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March 21
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December 2, 2003
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Poems: 296 total (5 with awards). View By: Date | Title | Award
step by step (4)Thinking about Thinking about Love (4)Lost Words (5)
Enough to Make your Head Swell Word Bank from Linda Jo (9)Haunted- Word Bank from Barbara D (6)Old, Tired Lips Smile --Andrew this poem was motivated by you! (6)
My Road to Success (6)Transitional Phrase JUST EDITED (2)I really dont like you (4)
ALEXANDRA (2)momma's got the cant' get no sleep.... BLUES (5) Convictions of the Innocent (9)
Hells Heart (12)Alexandra Completed the 5th Grade (4)My Tootsies Hurt (11)
Country Music Throw Down (8)No Longer (2)Peace Treaty (8)
forward (7)one with earth (6)Messengers of the Light Co write Sheri and Jennifer (10)
Dark and Light a poem written by a friend named Tommy (3)What Will You Be Doing At 8:30pm Tonight? (6)Dogs Can Only Be A MANS Best Friend A FABLE (7)
Our prayers have been heard! A BIG OL THANK YOU! (7)Kids Versus Parents (4)Prayer in Numbers (7)
MARKed with Love (2)For My Children (6)That Crimson Flower (5)
Smoke and Mirrors (3)Friends Like That Who Needs Enemies? Anns Poetry Calendar 3-13-10 (3)An Inhabitant of the Unseen World (4)
A Picture in the Sky (7)Poetic Lips A Palindrone (6)Take Me Back To That Place (4)
Full Cycle (4)BEEP Ann's Poetry Calender March 7, 2010 (5)The Perfect Husband A response to The Perfect Wife (8)
Today (5)A Blissful Smile From a Stolen Kiss (6)Freshman Of The 90's (5)
The Calm Before the End of the Night (4)Lifes' Mountains (15)Giving All My Love to YOU (3)
Prayer Upon Pondering (5)Anger Management (11)An Invitation for My Daughter (3)
Revolving Love (6)Cleaning Strike (6)Dedicated my first Sestina (3)
words of new A REPOST (4)The Hottest Form of Exercise (7)My Babies (8)
Whisper -- vilanelle (6)Time Holds the Truth (5)Ready for Heaven Christ-in-a-Rhyme (3)
A Poem of My Past (3)Mask --- the Mirror Sestet type poetry (4)Sweet Revenge (5)
Oh Please! (6)A Reality because She Dreams (5)Blessed (20)
Reborn (7)Certain Colors (9)LEATHER FACE an old repost (1)
A Day In the Life (4)Draw a Line in the Sands (2)On Certain Days (2)
She's Gone Coo Coo (4)Calm is Self Control (4)Flick of a Bic (5)
decade (2)On the First FLoor (4)Slow that Mustang Down (16)
Mild Intensity (11)Hungover (6)Made a Circle around my Life (5)
These three strings (2)You have to Suffer to be Beautiful (9)What is War? (6)
I Should Be Cleaning (4)At the Lake In a Cabin In the Woods (6)Finding Negativity in, "When Life Hands You Lemons..." (5)
Productive (1)Inspired (3)Sunshine (2)
Love is Not Selfish (3)Kindness (6)Patience (2)
Weeding Your Friends (9)A Poets Poem (11)As it is Written (3)
Walk on the Trails (3)The Children's Laughter (3)My 70's Birthday Invite! (2)
Mourning a Monster this Morning (4)Seated on the Couch for a Weekly Visit (0)"To the End of the World" (7)
Birthday dedication (3)Spring Ahead (2) Writers Block (5)
My Heart Beats Like Thunder (9)Anchor of Love (3)From the Ground Up (2)
