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Dirk Kruger
August 17
South Africa
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December 17, 2010
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About Me
I have a Bookshop and love mixing with people. I am not the greatest Poet and write my Poems on Emotions rather than Technical ability . Love the shorter Poem rather than long poems. My Starsign is Leo and i'm a big Music fan, mainly Heavy Metal.

Poems: 476 total (0 with awards). View By: Date | Title | Award
Nightfall (2)Somewhere (3)It Was a Perfect Day (6)
Friendship (3)Perfection (6)There (2)
Winter (5)You Are (4)Skin (8)
Photograph (6)Words (5)Hi Old Friend (3)
Memories (5)The Moon (5)Africa (5)
Music (3)I Am Here (4)ARE YOU WELL? (4)
Without You (6)Times Like These (5)You Are, Just That (4)
Sins (4)Miss You (5)The Moon And The Sun (3)
See You Soon (5)Let's Do It (5)A Magic Night Of Love - Word Bank (6)
I Want A Big Word (7)Sins (5)Imagine (5)
Me And You (6)My Place IN The Sun (7)WHAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (5)
You Should Be Locked Up (5)Dan (4)Tonight (7)
Should You Stop Loving Me 2 (4)My Yesterday (4)I See An Orchestra Of Violins (4)
Waaaahhhh I Miss You All (6)Have A Happy Week (4)1968 (6)
The Man With Scar That Works In This Bar (4)Stars (8)I'm Stunned (6)
Welcome To My Land (5)A Spaceman Came Traveling (4)aaaaahhhhhhh (5)
Don't (2)Do You? (6)Days Of The Week (5)
If I Walk (5)It's ....It's....It's....A Nice Romantic Ghost Story (4)Lazy (5)
33 (6)Bennie And Bokkie (4)Easy (7)
H (5)Hush, Hush We All Fall Down (4)Happy Birthday Linda (4)
Amazing Thoughts (6)757 (3)Do You Have A Clown? (7)
The Beach (5)just 2 let you know (7)........And Madness Takes It's Toll (6)
Today (4)Total (3)Guitar Man (6)
The Lies In My Eyes (5)Breakfast (2)Nightfall (4)
French Kiss (4)Butterfly (6)Anybody Out There? (4)
The Epic Saga Of The Burning Bum (4)RAMMSTEIN - RE PRINT (4)America (7)
Well, I'm Doing It Now (8)Throw a Warm Fuzzy Blanket Over My Pain (4)It's Hectic Man (4)
Crush, Crush (10)Just Us (4)Wherever i go (4)
One Day (6)Big City Life (5)Like It Should (8)
A Note To All My Friends (6)What Happens In A Pitch Black Room? (2)Happy, Happy. (5)
Herman And Gertrude (1)Light And Fluffy (7)Amazed And Dazed (3)
The Mist (4)My Favorite Girl With The Big Balls - This Is Not A Dirty Poem (3)A Cake With 1 Candle (5)
A Sad Story Indeed,,,,,hmmmm (4)Strange Places (5)Watch This Space (3)
I Surrender (3)To A Special Friend (3)What i can't be (3)
Boys Will Be Boys (5)Your Castle (4)We Did Get Married Once Re- Print (1)
Now it's your time to rest, My Girl (5)It Was Me After All (2)Oh No Not The Dough (4)
Scenes From My County Volume 1 - Namakwaland (4)Why? (1)I Will Do This For You ...And You...And You Toooo (5)
I Need (2)The Weaver And The Eagle (1)Wam Bam Thankyou Mam Let's Bang Our Heads When We Can (2)
Yesterday (2)Dear Reader (3)Never Drive With Your Window Open (4)
Touch Me (3)Grey Flowers (5)Smile (6)
4 Sisters (6)Very Serious Questions !!!!!!! (5)Strangers (4)
Sifting Through My Ashes (3)Uncle Sam (2)My Fears (4)
Carry (2)My African Tears (5)Dark , Black ,Bleak ,Sinister (1)
Hot Words (3)I Wish I Was In New Orleans Tonight (3)My Rose Garden (3)
I Know A Girl (5)Until I Realized (4)Don't Read This At Midnight (4)
I Like (3)Would You? (3)The Sign (3)
The Sixties (4)A Rose (3)Me, Mollie,Leoni and Sanet (2)
Crying, Crying, Crying (2)Ready....Steady....Go....Let's Rock n Roll (4)Imagination (6)
I Miss You (6)I'm Sure I Wrote A Poem Last Night (5)A Tornado Near My Town (4)
OH NO Not Again (4)All In Her Head (2)Rain (1)
Dark Eyes (1)What Does Love Feel Like? (2)Words Are Just Words (1)
My Home Town (1)Scenes Around The Pool - Scene 1 Take 1 (3)Hi Old Friend (5)
My Book Of Life (4)Hallo (3)I See (1)
Honey (3)Oh My, You Have A Fever So High (1)And WAH that's where my story end (0)
When Boy Meets Girl (2)Scream (1)What's Love (3)
