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b doneff
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A HUGE thank you to all for your support, encouragement and comments.

Poems: 423 total (1 with awards). View By: Title | Date | Award
<Untitled> (4)<Untitled> (3)<Untitled> (7)
Heart In A Drawer (14) Let Me In (11) Renewal (8)
1967 and Danny McIntire (10)A Fool and Her Company (8)A Girl Can Always Dream... (6)
A Glass of You ( The Night Continues..) (5)A Little Advice (5)A Poet's Retreat (11)
A Wood Stranger Lurks.. (4)Above All Else (12)After This Life (8)
All I Hear (4)ALMOST (13)Always Something (4)
An Awful Joke (12)Any Given Day (8)ANYTHING ELSE TO SAY (20)
Appetite for Love (7)Apple Orchard (4)ARMS (1)
As The Day Closes (3)As The Dildo Glides I really gonna post this? (15)At A Loss (13)
At The End (19)Away With Me Wind (3)Ballerina (1)
Bare Bones (3)Bark at the Moon (15)Battlefield (9)
Beached (WB for Fletch) Poem contains a digital article (5)Becomming (6)Behind Me (5)
BEHOLDER (15)Bell Ringer's Pot (5)Bella (3)
Below the Surface (4)Bench Warmer (12)BETTER THAT WAY (9)
Between The Lines Poem contains a digital article (9)Beyond the Gate (WB #1) Poem contains a digital article (9)Binge and Purge (6)
BIRD (5)Bird Feed (3)Bird Song (3)
Bleeding To Paper (12)Bless This Day (3)Blind Love (2)
Blinking Lights (15)Bottom of the Cup (11)Bounty (6)
Brand New Wand! About contains a digital article (5)Breakfast Gone Awry (3)Breathe (9)
Bringing Home Your Soul (9)Calling All Doctors (10)Calling Evilene (10)
Center of The Day ( Valentine's Day) (2)Change and the Same (9)Chant The Growing Prayer (2)
Choked (7)Christmas From a Can (13)Claim Me (11)
Claimed Poem contains a digital article About contains a digital article (3)Cold Spot (9)Coming Undone (6)
Comings and Goings (1)Cover Charge (9)Curtain Call Poem contains a digital article (6)
Cyclic in Nature (6)Damaged Goods (3)Damn These Dreams... Poem contains a digital article (10)
Dan Made Me Do It (12)Dangling Carrots (7)Dark Hour (13)
Darn Heat (10)Days Ago (3)Dear Glata and Henry (1)
Death of A Daisy (9)Debt (10)Deeper (13)
Defiant (5)Delicate (6)Delivery (5)
Dennis and My Knee (8)DID I SAY WORK??? (9)Did You Not Know? (17)
Diet Game (9)Difference Between (9)Disclosure (7)
Don't Save Me (6)Down and Dirty (12)Down on the Farm (6)
Dream Thief (11)Dreams of You (4)Druggist (12)
EDDY HELPS WITH CLEANING Poem contains a digital article (11)Enduring (2)Enroute (3)
Every Monday Looks The Same (11)Except for You (10)Exhumed (10)
Expectations (8)Facing A Day Without You (15)Farmer John Gets My Vote (8)
Feet (7)Fields Of Thorn (8)Finally Free (5)
Fine Feathered Friends (12)Floating (1)Flowers'Repose (13)
Flying High (2)Forbidden Is My Name (9)Former Things (4)
From A Park Bench (40)Gamut (16)Gateway (6)
Get The Hell Away!!! (5)Gift of Fate (6)Given Heart (5)
GIVER (4)Givin' You All the Bird... (13)Glazed (5)
Going Home (Co-Write with Henry Mascia) (3)Going, going, gone (4)Good Morning To All (7)
Good To Be Alive (9)Greenery (9)Greif in Black and White Part 2 (6)
Grief in Black and Whiite Part Three (8)Grief in Black and White Part One (7)Grief in Black and White Part Four (7)
Handful (5)Happy New Year To All (8)Happy Thanksgiving, and Love To All (11)
HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO ALL Poem contains a digital article (10)Headin Out... (9)Hearth Sitters (1)
HERE (13)Hold Out (5)HOME (3)
Hospitality (3)How I Became A Shrink (7)How Much? (4)
How The Stars Came To Be (15)I Cried (6)I Heard A Vision of June (1)
I Learned Alot From Erma...(just some thoughts) (9)I Left Them Playing (3)I NEVER SAID (8)
I Saw (6)I Take You With Me (12)I THOUGHT (5)
I Wanna See Some Sheep! (9)I Wish You Joy (5)If A Tree Falls.. (7)
If You're A Father.. (4)Imprints (6)In Between (2)
In Between State (4)In The Gutter... (8)Instinct (2)
Interlude Poem contains a digital article (3)Intoxicated (4)It Was Good (12)
