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About Me
 I'm a dad who has two great kids,

 I am a free spirit, a deep thinker and a Christian, trying to get myself right. Writing, as any other art form, is a wonderful way to express one's self and share thoughts, feelings and experiences with others. I have been published in Tina Long's book...."Injured, But Not Damaged" and am looking to put together a book of poems of my own, soon, called "Latitude And Attitude". I am grateful to the Lord for all the gifts He has given me, most of all, my kids. I have some terrific friends here on CP and I consider them to be a collective muse, my inspiration. I credit a lot of success to the late, great artist, Bob Ross, who always said "May you never be satisfied with your work". he called it "The Artist's Curse". Art is God's gift to the world and I'm blessed to have received this gift.

Poems: 365 total (4 with awards). View By: Date | Title | Award
Enough! (12)Pathways (3)Nothing But Net (5)
As Cold As A Hot Sword (4)The I's Have It (4)The Way A Cobra Smiles (6)
Cavatina (5)Why, Daddy? (5)Resolve (6)
A Knight's Courage (5)To Live Dead (3)Retribution (3)
Open Range (4)Word Bank Challenge--The Indentured Prisoner (8)Diary (7)
Word Bank Challenge--Fresh Coffee (8)To Tea Or Not To Tea? (6)The Few....The Proud (4)
Don't Abuse The Muse (4)Tomahawk (8)Warrior Poet (5)
Susquehanna (8)1492 (5)Snow Falling On The Cedars (6)
Blood Sweat and Beards (3)Lysithean Highlands (6)Contemplating Apocalypse (5)
Joan Of Arcadia (5)The Executioner's Song (6)Spirit Of The Canyon (5)
Legend Of The Fall (5)Meander (4)An Injustice Anywhere (6)
He'll Make Sure.... (8)Of Error And Veniality (4)Get Me To The Chair On Time (4)
A Quiet Study Of Night (5)I Am A Broken Toy (6)The "Me" That No One See's (10)
Small Town Misfit (4)Calling For The Deep Of The Night (7)Princeton Shades Of Gray (8)
Mississippi Tears (7)Latitude And Attitude (4)An Unfinished Life (6)
Shotgun Blues (9)Knight Without Armour (5)Penance (6)
Life According To Someone Like Me (7)The Race Horse And The Cheetah (6)azimov (16)
Healer (7)Colours (6)A Grainy Issue (6)
Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep (7)Controlled Chaos (3)The Meaning Of Meaning (6)
Who I Am (11)Stand (9)A Tip To Slip (5)
Today It Rained (8)The Better Part Of Valor (4)Jumpin' The Gun (4)
Putting Out Fire With Gasoline (6)Inlet Dawn (9)Indecent Proposal (6)
Atlantis (7)In Vino Veritas (4)Swirling Winds Of Reality (4)
Pacifica (6)Southpaw Nation (7)Barren (7)
Little Girl Lost (7)And I Still Dream (6)Wordsmith (6)
By The Sea Of Galilee (4)Lunesta (5)Forever Young (7)
The Zen Of Hangin' Ten (5)Crystal Lullaby (5)In Quiet Repose (4)
Spiritlands (6)My Wish For You (3)Forgiveness (4)
Sunrise (5)Woodstock Nation (4)Chromatics (7)
Her Voice.... (8)Rite Of Spring (8)Not Even Death (8)
Reflection (5)Avalon (7)Blood Simple (7)
From My Window (3)Imperfect Perfection (9)Little Things (5)
Quint-Essential Fisherman (5)Pavan For A Dead Princess (9)Resurection Sunday (3)
Kites And Pinwheels (7)Let The Waters Take You Home (4)My Hero (4)
Cries And Whispers (8)Justice--A Link Acrostic (9)St. Paddy's Day Forgiveness (4)
Sometimes When You Win.... (6)Days Of Future Passed (3)With Honour (6)
Moon Lily....Part VI (8)Moon Lily....Part V (5)Moon Lily....Part IV (6)
Moon Lily....Part III (5)Moon Lily....Part II (6)Moon Lily....Part I (8)
Ballad Of Melody Kane (6)Flower Drum Song (4)Hidden In Plain Sight (4)
Like Water For Chocolate (8)Windsong (5)Carpet Of The Sun (5)
The Flim Flam Man (7)Word Bank Challenge -- Lofty Asperations -- (5)Only The Thorns (5)
Who Are You?! (4)The Razor's Edge (3)There Was A Crooked Man (6)
Cherry Blossoms And The Samurai (5)No Judgement There Be (5)Insanity (5)
The Black Flame (5)Conflicted (7)She Wore A Yellow Ribbon (14)
The Passion Of Dance (17)Chesapeake (4)Still Here (7)
I Can.... (6)The Spectre (5)Symbol Of The Season (2)
Writer's Block Blues (4)We Are Not A Muse (8)Colorado Es Rojo (4)
Icarus (6)Daedalus (6)Half Baked Alaska (7)
Nuts To You (5)Red Flower, White Death (5)We Are What We Are (7)
What Was Lost Forever (6)The Ascension (3)Against All Odds (6)
Vote For Me! (7)It's Own Reward (5)Blast From The Past (7)
Something To Die For (6)Urban Legend (5)Word Bank Challenge -- Sea Swept (5)
Iamb, I Said! (6)Word Bank Challenge -- Coming To Grip With Reality (6)Word Bank Challenge -- A Question Of Character (5)
A Matter Of Prudence (7)Song Of The Evening Star (6)The Rain (6)
