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Tanya Harrison
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August 3, 2009
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About Me
I need a hobby, so here I am.  As a child I loved writing poetry.  So far, I've been enjoying my new hobby.  I'm falling in love with writing poetry.  Learning a lot about myself and making friends too. 

Poems: 844 total (6 with awards). View By: Date | Title | Award
How I Bleed (5)My Hate (0)Lip Locking (4)
Darkness Descends (2)Paper Thin Friendship (3)Shedding Words (3)
Imagination (4)-Stardust- (4)Hungry Man's Dreams (4)
Leafy Green Spinach Love (3)Bathing With Hippos (2)Half-hearted (4)
Sissy The Pink Pussy (3)Space Swimmers (3)Shock Treatment (2)
Kiss o Kiss (2)River of Life (1)My Grief (2)
Coffee Bean and Tea Love (2)The Kiss (1)Midnight's Moonlit Glow (3)
Blessings of the Night Walker (3)Holly Golightly's Life Mantra (0)Last Friday Night (1)
Colors of Conception (3)As We Part (5)Love's Bitter Tale (4)
Geisha Girl (2)Do You Think About Me? (6)All Aboard The Black Train Of Death (0)
Cosmic Flowers (1)You're Going To Miss My Kiss (2)The Girl (3)
Christmas Bonus (3)My Heart's Magnificent Moon (3)"The Calm Of Snow Falling" (2)
Love Calls (1)Your Last Breath (1)White Lynx On The Prowl In The City (0)
Winter Love (1)On This Special Evening (0)On Ice (0)
He Strums His Drum (1)The Sea (5)In The Mix (3)
The Sweet And The Meek (2)Melt With Me (4)Drink Of My Cup Today (3)
Colorless Love (2)Death Bed (1)Crocodile Love (3)
Earth's Angel (0)For You I Was Made (1)Miami Nights (1)
Disco Ball (1)Snow Angel (2)Holiday Frolics (1)
Fighting To Save Lives (0)Peace (4)Wedding Ring (2)
Rush Hour (0)Count Dracula (4)His Elixir (2)
No One Told Me (3)Raw Curves (2)The Color Of A Man's Character (3)
Glitter World (2)He's Our Joy (2)Live It Up (2)
His Angelic Bride (3)Lost What I Adored (0)My Faith (2)
Phoenix In The Wind (2)Lost What I Adored (5)Greedy Bastard (3)
Murdered (1)Summer's Spilled Milk (3)Beautiful Day (7)
Trapeze Wire (3)The Poison Of The Widow Spider (5)Archrivals (3)
Rainmakers (2)Tonight I Grieve (3)So Sad Today (6)
Red Dawn (4)Terrible Timmy (1)Renew (3)
Squeaky Clean Floors Of Teak (1)Nymph (3)Psycho Sensual (5)
Dark Chocolate (4)The Note (4)The Politician (1)
Penn Avenue Blues (3)The Talisman Ride (3)Earthquake (7)
Food Court Jesters (3)Where I Go When I Sleep (6)My Angel (6)
It's Great To Be Alive! (2)Cupid's Arrow (3)Freefall (3)
To Walk In The Rain (4)Arizona Calling (1)Relationships Of True Friends (5)
Bikini (2)Diaper Boy (2)Holy Mary (3)
Beach Kisses (5)Balanced (3)The Queen's Parade (5)
Billy Bud Dove In (2)An Owl's Maternal Call (4)Sculpture (2)
Glow (3)Oriental Mist (2)Healing (7)
untitled (4)In The Dog House (4)Homesick (5)
Ying Yang (2)The Climb (5)It's Your Love (5)
Summer Day (5)Nowhere To Run To (6)Finale (2)
Last Minute Halloween Contest (4)My Wife (4)Razor Witch (4)
Vampires (4)GHOSTS (2)Beauty Queen (3)
Gargoyles (2)Together Breathe (3)Wish (3)
Score (4)Sushi Bar (4)Smitten (4)
Seven Days to Dream Think (1)King Of His Domain (1)Cosmo Bot (1)
Thump, Thump, Thump (2)Golden Moments (2)There He Goes! (4)
