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February 07
New Jersey
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January 3, 2004
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About Me
Greetings to everyone at CP, How are you all today?
  Let me start off by saying that I have been writing poetry for over 3 years..I find that poetry is my way out at times and it keeps me out of trouble. When I have no one to talk to (other than God) I take out my notebook/blackbook and begin to write with my ink. For the most part, I write about friendship, love, relationships, freestyles (at times), and personal situations. I am a deep thinker, as well as a deep writer. I enjoy expressing myself for this main reason: My poetic love.
  My poetic love is not defined as the general term for "love of poetry". Yet, through writing poetry, I have discovered many hidden treasures about others and myself, as well. My poetic love has a name. Her name is Amanda. She is my baby, the one that from this day forward I will love for the rest of my life and care for as deep and stronger as she does for me. We have been friends for the past 9 months and throughout that time, we have spent much of our time together learning about one another and enjoying each other's presence in the aspect we play of each other's lives.
   I've never had anyone touch my soul as deep and powerful as she has accomplished. She is also a writer, but does not post poetry online, although she keeps her own collection. Most of my poems in the last chapter that I have written (over the past 100 poems) are mainly about our friendship and what we grew to share.. One of my last writes, "Growth Of Our Backbone", describes how we grew from not expecting anything to being at a point beyond our expectation. I hope that through reading my poetry, you feel the depth of what I have written and experience part of my feelings through your mind.
   I dedicate my life and poetry to Amanda, my poetic love. Without you, I would have never traveled down this path of pure joy and happiness. A true blessing in my life you will always be. Forever I will be by your side, always will love, care, and try my best to make you happy. Together if we stay strong, despite our differences and what others think, we can overcome the good & bad times to make our relationship an everlasting and fulfilling fantasy in our eyes.
   I promise to keep delivering beautiful poetry as I grow older and learn from different experiences I go through in my personal life. God Bless You All and I thank you from the very deep bottom of my heart for how grateful I am to be accepted in such a great community of writers. I will continue to be a member and hope that when I do get a full-time job in my life after I graduate from college, I can contribute to this website, for it has been my way out of trouble. Despite the many times I was worried to lose this website and my poetry, everything was able to work. I hope that you all have a nice day and I only ask for one small favor. To please read and continue to comment and support my work. It is always greatly appreciated and uplifting to my mind as a poet.
      Take care
   Peace & One Love

Poems: 351 total (0 with awards). View By: Date | Title | Award
Don't Matter *Freestyle* (2)Rockin' Dem Vinyls *Freestyle* (0)Not A Happy Home *Freestyle* (0)
Freestyle One (0)3 Kingz Featuring Tony Nguyen & Tha King *2006 Banger* (2)Get It Ready Featuring King *2007 Banger* (1)
This Is Why I'm Hot *Jersey Edition* Remix (2)Hip-Hop *freestyle* (1)My Wishes For 2007 (1)
Walking In Empty Space (0)Definition (0)Unshattered Dreams (0)
Canvas To Masterpiece (0)End Of The Year, Beginning Of A New One (0)UNDERSTAND *Lyrics* (1)
College *freestyle* (0)Unnatural Vision (1)Truth Be Told (0)
Jim Jones Diss (1)THE MESSAGE (0)Freestyle 2006 *Tru Message* (1)
Other Side *Freestyles (3)True Words Spoken *See Through My Eyes* (1)The Cure (0)
Your Heart Is My Shelter (1)Approval *To Succeed* (0)Thoughts Seeping Through (1)
Take The Lead (3)Destructorz Of Evil *freestyle* (1)Entry To Love's Atmosphere (0)
