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About Me
Poetry captures a moment in time forever. It provides a poignant means to bring both the beauty and the ugliness of life to the surface.  By writing on both these themes an artist exhibits a fullness about themselves and thus a realness to their work which readers can understand and connect. 
Sites such as Creative-Poems are important because they allow the truth of Henry Van Dyke's words to shine as he said, "Use what talent you possess - the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang best."  Creative-Poems opens up the doors for all of us to sing, and bring beautiful music into this world.  Hopefully, in the process we'll increase our skill and application of literary techniques.
On a personal note, I am married and have three adult sons.  My husband and I own a small business with a team of 12 people.  I am in the process of becoming a certified health coach and enjoy biking, yoga, Crossfit, hiking, reading, dinner with friends and family, and I am finally learning how to cook. :-)   
It has been a pleasure to read the work of the writer's on Creative-Poems and to receive the kind and encouraging comments from you as well.
Best Regards,

Poems: 446 total (0 with awards). View By: Date | Title | Award
This is Where We Part Ways (4)Whisper (1)No more not enough.... (3)
The Man in the Mirror, Is Not I (5)Watching Tulips Die (7)Late Summer Sunrise (5)
Breathe In (3)Advent Worship (8)Longing for the Hush (6)
Snapshot at a Baseball Game on Monday Night with my Husband and Three Teenage Sons (7)Longing for the hush again... (7)Fall Blooms (9)
Final Straw (15)Don't Answer (6)Calling for the Gardner (8)
Waiting (8)Changing Jackets (13)Recorate - two versions (5)
Bathe (7)Upside Down For Awhile (9)Time to Eat (8)
Noting Romance (8)"I'll be right there." (10)Coming Together One Step at a Time (5)
A Body in the Church Pew (8)Church in America (6)University of Individualism (6)
Single Minded (8)When Your Mouth Opened to Speak (10)Discarding (3)
Anticipation (9)Morning's Light (5)Fresh Air (6)
Tomorrow (5)Brushing (5)Bathing (10)
Hovering (4)Dawn (12)Medicated (3)
A Friend Like Job's (3)Really? (3)Mornings (7)
Instrumental (5)Digging Deep (8)Untitled (6)
Picasso Haunts My Mind (11)Coupled Expressions (4)Utopia (2)
Freedom (4)Confession (7)My Mother's Kitchen (6)
Shimmer (4)How to Make Scrambled Eggs for Your Lover (15)Conflict Within - American Idol (8)
Speak! (4)One (1)Remembered (6)
Sweeping Stars (10)See-Saw (1)Bare Branches (4)
Too Fast (3)Soda Pop (4)Unconquerable (3)
For She Whispers (4)A Whisper in God's Ear (2)Prayer (5)
Unexpected (4)After Contention (4)The Beginning of the End (6)
Ann's Calendar for November 20th (2)Scatter (3)Keeping It Simple (7)
Longing - Ann's Calendar (4)The Immigrant's Children (5)Haunted (3)
I Am (3)True Love - Ann's Calendar - Sonnet (4)Human Worth (6)
The Child Inside (2)Photobooth at the State Fair - Ann's Calendar (4)Engagement (3)
Son of Satan (3)Mother of Three (5)Sunday Morning (2)
Banned (5)Buckets (2)Procrastination (1)
Voyage (1)Leveled Dead (2)Fishing (4)