Ignorance is Bliss (6)A Chain of Lies (6)A Single Tear (4)
Stuff your Sorrys in a Sack (5)Choking on Love (7)Two Strangers in the Night- Cascade Poetry About contains a digital article (9)
My Beautiful Life -Nonet Poetry (1)The Devil Leads The Abusive (2)A Rose is a Rose is a Rose is a Rose (9)
A Toast Happy New Years! -Ottava Rima Poetry (4)Unbelievable (10)I gotta Giddy Up and Go (4)
Stars Shine and Roses Bloom-- Sonnet (20)Negative versus Positive (10)Scene from a Log Cabin - Villanelle (7)
Your Voice is Beautiful- Tetractys (5)downs and Ups (3)The Song and Dance of the Morning (2)
alone with all I got -TRIFALL poetry About contains a digital article (3)The Beauty of UP -Pictorial About contains a digital article (4)Sweet Delivery word bank from FLETCH (2)
Tumbling into Life (5)Bonds Kyrielle poetry (4)Scream of Silence --Lannet Poetry (5)
Winter Tableau About contains a digital article (8)Sweet Bliss (9)Lovers Goals W/B from FLETCH (3)
Memories Wings -shape poetry (8)From your Little Brother (1)Unconditional Love (4)
The many names of money (7)HOT TEARS (9)Last Breath (7)
A Christmas Tradition (4)Weathered Life (4)Young and Old (4)
Words of New (3)Tore the Living Will (3)This Moment (5)
100 percent love (4)Each Line Is SO Cliche (3)Alexandra -Acrostic-by my daughter Alexandra age 9 (5)
Read inside the book (4)To escape... (5)If You leave me now, I am GOING WITH YOU! (8)
Morning Noon and Night (5)How to fell a tree; while letting go of Life... (1)Rose Petal Lips --Terzanelle (3)
My Window (5)2 Peas in a Pod (2)True to You (2)
The Cross I Bare-- Christ- In- a - rhyme About contains a digital article (4)My Universe - Villanelle (6)comfort her -repost (1)
Nocturnal Occurence (2)Mother said, "Clean your Room!" (1)Time makes me Insane (2)
Clean Start (2)My Vice is Better than Yours! -limrick (3)A Galaxy of Poets -- repost (4)
HALLOWEEN --- shape poetry (2)Pussy! (13)Electric Love ---Mirror loop poetry About contains a digital article (4)
Encore (4)Expired Plates (3)It all Starts with Breakfast... (7)
A GOOD MOM (9)"Friends" (4)THIS IS MY STORY (6)
Black Velvet Bow (4)Advice From A Victim (1)This is a Question, (0)
A Get Away (1)Fruits of Love--Villanelle (5)Only You--- Pantoum -style poem (6)
A Tear that cannot Fall -- Double Etheree:style poem (3)Follow me to Ecstacy---- minute poetry (4)BUD ---a Lanturne style poem (2)
MY HEART --A TRIOLET POEM (2)wedding vows (8)Daddy (7)
again (2)I quit It is over (3)Getting Passed the Past ----word bank ty cathy! (5)
good night (4)JUST MARRIED (6)new beginnings (3)
prayer of hope (7)New beginnings (6)Broken Home (4)
IMPACT (5)Listen Softly Children Poem contains a digital article About contains a digital article (6)In Your Arms (8)
A Part of Life (5)Home for the Holidays (2)Pregnancy Blues (6)
5, 4, 3, 2, 1 (2)To Him and him (13)Quote ~ On Stubbornness ~ (8)
Got Milk? (12)FUN IS FIRST (6)The many names of Money (In my dreams) (2)
To The god Of the Bengals ( for Andy) (6)Our Sunrise (12)Sleep (5)
Rainbow Of Smiles (3)The Story Of Current Events (6)Preparing To Tell a Child (7)
Gone But Not Forgotten (2)Angered With HIs Death (4)Thoughts (3)
