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john carter
November 03
Kingston Upon Hull
united kingdom
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September 25, 2006
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About Me
I am inspired by anything and everything. A teachers report once said "Works well but is inclined to daydream" i guess that's why i write. lol. I hope i am never boring. That would be such a waste of life.

Poems: 558 total (8 with awards). View By: Award | Date | Title
Words (20)Venus Fly Trap (20)Sir Gadabout (8)
Poet (19)No Door (16)Daisy Chain (11)
Winter Dreams (13)Jumper (11)Longing (3)
King of Mice (9)My Fucked and wasted days (0)Cloudy Nights (4)
When the sunshine weeps (3)Secrets (2)Lyrical Painter (7)
Sea Angel (2)Every Word (3)Death (8)
Sunrise (6)<Untitled> (7)Death Before Dawn (4)
In a Muddle (5)This is me (0)I Hate Tuesdays (0)
For Alfie (6)Screaming Through Windows (7)Len x (11)
Life (2)Like The Sea (4)Finding The Right Shoes (4)
For Emma (4)stillborn (6)Forgotten (6)
The Snail (7)Blind Man (5)No Words (9)
My Children (10)Human (2)Same trough (3)
Away (5)The Rabbit's Tale (8)All Around Us (3)
soldiers marbles and dreams (3)The Poet (5)Only the sky (6)
Night That Never Ends (5)Agains (2)Stupid Lies (5)
Scarecrow (12)For Her (3)Favourite Things (9)
Blue is the colour (6)Wishing (3)Grey (5)
The Write" (3)What is Love (7)Inside (2)
S o What (4)Old man (0)Dreams (6)
Why Simplty (3)Without swearing (8)<Untitled> (1)
Monumental Love (7)<Untitled> (3)Sandpiper (6)
Sunshine (4)My Dad (5)Just Words (4)
Hate Me (1)Her (7)Why (3)
Dream (7)Snowman waiting for Summer (3)Playing With Words (5)
No Clever Words (3)Chameleon (4)Take a Thousand Words (4)
Autumn (9)Silence (3)Source of pain (0)
No Title (4)I Swear (2)Venus Fly Trap (5)
Till The End Of Time (6)About nice (1)Monkey in my wardrobe (9)
Empty (0)Eyes shut tight (4)Him (1)
Dracula at my door (0)Happy Feet (5)Life (1)
Cling To Me (0)Moving on (6)So Many I Could Forget (1)
IT (3)For My Friend (6)Shadows (0)
God (7)The Lady (5)Gladly (2)
<Untitled> (2)Seven Questions (6)Thoughts (11)
Magpie (6)Music Box (0)Into me (5)
The Night (0)Alice (7)Its Like (4)
No words (3)Seduce Me (6)Wings (6)
She moves me (11)You are (4)Inside of me (9)
I can dream (6)It,s Crazy I know, But That,s Me (8)So Many Lights (4)
You (7)Lyrical Painter (9)Sisters (3)
Silly Zen (7)My Friends at C.P (2)Hunger (3)
You (7)This Earth (5)Her Happy (6)
Hills (4)A Rose (10)Listen (4)
Insomnia (1)Dream (2)Sunday Path (2)
In rhyme (7)Me (0)All Things That Move (2)
Seven Questions (7)If i Lived For You (3)To Richard (14)
Pure Thought (2)A Wish (9)Hell (8)
I Surrender (5)Tiny Feet (6)Different (5)
Monet (4)Spiders (4)Words Two (1)
She is Like (5)Empty Smiles (5)Wherever you are (7)
Sleeping in Shadows (3)Winter (4)Mask (3)
What Pretty Words (0)Where ever you are (4)Untitled (5)
Wasted (4)For no one (2)Chasing Kites (2)
