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Zyskandar A Jaimot
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October 14, 2007
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During hot irresistible nights in Florida when walls come close to suffocating me - i wipe sweaty sonnets from off my spent skin and wait for the first slivers of daylight to yet begin again. I have made a vow not to accept  stock&recipe tips from Martha Stewart or travel over any bridges/fly ever with any Kennedy as diver/pilot whatsoever AND not use adjoining 'seedy' stalls with "wide-speader" toe-tapping Senator Larry Craig!!!

Poems: 273 total (0 with awards). View By: Date | Title | Award
The 'difference' between mean and women (4)REVIEW:'No Country for Old Men' (3)Before the Malls (3)
Oh Romeo Romeo you are a young man (3)The new moneyed elite (0)Understanding Vapor Recovery Nozzles (1)
According to Edward Hopper life exists In shadows (1)I empty myself... (4)The self-proclaimed ‘experts’ and ‘fascists’ of poetry are alive-and-well… (0)
BREAKING NEWS 14 DEC FROM ADWAR IRAQ (0)Achtung Poets! (3)On the death of Benny "The Kid" Paret (2)
Coifed and arranged with views just so... (3)Such is the spate of modern POETRY. (1)At the Peace Park, Hiroshima (2)
ONGOING CLINTONS – AND THEIR VARIOUS LEGACIES (3)where comes the wind? (0)where the earth ends (2)
Chagushi ---- tea story (2)Outdoor market at Xochmilco (2)A NOTE WRITTEN TO A FELLOW POET – A WHILE AGO (2)
slot machine blues (0)senryu arlington cemetery, (1)NaCl Solution (0)
Love is... (3)Must have SASE (0)i have always been fascinated by the minutiae of history (0)
jugo de narranja (1)A Canto Singer Succumbs (0)DINOSAURS and BIKERS (0)
First Driving Lesson (0)Abraham's Diner, Machias, Maine (0)Albert Einstein... (1)
the dentist's office (1)a feeling of island provenance (0)a simple game (2)
tempis fugit - does time still fly? (1)Yes you too can now mangle MasterShakespeare’s language (0)Under Kokovoko* (0)
WHY WRITE POETRY OR ANYTHING AT ALL??? (1)All hail HILLARY our new 'FUHRER'!!! About contains a digital article (2)DON CORZEINI and his 'schemes' for NJ!!! Poem contains a digital article (0)
las vegas - a place which shuffles faith and aces (0)MISS JENNY LIVERMORE of Charlotte,Vermont (1)Even In Florida — We Can Surf The Web (0)
An Owl named SPOOKY and a Mayor named CURLEY (0)AN ADDENDUM --- To Who is the Ultimate Loser (1)Immigrants come with strange customs (0)
Silly Occidentals... (1)Leafblowers (2)LOVE DELIVERED BY THE SLICE (1)
Rocco Francis Marchegiano 1923-1969 (0)DURAN - june 20 1980 (0)Before Sun-up... (1)
Xmas at the Mall in true DRUIDIC FASHION (0)DESIRE at a Night Game (0)Come with me as I lie dreaming (1)
After listening to G&S's MIKKADO... (0)TWO SYMBOLS (0)amazing monetary power of interest (0)
baseball cards traded (0)orchards in fall (2)WHO IS THE ULTIMATE ‘LOSER’??? (1)
The Sabre Dance by Aram Khachaturian (1)Postcard from New Guinea (1)Still life with oxen (1)
RIND (1)Floating away at the Pompidou Centre (1)in shadowy days... (1)
Pinball Posts Win a Free Play (0)Boardwalk Amusements (1)Little Richard a slipin’ and a slidin’ (1)
Dowerv Cow (1)CHAIN (1)Soaking In Time (1)
Dichotomy of fashion (0)SHOELACE (0)down a road she waits (2)
In the privacy of your home or apartment --- (0)Sometimes I get the D.T.'s (0)If there was a Starbucks in Baghdad... (0)