Her Father Recieved Wings (4)A Cheated Love (7)Lust In An Elevator (erotica) (6)
Life In Prison (4)Last Mnute Mom (6)Sorry for Myself (2)
A Heart, Wrong Or Write? (4)Lavish Love (PG 17) (3)You are Wanted (3)
Shhhh!!!!! (8)SLOW DOWN!!! (5)Less a Woman (8)
VENTING (REPOST) (7)My Lifes Purpose (5)Our Love ( rictameter ) (4)
Deep Punctures (6)You Live On (1)Dress the World in Color (10)
Final Goodbye (3)What A Woman Needs (9)~Day12~ (2)
~DAY 11~ KIDS (3)My Angel (6)~DAY 7, 8, 9, AND 10~ DIRTY LAUNDRY Poem contains a digital article (6)
When Being Naughty Pays Off (EROTICA) (10)~Day 6~ (2)Creepy Landlord (5)
ABC's of love (2)The Rough Stuff (10)Let Me Go! (1)
~DAY 5~ (2)Red, White and Blue (1)~DAY 4~ (1)
!!! I don't know who I am!!!! (2)~DAY 3~ (2)~Day 2~ (2)
~DAY 1~ (5)A Beginning To my Diary (1)For Loves Sake (1)
Cycle (end child abuse) (2)She... (1)The News Blues (1)
questions I cannot answer (3)A True Love That has Died (4)A Soldiers Journal (3)
So I Write... (4)Pride Can Be... (1)Comfort Her (0)
A Galaxy of Poets (2)Sugar and Spice ((Repost)) (4)Easier said then done... (1)
Nocternal (1)Tars Fall (repost) (1)STARS (repost) (2)
through the eyes of the beholder ~ repost (1)goodbye repost (1)kiss repost (1)
names in the sand (0)dead love (4)Please don't go (2)
an erotic didactic poem (4)~Snore~ (A Naga-Uta attempt) (9)Your Picture (A revised dedication) (4)
In a Confessional (erotica) (8)Fantacy (erotica) (7)Sex in the City (erotica) (9)
Until we do... (Erotica) (7)~Astronomical~ (4)You made me angry... (2)
HOT PLEASURE!!! (11)~My Daughters First Poem!~ (17)You're Gone (4)
~The Last Time I Cried~ (6)Wave Goodbye (1)~For Loves Sake~ (2)
VISIONS (7)why (4)

Favorite Poems
attitude is 100% by Deepa
Sour Lime by nanette
No Regrets~6 by James Lagoski
Did Ya' Know ?? by Bruce A. Peaslee
Petals Falling by Jake R. Parsons
ONE DAY........ by David Reilly
Resonance by Alison Storm Wolf
The soldier by Henry M.
Though Worlds Apart by Angelface
My Little Ones by Alison Storm Wolf
Treacherous Betrayal by She Whispers
Sanctuary by Cindy Bendel
Twilight ~*~ KIsses by She Whispers
Love is a Passion by She Whispers
The Prayer by Edward Kent
A sweet Melody. by Graham Jones
Many Faces of the Muse by Alison Storm Wolf
Burning Ink by Michelle
Lost and Tired by James Lagoski
Sunrise Remembered by Andrew
Drop of Life by e. Gene Myers
He Comes by She Whispers
Brave New View by e. Gene Myers
The Burden That Knocked by sHeRi
I Leave no Footprints by e. Gene Myers
The Contradiction of Command - A Word Bank by Andrew
The Cafe by Steve
Me by Thomas Heath
The Restless Beast that Lurks by Andrew
STRINGS OF THE WINDS by dean evans
The Pill I Swallow with My Pride by Rachel
The Blessings of Creative-Poems by Andrew
The Musician by Alison Storm Wolf
Virgin Waters by Melody
To Love Another by JohnFaulkner
Crimson Embrace by e. Gene Myers
Messenger's Of The Light-~-~- Co-write By Jennifer & Sheri by sHeRi
On a Silent Night by mandate
My Heart She Owns by Andrew
Being Companions by She Whispers
Jennifer by Linda Jo
Care Taker by e. Gene Myers
The Race by Tristan
I Only Rest by Robert


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