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January 13
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January 12, 2005
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About Me

The Pic is of me and my son in our hotel room in Durango CO, after a long day of Skiing.(We don't normally have that red of a face)

 I Don't consider myself a writer or a poet by any means, I am more of a scribbler of diddies.

Adam sitting at a fountain on the grounds of the Alamo in San Antonio Texas!

Adam at the 2005 Martin H.S. Homecoming

Adam opening day of Scarborough Faire (a renaissance faire) April 8, 2006



It's Summer!!!!!

Paul - "I've been feeling a little weird lately" LOL 

Poems: 286 total (5 with awards). View By: Date | Title | Award
This Morsel Of Time (2)Closer Than The Air I Breathe (1)But Here I AM Again (1)
Ubiquitous (1)Simply With Hello (2)Alfalfa Hay And Sticky Molasses (4)
Shards Of Sand (1)We Used A Huge Mop (2)You Are My All In All (1)
My Neighbor (2)Tagged In This Picture (5)I Know I Am (1)
What Have I Done (4)Past To Present I Am (3)Pauls Poem (4)
Tears Wash My Sight (3)Show Me Your Might (1)I Remain Mesmerized (2)
Through The Dirt And Wily Weeds (1)For What Each Pen Has Neatly Written (5)Ebb Beach Wave (2)
Pefect Imperfection (2)By Grace And By Faith (2)I'm Not A Daisy (2)
For His Glory (4)Chellebrate (3)I Feel The Rain On Me (2)
Humanness Is My Constraint (2)Lost (4)Everywhere Your Story (1)
Prima Donna Spew (3)Glory Hallelujah! Listen To Poem (1)Sing To Him (0)
Oh My God (5)My Prayer (3)I Offer Myself (1)
My Every Day God (4)I Am The Light (1)Mary's Song (2)
That Misty Eyed Girl (3)Christmas Time (0)Did You Stop At The Altar? (2)
Face of God (2)Humbly I (5)On Holy Ground (1)
In The Grace Of The Trinity (1)Skies Without Boundaries (3)Just Love Jesus (3)
A Picture Is Worth . . . Poem contains a digital article (1)A Prayer For Adam (2)Harmonious Consciousness (0)
My Soul Thirsts (1)Selah About contains a digital article (0)Omnipotent Spirit (0)
Nappy Headed Ho (6)Punchlines (0)The New NIMBY (0)
The Lessons Are Mine About contains a digital article (1)You Give Me Water (4)Chosen Justice About contains a digital article (1)
Awaken My Eyes Listen To Poem (2)I Stand (4)Gracious Lord (1)
Opposing Arms (2)Meaning - Preveening Listen To Poem About contains a digital article (0)"Chills!" They Say (4)
You Called Me By Name Listen To Poem About contains a digital article (4)Just As I Am Listen To Poem (5)Bountiful Loot Listen To Poem (4)
In A Diner On Christmas (2)Cary Redmond (1)Sally (3)
Yadah Yahweh About contains a digital article (1)Brave Creatures of the Season (2)Creative Mania (2)
Transcending All Life Listen To Poem (9)Candlelight Study (3)Christmas Invite (3)
Dream Time (2)I'm Glad You Ain't No Texan (2)Eternity Known (1)
Living In Grace (1)Direction (0)Take This Moment (1)
My Life Is Still Yours (1)Dad's Hands (3)I Want You To Know About contains a digital article (12)
Is It Weird (1)Auricular Confection Listen To Poem (3)Mom (5)
Creativity Baffles the Brain (2)Broomball Hockey (3)Piercing The Silence (2)
Utopian Peace (4)Oppressed (2)I Need A New Barber (4)
Surprise! (1)Morn Breathes Listen To Poem (3)The Cancer (2)
Keeps My Thirsty Down About contains a digital article (3)Smoked Oysters (5)Forbidden To Have (7)
Far From Near (3)Embrace Anger Management (2)What Can I (3)
Crusty Hooks (3)LBJ (0)Stressed Of Late (1)
My Peace I Give (2)Opinions Go Under Your Wing (0)My Sweet Michelle (1)
Fallacy (1)Scorching The Planet (3)America Weeps (2)
Tree Fairy Things (4)Enough To Cause Chaos (3)A Waterhead Pompus Hypocrite (4)
Sticky Feet (2)Empty Potato Sack (1)Soft, Somber and Smart (2)
Dark And Dank (2)Amy's Prayer (0)Dori's Prayer (1)
Your Dog (2)Paranoid (3)Surreal Circus (0)
Expecting Applause? (1)Stress Is Up (0)Katie's Prayer (2)