Have a jolly day (3)Hey , Hey It's Friday (2)Farmhouse (4)
Soft Touches (3)Diamonds And Pearls (2)People I Would Like To Meet (4)
Then You Came (3)Memories (2)Humans (1)
Go My Little Lions (1)Our World,,,The End As We Know it. (2)You (3)
Talk To Ya Later (2)Declare Me King Of Silliness (3)Just Because I Want 2 (0)
The Power Of You (3)All I Ever Wanted (4)Evening Stories (3)
Who Wrote This Marvelous Poem (4)Brandi (2)A Nightmare On Steak Street (3)
Take Me Away (7)F1 (1)What Do You Wanna Be,,,When You Grow Up? (3)
A Day I Hope I Never See Again (3)Divine (3)Welcome To My Town (3)
Man In My Garden (5)Dreamy (0)My Dirty Old White Walls (3)
My Butt's........Gone (3)Pondering (1)All You Need Is Love....And A Beatles Song (3)
Sargents Are So Touchy, Aren't They (2)150 Bottles Of Wine (3)Deadwood 1876 (2)
I'm Going Slightly Mad (3)And My Name Is ? (2)Africa (3)
Honey Dripping (2)Sand, Brick and Stones (1)Love Is....... (6)
Just a Romantic Night (3)White Horses (4)Red Meat (1)
The Place You Live IN (2)Wink, Wink, If You Know What I Mean (2)Cheers Paul (2)
WHO SAYS MEN CAN'T MULTI TASK.... (5)On A Day Like Today (3)The Little Girl (1)
What is a funny farm? (4)Our Secret Garden (3)Time Zones (2)
What has gone wrong? (3)What Shall We Do ? (2)Time Will Tell (2)
Because (2)This Is A Fantasy....Pure Fantasy (5)24 (2)
It's Your Life (3)The Old Lamp Post (3)Juices Dripping (4)
Dark Is The Night (3)Party Time (2)Love,,,Love,,,Love (3)
Crawling (4)Too Much Petrol In The Air (2)Another Night (2)
My Life As A Rhino REPRINT (3)Me....Her...A Wimpy Menu....What a night (1)I Hope (6)
Write My Name In The Sand (3)I Never Want To Be King Again (3)The Kalahari Lion (2)
Two Lonely Figures (0)I Wish I Could (1)Dream On (5)
They're Back - Hieee Haaaa (1)Maybe We Should Make Love Until It's Spring Again (3)Fight On (2)
Me And You And A Stack Of Hay (3)My Queen Of Nature (4)Lazy (2)
Sadness (3)Silently (2)South Africa - Champions Of The World (0)
Blood Dripping....... (0)Are You In Love ? (2)Mumbo Jumbo (1)
Love, Witches, Deceit and you (3)Do Cry (2)We Did Get Married Once (1)
A Few Silly Lines (3)You Are My Special Friend (2)I'm Just A Boy.....I Wanna Be A Gigolo (2)
The Night (2)I'm Sorry Reprint (2)A Perfect Love (3)
A Beautiful Moment (2)Conversations Between Me And You (1)Are We Telling The Truth - Men (1)
Life (3)Je t'aime, Je t'adore (2)Just A Silly Love Poem (3)
Prince Charming (2)Two Red Candles (2)If You Leave Me (2)
Last Rain Of The Season (1)Your Name (1)Why Aren't You Scared Yet (3)
This Poem Is Just For You (1)A Red Rose (3)If Life Was So Simple (1)
It's Friday (1)Linger (2)Winter (3)
Dedication (1)A Ghostly Romantic Story (1)Tomorrow (1)
Men (1)Total Rubbish - If You Read This You Are Not Well (2)You (4)
First Dates (0)A Lone Swan (1)Love Is (3)
This Poem Is Not , What You Think It Is (3)In My Dreams (0)I Need Fluff (3)
Draw My Favourite Picture With Me (3)He's Not Going To America (3)Prince Of Darkness (2)
I'm So Scared Of Women,,,Or Am I (4)NOT AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!! (2)My Eyes (1)
Days (0)22 Things You Do To Me (5)Sifting Through Our Ashes (1)
Your Face (1)And The Blood,,,,Streaming From His Face (1)Under The Moonlight (1)
She Was So Hot, But She Lost (0)Why ? (1)My Old Friend (0)
You Are My Song Title (2)It's A Perfect Landing,,,,Or Not (2)It Finally Happened (1)
Red And Blue (1)If (2)Slow (1)
I Wanna Be A Rockstar (2)No, No, No, It's Just Not Right (1)Can We Change This ? (1)
The Dream Of A Child (1)Men And Turtle Doves (0)Things (1)
Love Letters In The Sand (2)My Valuable Lesson (0)Have A Happy Spring (1)
A Titanic Clash Of Emotions (3)Let's Have A Drink (4)My Riches (1)
It's Like An Old Movie (2)Empty (2)Smelling Roses Or A Frog In Your Pocket (3)
Ashes (3)Why Did It Take Us So Long ? (3)It's a Fun Day (1)
I Had A Dream Last night (2)Where's My Catalogue ? (1)Those Were The Days (1)