Time To Clear (1)Powdered Sugar Mountain Fair (1)Escaping Hysteria (4)
Ardmore (4)Horizons (3)Night Buzz (3)
The Patriot (2)Summer's Glow (2)Penny Dreams (3)
The First Wife (1)On My Throne (1)Katherine (4)
Bowl of Fruit (2)The Art of Spin (2)Wings To Fly (6)
Wedding Bouquet (3)Oops! (5)My Flesh Table (6)
Exploring (4)Romance (6)Autumn's Mountain Dreams (3)
Kissed (6)Migration Patterns (2)Friendship (4)
My Mad Hat Tea Party (2)Gentleman's Call (3)Mental Rot (2)
Stupid Skirt (2)Pumpkin Corn Man (2)I Am Mt. Vesuvius (1)
My Mad Hat Tea Party (1)King Of Pop (2)Titanic Water Dreams (1)
Circle Of Friends (1)Late Night Water Colers And Smoke Dreams (1)Your Grip Is Eternal (3)
Upside of Fall (2)GRAVEYARD GAMES (3)Escaping The Green Glow (5)
Free From Enslavement (2)TNT Frankenstein Song (2)Fade To Black (2)
Nightly Beast (2)Purple of Plum (1)Flying Home To New Beginnings (1)
Letting Go (3)The Fantasy Ice Cream Queen (2)Tale Of The Golden Bird (3)
What's Your Value To The World? (1)Beware! (4)All In A Day For Snoopy (1)
Count Dracula's Blushing Maiden of London (2)Cowards Of The Sky (2)The Love of My Lifetime (3)
Gaslight District (1)Me (3)Organs Illegally Sold (3)
When The Hauntings Began (3)Rock Queen (3)A Heart That Is True (3)
Winds Of Time (6)Lusty Whine (4)Pageant Girl (5)
Seducing The Butterfly (6)Midnight Jazz (5)University Haiku (2)
Whiskey Kiss (4)Starting Over Takes Time (4)November's Whimper (3)
I'm Alone (5)Dove Face (3)Diving In (3)
To Die By A Sword (3)erosion (2)Nothing Grew (5)
Open Windows (3)The Wonder Of His Emergence (1)When You Walked Into The Room (5)
Ocean Candy (6)Invisible Aura (4)On The Run (4)
Glimmer Eye (1)More and More (1)Starting Over (3)
I Believed In Love Once (6)Dear John, (2)Minutes Spent In Dream (2)
One Foot In The Grave (4)Tie Me Up, Make Me Scream! (7)God's Will Reigns (2)
A Place To Be Genuine And True (3)August's Golden Kisses Of Love (3)Jester (2)
Love Escapes (2)Diamond Necklace (3)To Thrive Or Survive? (1)
My Purple Wart (2)These Days, These Nights (7)Make Your Own Decisions (2)
Cancer (2)Japanese Bubble Tea (3)Independence Day (3)
Curtains (3)Becoming Me (5)Cactus (6)
Baby (6)Cosmic Love (7)Feeling Human (6)
Summer's Sweet Enchanting Breeze (5)My Busy Angels (3)Robin Hood's Prayer (4)
Summer Congo Line (3)Let's End The Game (5)White Fangs (3)
Galloping To Seek My Revenge (2)Beyond Heaven's Gate (6)Not A Trophy Anymore (7)
Single Days (2)Buried Alive! (3)Clown's Evil Brown (5)
Will This Love Stay? (6)Bell Jar State (4)The King of Song (5)
Pegasus (5)The Night You Asked (6)Time Will Arrest (5)
Beneath The Rock (3)I'd Rather Remember Christmas In July (2)Minutes Later (5)
Hammer Time (2)Raspberry Girl (2)Afternoon Swim In The Nude (7)
You Should Have Run (2)Can I Take My Vote Back? (5)Sleep Is Bliss (6)
Hawaii's Exploding Fireworks (2)Summer Road Trip (2)Lobster Killers (2)
Coming Back From Afghanistan (1)Eagle's Lunch Run (3)My Last Day To Live It Up (2)
Life (2)TANYA (2)Muddy Mires (3)
Blind-sided (7)My Power Story (4)Secrets of the Pink Floss Diary (3)
A Leader That Comes Only Once In A Few Generations (6)Reefer Hits The Spot (4)Super Powers (3)
