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e. Gene Myers
March 01
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October 4, 2009
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About Me
I am a retired carpenter/cabinetmaker of 42 years, now residing in Virginia.  I have lived all over this country; New Hampshire [born and raised], Oregon [27 years], California [time there doesn't count, too short], Alaska [two years], Texas [6 years]and now Virginia [6 years].  All have their own special beauty and yes, that includes Texas; though there, it is sometimes hard to spot.  Married for 36 years as of 9-12, 2012.  The national 9-11 was our 25th wedding anniversary.  I enjoy writing poetry that makes people think and discover things about themselves that they might not have been aware of in their lives. I enjoy humor, philosophy, religious, nature, and beauty in poetry.   I "march to a different drum beat" than a lot of people, but than , don't most poets?  Though not meant to offend, a few of my poems do have words in then that might.  If you read the poem though, you will find that the words are essential to show what I am trying to express.  Most ... are used to show the growth within myself.  They are NEVER meant to offend.  I will not do that.  If, by some chance they do, please write to me and I will apologize and explain why I felt them necessary.  Right now, I can think of only one that might.  Please feel free to comment on any of my poems.  I may listen to you.  I may ignore youBut, I will read what you have to sayDepends mostly on my mood.     ;-)
I have been published in a newspaper, The Springfield Journal, Springfield, Mass, and in an anthology put out by a nudist magazine.  I didn't realize it when I said, "yes," to their asking if my poem "Skinny Dip" could be in their anthology, but it was a very illustrated anthology.  (Very illustrated.   I keep it in a brown bag in my underwear drawer.)


Henry Longfellow had a beard
as well as lockets of gray.
Walt Whitman's beard was gray with age,
his hair uncombed by day.
I have a beard with gray and black,
but little hair on my head.
I may have to await a poet's fame
‘cause most great poets are dead.
e. Gene Myers

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Just Punishment (3)Jetty Fishing (0)I Have Added (0)
Maybe I’m Weird (2)Living Mentor (1)Life on the Bottom Step (2)
Life’s Essence (0)Life in a Bowl (1)Importance (1)
Hiding Within (0)To You (2)Tired Soul (3)
Time (3)Untamed Thoughts (2)Unspoken Love (3)
Trust in Him (2)Warm Ground (0)Watered Floor (2)
Wrath (0)Windy (3)Wisdom Squandered (1)
Within My Soul the Angels Look (2)Puppy Love (3)Changing Visions (2)
But Why? (0)Boughs Down (1)Are You There? (2)
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Stored Secrets (2)Space Saver (2)relieved bones (6)
Farmer’s Tan (2)Dog Dreams (2)The Arrival (1)
Wooden Heart (4)The Staircase (4)Behind the Glass (1)
Grup (2)Cats Mind (4)As Chinese Food (4)
Asylum (1)A Window’s View (4)Really (2)
Black Ghosts in Shoebox (5)No (4)Because I Commanded (2)
Robin’s Row (0)White Darkness (1)Eternity’s Door (1)
In Her Eyes (1)Whirl (4)Floating Images (0)
apprentice dishwasher (2)Recognition (3)Guillotine (1)
Dinner Time Ace (5)Missing and Presumed Dead (3)Invisible Life (2)
Only in an Emergency (1)Mechanical Death (1)Thundering Green (3)
Hell Exists (2)Playmate (5)Open Land (1)
Tickling Mirrors (2)Below Canyon Walls (3)Frozen Regrets (2)
Discarded (3)Hand in Hand (2)The Park Bench (2)
question (2)Tortured Within (3)At Least We Try (1)
Riding the Edge (1)Production Line Pictures (2)What do you want for Christmas? (0)
Twelve Inches (5)Cosco Santa Letter (2)Chocolate Smile (2)
Christ’s … Look-a-Like (2)Christmas Gift (3)Here! But … Gone! (3)
Haiku 3 (2)There is No Such Thing as a Fat Free Cookie (2)I Want the Top (0)
Sneeze (3)Quotations from my poems #6 (0)quotations from my poems #5 (0)
Quotations from my poems #3 (0)Quotations frm my poems #2 (1)Clouds Falling (3)
A Light (2)Dead Economy at Christmas (2)A Tall Tree (2)
Santa’s View (3)Silent Tears for Christmas (1)Too Many Tears to Trust (0)
The Chair (2)Santa’s Faking Sleep Again (5)Sleeping Santa (2)
Mall Walkers (1)Is Santa Asleep? (3)Cancered Memories (2)
Blackened Light (3)Marie (3)Time Bridged (2)
Lost Precepts (4)Child’s Eye (0)Too Old to Be Old (5)
Inverted Flag … Bearer (0)Liar … Liar (3)Cheater (1)
King’s Night (1)Drifting Life (2)Snow Light in Darkness (5)
Santa Smiles (5)Watching the Christmas Spirit (1)fountain of youth (4)
Abilities (1)Brave New View (3)My Town’s Burning (1)
Tight Wires (2)Frustrations (0)Disposable Soldier (0)
Hidden (1)Protected Soul (0)Echoing Thoughts (1)
Mankind (1)Ever Present (1)A Grateful Country (3)
Drop of Life (5)Skyward Bound (4)He Lights My Path (1)
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Joy of Life (5)In His Glass (1)In His Glass (2)
Bent Nail (5)The Builder (2)Point of View (4)
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Lost Tears (4)Plastic (5)Straight Road (3)
Symptoms of Autumn (4)Soul Searcher (4)Image of Dad (3)
Educated Beyond Freedom (3)Obstructed Moment (1)Granite Teardrops (3)
Burning Autumn (4)Quotations from my poems (1)Fat Man (3)
He Taught Mankind (2)Aging Friend (3)Adult to Child (1)
Youthful Daydreams (7)Hop Aboard Life (2)The Unnamed … The Soldier (2)
Stranger in the Mirror (1)Me … “Inside” … Out (3)Stephanie (1)
Powder-puff Ramrod (2)Hibernation (2)Battle Plans (2)
Bear Hunt (2)Oh My God … They are Me! (5)Reverse Bigotry (2)
Gone (2)Little Words (6)Poet Laureate (3)
One of “Those Days” (4)Skinny Dip (7)Mankind’s Endangered Love (2)
Existence (3)Self Portrait (3)Path of Faith (5)
Santa is Asleep (1)Heavenly Teardrops (3)He Raped Unstopped (2)
No Bigotry (1)Two Deaths in Vietnam (2)Death be not Death (6)
Playmate (7)Life’s Roses (4)Lifted Veil (7)
The Casket (1)Ancient Knees (4)Pete’s Box (5)
Reflecting Mirror (5)City Serf (4)Auschwitz (3)
Department Store Christmas (4)Let’s Eat (4)Ninety Four (3)
The Throne Room (3)Water Often (5)Trading Place (3)
Metamorphosis of a Man (5)Sliver of Hell .... possibly offensive to some (6)Mama's Songs (11)
Pain Relief (7)Smoky Breakfast Morning (3)Roots (6)
Traded Lives (2)Faith Walks a Lonely Road (3)Autumn’s Fire (4)
Tinted Landscape (3)Returned Damaged (3)Poetry (7)
I Am (6)A Patriot’s Name (2)Isolated Time (6)
Permission to Cry (8)Santa's Prayer (1)If I Had Been a Little Girl (4)
An Angel's Gift (8)Black Night (6)Star Reacher (5)
Red Spot (7)