October Moon (5)Geography (8)Cereal Killer (7)
Word Bank Challenge -- Ingenuity (7)Windsong (6)Forgiving Heart (7)
Alone In The Crowd (8)Song Of The City (4)Synchronicity (4)
Word Bank Challenge -- To Dream The Impossible Dream (7)Late At Night (5)Confessions Of A MAD Man (7)
Word Bank Challenge -- Big Sky Holiday (4)Word Bank Challenge -- Rapture (5)Dream Drift (5)
There Ain't No Bones In Ice Cream (4)Autumn's Art Show (3)Sometimes Speed Can Slow You Down (5)
Morning In The Valley (7)Confluence (5)Don Quixote Of 117th Street (7)
The Promise (5)Paranoia Will Destroy Ya (7)End Of The World (6)
Word Bank Challenge For All (2)Word Bank Challenge -- Passion In The High Desert (4)Ancient Evenings And Distant Music (4)
Dreaming Along The Delaware (3)Zippidy Do Da Day (4)Word Bank Challenge --Journalism (3)
I'm Dancing As Fast As I Can (4)Word Bank Challenge -- Blind Date (4)Phrase Bank Challenge (2)
Word Bank Challenge (4)The Sun Also Rises (3)Word Bank Challenge -- Leftover Looie And Jimmy The Brush (2)
Word Bank Challenge -- Wisdom (5)Victoria's Bracelets (4)Waikiki (4)
Mitt Takes A Fifth (3)New York At Night (5)The Road To Find Out (4)
Legal Larceny (5)Miracle Of The Morning (3)Word Bank Challenge -- Salvaging My Life (6)
Harbor Lights (4)Keeper Of The Flame (6)The Composer (3)
No Class (5)If They Only Knew.... (2)Wandering Along A No-Way Street (4)
Can I Trust? (3)Quiet Repose (5)Man On Fire (5)
Goin' Out With A Bang (5)Hidden And Forbidden (5)Little Car Lost (3)
Larry The Loser (2)Free Spirit (4)The Storm Within Me (4)
Better Angels Of Our Nature (2)Verse For Better Or Worse (4)Family Is.... (4)
Storm Warning (5)Appalachian Song (4)Quiet Cacophony (3)
City Scape (4)Humidity And Validity (5)Going Down A No-Way Street (6)
Solitude In The Village Square (6)Miracle (2)Fly (3)
One Miracle (3)Dad Grew Up (3)Paradigm (4)
The Plain Truth (3)Quick Wit (4)Walking The Day (3)
Birthday Rhymes (4)Assume To Be True (4)When Is It Going To Rain? (4)
Just For Me (3)Shall We Waltz? (7)Fools Like Him (3)
Day Of The Butterfly (2)High Hopes And New Dreams (2)On The Precipice Of The Abyss (4)
Mere Shades Of Gray (3)Madness (2)Just A Prayer At Sunrise (3)
Can I Write You A Poem? (6)Sky Waltz (5)Floyd The Annoyed (4)
Fly Your Freak Flag (5)Mirror Image (4)Dynamo (3)
Custard's Last Stand (4)MacKenzie Frenzy (3)Master Plan (4)
On A Shimmering Morning (6)Colours Of The Day (5)Fields Of Stone (5)
Crocus Cloth (4)Tea-d Off Again (5)I Love Grape Jelly! (3)
Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil (3)Babble On, Babylon (3)Part Time Hero (3)
Fibonacci Poetry (7)Grand On Hand (7)Metropolis (6)
Priceless (5)Quiet Wisdom (4)Wind Chimes (6)
Ride The Lightning (4)Smilin' Jack (4)Phrase Bank Challenge -- My Final Answer (4)
The Left Side Of Reality (4)Give Me Libertine Or Give Me Death! (7)Going Home (7)
Ruth's Truth (4)Rhythm Of The Rain (19)Nothing From Nothing (6)
If You Could See What I Hear (16)Nonsense (5)Nemesis (4)
Music In Her Laughter (7)What The Flock! (5)Gauntlet Be Thrown (5)
Audacious....But Gracious (5)Lost Years (5)Just His Luck (6)
Ch..Ch..Ch..Ch..Changes (7)Plethora Of Doubt (4)Knight's Prayer (4)
Honour (3)Lockheed (4)Melancholy Nostalgia (4)
Reverie (4)Wolfgar (3)Requiem For The Patriots (5)
Inlet Outlet (6)Peace (9)Skywalker (5)
Getting Tea'd Off (3)Jinxed (7)Mexican Standoff (6)
It's A Collusion (8)Dream Walking (3)Under The "Whether" (5)
New Years Daze (8)Joy (4)Pun-ished (5)
Darkness (3)Psychobabble (3)Keep Christ In Christmas (2)
i exist (3)We'll All Go Down Together (7)Red Birds Revenge (2)
Remember.... (3)Overstepping His Bounds (4)Spindrift (3)
How Great He Is.... (2)Wanderlost (6)He Walks With Me (2)
Girl With The Sad Eyes (4)Burning Desire (3)The High Chaparral (3)
Poetic Justice (4)Fat Chance (4)October Wind (3)
Bold Remembrance (4)Of Little Girls And Balloons (2)Lake Erie Rainfall (2)
Lost No More (2)Walk By Faith (2)Engulfed (2)
Butterfly Kiss (4)Getting Clocked (1)What Poetry Does (5)
Bonfire Of The Vanities (4)Between Nowhere And Goodbye (3)I Am Me (4)
My Way (3)Block Shock (4)Jake's Mistake (2)
Barney's Blarney (2)Getting Some In Hawaii (4)Keeping A "Breast " Of Things (5)
O'Doul's Rule (2)Feel The Night (2)The Fall Guy (4)
My Blue Violin (3)Don't Bank On It (2)What A Man Is.... (6)
Fast Charlie And Valkyrie (1)The Blitz (4)Colu (4)
Why We Cry.... (3)I Owe, I Owe (2)Tommy And Becca (3)
Heart Of Glass (4)Why? (3)


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