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April 29
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January 3, 2004
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:o).............Your pen is your sword................(o:

:o).............Use it wisely my friends...................(o:

All the Bet
PS: Dont worry about the nuttiness...

Poems: 549 total (6 with awards). View By: Date | Title | Award
The Fear (3)No place like. (1)Quarrels or Qualms. (1)
Clap your Hands (1)never forgotten pubs! (2)Its So Quiet (2)
Sugar & Spice (2)Personality Disorder (3)Psycho And Lies (1)
Party... (1)Hands Up!! (0)It Was (0)
lOST AND fOUND (0)Face (0)How Many.? (0)
Spiders And Everything. (1)What They Say... (0)This Is The One (1)
Blondie. (0)Is It Just. (3)My Little Secret (1)
And I (2)When love speaks (1)What You Saying... (1)
Makes you think. (0)It's Time (2)A New Horizon (2)
Gates... (2)Closed Eyes (0)Difference (0)
Sometimes ain't it the truth (1)Walk (1)Singing (2)
Too The Moon And Back (0)Throw me a bone (1)I Can Still Remember For A While (3)
The Cup Of Peace (2)I Wont Stay Silent (1)All About You (1)
Free Style (1)Peace (0)Secrets (1)
House near you (2)No Reason Love Hurts (0)Really Really (0)
How Many... (0)I could be (1)Yep... Trust You, I Love You Sister (1)
Copy write this (0)Speak (2)Time (4)
Goodbye Summer (1)Saw another... (0)It is what it is (1)
Sometime... (1)Brand new (0)The Distance (2)
Trying... (0)I believe (1)Hard Kicker (0)
Just Summarizing (1)Apparently (1)Stand Strong (3)
I believe... (1)Deep inside (0)Live Long And Prosper (0)
Random as (1)Crayons (1)Me,Myself, And Pie (0)
Hello Hi (0)windows in the light (0)Maybe it's because (0)
And then again (0)Thinking (0)Light. (0)
Imagination... (0)On a sad Day Day (0)Someone (1)
Putting it (2)Music Man (1)Happy Birthday 2 (0)
Voice (2)Everyday... (0)Israelite (1)
Funny Love (1)Thats what they call (1)1279 (1)
So say all of us., again (0) Och aye the noo. (1)No **** (1)
Heaven (1)Put me in the window (1)Last one before the next (1)
Come of (0)You Say You (0)He did mate (1)
Restore Last Formular Somebodys Way. (1)I dont even know....Maybe the yanks do (1)26 june 2013 add a few (0)
Today, Tomorrow and yes today (1)The Munchie Ride (2)Light weight (0)
Arrival that shock my wings (0)Arrival (1)Vamps (0)
Hitchhiker... (2)Mozzilla Firefox (4)Cold (4)
How (3)One Drop (3)All 3 2 1 gether, gather in a waywood Manner!! (2)
slow down (0)Ha' Second time (0)Harmony (2)
We dont have all the time in the world (0)The Lynx Effect... 2 for 1 (0)Return (2)
I guess (1)Random (2)Give me (2)
cant.. no such word (2)D 4 Damage (1)August... Everyway (0)
I can (0)shuffling (2)conversation time (0)
mate (0)Comforting (0)Nothing to say (0)
Tonight you've got to know (1)Brief Moments (1)Light again (0)
Never seen such things... (0)Out of Turns (2)Our House (1)
Sounds Like... (0)Withe the son in my Eyes (1)Forget about (2)
Diamond (0)catch a curve (0)SLEEP (0)
Its free (1)This Love (1)Lottery (0)
Free Gifts (0)I Can (1)abc. (1)
Telling (1)running water... Programe (1)War sketches... My toy boat (0)
Supertit-one (0)***Catch me up*** Remember (0)Me and your War. (0)
in the sky, copy. you day (0)Save The (0)Creative-Poems (0)
Feeling... everybodys dreaming...but I like your special way.... (1)smile (0)Journey (1)
Apparently... Really (1)1 More (0)Good Twin/Bad Twin (0)