Favorite Poems
Our Velvet Starry Sky by Cindy Bendel
True Wealth by Mark Spencer
Borderlines by Cindy Bendel
Emerald Valley by Lady Dragonwyck
Ocean - Arostic / Haiku by joey
If I Had Been a Little Girl by e. Gene Myers
Never Had The Chance by Angelface
Twilight Colors by She Whispers
Frfeedom by Savannah Ollar Jordan
The Stars Have Seen it all... by Angelface
Greeting The Day by She Whispers
Return of A Fallen Soldier. by Alex Roissetter
Dancing Shadows by paul holmes
Mask --- the Mirror Sestet type poetry by Jennifer
Depth of Emotion by FLETCHER
Time Holds the Truth by Jennifer
Whisper -- vilanelle by Jennifer
Ana's room by Mahala Rose
daddy please don't by Tina Steele
Cathedral Enchantment by She Whispers
Judgment Day by Mark Spencer
VETERAN'S DAY 2009 by Savannah Ollar Jordan
fleas by alisha
My Name Is.. Jesus by Angelface
Door To Heaven Closed? by Angelface
You Know My Name Is War... by REGAN
My Name Is...Darkness by Kara Alissa Street
~THE GIFT OF A STRANGER~ by Jillian K. Alexis
Nearer ~*~ To My Thirst by She Whispers
CHOICES by dean evans
I WAS CARRIED BY A CHILD by dean evans
HOW WE SURVIVE by Michael LoMonaco
Twisted by Shanik Brooks
I am... by Shanik Brooks
My Deadbeat Uncle by Mark Spencer
Young But Old by deanya
Mint-sauce by Peter Sammylin
Puzzel Pieces by Ryan R.
IMAGINATION by dean evans
~~A Limerick of Friends~~ by sHeRi
War, Hate, and Destruction. by HOPE
Prodigal Son by Mark Spencer
FAIR WIND by dean evans
A Walk in the Park by Glata
Whimsical Dancer by Cindy Bendel
2am Silliness by HOPE
Child, Welcome Home by Jeff
Clichéd Love by David Turner
Autumn Thoughts....Co-write with Margaret LaVonne Hall by Roger Bacon
Forgive Me.... by She Whispers
Spiritual Peace by She Whispers
The Porcelain-Skinned Girl by Lange
Just A Thought by She Whispers
Ester, were you scared? by elizabeth cantrall
I Walked a Mile... by jhunannie
Accidents by Mark Spencer
Meditation by Roberto Digma
The Darkness Pulls by Glenn Cummins
Cycle 2 by Jim Kistner Jr
Oh that so stains the sheets blood red. by MoonStar
Ode to a Thunderduck by Colin Hart
She Is Nature's Child by Heidi Campbell
Stirrings by Dan J. Mazurek
Bat by Raymond Uyok
My African Tears by Dirk Kruger
Death is a girl by Hannah
We Are Different by Richard Jewell
He'll Make Sure.... by Tomahawk
Stony Beds by She Whispers
Dance With The Devil by Alistair Muir
Where Oh Where is Uncle Sam by Harry William Harborne
Building Sand Castles - Retourne by Pamela A. Lamppa
Distant Stranger by She Whispers
Just a Boy by Jake R. Parsons
Inside The Bottle by Alistair Muir


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