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Beautiful Hatred
March 27
United States
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July 7, 2003
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About Me

"What doesn't kill you, makes you die faster"

~Maggie Waddell~

I am YOUR Dangerous Addiction... You will learn to love me... and you will learn to hate me... that is who I am. Be who you are. as you wish "If emotion is the fuel that drives the soul, then I am fully charged"

(Dangerous Addiction)

Poems: 315 total (2 with awards). View By: Date | Title | Award
My Reflection (1)Nearly Every Single Day (3)Worlds Away (1)
I Breathe In, I Breathe Out (3)Waking Up (2)My Sickness- Incomplete (1)
... (1)Lettng Go (2)These Scars (4)
Her Eyes (2)Done (5)Alone Again, Longing for an Angel's Touch (2)
sometimes (3)I'm Sorry, Daddy.... (7)The Sheets are Red (4)
Cruel Mistress (3)Five Tear Drops (Whoe are You?) (1)I Forgot (2)
Foot Steps... (1)Meeting Tomorrow (1)Tap... tap... tap... (1)
Too Much Pride (1)Home is Where the Heart Is (1)An Angels Headstone (1)
Lost in a Bottle (3)I Can Feel (1)The Gloves Came Off (2)
For My Angel (1)What Have I Become? (4)My Father, A Joke (1)
Reality (3)Words of Pure Confusion [Lost] (0)Drowning in a Sea of Hate (1)
I'll Always Be Here (1)My Cure (1)I'm Not Who You Think I AM (1)
Lost (2)Fatherly Love (2)Giving In to You (1)
Live and Love (1)Since day One (1)You are all I'll ever Need (2)
Insanity is Bliss (1)This is my Mind (1)Questionable Feelings... (1)
Whatever It Is... (1)Dreams and Reality (1)Not Sure (1)
My Tears... My Words (1)Family Feud (1)This Smile Hides My Pain (4)
Life Escaped the Hands of Death (1)Don't Say one thing and Do Another (2)My Lulliby (4)
My Release (3)Falling Into You (3)To Kayla (1)
What Will Be? (1)Survived! (Or did we?) (1)Tomorrow?? (1)
That's the Sound (1)I Miss You, My Friend (1)I Cried Because... (1)
If Tomorrow Never Came (1)You're Going to Make me Love You (1)I Want You (Your Sweet Kiss) (3)
My Battle's Finally Won (2)Wishes (1)With You... In My Dreams (1)
What do You think of me Now? (1)Look at me Now (4)Without Saying Goodbye (2)
Song of Sorrow (1)Too Late (1)Hurting, Bleeding, Wanting, Needing (1)
How Do You...? (1)i thought (2)Goodnight, Beautiful (3)
The First cut may be the Deepest... (1)My Shooting Star Went Out Last night (2)Flash... Rumble.. Pour (1)
I Want What I Can't Have (1)I Used To... (2)How Can I...? (1)
Would You? (1)Going Astray (1)To Tyler (5)
Therapist (1)Hatred (1)Final Breath (1)
Trust Issues (4)My friends.... My Job (2)Please Know I am Sorry (1)
Tell Me You Love Me (1)Miles Away and Hours Apart (2)Smiling Because of You (1)
I Could Tell You.... (1)Everytime You Call... (1)That Time of Month (3)
One last Time (1)It Almost Felt Like... Lust (1)The Beauty I Sense Within (2)
Out of Area (3)The Golden Rule (2)Do You Feel it, Too? (1)
Keep to Myself (2)Trying to Help (1)Tired of... (1)
My Heart Bleeds (2)Suffer and Die (3)My Feelings For... (1)
Wish Upon a [Shineless] Star (1)He was Only 17 (pt. II) (1)He was Only 17... (3)
Too Young (4)Her Over Me (1)New Life (1)
Tell Me (1)The End (3)The Same Old Story (2)
Missing You (1)Hello-Goodbye (2)If I Could go Back (2)
You are the one Who Makes me Smile (1)When All I Wanted (1)I Look but Can't See (1)
Now I Know (1)Watch Me (0)Something in You (1)
Man of my Dreams (1)Why I Believe in Magick (2)Let it Go? (2)
I Still Think of You (3)He's the Type of Guy (2)To my Grandfather (1)
Foolish Love (3)He Did This to Me (1)Good-Bye Erin (1)
My Dark Angel (2)Judge Me Not (1)The Pain Within Poem contains a digital article (1)
The Only Thing is Death (1)Tell Me How To Feel (2)The Way We Were.... (2)