Connected (1)A Poet's Refreshment (6)Foundation (3)
Ironing (6)One Dollar (5)Silence (7)
Villian (4)Someday (1)Changing (4)
Rainy Sunday (1)Austerity (1)Benevolence (4)
Amy - Part 1 (1)The War in Literal Terms (3)Newlyweds (5)
Thoughts on Dawn (3)Strengths (3)High Tide (1)
Poet's Voice (5)Brand Name (4)Circus (4)
Volcano (3)Spin Art (7)Growing into Leadership (2)
Teacher (7)The Forest (4)Iceberg (2)
Honesty (2)Memorial Week Experience (2)Robotic (4)
Gossip (4)A Mother's Day Remembered (1)Bullying (7)
Attentive (3)Waterfall (2)Exponential Inequalities (4)
Homework (3)Searching (Naani) (2)Deep Down (5)
Replenished (1)No Plans (1)Speak On (1)
Covered -2 (2)Bugged (3)Focus (2)
Rumors (5)Beautiful Words (2)Guilt (5)
Survival (0)Keep Me Near (2)Strong Enough (1)
Stillness (5)Closed (3)Farewell (2)
Nightcap (2)Unspeakable Poem contains a digital article About contains a digital article (3)Hush (6)
No Need for an Umbrella (5)Clothed (8)Drenched (1)
A Gift (4)Blue Skies (5)Tight Fisted (2)
To Conquer (5)Embrace (3)Uncertainty (3)
Ode to M&M's (2)Wishing Upon A Star (2)Wishing Upon a Raindrop (3)
Smoothing Rock (4)A Friend of Comfort (1)Before You Died (5)
Poetic Phrases (For The Blue Poet - Rita) (5)Plotting (4)A Prayer for Inner Peace (5)
Adjustments (4)Senseless (4)Dashed (2)
Navigating (1)Done (2)Portrait (1)
Inside Space (2)A Moment's Peace (3)Airing Out (5)
Trodden (1)Echo (5)Fling (4)
Waiting for the Walz (3)Here and Now (2)Regret (2)
Fashion Label (1)Basking by the Embers (4)BACK OFF! (2)
Tenacious (4)No Surrender (4)When You Come Again (1)
Strained (3)Pincers (3)Blanketed (3)
Letting Go (4)Packing Up (5)Zeal (4)
Chains (5)Stronger (2)The Hopeful Child (5)
Covered (4)Not Playing (6)Revival (3)
Farewell (5)Fragrance (5)Bound (3)
Captured (2)Commotion (2)Even a Smidgeon (2)
Autumn Breeze (4)Autumn (4)Harsh Words (4)
Through the Flood Waters of New Orleans (3)Worn Out (4)Burning Still (for Katrina's Victims) (2)
Recapture (2)Dancing (6)Burning Still (6)
Planting (7)Laughter (6)Stormy Weather (2)
Lately (Naani) (3)An Invitation (3)Evening Walk (Naani) (3)
Vanished (1)Pain (1)Ungratefulness (1)
Swallowed (2)Crashing (2)Silence (5)
Immersion (2)Blustery Days (2)Surfacing (1)
Gone (Naani) (3)Begin Again (2)Rapids (2)
Softer Tomorrows (4)Goodness (2)Watching My Boy (3)
Chisled (1)Overheard (3)Connected (3)
Embers (Naani) (2)Seen (4)Bad Magician (7)
Unprotected (3)Reflections of the Mind (4)Tranquility (Naani) (4)
Peonies (2)Morning Creations (4)Steep Days (3)
If I Could (3)Wounded (2)Silliness (2)
The Marriage Bed (7)Isolation (1)Piano Keys (5)
The Magic of Life (3)Today (4)Boulders of Stress (2)
Come Hither (9)The Daily Mail (5)Belonging (3)
Aroma (2)A Poem (4)Moving On (6)
Reconstruction (2)The Beautiful Boy (5)Hope (5)
Murmurings (3)Unexpected Gifts (2)Soulful Hollows (4)
Revived (2)Lullaby (1)Unatttended (4)
Aged One (5)Blindsided (4)Distant Future (2)
Funny Bone (3)Companions (2)Bloom (1)
Rising Up (3)Spring Breeze (5)Out of the Darkness (1)
Found: (4)Drunken Despair (Haiku) (4)The Vulture (5)
By Candle Light (1)Recollections of Love (4)Hope (Naani) (3)
