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Karl Berry
July 28
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December 1, 2003
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About Me
   First I am going blind and I have.... multiple-sclerosis...My veins in my eyes are twice the size and are seriously doing different things.
I can see somewhat, with one eye. 
That is working so, my work has mistakes in it sometimes!.... 
OK..I am quiet, most, of the time , a lot of my time, is writing. 
Yes, working on new poem book. Being, alone, is OK, but, not much, fun!. 
Face book... Karl Berry... look for my Safari is white in color!...
Also, Trying my best to express, what, I see and feel, into words!. 
I love to write!.......I write all day, sometimes!!!!...
I will say this ,six guys beat the heck out of me, all because, I cashed, a fifty dollar bill, in a corner store, After wake-ING up, in ICU, it was eleven days and ten hours and twenty seven min., later! 
I woke up. I slept, 12 days of my life away!...
I will never get them back....
I wanted a ink pen and paper and i have been writing every since, so you see I have something I can't explain. 
I do not see, what you see, I feel, with my words!...Poet.....!

By the way, I have my own T V show, here, where, I live in, Burlington, Vermont!
V C A M,  T V, channel 15# 
It is three times a week !
The show is called, WHISPERS....
So, I thank you, for the, whispers about my poems!. ....Karl... 
My nick name, is.... Patch....!.
In this site....!

I am now working on,  Spinners , You Can't See Black At Night , All Mixed Up, R-U-Nuts, Interesting Moments, Slip-Streaming With A Breeze, and Bending Steel also Tea Time, and Catching up, and ..An't No Thing!...Also Intriguing Allusions....All Mixed Up ... Now, it is, Where You Are, Where You Have Been, And Where Are You Going ...also.. Jy-Ra-ff. ...starting..... In The Mix.... and..... Slippery Times ...
I Been Here Before! also R-U-Nut's...
I would love to publish my work,  OH, here is one poem..please enjoy it ...
I might not reply, to people right away, please, do not, be mad. I'm slow. 
I wish dreams came true...! Oh,.what a day!
@...© Copyright 2006 Karl

Motherly Love
From the day of birth, Ah, you know you are loved
By a heavenly figure like a pure white dove.
You are helpless in a cruel world;
To have your mother's love that wrath is curled.
To see in her eyes your self worth,
To be put in line so you do not get hurt.
To hang onto her knowledge so you can learn and think.
To feel the love in her voice that makes you sink.
She has nothing but great expectations
But also knows everyone has their own revelations.
She is there for you, whether you are right or wrong.
Hoping your happiness will not be prolonged.
She knows if you are sick, without saying a word.
This is the Motherly Love you truly preserve
So, when you are down and out,
And just want to shout...
Think of your mother's love and respect.
She does not have to be there but your soul will be at rest.
So, when you think of your mother, break out with that smile,
Because she is the only female that will ever, ever go that extra mile.
Knowing Motherly love, I will never fail,
With her breath I will always sail.
I do not need to look for her.
The thought of love will always occur.
For in my heart that is where she dwells!
Now, in my mind, that’s my only spell
This is a must, which will always, always, compel!
Yes, my mom is, Ah, so swell.
Think about it, my mother’s love, I know it is sealed
Wishing, she was alive, so, her voice, I can feel! 
I hope you understand my mother died when I was a kid.....
Dad died about one year later...
I miss her, and him, very, much!....Patch....!      Have a nice day!
PS,..if any of my poems, upset you, please, tell me! ......
Please, e-me and tell me what you think...thanks ...Patch....! face book....Karl Berry...look for my hat!...

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Compelling Whispers (1)Deception And Confusion! (1)Hidden Needs (1)
Blind Encounters (1)A gentle place (2)My Cup (2)
I Want No Other (12)I Need You Truly (13)Dear Daddy (35)
Common Ground Of Forgivness (9)Motherly Love (22)

Favorite Poems
Dear Daddy by Karl Berry
I Need You Truly by Karl Berry
Deception And Confusion! by Karl Berry
Explosions From The Heart by Karl Berry
An Indian whisper in a lonely time with God by Karl Berry
Light On The Stream by Karl Berry
I Was Slipping Into The Real Deal by Karl Berry
Cloud Ride Of Realities Thoughts by Karl Berry
Fourth Door to the Right by Karl Berry
Our Future Is In The Eyes Of A Child by Karl Berry
Favorite Authors
Karl Berry


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