The Sweetest Dad Ever! (2)Daisy (2)Summer's In Trenton (1)
The Image of Being In Need (2)Do I Ever Cross Your Mind? (2)Walking In The Rain (5)
Lonely Love (5)She Dazzles Us All, Our Africa! (3)David (1)
My Own Decay (8)Your Absence Tears (3)King Of The Range (1)
Don't Go To Sleep...Little Girl! (1)Ocean Tide's Caress (6)Cover Me With Love (3)
My Love (3)Hanging With The Moon (3)Locked & Loaded Gun (4)
Gypsy Rose of Mystic Seaport (3)Mardi Gras (2)All For A Klondike Bar (7)
My Spirit (5)Clown Of Fright (6)"Oh Boy!" (5)
Summer Pool (6)Red Wine (5)Vampire Run (2)
Indie Love Dance (5)the king's in danger (1)New Birth (2)
Lean t (1)Hurricane Ballerina (2)to cleave (3)
Mother of Pearl (1)Socks (4)Boats (4)
My Heart (6)Men (9)It's Magic (3)
Lennon Incognito (4)Dixie Feet (4)love tides (6)
he comes to me in dreams (4)In Love (4)Towers (3)
I Cried (6)Pinch Me Is This Real? (6)Come To Me In A Breeze (3)
Grandpa (5)Why I Matter (5)The Suit (3)
I HATE HOME DEPOT! (4)Adrenaline Rush (3)Mr. Sun (4)
Beer Chicken Enchiladas (3)Summer (3)Black Feather Boa (3)
Women (6)Girlfriend (5)Soldiers (3)
WILD STALLIONS (3)here's to another (3)bubbles (1)
My Roman Holiday (6)lethal weapon (6)children (5)
Face Kickers (5)At First Glance (3)Taser Love (4)
Learning To Fly (3)spider's web (7)war zone (5)
red clay memories (1)Friendships (3)Silver (3)
Funeral Pyre (4)metronome (2)locket love (2)
kleenex (2)Quiet Moments (4)Red Rose (5)
Lavender of San Juan (3)Pieces Of You (8)SUMMER DANCE WITH MINERVA (2)
MIRRORS (4)CINDY (4)Sweet Southern Security (1)
Roman Ruins (2)TWISTER (2)Sea Scrolls Soul Secrets (1)
car ride (1)Making Plans (4)Chaos (3)
Eyes Of Grey (1)Meroah (1)Tempting - a cinquain (4)
Weddings - a cinquain (2)Behind Her Smile (2)Owl (3)
Sweet Confederate Jasmine (2)BUILDING OBSESSED (2)The Highest Honor (6)
PB & J (2)WALKING YOU OUT OF ME (5)Cherokee Land (3)
Banksy (2)Blue Sapphire (3)No Time Left (1)
My Dreams (3)Walking Tall (4)Bobblehead (3)
Faux pas - a cinquain (1)Laminin (1)Photos - Cinquain (5)
Magic - cinquain (4)Bubbles - a cinquain (3)Happiness Could Be (3)
blue fields of wild indigo (9)Lady - A Cinquain (3)I'm Free! (3)
To Live, To Love, To Forgive (6)Cocaine - A Cinquain Poem (3)My Oak (2)
Bud (1)SPRING (2)Toaster Bed (1)
Ben Franklin (3)Pilgrimage (3)twitch (5)
First Edition In The Keys (3)Mangos (5)Lil' Havana's Calle Ocho Party (1)
Speechless (6)Grabbing Your Moon (3)Fountain Dreams of Rome (1)
The Swinging Pendulum of Adversity (3)A Flame's Candlestick Message (4)Driving Me Home (1)
Lean On Me (2)Last Man Alive (3)Final Hours (4)
No More Wash & Rinse (3)The Old Oak Tree (3)French Twist (4)
Sunshine (7)Some Things Are More Important (7)MY VOICE (2)
New Running Trails (2)DEPARTURE (4)WHITE WATERS (5)
If Only He Could (5)GETTING DIRTY (4)Tap Shoes (5)
Future Blessings (5)Crossing The State Line (3)Buck (1)
The End (4)Bitch (2)Drowning (2)
The Coin (2)Rubbish (1)I Choose Life (3)
Don't Tread On Me! (2)Tonight (1)How We Love (5)
The Duke of Basketball (1)Spring's In Full Bloom (2)Grace of Easter (1)
Midnight Affection (2)Easter Bunny (3)Would You Know Me? (4)