Getting Told (1)She's Gone (1)Army Ants (2)
Recipe (4)Can you hear my song (4)best "Last"smoke Tomorrow (3)
couple of (1)Hello there (0)Can you hear the doors (0)
because because (0)Time of the people (2)11/11/11/ what !R! you on? (1)
NA NA NE, NA NA NA (0)dont think (2)The perils of life (1)
On View (2)Gizza Light (1)Winners Big Brother (1)
Hello Hi (2)Forever 18 (0)Boat ABOUT this poem (2)
And I Never (0)It's kind of funny (0)there's a teddy bear (1)
could be good (3)Perching on the wall (1)Plastic Jar (0)
chaning places (2)w (0)Our you happy now (1)
wedding on a funday (1)Dear GUN. (1)Ding Dong (1)
missed... be ave (1)just incase@tom... (0)So I... (0)
Having a crazy wobble (0)Charlie (0)I can see (0)
<Untitled> (0)B+ (1)Julie, (0)
blank (0)Here we go (0)Ive got time (0)
OF YOUR SOUL (0)The Perfect Lunch (0)Interlude (1)
summertime (0)The hurt's time to play (1)Understand (2)
King for the day (0)Only. (0)haha now (0)
Im A Fool (0)she (1)Love You Dare..... (1)
oNE TO GO (0)How's u (0)Anybody in there (0)
really Migic (0)iN a Minute (0)Random (1)
Mary' go' rounds (2)Cant work it out (0)the one that u just writ (1)
all wrong (1)Someones Dream (1)Haunted (1)
Infectious (1)When (1)Smiling Assassin... (3)
Nightmare (3)Free Verse (4)People... (2)
THE RUNAWAY (7)A Cats Life (2)Voices Of The Dead (3)
Windows (2)Bedtime Story... (1)My Names Stanley Whats Yours. Part 1 (4)
The Edge Of Sleep (6)Make A Wish (20)Covered (5)
~Paintings~ (5)Connection To Scar (2)Wars (3)
Rescue plan. (2)Another Heart Ache (4)When Love Dies (6)
Wind's Of Change (3)Stratagem (4)International Football (1)
Thoughts (1)Songman (2)Don't Ask (1)
The Wayfinder (1)The Rain Did... (7)~Travelling Wise~ (2)
World of peace (0)clockwork (1)Isolated beauty (3)
The Walk Was Long (2)Call up. (0)Run Away (1)
Two's company Three's a crowd (2)such a long time (2)Confessions Of Cow's (0)
Clever thing (1)such is life (2)~THE WAR SONG~ (0)
Short... (1)Last Victim (1)Smoke in our eyes (2)
Undying love (5)Meal Ticket. (3)2006 (5)
Back to the start (2)Anything (3)Too Hot To Handle (6)
Heteroecious (1)Angels Of Flames (1)Love You Forever (4)
Enlightenment (1)~Forever And A Day~ (1)It's All Worth It. (5)
Thanks (0)Word of warning Poem contains a digital article (1)Memories Told (2)
~Feeling~ (0)One Way Or Another (0)"Shocking The Shocking" (0)
I Ran (3)Christmas countdown (3)So It Came To Pass (2)
Is This What It Comes To (0)Hear No, Speak No, See No. (4)ADAM Poem contains a digital article (3)
Memory Store (2)"Beautiful Gift" (4)Dream Again (1)
Image (1)Center of Love (2)where have all the teapots gone? (1)
This Monkey (3)The ever after (1)Comfort Zone (1)
Thank god i'm lost (0)sorry for being away (0)"Alarmed"by my Imagination (2)
"Nothing to declare" (4)"Lost in you're eyes" (5)"Bush Birds" teehehe" (1)
Whispering Love (4)Up to you (0)Spinning (1)
Don't tell (0)wanna be friends (2)my mate 2037 years old (2)
Saint Christopher (0)Only being ME... (1)make this survive (0)
Nine Five Seven (0)Glow (3)Without Warning (4)
Hangover 51 (14)Dispair (3)Dissapearing (4)
Syria.....ous (1)~Special~ For The Sorceress (11)Our Timeless Pray By Timespell And The Sorceress (18)
"Poet Man" (11)Stingy Old Jack O' Lanterns (5)32nd of the month (6)
"In Heart And Mind" (12)Bogeyman. (2)Soul... (6)
Jungle (1)Quote (2)The River... (4)
Gas Man (2)If only ~Frustration~ (2)Mind (5)