Morning's Blossoms (4)Faded Love (1)Depression (2)
Thoughts of Love (Naani) (3)Dignity (2)Trumpeter of Jazz (1)
The Forgotten Language (3)Hush (Naani) (4)Must Breathe (3)
Lullaby for the Heart (3)Autopsy (4)Fear (3)
Poets' Words (9)Venting Transition (1)Silent Life (3)
Exposed (3)Unity (0)Lost Lives (1)
Fury (1)Traces of Life (3)Tsunami (4)
Love in the Summer (1)Bleed Red Blood (2)Snatches (0)
A Can of Peas (2)End of the Day (1)Speak Softly (3)
Mistletoe (0)Make My Way Towards Home (0)Again (1)
My Son, Tyler (A Lanturne) (1)My Son, Erik (A Lanturne) (0)My Son, Kyle (A Lanturne) (0)
The Hourglass (4)God (3)Whispering Wind (3)
I'll Reach Out For You (0)A Comment (3)Unknown Destinations (1)
Evidence (1)Gentle Rains (3)Awakening Winter (Haiku) (1)
Without Words (3)For Me Alone! (4)When I Lie Dying (3)
Release (3)The Wave of Life (4)Press On (Naani) (3)
Press On (Dodoistu) (2)Absence (A Lanturne) (3)Subtle Nuances (3)
Hidden In My Heart (2)October (2)Fall - Haiku (2)
Autumn - Haiku (3)Showers of Hope (2)Lonely (Cinquain - Style 2) (4)
Lonely (Cinquain - Style 1) (6)Be First (3)Soulful Peace (5)
Hope Still Shines (4)Starry Night (1)Threads of Life (7)
Drought (1)One-Eyed Susans - Haiku (2)Follow In The Footsteps (2)
Stand Up! (3)Flowers of July (5)Friends Can (2)
Whispers of She (2)Early Fall Morn - Haiku (4)Cloudy Sunset - Haiku (6)
Lilacs - Haiku (4)Redemption of Heart (3)The Lake - haiku (3)
Mountains - haiku (3)Love (4)What Type of Beauty? (3)
Water Dance Prayer (3)What Haunts My Soul (3)The Regal Red Rose - Haiku (1)
Mr. Kerry (3)Goodbye (2)The Best Time of the Day (4)
Music of Life (4)One of the Brave and Mighty (0)My Heart Belongs to You (2)
What Lies Beneath (6)In the Stillness of the Early Morn (3)A Flower's Bloom - Abecadarius (1)
God Cried Last Night (1)Say Your Name Out Loud (3)A Person Worth Knowing (5)
Stress (Acrostic) (2)Much Too Soon (2)It's Time to Leave (3)
On the Inside Looking Out (2)Sorrowful Slumber (2)You Came (4)
A Good Man (4)Move My Heart (Naani) (1)Our Chemistry Instructor (3)
These Things are True (1)Whose Son (1)Past Memories (8)
No More Make-Believe (2)Watching the Rain (7)Spring Day - Abecadarius (5)
The Arrival of Spring (3)First Love (6)The Heart of Discontent (An Alliteration) (2)
Working Moms (11)The Spanish Election (2)Red (Haiku) (3)
Mssrs. Candidates (2)Journey (3)Raining Hope (1)
Frosty Touch (Haiku) (6)Cookies Like Heaven (by my son) (3)Loved (2)
Hold the Memories (4)Night Moon (Haiku) (2)Dreams (Haiku) (7)
When You Come Home (2)Not One, but Many (3)What If.... (4)
Everday Poet (8)The Tree (4)Start New (4)
Cookies (Child's Poem) (10)Life (2)Peace (4)
Winter's Battle of the Bulge (6)Sit and Think (4)Love Spoke Softly (2)
Seemingly Sublime (4)This Is Love (3)My World (2)
The Picket Fence (3)Who Ever Knew..... (5)Daisy Love (4)
Serenity (5)War Child (3)Home Sick (4)
A Princess and a King (6)The Comfort of a Father (1)Keeping You at Arm's Length (1)
The Guide (3)Desert Song (0)Rainfall (5)
Mommy's Morning (4)Teardrops (2)Dusk to Night (1)
The Life Boat (2)The Diamond (3)Child's Prayer (1)
