)I Wanted To Tell You (1)
Steals My Heart Away (2)Sorrow, Defined. (1)Under Stones (2)
No Title -=9=- (0)Inhale (2)Reborn (0)
Excluded II (0)For Personal Use Only (2)Excluded (0)
Jealous Of Your Dreams (0)My Reflection Pt.2 (1)No Title -=8=- (0)
Callous And Seize (1)The Secrets Out. (3)Too Many Shades Of Grey (1)
Everything is Peachy (0)The Catacombs (3)What me and the kids did on sunday (3)
Tongueless (1)The Battle Of Justice (1)The Heartache You Provide (0)
What You've Left Behind (0)Crictal Alphabet (1)Silence Slipping Away (1)
Another Blank Page (2)Forced Into Politics By Waffles Made Of Clay (1)Scarlet Rain (1)
No Title -=7=- (0)The Epilogue Of The Awakening Of Time (1)Pleasure Island (1)
No Sunshine ( Poetry Theme) (0)Whispers Of The Zuni (1)Whimpers, -Still (0)
No Title -=6=- (1)No Title -=5=- (1)No Title -=4=- (1)
No Title -=3=- (1)No Title -=2=- (1)Impossible Flower (1)
Reminded Of Love (1)No Title -=1=- (2)My Dying Princess (2)
-(Dry)- (0)Plastik II (1)Golden Streets Of Ash (0)
A Path Upon The Mountains (0)False (1)My Heart's Been Betrayed (2)
The Garden II (0)The Only Heart In My Eye (1)Bitter Hearts Grow Cold II (0)
Bitter Hearts Grow Cold (0)<Untitled> (1)Meridian The Unclean (1)
Dreams (1)Slivers of Life (1)A Walk Through Candle Light (0)
Dearest Fiona (0)Awoken (1)Flowers (0)
Those Eyes, That Gaze (0)Blessed (1)The Fight For Life (1)
Gold (0)Bitter (1)The Flames (0)
Inside You (1)Trouble (1)Scared (1)
Private Party (0)The sickness that you are II (1)By Candle Light (2)
Spider-Webs (1)Heart Of Glass (1)Sorry (1)
-Navator- (0)The sickness that you are I (1)I Know How You Feel (1)
This is Where Sadness Breeds (3)Cult (1)Bleached (1)
Tired Of This (0)Place Of Burden (1)Tribute To Vaughn (1)
Tears Of Fire Pt.2 (0)Im a Slave (1)Slither (0)
Song Of Sorrow (0)you are always in my broken heart (1)I blame (2)
Deep Depression (2)Another kiss (1)My Story (1)
-Discontent- (0)Plastik (0)The Day Has Come (0)
I give up (1)Dreams II (1)i hate (2)
Sunshine (1)Tragedy (1)You (0)
Unclean (0)This Disease (1)Footprints on my soul (1)
lost (2)The Garden (2)juniper (2)
Alone In The Dark (0)In Such Light (1)For You (0)
The Halls of Poetry (Tribute) (1)You want abuse? (3)Made Of Ash (2)
Broken Heart (4)Gone (2)<Untitled> (2)
Unreadable Book (1)tell me what you think now GOD (1)Love is Special (0)
Walk Away (3)I stepped back (1)Dying Wishes (2)
Give us the Lamb (1)Monkey Business (1)Sad Again (1)
Never Again (1)-TL- (2)Starving (2)
Lifted up (1)??? (1)Daddy (1)
I Did It for You (2)Trust (1)Fantasy Dream Land (1)
Beautiful Me (1)--> (1)Self Pitty (0)
Burden (1)EYES (1)Muahahaha (2)
Maynard (2)Another Impossible Dream (1)Dragon Skin (2)
I wake up (1)Time With Her (3)I never thought (1)
(1)When (2)The Ghost (3)
Please God (1)And I'm Sorry (1)Becoming (1)
down (0)Maggots (1)A new Breed (0)
Circle The Void (0)Cage (1)Utopian Cancer (1)
Pests (1)STFU (1)Crucified (0)
*Fish* (2)I Dont mind (1)The Madmans Msg. (0)
a number (1)Sparkes (2)Frozen (2)
Drifter (1)*quote* (3)crave the comfort (0)
Tears Of Fire (2)I stand alone (1)I adore thee (2)
A Tear On A Rose (1)Leave me behind (1)GgRr (1)
I hate this and i hate that i hate you all like i hate myself (1)Television (1)The ongoing Poem (1)
title unavailable (0)Cosmic Movie (1)My feeble focus (0)
... (2)My Reflection (2)So Lonely (1)
? (0)holy vows (2)The Wind (1)
Classifieds (3)Bound by This Love (1)This Shit (1)
The love I need (2)My calling (1)Being your victim (1)
What I needed was you (1)I am invisible (4)Thieves (1)
486/0,b_(11)~ħ (0)From Her View (1)Silence (1)
LOVE (3)When I smile (3)The Chamber (2)
The cutter Pt.2 (1)The Cutter (3)The Truth About The Madman (1)
The Cuts Pt.2 (1)Am I (0)Philosophy Of Life (1)
Is it life? (0)Another Untitled (0)Untitled (0)
nothing (0)Hang Me (2)Desirable Dreams (1)
This Kiss (1)The cuts (0)Follow (0)
Someone (1)My Friend (0)Good-bye (0)
No More Reasons (2)Hell on Earth (1)I am (2)
I Wish (0)Fight For Life (0)Falling (0)
!-_-! (0)Beneith (0)Broken (2)
Us (0)Marduk (0)A. (0)
1000 tears later (5)The Dark Sea Of Life (0)Face Of An Angel (5)
The Madman (3)Breath (2)

Favorite Poems
The Full Moon by Lady Dragonwyck
Ressurrection Prayer by Elspeth
A Life Incomplete by mangallel
receeding happiness leaves a depression by Rachel


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