Mistake *freestyle* (1)Dedicated To ITP *Increase Tha Peace* (0)Brokenhearted *freestyle* (0)
Differences *freestyle* (1)Put U 2 Sleep *freestyle* (1)Revelation *freestyle* (1)
Red *freestyle* (1)Da Beginning Of An End *freestyle* (2)I Am What I Am *freestyle* (1)
We Will Never Forget (0)True (0)A Fantasy Like No Other *Lyrics* (0)
So Hard; Yet So Strong (0)Seeking A Love That Is Hidden (0)Empty, Lost... (0)
Sleepless Nights (1)Going Away (Without You) (2)In Your Arms (1)
Diary Entry (Personal) (0)Only God Knows (Diary Entry) (0)No Feeling, Empty Inside (0)
Sacrifices (0)It's Special What We Share (0)The One I Care For (0)
Penetrating Touch, Deep Soul (0)Growth Of Our Backbone (0)Excitement (0)
Seeing You Again (0)I See You, But Not Physically (1)R.I.P. (In Memory) (1)
The Purest Friendship (1)The Empowerment Behind My Words (The Cleansing Chills You Leave Me With) (0)Freestyle (Deadly Firearm) (3)
Freestyle (Comin' Out Da Gates) (0)Freestyle (The Hit) (1)"Torn Apart" (*lyrics*) (1)
"Dreams" (*lyrics*) (0)Down The Road (Missing You) *Lyrics* (1)What You Do To Me (She's A Keeper) *Lyrics* (0)
She Brings Me Happiness (*Lyrics*) (0)New Birth, Rebirth of The King (Freestyle 1) (0)Unfamiliar Feeling (Tears I Cried Last Night) (1)
Desire of What You Possess (0)Taking Gradual Steps (0)Confident and Trusting (1)
When I Think About You (0)Fantasy (1)An Everlasting Moment (0)
I Know How You Feel (0)Things Fall Apart (1)Turning Back (0)
Reality Blues (0)The Pearly Gates (0)Confused Mind (1)
A Vision Of Your White Rose (2)Words Stay At Heart (1)Library, 3rd Floor (0)
My Talk With God (1)The Power Of When Our Lips Touch/Spoken Mind (0)A Feeling So Good (0)
Through The Rain (lyrics) (2)Same Old Thing (0)Mind Games (1)
Caressing Touch (2)Treasure Chest (0)Times (0)
Quotes (0)Looking For You (0)Lustful Experience (0)
The Blossoming Of A Flower (0)Different Sides (3)Everlasting Joy (1)
Collection (0)Inner Feeling (0)Through The Window (1)
Try, But Failed (3)Our First Kiss (2)To My Number One (0)
In My Mind (1)A Number Is Just A Number (1)Light Leads The Way (0)
Comfort and Warmth (0)One Call Away (0)Pulling Strings (0)
Walk With Me (3)The Feeling I Get When Being Close To You (0)Evolving Seed (0)
Two Souls Connected (0)Past Friendship (1)Out Of The World (0)
Taking Time (0)The Bare Tree (4)Helpless (0)
Frustrated (0)Still Seeking... (0)Perfect (2)
The Comeback feat. S.Smith & Tony Nguyen (1)Untitled (12) (0)Basketball (Lyrics) (0)
Joys Of Life Now (0)Looking Beyond The Horizon (1)The Light (2) (0)
Grand Finale featuring Tony Nguyen and S.Smith (1)Appreciate (0)Personal (0)
Lonely Days (2)Woman: God's Gift Of Earth (1)Friendship: People Just See Through (0)
Hidden Emotions (3)Weird Happening (0)Writing Is An Addiction (1)
Weighted Mind (0)Wishing For Reality (0)What Is It About You? (1)
"Still Free" (1)Let Me Be (2)L.O.V.E. (1)
Verse 1 (Lyrics) (1)Remembering Your Words (0)Untitled (11) (0)
Sitting Here In Class (0)Writing What I Feel (0)The Thoughts Of Today (0)
Time Will Tell (0)Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow (0)Priority (0)
Mad (0)Dreams And Fears (0)Nothing Will Change (0)
Truest Form (0)Understanding the Situation (0)Below The Line (0)
Good Luck Charm (Lyrics) (0)Senses (1)Dreams I Have (0)
Time Goes By (1)Growing Pains (Lyrics Verse) (1)Valentine's Day (Day of Love) (1)
Where Does It Go? (1)Everything (Lyrics) (1)Learning (Lyrics) (0)
Deeper Than Friendship (0)Your Day (0)"Little" Things (0)
What The Future Holds (2)How Can I Be Of Help? (1)Why So Down? (0)
You and Me (0)Rap on Love (Lyrics) (1)Top of the Time (0)
The Two Pages of Thoughts (0)Same Song (1)Sunshine Through The Rain (1)
Intimacy (0)Seeing You Go (0)Blinding Darkness (1)
Vision Through The Window (0)Ain't No Worries (Lyrics) (0)Thoughts... (0)
Leave (2)Destiny (2)Don't Tell Your Lies (Lyrics) (1)
Eternal Flames (0)Soulful Fulfillment (0)Magical Touch (2)
The World Cup (0)Rainy Days (1)Friendship & Love (1)
The Minute I Miss You (2)A Beautiful Envisioned Sight (0)Inspirational Words Of A Lyricist (1)
Write For You (0)Soft-Spoken Words Of A Poet (1)The Sunshine That Breaks Through (3)