May I Decorate Your Home (1)Random Questions (4)Winter (3)
I'm A Man (0)Mist (1)Lost Lover (1)
Dreams.....Sometimes (2)Beat This (4)Tigers Don't Cry (2)
Thing's I Very Seldom Do (0)Tears (3)Nashville will never be my home (1)
My Eyes (2)You Have (3)Do You Love Me hmmm (2)
Loneliness (1)Autmn (0)Goodbye (2)
Write, Write, Write (3)Solemn (1)This Year Is Going To Be Different (1)
I'm So Scared Of You (1)Why Do Younger Women, Fall In Love With Older Men ? (4)First Love (1)
Dreams (2)How Can I seduce You ? (2)It's Raining In Africa (3)
Hope You Have A Wonderful Time (1)We Are All Monsters (1)You Are My Best Friend (2)
Who Are You ? (3)Give Me A Smile (1)Give Me Dirt (1)
Magic Moments (1)Neil Diamond (1)Crying From Bar To Bar (0)
We Want The Same Things (1)Hot Chocolate Sauce (1)Somebody Loves You Honey (2)
Oh Damn , What A disappointment (2)Goe Goe Ga Ga (1)Rammstein (0)
Have a Happy Valentines day (2)Are You Brave Enough ? (2)The Red Wine Stains On The Carpet (1)
Dirty Dancing (2)You Are Such Lazy Kittens (3)What if , I'm A Woman (3)
My Garden In Full Cry (2)My Beautiful Poem, With The Beautiful Rhyme (4)You Are My Palace (2)
Legends Are Made Of This (2)I Live In Such A Strange Country, Or Do I ? (3)The Sadness In Your Eyes (3)
I'm Not Your Playground (2)Almost Time (1)Introverts (2)
You Are So Dreamy (2)I'm Such A Babe Magnet (2)You Are Still My Fantasy (1)
To Everybody's Sweet Ex-Lovers (1)My Strenght, My Love (3)No More Sugar For Me , Honey (2)
War , What Is It Good For ? (0)Don't Read This, It Might Shock You (2)If You Are Depressed...Read This Poem (2)
HMMMM Cheesy (1)The Moon And The Teardrop (0)Fool On The Hill (4)
The Honey Tree (1)Words (2)Let's Elope (2)
The Ice Queen (0)Let Us (1)AAHHHH Ten Year Olds Can Be Such Fun (2)
The Old.....Old House (1)The Beach And The Sand (2)No More Test Drives PLease (2)
Just A Somber Picture (3)Please to meet you (3)How's America (0)
If I'm A Wheel (1)Waterfalls (0)Short But Not So Sweet (2)
Let's Be Friends (2)Teach Me (2)i'M The Least Desired Man On Earth (2)
This poem Is For Whoever Reads It (5)The Story In Your Eyes (2)Amazing (4)
I'm Not Scared (1)Just My Thoughts (1)Welcome in my world (2)
Adios Babes (1)If I'm A Carpenter (2)Beware (1)
We Were Bad Ass Rebels (3)Your Perfume (1)Are You Part Of The Big Bang Theory ? (2)
Simple Things (3)I Need Your Smile (2)Let Me Serenade You (2)
Let's Do Something Fun Tonight (2)An Ordinary Night (3)ELsabe where are you ? (0)
Surprise, Surprise (1)This a Romantic Poem, Believe It Or Not (1)Maybe (3)
Our Book Of Life (2)My Electric Love (1)Saving The World Again he he he (0)
Just A Fairytale (1)As Long As We Teach Them Well (1)Waiting (5)
My Revenge ,,,Or Maybe Not (1)Memories (4)I'm A Boy (3)
I'm Sorry (1)You Are Making Me So Hot (3)Be Glad I Don't Know You Personally (3)
The Letter (2)My Facebook Friends (3)Your Name In The Sand (2)
Where's My Masterpiece ? (2)If I Could (2)Evil Woman (1)
Dream Girl (1)Uhhmmm (2)Somber (2)
ME A Little Boy, No Way (2)I'm Here Now (1)Don't Cry (1)
I love Your Kisses (2)My Life As a Rhino (2)Just Like Alice (2)
Your Letter (5)Sexy Eyes (3)Your Special Place (1)
Should You Stop Loving Me (1)You Are (3)

Favorite Poems
The Painter by Nataly Hachem
am i not the daughter you want me to be by Erin
Mr. Romance...A Dedication to Dirk by Linda Jo
Shades Of Blue by She Whispers
DEMON WITHIN by maggie lopez sherry wilbur
Battle of Dreams by Jim Kistner Jr
Sky of Tomorrow by She Whispers
Romance Waits on a Warm Wind by Linda Jo
A Poem for Lovers by Aeon Onopka
~* Winter Moon *~ by She Whispers
Only beginning.. by MoonStar
TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN by Firestone Feinberg
To Feel and to Feign: An Elegy by Aeon Onopka
Ice Queen by She Whispers
Favorite Authors
She Whispers
Lady Dragonwyck
Leonard Wilson
Linda Jo
Alistair Muir
Jim Kistner Jr
Firestone Feinberg


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