T-Rex Has Marched On Me (3)Revenge Is Sweet (4)Each Day Peace Is My Trophy (2)
My Stomach (3)A Hundred Years (2)Those Eyes Staring At Me (3)
MIRACLES (3)When The King Sings (2)My Spirituality Expressed (3)
My Comfort (2)The Power of Your Spring Bouquet (2)My Petals (3)
Mating Call Of Spring (2)HEADLIGHTS (5)Trashy Yet Tasty Type Of Dive (3)
Shifting My View Of The Moon (6)A Promise To Keep (3)WHEAT PENNY (2)
Easter's Buds Open-up (2)Hard To Hold (3)George's Great Escape (1)
Fighting For Survival (2)My Lucky Charm (5)The Cloud Chaser (3)
Ignoring My Heart's Desires (3)Colors That Lift My Spirits (8)Sunflower's Lead Me Back Home (3)
She's So Dear To Me (1)LONESTAR SUMMERS (1)Geese Passing Through (7)
Senses of My Pleasures (6)Listen To The Rain (1)Through God's Eyes (2)
Roly Poly (1)Our Union (2)In A Sea Of Discomfort (1)
Your Touch (4)Hiroshima (1)My Cold Earth (3)
Twinkle Toes (1)Where My Future Will Begin (2)Be My Handsome Prince (1)
Snow, Cover Me (3)Olympic Dreams (2)Death In The Desert (2)
Something I Would Do (2)lost treasures (1)Reaching For The Gold (2)
Mary Mac's Tea Room (2)The Old Gatsby House (1)Coyote (5)
The Chase Of A Lifetime (2)Fallen Stars (1)The Restaurant Man (3)
Dreaming of Peru (3)Death Valley's Run (2)Carry Me Away (4)
BAND-AIDS (2)To Soar Forever (3)Courage To Follow Through (1)
More Than I Dreamed (2)Render Me (1)Cleaning Out The Kitchen (3)
Unveiled (3)After-life (4)Juicy-Fruit (3)
SWAT (1)Cheetah (3)Happy As Can Be (2)
Pacific Coast Ride (4)Wade (3)Snow Day (2)
Rag Doll (3)Can't Escape (3)world peace by noon (3)
friends (3)fate (3)spaces in between (2)
bloody valentine (2)Tar Pits (2)there's no grace (4)
swimming with the stars (2)this heart I give to you (3)in the snow (1)
once we kiss (1)rocket man (4)day dreams on the bus (3)
release (3)Queen Takes Her Seat (4)walking away (2)
Linking In (6)Summer's At The Sonic (3)Meager Days (4)
the color of my emotions (2)Moon Drops (4)The People's Deli (5)
Will You Accept Me? (3)Mena (3)The Silky Sounds of Jazz (1)
My Little Prince (3)Life Is Beautiful (7)Fear's Grip On Me (4)
It's Too Late Now (2)Honeycomb (4)Canoe's (3)
Home From The War (1)Death's Caress (14)Raising My Chances (4)
My Hell (9)Pinata (4)Chump Change (3)
How Deep Is Your Love? (5)Music (2)Time For Me (3)
the love of a friend (3)Being On My Own (4)It's My Life (4)
turbo kisses (3)Rome-N-G-N-America (2)When Nothing Matters (5)
corner time (2)Soulful Transformation (3)Slow-Burner Love (3)
Sea Dreams (6)Cajun Dance Lesson (3)tilt-a-whirl (3)
doughnut (4)Why The Tears? (2)Go Away! (3)
Picasso's Painting (2)Once A Mighty Mammoth To Me (2)Butterfly (3)
memories (5)masterpiece (5)William (7)
the third man (3)Downtown (3)Rage Of The Caribbean Princess (3)
Late Night In The Kitchen (5) Sun Song Poem (5)Southern Wisteria (3)
The Look Of Money (1)Life (2)lone wolf (12)
Home Is In My Heart (6)Isn't It Time To Demand Answers America? (4)Step Of Dreams (5)
Coco (5)Rock - Paper - Scissors (2)Blanket Of Snow (4)
Pickin' In The Square (4)Aquamarine (3)HOME (2)
THE END OF THE ROAD (11)City Dreams (4)Titus Of The Sea (6)
Renaissance Man (4)Last Kiss Till Boston (6)Hole In My Heart (2)