Way To Say Good-Bye (0)Tryna Find The Words (1)No Words (1)
Untitled (10) (0)Low Feeling (2)Can't Be Without You (1)
Can't Be Without You (Interlude) (0)Colors of You (2)Loving You feat. Tony Nguyen (5)
Cry (1)The Quiet, Shy Boy (1)Question of Love (0)
Fed Up (0)Mind Sex (1)Unfilled Pen (0)
Life's Cure (1)Distance Between Us (0)Finish Strong (To A New Year)...*lyrics* (1)
So Sick (Remix to song by Ne-Yo) (3)Who Am I? (1)Heaven's Oasis (1)
So Amazing (Lyrics) (0)Sing My Song (3)Smile (2)
Essence (0)2006 Love (1)Emptiness (0)
Glorious Lights (0)Ignorance Is Pitty (0)Deep In Thought (2)
Inspiration ( To You, My Friend) (2)Differences (Regular Friend, True Friend) (3)Christmas & New Year (1)
The Sky (2)Searching... (0)Holiday Wish (0)
My Blessed Gift (0)Embraced In Your Arms (2)Callin' Da Shotz (Lyricz) (1)
Your Eyes (1)Untitled (9) (1)Lost Cause (Lyricz) (0)
Let's Be Real (Lyricz) (1)I'm Going Eazy (Lyricz) (0)My Dedication To Poetry (2)
VICTORY (10th Shot) (1)Thank You (0)Ode To Grandma (2)
Lyrical Lounge Freestyle (Lyricz) (1)Clock Workin' (Lyricz) (1)Warning Shots Lead 2 Ur Fate (Lyricz) (1)
Unspoken Words (Lyricz) (0)Got It Twisted (Lyricz) (1)Life (Lyricz) (0)
Wrong Turn (Lyricz) (0)Play It Safe (Lyricz) (1)Disrespect (Lyricz) (1)
Sunshine (3)My Friend (1)Pain (Part III) (1)
2 All Y'all (Lyricz) (1)Lyrical Drive-By (Lyricz) (1)Retaliation (Lyricz) (1)
I'm a G (Lyricz) (0)My Weakening Body (1)What Are Your Feelings? (1)
Crazy Feelings (1)Hip-Hop (2)Smile 2 The Future (0)
God's Answers (1)Welcome 2 My Hood (2)Lyrical Fire (1)
Death Passes In A Flash (1)Racism (4)5 Years From Now (1)
Soul Survivor (1)One's Love For Another (0)Love's Atmosphere (1)
Lost (2)Stress (0)Making A New Friend (1)
Why Do We Harm Others? (1)The Struggling Pain (1)Anger (1)
My Beautiful Angel (1)Our Time Together (3)Tears 2 Cry (1)
Dream Realm (3)Untitled (8) (0)The Notebook (1)
Managing Life (1)Dark & Lonely Night (4)Friends (2)
Love: In A Different Perspective (3)My Portrait (1)Free Thoughts from A Poet's Mind (0)
My Lovely Tastin' Candy (0)A Poet's Words... (1)The Night of Our Dance (0)
SoulfulPoeticKing (1)Rosary Bead (1)Don't Let Your Guard Down (3)
Lakes and Mountains (1)How Could They? (1)'67 Impala (0)
On A Sunny Day (0)The Girl Reading The Magazine (2)Death (1)
Pick Up Your Heart (0)Art (4)Our American Flag (0)
Ignore (1)Music (1)Down For Life (0)
Heaven's Gate (1)Shine (0)Change Must Come (0)
Expressions (0)Graffiti (3)Pain (1)
Real Friends (1)Again (0)The World (1)
Inspire (1)100 (1) (2)
No One Knows (2)A Friend From Far Away (1)My Words 2 You (2)
Reflection (1)Seasons Change Through Thoughts (Night & Day) (1)Ghetto (5)
Soccer, My Second Life! (0)A Poet (Pt.2) (1)True Love (Introduction) (0)
Respect (0)Poet (0)Rebirth of A New Day (0)
O.M.E.R.O. (1)Serious (0)Destruction (2)
My Hurting Heart & Body (0)The "Rose" (0)Blinded (0)
Reasons (1)Life (0)A Bird With No Wings (1)

Favorite Poems
unwanted dream by Selena
True Love by Tatyana
A Real Man Would Do These Things For His Girl by Tatyana
Soulmates by Cera
In Silence by Taylor
~Love Is...~ by Serena
True Love by Sandra
Worth So Much More... by Natasha
What is Love? by Jessica Hernandez
How To Please A Woman by Tatyana
First Signs of Love by DBlock
african dreamer by Ikoli Ndombo Bongongo
What Is Love? by Christina
Battle of Heart & Mind by Tiffany Monae
*~~Dancing Behind Me~~* ( EROTICA ) by ReBeL CuTiE
Come Back to me by Samantha
Ebony (naked) by Mocha
~101 Ways To Show Your Love~ by Tracy Fletcher
A confession to my secret love... by Lubaina
Warnin' Shots(lyrics) by Tony Nguyen
I Promise by Jennifer
T.U.P.A.C by Tony Nguyen
Off My Chest(lyrics) by Tony Nguyen
Have you ever? by Emily
~ The Friendship Path ~ by Angelic Light
Belle du Congo(translated french poem) by Ikoli Ndombo Bongongo
My Heart and Soul by Tony Nguyen
A Man of Poetic Reason by Vanessa Arce
~ I Never Knew ~ by Angelic Light
Past *Lyrics* by Sean Smith
Back On the Scene Ft. SPK by Sean Smith
Favorite Authors
Tony Nguyen
Jillian K. Alexis
James Lagoski
Angelic Light
David Rojas
Ikoli Ndombo Bongongo
Sean Smith


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