Running (1)Don't Worry (1)You'll Never Know... I'm Sorry (1)
My Depression (2)Mother's Day (1)If This Doesn't Get Your Attention.... (3)
Untitled (1)Off to California Poem contains a digital article (2)What I Still Can't Say (3)
I Need You (1)Perfect... Poem contains a digital article (1)Tribute to my Friends Poem contains a digital article (1)
What I Couldn't Say... (pt II) (1)What I Couldn't Say... (16)Pondering (1)
In My Heart (1)Rape Me (1)Sick of War (1)
Hurt Me (2)My Reflection (1)This Door (2)
Tearing at My Heart (1)Help Me Move On (1)Emotionally Distraught (1)
Look at Me (2)Hiding Behind a Smile (4)Something New (1)
Do you Love Me? (4)My Struggle (1)Waiting For You (1)
Tired (1)I Cut Myself Again (2)Drunk Again (2)
The Number You are Calling is Busy (2)Little One (1)I'd Never Love Again (5)
I Hate.... (1)I don't know (1)This Poem Poem contains a digital article (2)
Don't Say Goodbye Poem contains a digital article (5)Happiness.... (0)My Suicide Note Poem contains a digital article (3)
For You Poem contains a digital article (1)The World (1)Fallen.... (2)
My Window (2)Why Am I Here? (1)Tattered Heart (3)
Take Me Away (2)Thinking... (1)Will You be my Valenitine? (1)
Will you be mine? (1)My Vanetine's Day Card (1)I'm Sorry (1)
My New Best Friend (2)I'm Falling (2)Why Me? (1)
What I Need (1)Everything's Ok (2)Fairy-Tale (1)
Tears (3)Pour Salt in the Wounds (2)Someone (1)
Numb (1)Lost Behind Blue Eyes Poem contains a digital article (1)Just a Dream (2)
My Mask (3)Unknown Love (2)Special Kind of Friendship Poem contains a digital article (1)
Suicidle Thoughts (2)Here I Am... Again (1)Just A Poem (0)
Suicide (6)He Just Doesn't Understand (1)Still Human (1)
Hypocrite (1)Running From Silence (1)Resisting Temptation (0)
I Really do Love You (4)Tyler James Lowe (1)I Got What I Wanted... (1)
If I had a Genie (1)Your Turn to Cry (1)Rambling (2)
When I Think of You (4)I Can't Explain the Way I Feel (2)Random Thoughts (2)
Your Shining Star (2)Sometimes I Wonder (3)Tired of your Lies (0)
Stranger (1)My Way Home (3)I want... (1)
To The One I call Mother (4)Getting Over Old Flames (1)What Should I Do? (1)
My Fate is up to You Poem contains a digital article (2)Verge of Suicide (1)Free (1)
Losing Grip (1)How I see Myself (2)Invisible (2)
Freaks (3)Don't Play me For a Fool (1)What's Going On? (1)
Watch Your Back (3)Things Have Changed (1)In the Dark (1)
Together (2)The Innocent Die (4)I'm All Alone (3)
Help Me Move On (4)I'm Looking But I Can't Find It (1)Thank You Poem contains a digital article (2)
Goodbye..... (1)I Said I Was Sorry (4)I Will Always Love You (2)
I Don't Know What I'm Going To Do (1)The Story of My Life (1)The Storm (1)
Smile For Me, Please (2)Never Good Enough (5)Eternal Love (1)
I Don't Care (1)My Love for You is Real (1)My Love For You (1)
Love Isn't Fair (1)This Time I Win (3)Take It From Me (1)
I Wish (2)Lying to Myself (1)True Feelings (3)
I Don't Want To be that Girl (2)One Day.... (1)I Give Up (0)
How Does he Feel? (2)First Day as a Junior (1)Is this the End? (1)
Puzzle of Life (2)Today, Tomorrow, and Yesterday (1)Drowning (2)
Spirits (6)What I Got (3)Troubled (1)
Silence (1)Summer Ends (1)Sober (2)
What A Day! (1)Pretend (2)Games (1)
I Hate You (2)I Told You So (3)My Father (1)
Tick Tock (1)Something About You (0)What Do You See? (1)
Twinkle Twinkle (2)Stop (1)Why Can't I Leave? (2)
I'm Tired of It all (1)What Happened to Us? (4)Friends Til the End (1)
One Life to Live (1)Slice the Pain Away (1)Sometimes (1)
Why (1)~*MOTHER~* (2)Love or Lust? (2)
More Than A Friend (2)Stupid (1)~Stay or Go~ (4)


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