A Week In All.. (4)From Russia With Death (4)Eternity. Dance (1)
Harmony (1)Cure the cure... (Dance) (2)Bangla Road(Song Lyrics) (0)
can do one more time. (2)Even. (1)Fades (2)
monkeys (1)Born to a world. (3)Late (7)
Nothing (5)Cornered (6)Birds Nest. (7)
Mystery (19)Sensuous. (11)Trading Places. (5)
Love Visions. (8)Dog On Dog (6)39 Candles (9)
The Act ~Song Lyrics~ (1)Ever Wonder Always. (1)Eye Of The Beholder (8)
Swans(Ballad) (6)The Clan (7)Love Will Always. (9)
Carry On (2)Q. (2)Key People, (4)
Hippy House. (6)The Model (5)Black Line (4)
Welcome Home. (3)Reliable. (3)Parallel (3)
In A Dream (5)Happy Easter (3)Faith (4)
G.O.D.S.L.O.V.E. (3)Waning Moon (8)Witness. (0)
Humble Cheese (5)Hurt (4)Unlucky (3)
Sea Of Greed (3)The Window (0)Perchance... (2)
CBOX (4)Friendship (2)Beer Monsters (2)
Lie's (6)Velvet Wall (3)One Of Those Nights (2)
Private Life. (6)Crystals,Angels,Waterfalls (8)Calling (1)
Easy To (1)A blessing in disguise. (4)Sunshine Son (2)
Rose (9)Please wake me (3)The Fool (2)
Crickets (4)Bang Up (2)Double Vision (3)
My Lovely Day (3)Faithful Traveller (1)"Ticking Bombs" (2)
~Same for you~ (0)Learning curve (3)Someone (3)
Overexpose. (2)Oh Happy Society (3)NO-MAN'S- LAND. (3)
Mighty Trees (18)Jewel of the crown (0)(Tankard) (1)
Red Handed. (7)Upside down cake (3)Mother Earth. (4)
Treading Light. (5)At a glance (3)Food Chain.. (6)
Dawn.. Acrostic.. (3)Capture. (5)Before tomorrow (5)
Deja-Vu. (3)For Richer For Poorer..(Quote) (1)Peaking.. (4)
Horizon... (3)Wide Awake Club. (6)Pathway (5)
Sunshine... (9)Shrove tuesday.. (4)Tumble and fall. (6)
Look, Listen, Think (8)Casino's (1)Maybe... (0)
Puddle's (3)Falling (6)Shake the world (2)
Game of life.. (1)Creator. (1)Seaside.... (1)
Visions (5)Wiser (2)Live Life.. (1)
Cheat (3)Flash (3)opinions(Quote) (1)
Passing (2)Problem's (2)Love Undone (3)
5th Birthday!! (5)Tickle~Quote. (5)~Mona Lisa~Acrostic. (6)
Roses for the lady. (7)Reflection (6)Silent Vulcans (4)
Keepers (2)Subconsciously (4)Multicolored (3)
"B-S-E=C-J-D" (6)Pheasent(tougueee blister) (1)Credit Check. (2)
If I was (1)Numbers (3)Confusion (3)
Fossil's (2)Madness....Acrostic (2)pond(Quote) (2)
Daydreamer (6)Dragons.. (6)E=MC2 (6)
Peace Pipe (5)Miracle's (3)Awaken (2)
Oh harsh life (1)~Religion~ (6)On the rocks (3)
Oneness (4)Charm (2)Watching....Acrostic (2)
Bubble burst (1)Spite..(Quote) (1)fishermans tale (1)
BEANS....Acrostic. (3)Bedtime(adults only)..(Quote) (4)Goal!!! (3)
Sense (4)Time... (3)Farewell. (4)
fasting (2)KEBAB(Quote) (1)(Quote)~money~ (0)
At the end (3)LIGHT (3)cockneys..(Quote) (0)
Bluebell woods (2)50/50...(Quote) (2)Brother' (1)
Occasionally (2)woodland spirit (4)Game..(Quote) (2)
FIRE'-EATERS (2)still an angel....Acrostic (3)Sleeping (3)
Halfway house(Acrostic) (2)gives you the need all (1)Spiders web (2)
Elementary (0)My Light My Dark (4)Women (11)
egotism..(Quote) (2)Bewitched (2)China? (0)
Obvious(Quote) (3)Food..(Quote) (2)Matchsticks (2)
Bitter Twist (2)Hope (4)Up The Garden Path (3)
Judgement Day (0)Storm....Acrostic (3)Snowing (3)
Suckers(tonguue Twister) (1)The Hiding Place (1)Silence (3)
Todays Always Good (2)TREE (3)IT.(Quote) (1)
Plastic lips (0)Mountain (4)09-01-01=Emergency (3)
View to View (2)"The Lady In Waiting" (5)Never no Never (7)
Love (8)Heard a Whisper.. (2)Endless (4)
I Give Up? (3)''Sales'' (4)Twins (9)


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