Not Sure What I Hear (3)Imagery And Irony (2)Home (0)
I Will Be There (1)Mr Lou I Wish I Wrote The Way You Do (1)After Day Three (1)
To Golgotha We Go (1)Petrie Dish Life (3)Mourn My Song Listen To Poem (4)
I, Too Love You And. . . (3)Time (2)Groking (1)
Contributors' Dedication About contains a digital article (0)Toby The Basset Hound (2)Freaky Fletch (3)
Your Opinion (for what its worth) (0)Desert Star (1)Electric Instrument Safe (5)
Social Security (0)Adam, My Son (2)The Sparkling Crown (1)
Out of Sync (1)Happy Birthday Dori (1)Heaven Sent (0)
Next To Me (2)A Wonderful Story (1)A Shared Treasure (0)
Birthday Dinner (1)Your Warm Embrace (0)Love's Caressing Intent (2)
HOOK'EM HORNS!! (0)Happy Birthday Mom (2)The Lion, The Lamb and The Promisedland (3)
Our Samantha Fly (1)In a Manger at Rest (1)Yes, I Said (0)
Wiles (1)Alpha Rhyme (1)Diddy trend (0)
From Within (0)Heat of Battle (1)Jackpot! (5)
Well Rounded Education (0)Emotional Rebut (0)Know It (2)
What did you say? ... "Semper Fi"? (3)Should we use phonetics at all (acrostic) (1)He Died For Me (4)
A Mother's Love (1)Pro Bull Rider (Limerick) (0)Baby Thoughts (3)
Time and Memories (3)Long Distance Friendship (Co-Written with Michelle Morris) (5)Terry (0)
Lost Sheep (3)Nom De Plume (4)Just Go Away (5)
What Y'all All Got To Say (1)Under the Red Lights (2)Lord Help Us All (5)
Wages Of Sin Listen To Poem (6)Paul vs. Monkey (5)Angst and Stress (Repost - Co-authored with Sensous Sorceress) (2)
Verbose, Not Terse(WB From Sensous Sorceress) (3)Dallas ISD (1)The Elephant And The Snail (1)
Weekdays (4)Fletch, The Word Banker (2)Fletch's Word Bank (2)
Plus Sixty Years (2)So Sweet (5)Going Forward in Disbelief (3)
Walking Sticks (0)Enola Gay and V-J Day About contains a digital article (0)Softball Night (3)
Bugtussle (limrick) (2)When God Shepherds You (6)Tasting Raw Rage (1)
Pickin Up What You're Puttin Down (4)Muse of a Flute (Heroic Couplet) (3)Time to be a Kid (4)
Refrigerators (4)Donut Man (3)Ode to the Glow (6)
The Jam on My Ham (2)Honesty and Liars (5)The Turn of Events (4)
God's Grace and Glory (4)Elephant Silliness (3)Creatures of the Night (5)
Directly Aimless (2)A Big Thank You (2)Dori (Limrick) (1)
Ulysses Escapes (2)Maybe I'm Just Old And Grumpy (6)Morning Ritual (5)
What is Isn't (2)The Pawn is Gone (1)Suicide Bomber (Limrick) (2)
Lifes Choices (2)Sad (7)Nine Little Guys (13)
Happy Birthday 'Chelle (3)Roosters Swim and Penguins Fly (4)God is There Every Day (4)
Reality Is Where I Live (1)At Grammy and Papa's House (4)My Mom is Always There (0)
BBB (3)An Angel's Argument (2)The Best Job I've Ever Had (5)
Lessoned Learned (3)Traveling Tongue Twister Two (1)We Fell into a Hug (4)
Purple Pigs (1)I Know - Yet I Still Care (with Michelle Morris) (6)Hey Everyone on the CP Site (3)
The Stones in the Path Were Yesterday's Talk (4)Mathematician, Teacher and Rocket Scientist too! (2)No Laughing OR Fun (3)
Although I'm Not Perfect (2)Chelle (3)My Teacher, Friend and Special Advisor (3)
Genius - A haiku (0)Time Travel Story - not a poem (2)More thoughts - not a poem (0)
Just some thoughts -Not a poem (2)And the Demons Sang And Pranced (2)TV and Poems - haiku (2)
Complete (4)In My Mind You're a Fading Star (5)A Pile of YaYa (6)
Nothing in Site (2)My Quiet Place - Welcome (5)Amy (3)
My Own Red Swingline (1)Slow Groove Conga Drum Beat (3)God Given Masterpiece (2)
The Tears That I Weep (5)Mmmmm! (5)I've been Wandering (1)
Do you hear me ? I'm Forty-Two (4) Top of the world (2)To My Friend Dori (2)
Sensory Overload (0)In Your Mind you're the Star (5)We Were Brave in the Rain (6)
To My Son (3)CHEESE CAKE! (4)Now You Hold My Heart (3)
Clowns, Closets and Clothes (4)Every Pepper has its Season (1)Where Is All The Common Sense (2)
And For What Do I Thirst (5)The Big Mound of Bland (0)It's a Slice of Life (6)
The Big Mound of Bland (1)