Jumper (6)I Wait (7)Hercules What a Woman Two Too Whatever (1)
Tomorrow (10)My Fucked and wasted days (0)Shitters (1)
Space (6)Beat Again (5)Space (5)
Judgement Day (2)Totally lovely (3)<Untitled> (0)
A moment of your time (7)Garden (9)One Night (5)
Hercules What a Woman 2 (2)Sad (0)Sir Gadabout Returns (6)
Fingers (4)You (0)Drag me away (3)
Flowers (5)Whatever (0)Let us Talk (2)
you (1)just you (2)Happy (7)
Just Her (7)A big place (5)Run Away (4)
Hercules What a Woman (5)If (2)So many snowmen (4)
Just a Man (3)I (0)Dusty Shelves (1)
Speaking your mind (5)Tears (0)She breaks me (2)
She moves me (9)Buried Faces (1)See Me (6)
<Untitled> (4)All That in Me (3)Gidians (0)
Jumper (0)Paper Trails (3)Granite (9)
The Scarecrow (3)Me (3)Mr Lonely (8)
Only Carousels (3)HaHa! (0)Spider (0)
Promise (5)Moments (0)My Love (4)
Just You the Moon and I (8)Can't be a title lol (4)Venus Fly Trap (7)
If (4)My Mum (8)The Eyes (6)
I Love (5)The Dark (0)Screamer Inside (4)
Lovers (3)Beatles (4)Hotels (4)
Secrets (2)My Shadow (6)Only Tuesday (2)
Echo (7)Each leaf (4)I love her (0)
Earth (6)I Love Her (7)Poet (4)
Eaten (3)Long Jump (1)A Spiders Life (0)
Empty (4)? (7)Him (0)
When I Was A Boy (8)only pretty (5)Life (0)
Jumping in Puddles (6)Silence (7)Silent (5)
Looking for something (2)no title (1)Eyes (0)
Where ever you are (8)O Darkest Night (3)Gladly (0)
Nature (10)A Pocket Full of Dreams (6)<Untitled> (1)
Loneliness (4)My Thoughts (4)She Moves me (6)
Eyes Shut Tight (4)My empty yesterday (6)Sunny Days (5)
Wishfull Dreams (5)Thoughts (2)For my Dad (9)
Empty (1)Choose me (4)For Her (11)
That's the Time I Think of you (9)My Friend My Love The Sun (4)Eyes Shut Tight (4)
A Step in Rhyme (3)Umbrella Hill (5)Zen for all men (5)
Finale (3)If You (4)<Untitled> (0)
No One But Me (4)Un Complicated (2)Lionhart (7)
Dawn (7)Words don't find you (4)Jesus (3)
Sandpiper (4)My Silly Dreams (4)My Words (3)
Me (8)Smile (5)The Would be Gardener (6)
Permanence (3)Just Words (6)The Dark (0)
Wordbank (7)Just For You (3)Words (4)
Surrender to Solitude (2)Fishing (9)When you look for me (0)
Words Two (10)Sunny side Up (2)Clouds Passing Over (4)
Keeper (7)When Do I (2)Keeper (5)
Daydream (2)Drown Me (1)Where ever you are (5)
Leah (2)When Poets Dream (8)End (3)
Chasing Kites (0)Dreaming (4)Arthur (0)
Chuckle (4)Happy Buttons (5)Tonight (2)
No place (8)To Me (4)No Door (5)
Tread Softly as You Go (3)What ends this day (3)Softly on my pain (13)
My Heart (2)When the sunshine weeps (6)Him (1)
Twiddles (3)The Dark (4)The first time (4)
Endless (8)Cling to me (1)Maths? (0)
That Moment (5)Tomorrow (2)You and I (0)
spiders web (5)Here I AM (1)Monkey in my wardrobe (6)
My Light (7)My Skin (3)Acupuncture (6)
Music Box (1)Writing (9)This Woman (4)
Giants (5)Him (6)The beauty of time (4)
Something Pretty (0)Mr Moonlight (8)Your Breath (1)
Unknown Thoughts (4)Sunday (4)Teddy Bears Dream (2)