SALIVAR'S BAR, MONTAUK, LONG ISLAND (1)Chernobyl Nuclear Plant April 26,1986 (1)The Butcher-Shop on Henchman Street, Boston (2)
Reviewing 'The Body Electric', (1)Ave Maria Ave Maria Ave Maria Ave Maria (1)At the old live oak... (1)
NURSING MAJORS, MINORS IN DRAMA (2)The Point Judith Ferry to Black Island, Rhode Island (1)A partner to play catch with the sky’s lightning (0)
Cheeses of Nazareth (3)A game of high malice (0)the abnegation of trust (3)
UNSTRUNG (2)SANIBEL ISLAND, florida - people cruise (0)Mechanics gaze at stars for Jose B (0)
Through a door in Honduras---circa 1982 (0)Westport Winery, Westport Massachusetts (1)California’s Big~ Sur... (2)
adonis (1)Ubi asinus asinum fricat (1)Strict Analysis (0)
in the poetry section of brown university bookstore, providence, r.i. (1)NIKKI (0)Pringus (0)
Thanksgiving at Wolfgang Puck’s Restaurant, Orlando, Florida (0)We Squeeze The Orange - And Throw Away The Skin (1)Stud farms sometime let women watch (0)
the BAHAMA islands of your mind... (1)No longer children (0)I heard my mother sentenced to die... (1)
A Man Now Mostly Forgotten (0)IRONIC JEALOUS STARS (1)More minutiae in history… (0)
Manny being Manny (1)JAPANESE can play the AMERICAN GAME (1)Super-Sport’ Aunt circa 1962 (0)
Visions in a BUICK ROADMASTER (1)‘Knights in low riders’ (0)NASCAR DRIVING – the ‘sport’ of America (2)
end of the tunnel (0)pure loin (0)The travails of US SENATURD LARRY CRAIG (0)
Saveur (1)Max of Agassiz Street (0)monsieur toulouse (1)
XXXI (0)Because You will always be "The Babe" (1)For Billy Bulger, former President of UMASS, former State Senate Leader (0)
Revealed truth (0)modern word classics (0)Assists aren't just for hockey... (0)
Beginnings... (0)Le Sel Noir - the black salt (0)BICYCLE REFELECTIONS (1)
Causing doves to rise and circle (0)a cowboy parable (0)COWBOY. 91. lies down in field, dies (0)
There once was a man named MAHMOUD (0)Taking the Redline MBTA train from Cambridge into Boston (1)sins of omission (0)
Great Latin writers contend for a space in line (0)Sportz High-k-o-o-o-o-z-e (2)Vacation respite (1)
tanka (0)The Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts (1)THE ROLL of SWEET BOYS (0)
VANGOGH’S FORMAL ATTIRE (2)IV STORMY ORLANDO (0)Hurricane hits West Palm Beach, Florida, September 16, 1928 Poem contains a digital article (1)
The FILENE'S BASEMENT, Women's Wear Department, Boston circa - 1955 Poem contains a digital article (1)submersible selves (2)The Class Warfare of Sex Poem contains a digital article (3)
The Whales Sonata (0)The 'walkers' of Newport, Rhode Island... (0)I was all over this white guy - once (2)
Watch For "Rare Aircraft" (0)THE SADNESS OF OUTFIELDERS (0)Overcome by Cool (1)
MLK jr. meets GWTW as the movie opens in Atlanta, 1939 (2)Cab Ride #17 (2)Shared Work - Partly Done (0)
Nocturne for a used car salesman (4)To the ‘REDS’ - Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Oliver Stone, Maxine Waters & OTHERS - you are wrong about Fidel/Raoul (0)NYC Cab Ride #18 (1)
Feet aren’t just for smelling - A love poem (1)Nathaniel Hawthorne's dreams of New England (1)Cab Ride #3 (1)
BLACK CLIMATE OF CHANGE (1)xylem and phloem (0)Gasoline is not only for lawnmowers (2)
A dream for Roger Tory Peterson (2)the way a woman... (2)WHILE AT OUTLET MALLS tourists wait for bargains… (1)