Favorite Poems
Grace by Dori
Release! by Dori
I Think of You by Dori
Monster Inside by Dori
Smiling at Odd Times by Dori
Deep Enough by Dori
Justifying Grace by Dori
I Wish I Was A Donut by Christina
Too Much by Shawnta
Love by
Feelings On Love by Christina
I Wish I Was a Clover by
To The Fart by Christina
The trouble with elephants. by Craig David Dawson
~GOD CAN USE YOU~ by Tracy Fletcher
~My Selfish Wishes~ by Tracy Fletcher
~Raising Children~ by Tracy Fletcher
Sitting By Candle Light (Monorhyme) by Cynthia Jones
A poem by Poetic Soldier
Colespell by Dori
Colours of Life by Samantha Firefly
The Beauty and the Beast by Samantha Firefly
Flamenco Dancer by Dori
The Beauty and the Beast (part 2) by Samantha Firefly
The Beauty and the Beast (part 3) by Samantha Firefly
The Beauty and the Beast (part 4) by Samantha Firefly
~To The Night It Says Adieu~Co -Write With Eddy Kent by Tracy Fletcher
The Beauty and the Beast (part 5) by Samantha Firefly
The Beauty and the Beast (part 6) by Samantha Firefly
Silence by CeeCee
~Back To School~(WB#4 Paul) by Tracy Fletcher
Sunbeams (wb34DKO) by FLETCHER
Without Redemption by Sensual Sorceress
The Beauty and the Beast (part 8) by Samantha Firefly
HOW ABOUT A CUP OF SHUT THE F*CK UP!(co-write with my good friend Henry) by Joe McNinney
Sing me a song by Flis R
On My Way by Poetic Soldier
There's an old man by Poetic Soldier
In this photograph I am alone by A.P.
IMMORTAL III by Joe McNinney
On March 14 I wrote a firestorm by A.P.
Child of Yesterday by FLETCHER
"Discarded Flag" by Randy Harrison
These Words by Meg
Don't try to fix me by Jennifer
Confusion by HOPE
A Change of Mind by HOPE
meaning by grneyedbtch
Keeping It Simple by CeeCee
She's Crazy by A.P.
FOUND? by Paul Peter McLean
The Ghost Of Me by Dori
Masquerade by Dori
Standing on the border by Chrissy.D
~*~TEARS FALLING FROM HIS EYE'S~*~ For: Paul~*~ by VizualEnsemble
Love Poem Challenge by Dori
Metamorphosis by Dori
Northern Seques by A.P.
Promise by Robin Ansley
It Happens For a Reason by bloodtear
a broken shell by S
The World is too big when I am Alone by A.P.
Too Much To Ask by Shelby
Deadbolted Door by A.P.
2; 3; 4 o'clock by A.P.
*Those Three Words* by Brooklin
*I Simply Let Go* by Brooklin
*Grandpa's Old Barn* by Brooklin
*Your Hands Were Never There* by Brooklin
looking for the question by A.P.
La Campanella, wet. by A.P.
a jilted run of words by A.P.
The One and Only by Brooklin
Key from the Arctic by A.P.
Portrait of Madonna and Ghandi by A.P.
Favorite Authors
Poetic Soldier
Flis R
Joe McNinney
Sensual Sorceress
Shalain's Guy
Tracy Fletcher
Nataly Hachem
Samantha Firefly
Moon Fairy


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