In That Moment (10)Halloween (0)Bad Boy (4)
Sunrise (6)The Dark (5)Dont look for me (1)
I Wait (7)Dandelion (3)I Want to be her hurt (2)
Blueberry Park (6)Spider (8)The Day Away (5)
A Million Words (2)Night That Never Ends (6)Sparrow (4)
Shit (0)you (0)Whisper (3)
Sculptor (7)LittleDevils (3)pity (6)
She is (7)Every Step (5)Me (4)
Just another day (4)Suddenly I (4)Only so Dead (0)
Me (7)Things I Love (8)Colours (11)
Luminous (3)Last Poem (8)<Untitled> (5)
On Rocks (6)Thats the time i think of you (6)Please Stay (3)
Sport (3)Tomorrow (7)For (1)
To Jolen (8)In the bath (2)Halloween (6)
Candle Flames (4)Sculptor (5)Different (4)
My Life (6)Dreams (4)To Whom it may concern (4)
poet (10)Why Do i (3)For the chance (6)
In Silence (1)Even if (3)Tell me when the sun shines (5)
Myself (2)<Untitled> (3)Watchmaker (2)
Selfish (1)Do Flowers Dream (8)For Andy (1)
It's Only love (6)Tonsilitis (0)Forever Until (2)
I Love (5)Sleepily Dreamily (5)I Remember (8)
Starfish (4)Wet in Wet (6)Young Man (8)
Clouds Passing Over (5)Holding Hands (7)Emoticon (14)
Nomad (4)Within (5)Friend (7)
A journey to the edge (4)Flying (9)For You (12)
Lullaby (5)A Funny Face (4)This Woman (4)
As much as i (2)Dream (4)Ladybird (4)
Turning Corners (4)scarecrow (0)Sundogs in the skies (2)
God Two (1)You and I (7)If You (2)
The Night (0)Memories (10)The Last Word (7)
When (1)So Lovely (5)Looking for Monsters (6)
Myself (7)Why can't i (3)While you slept (0)
For You (10)The Best Thing (3)Venus Fly Trap (4)
Never step on a Buttercup (5)Something Sunny (4)Sandpiper (3)
For Sharon (4)Sorry To the World (0)To be someone (6)
Strangers Kiss (3)Space (3)Getting Older (5)
A Bird (4)My Love (6)Pendragon (6)
Robins (5)The Chain (8)Uncry my eyes (5)
Never (0)When (6)Medal (3)
Jumper (3)The Promise (6)W (3)
She (0)Longing (6)You (9)
Fluid Man (6)Surfing the Net (4)She Whispers (0)
I Have (7)No Door (4)Matador (8)
She Paints My Day (4)First Kiss (3)My Mum (7)
If I Didn't Care (0)When the sunshine weeps (8)night time (2)
Gladly (0)<Untitled> (4)Mirror (4)
As i breathe (7)Adri (9)Love (0)
Beauty (4)Life (5)Love (1)
Sweet Dreams (5)Dirty Phone Call (5)Sleepy (5)
Honour and offer (1)Lost Souls (3)Stupid (2)
I Wish (16)Poetry (7)She is all (1)
Just drunk (6)Me (7)Nightingale (3)
Co-Write (8)Silence (4)Poetry (2)
Just some words (5)Waiting (5)Happy (3)
Tears (0)A Rose (0)Nothing to add (4)
No Me (2)Dream (1)For Every Dream (5)
Come softly (0)For Love (12)All That is Broken (2)
Heaven (1)Hero (5)Doors (5)
Warty Bottom (4)Not Alone (7)Unspoken (9)
incompatible (4)No Other Woman (3)I will love you (4)
Love is (13)I dont know (0)Rounded Pebbles (5)
That Moment (10)Only All (4)Freely (6)
When the sunshine weeps (8)Someone Fix Me (3)She moves me (7)
Women Bleed (6)Th Giant and the Spring Queen (0)moonlight (11)
Fashion of passion (4)<Untitled> (7)Because (1)
Good Night (2)Only Her (4)Shower (5)

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