The Sun Holds Your Shadow (2)Smoking Room Respite (0)Saicon (0)
An Attitude at B.I.R.C* (1)Lat-23.5'N Long-20'W Winds-increasing (1)33rd Street Jail, Orlando, Florida (2)
Stay—away Billy Conn Stay—away (1)Backstretch Tales (1)Night holds its breath (2)
ALL FOR THE LOVE OF BAKED SHAD ROE (0)I saw Charles Bukowski wear a tie (0)Mondays at MOMA (0)
Getting My Poems Together And Burying Them In A Trunk (0)What happened to the dinosaurs? (0)The Chinese Horse (0)
To Charles ‘Sonny’ Liston - Boxer (0)CARMINA FULMEN (2)Brothers of the Soil (0)
I’m in love with baseball's Boston Red Sox (1)‘GAY DAYS’ in IRAN.. (1)CHIMAY GRAND RESERVE (0)
haikus (0)french ennui (0)It's just a tease / To make us look at these... (3)
Day Traders full of gas (3)In Cuba - they play the same game (0)Shelf life (1)
JUST A MAN AND HIS DOG (1)first bite of candied apple… (0)ON THE ROAD again with ‘Frenchie-boy’ JACK (1)
Lawrence, MassachusettsJanuary 1912 (0)United Flight 403 Paris to Atlanta (3)What is Expected of High School Heroes (1)
Trinidad --- Oval Cricket Ground, Port-of-Spain (0)in the city streets after 9-11… (2)Smooth horizons (1)
nautch girl (0)Quetzalcotyl returns to ChichenItza (1)haiku (0)
SELF SELECTED TO RULE (1)Pumpkins only smile when they’re lit (4)While hunting dangerous species in Cambridge, Massachusetts (0)
In front of Boulangere Roger... (0)IN THE CLINICS OF THE POOR (0)Search for spice (0)
haiku (3)a night at a bar on Beacon Street Boston with John Wieners... (1)The FIBONACCI sequence of SEX… (1)
Rachel's World Class Men's Club (0)bubblegum is passe (1)VJ Day* in Rhode Island (0)
The Mount Vesuvlo coffee shop, Hanover Street, Boston (0)Ganga' Style - for TUPAC (0)Round 8 (1)
The Battle of Anacostia Flats (0)Sylvia so near Valentine’s Day. Feb. 11. 1963 (0)knights in low riders (2)
Buddha finds his biker-babe in Boston (1)the one-armed alligator wrestler (0)“I have laid aside business, and gone a-fishing”* (0)
past the blooms (1)Disneyland Tours (0)Warren Buffet laughs (0)
a highway map of Colorado* (0)Within the flames are spirits* (0)Substance of the image (0)
Test Of Faith (0)BATHED BY THE MOON'S PRECIOUS MOMENT (1)the gardener Adam and his wife (0)
A story from the journals of Francisco Bernadine de Sahagun -- never published (0)Fascist by the lb. (0)My wife wants fiddlehead ferns... (0)
No Standing - Tow Zone (1)The Wrestler's Shower (1)A Siamese twin realizes loneliness (0)
Another medodic Drunken night in NEWPORT, R.I. (1)Driving Down Toward Florida (1)The Women's Hoop Game (0)
LAMENT FOR IMELDA (0)Dead me rise up never* (1)Penumbra (2)
At the Peace Park, Hiroshima (0)ON MAKING LOVE IN A LESBIAN HOUSEHOLD (0)The Favourite of the Crowd (1)
Frank Sinatra is high in cholesterol (0)le Grossiers - little cherries (1)Undercurrent (1)
John Singleton Copley comments n his painting "Watson and the Shark" (1)Mysterious Voice (3)the hand of Dordogne, France (0)
urx zhen yu fu (0)Les Vedettes du Pont Neuf (2)Diego Rivera's Portrait of Irene Estrella (0)
Because everyone "does" Brando - (1)Grave Ode on 2 Textbook Figures (0)The Nutritive and Therapeutic Uses of the Banana: (3)
The Blueberry Fields of August Machias, Maine (4)We Celebrat e Amir Rumi* (2)Job declares of G-D a second time (1)


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