Chihuahua Football at the Rosehill Stadium (3)Winter Pond Magic (3)Bright Shine of a New Day (2)
Venus (1)Woman (4)Goodbye 2009 (1)
Pilling A Cat With Cream Cheese (3)Pilling A Cat With Cream Cheese (2)Grandma's Last Visit (2)
Shadow Man (4)Paranormal Air (2)45's (4)
Forty-three Years of Marriage (5)Momentos of Life (5)My There Always Be Room (3)
Daddy's Girl (4)Two Cubes Too Many (4)Invisible Kid (6)
My Faithful Friend (3)When My Blades Hit Ice (3)Dancing In The Moonlight (4)
The Sleeping Babe of Christmas (1)Being a Pet Shepherd For Christmas (1)Wrapping Up Christmas By The Fire (3)
Lady Luck (5)Barrel Of Monkeys (4)It's The Season To Live It Up! (4)
Armchair Quarterbacks In Life (2)Vistas We've Seen Together (5)Timeless Love (3)
Carpe Diem At The Park (7)Where Have I Gone? (4)College Life (3)
How Can They Walk Away? (5)It's Not A Sin (4)My Perfect Christmas Present (3)
Cows In A Row (6)Prayer Seeking Abba's Heartbeat (2)Orgami of Life (15)
Christmas Carols (4)Kissing Always Has A Story To Tell (4)Betrayed By A Friend (3)
Writing Poetry (5)Adrenaline Rush (2)Time Frame of a Healing Heart. (3)
Security (3)Holidays Are Here Again (4)Cooking A Turkey on Thanksgiving (7)
Wild Cat (6)Laughing Skull At The Vortex (1)Cobalt Blue (4)
Heart Strings (5)Stella's Found Her Groove (8)Flying A Kite (4)
Do Not Be Afraid (2)Holidays (2)Ol' Sea Snake's Carriage Ride (3)
South Beach Twilight (6)MASK (4)Habitat For Humanity (3)
Gothic Cathedral (6)Japanese Maple Tree (5)Thanksgiving Birthday Wishes (2)
God's Tapestry (4)Blind Date Depends On Depends (5)Out On The Wire (4)
Group (2)Opening My Mind (3)Awaken Me (17)
Denial (3)My Green Emerald Jewel (3)Rustling Prarie Dreams (2)
Tales From The City (1)Booted From Her Throne, Queen Vashti (2)Thanksgiving (3)
Isle 10 (2)Death On A Couch (3)Crack (4)
The Seedy Side of Greed (1)The Big Splash of The Monsoon Season (1)Crayons (3)
The American Flag (2)I Need A New Presciption (2)----- SUBRACTION ---- (3)
Bamboo (2)** ** TEXAS ** ** (6)My Fleeting Days (1)
My Inspiration (3)Geoduck Luck (4)Doors (3)
My Precious Paw Pal Amy (2)Honey (4)Wisdom (3)
Full Moon, You Drug Us All (3)Mousetrap (3)YOGA (4)
Signs of a Good Christmas Cheer (4)To The One I Give My Love To (2)Daylight Savings Time (3)
Next! (3)Envy (2)My Secret Motorcycle Fetish (3)
Cornicopia Horn of Plenty (1)Corn of Autumn (2)This Is It (1)
Joy (2)Halloween Children's Fair (2)The Wicked Witch (3)
Halloween Fun (3)Jack O' Lantern (5)First Born (2)
Sexual Attraction (5)A Horny Walter Mitty (3)Dreamy Thoughts (3)
These Women Are Taking Control (3)The Wake (2)"The Way Out" Exodus (0)
Life At My Blue Heron Pond (2)I Miss Your Humor (0)Sideways Travel (1)
Pretty Little Sparrow (3)My Soul's Journey- revised (3)Waving Bye (2)
Caught Between a Nightmare and Reality (2)Providence (1)Invisible Me (1)
Chili (3)Can't Hide My Tears (2)Needing Time Alone (2)
Green King of My Castle (4)Ballerina Autumn (5)Too Close For Me (3)
My Hand (2)Under Construction (1)Dancing At The Suds-N-Tumble (3)
Strange Barflies (1) The Hangover (2)Desert Living (6)
Night Visions (4)Up (3)The Quilt (3)
Time Heals Nothing (3)From Under the Turtle Shell (6)October Nights (5)