In My Dreams (5)Princess Baby (2)Another Spring Day (1)
Shadow Child (3)Late Afternoon in Fall (5)

Favorite Poems
My Prince by Amanda W
Smiles everyday... by Micky McMaster
Dance Of A Lifetime by Jeff
Home Fire Burning by Jeff
Restless by Craig David Dawson
It's Not Important by Jeff
the page by abby
The Moon Sublime by wislar
After darkness by Craig David Dawson
The Sounds Of Summer by Susan Candreva
The white rose by Chaotic
Love Is The Reason by Rainbow
It Only Takes by Jeff
Consequences of a Two-Hour Nap by Abby
Goodbye Winter by Mary F. Charest
The Good Ole Days by Jeff
~~Damp Cotton Sheets~~ by Susan
Renew by Stef
Impassioned Senses by tommy
encouraging words by eric
(Condensed Haiku) Sunlight by William R. Sullens
On The Breeze by wislar
When the Coffee Spills by Megan Catherine
The Gardener by Alison Storm Wolf
-Extended Tanka/Acrostic Combo- DETERMINED by William R. Sullens
*~*Our friendship*~* by Kristine
Teacher by claire fernandez
As If by Liz Hurley
Stop And Smell The Roses by Sue Tancheff
Writer's Block by Liz Hurley
Please Tell Me Who I Am by Sue Tancheff
The Joy Of Loving You by Sue Tancheff
The Passion Within Your Kiss by Sue Tancheff
"Wot Spelchek?" by WilliamGoldenpen
Taught by Liz Hurley
Make The Most Of Every Moment by Sue Tancheff
When You Don't Love Me by LovesLostHope
Poem Prayer* by burdick
The Path by Craig David Dawson
Battling The Storms by Jeff
Mothers Of Small Boys by Jeff
Close to you by William
Looking In~2-W by James Lagoski
Sleep My Little Boy by Jeff
If Life Was A Book by Jeff
~I'VE GOT A FEELING~ (Cinquain) by Jillian K. Alexis
Life Of A Frog by Jeff
Drive by Jeff
Lilac Scented Candle (Teardrop) by Cynthia Jones
Undying love by Timespell
January Rain by Joe Petro
Ghost ~*~ Writer by She Whispers
Widow's Watch by b doneff
While I walked by Poetic Soldier
Lately by Jeff
Release Me by Jeff
Love Song by Marel Sorensen
They Belong To You by Sensual Sorceress
Breaking Away by Jeff
Thoughts On Rain... by b doneff
Unanswered Questions by Jeff
The Future by Jeff
Dead Things by Sensual Sorceress
HERE by b doneff
Lost in the breeze by She Whispers
Severed by Jeff
Joe's Rules of Reading by Joe Petro
Rainy Morning by Jeff
the academic poet by John Yamrus
did i ever tell you by John Yamrus
Recognizing You by Jeff
Writer's Checklist by Ramona Thompson
Silent Snow by Joe Petro
Harmonize Happiness by She Whispers
The Mask~1 by James Lagoski
The Talk by Jeff
Why We Love Children! by Jeff
Windows by Timespell
Sunday Dinner by b doneff
October Kind of Love by b doneff
ONCE AGAIN by b doneff
The Beanstalk by Sensual Sorceress
Poetry's Enigma by Alison Storm Wolf
Love Weeping by David Turner
GOD by Joe McNinney
Mellow Musings by Alison Storm Wolf
November Musings. by Alison Storm Wolf
The Crows of Christmas by Alison Storm Wolf
The Invisible by Alison Storm Wolf
Grief in Black and White Part One by b doneff
Robins, Confinement and Godís Grace. by Alison Storm Wolf
Disquised In Robes by She Whispers
Treatise on Waking by Alison Storm Wolf
Snow and Cold by Roger Bacon
Connected by Alison Storm Wolf


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