Cellphone Love (4)Exotic Angel (5)Sky Diving Afternoon (2)
My Dreams (2)Loose Ends (2)Tugboat Annies (2)
AL (1)Behind Closed Doors (1)Cashmere's Secret (2)
Evenings At The Fire Station (1)Where The Crown Rests (2)Thoughts Of You (3)
Heroes (1)Childhood Summers (0)Possibilities (4)
Take The Pain (1)My Magical Garden (4)This Handsome King of Mine (6)
Pink Ribbons and White Fluff (1)Flooding Waters (3)On The Floor (3)
Carnival Games (3)Word To The Witches (0)Taking Flight (4)
Blowing Sand (2)Italian Lady (1)A Strange Encounter (3)
My Plastic Architect (0)Full Moon Haunted House (1)Gifts of Life Wrapped Up (1)
Fall Fair Escapades (4)Grandma's Front Porch (7)Beginnings of Trouble (1)
Love Leaves (4)Changes In Me (4)Yemassee, South Carolina (1)
Opening The Door To Love (2)Under The Yum Yum Tree (3)Around The Pool (3)
Abandoned (1)Wash Over Me (2)Loss (1)
Cutting (2)High School Ways (2)Cowboy Daze (3)
Vegas Craps (1)Betrayal (1)Grabbing Life Back At The Keys (2)
Miles To Go (8)The Chill of Autumn (2)Taking Out The Trash (1)
Sports (2)Chews To Keep Me From You (2)Sweet Dreams (3)
Moment of Panic (0)The Family Man (2)Summer Fun (2)
The Start of Football Season (1)Sandbags of Chance (1)My Friend's Back End (0)
Regrets (1)Sheet Dreams (1)Words From My Dad (2)
Waiting For Courage (1)Funnel Cake Joan (2)My Hot Summer Day (2)
The River (5)Your Aqua Blue Eyes (4)A Pirate's Booty (4)
Vinegar Love (8)

Favorite Poems
The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams by Mark Spencer
~* MY ANGEL*~ by Angelface
A Poets True Love by Dan J. Mazurek
AND I SMILED by dean evans
Memory Book of Life by Savannah Ollar Jordan
I'm just a woman in love.. by MoonStar
Coming Home by Linda Jo
Missing and Presumed Dead by e. Gene Myers
Narcissim 101 by Linda Jo
Homeward Bound by Andrew
Dancing Forever by Shanik Brooks
From where does the anger come? by Andrew
Coastal Reflections by sHeRi
Closure by Linda Jo
The Burden That Knocked by sHeRi
Lifes' Mountains by Jennifer
Monochrome by Kasia Helena Drazek
The Contradiction of Command - A Word Bank by Andrew
Love Potion by Jo
Past Trails by e. Gene Myers
What Do I See? by e. Gene Myers
Overflowing by Linda Jo
Tashtego by Linda Jo
The Blessings of Creative-Poems by Andrew
My Heart She Owns by Andrew
Forever ~*~ Together by She Whispers
Anticipates Her Velvet Touch by Andrew
~MY MISSION~ by Jillian K. Alexis
Nature Speaks To Me Again by sHeRi
To Curl A Lock by Pamela A. Lamppa
My Ten Year Old Mahala by Mahala Rose
Soul Seed by Alison Storm Wolf
Sirenís Song by Alison Storm Wolf
surrender by janice etienne
Desires Dance by Melody
Erikson Missed a Few Stages by Chris B
So, You Don't Believe In God by Angela Carter
The Jewels of Younger Love by Terry Russell
Live Me a Love Letter by Michelle
Music Box Ballerina by Jo
Ann's Calendar...Someone Like You by Linda Jo
Zeus and Iris Meet in Colorado by Andrew
You Make Me Whole by HOPE
She Touched Me by Tristan
I Want to Go Into the Quiet by Michelle
Gallery of Dreams by Cindy Bendel
Take Me Home Country Roads by Lady Dragonwyck
Garden by Alison Storm Wolf
live lif by rajesh uppal
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