Jody gets in a scrape (8)Just A Slice, Please (17)Just Another Bad Poem... (8)
Keeper of Secrets (4)Key of C (1)Kiss This... (17)
Lack Thereof (6)Language of Love (the whispering continues...) (7)Last Hurrah Poem contains a digital article (6)
Last Leaf (7)Last Words (3)Lately (9)
Leaving the Womb (7)Led To Contentment (6)Leo (8)
Let Go (7)Lies (5)LIFTED (17)
Line of Distinction (8)linens (14)Listen (3)
Listing (13)Little Things (16)Long Night To Come (6)
LOVE A MAN (6)LOVE OF MY LIFE...response Poem contains a digital article (6)Lover's Waltz Poem contains a digital article (6)
Lucky Chucky (2)Lung Space (9)Luxury (5)
Lyn and Barbie Score One.. (4)Lyn and Eddy Find Each Other (2)Lyn and Eddy Go On A Picnic (5)
Maalox Review (12)Madrigal (13)Make a Choice (4)
Making Beds (11)Markings (1)Maybe In Spring (15)
Measure of Love (7)Melons vs Cucumbers (17)Melted (7)
Merciless Gods (9)Metamorphosis (7)Midnight Oil (3)
Midnight Walk (7)Migrant Lover (3)Milk Maiden's Tale (3)
Million Tears (12)Mindless (2)Mirror, Mirror (6)
More Than Winter Poem contains a digital article (3)My Blessing ( Alison Storm Wolf) (7)My Children, the Seasons (7)
My Street (10)Need A Boost... (4)Need Denied (9)
Never Enough (3)Never Homeless (14)Never Said (5)
New Places (4)Night Watch (4)No Free Rides... (2)
No Magic Wand (6)No Perfect World (For Joe) Poem contains a digital article (4)NO Sane THOuGHtS Here (14)
No Time to Be Tired (10)No Vacancies (suggestive) (12)No Valentine (11)
No Wonder (11)No Words (3)Noone Saw Me Weep (7)
Nothing to wear (14)NUMB IS BETTER (5)Nuns on the Run Poem contains a digital article (10)
Observance (6)October Kind of Love (11)Ode To Lysol ( don't rtead if you have weak guts) (12)
Oh, Scarlett (6)On Safari (11)On The Human Side (10)
On This Morning (6)ONCE AGAIN (12)One More Star (12)
One Piece Missing (7)Onions (10)Open Fields Poem contains a digital article (4)
Our Beloved Walshy (3)Out In The Barn (5)Outta Here (9)
Packin Your Lunch, Baby...( a little bit of raunch to start the day, lol) (12)Painting Love (15)Paper Reminder (10)
Past Comes Courting Me (3)Past Comes Haunting (7)Perfect Day For A Funeral (11)
Perhaps (1)Planned Road (6)Pollination (8)
Postcard From .... (7)Prayer Before Winter (6)Provisional Tactics (13)
Pull of the Moon (6)Quiet Night (7)R and R (6)
RAIL (10)Raspberry Stains (6)Red Winged Blackbird (3)
Remind Me (11)Remnant (3)Resembling You (11)
Residents (6)Response to CALLING (8)Rest With Me Awhile (9)
Roots of Love (5)Routine (1)Rule the Day (3)
Safer (2)SAY SO (5)Sea What Happens...Limerick (5)
Second Coming (6)Seeing Stars (9)Selection (7)
Sending You Love (9)She Never Knew (7)She Walks (5)
Shells (2)Sighing (5)Sign Language (3)
Signs (11)Simple Woman (16)Simply You (3)
Singing (8)SisterhoodoftheShoptilyaDroppers (8)Sisters (3)
Sky Opening (8)Sleep Has No Place Here (9)Sleep Never Came (10)
Snaps (4)Snowy Sunday Morning (4)So Goes Another Summer's Day (8)
So Much Lost (8)Some Things Just don't Mix.... (12)Someday On Sanibel (10)
Someone to Someone (13)Sometimes a Stranger (9)Somewhat Beat Up Heart (7)
Song of the Heart (9)Sophie's Lullabye (3)Soul's Mate ( Acrostic) (7)
Sour Grapes (12)Souvenir (7)Speaking Snow (15)
Start From Here (3)Stay the Course (2)Still Painting...( A response to Joe's comment on Painting Love) (10)
Still the Young Lad (7)Stone (11)Storyteller (6)
Such a Lovely Dream (15)Summer Invasion (6)Sunday Dinner (9)
SUNDAY MORNING (8)Sustenance (11)Sweet Somewhere (8)
Table Talk (11)Take This Heart (3)Taken To Bed...(WB for Barbara D.) (8)
Talking to Myself (8)Tea Poem contains a digital article (10)Ten Tears (5)
Ten to Twenty (10)The Car Poem contains a digital article (5)The Choice (1)
The Crowning (12)The gift Poem contains a digital article (8)The Hunt (WB#2, Jillian) (5)
The Kiss (19)The Lesson (5)The Painting (9)
The pleasures in life (6)The Poetry of You (5)The Prez Says... (12)
The princess's diary (4)The Proposal (15)The Silence of Snow (8)
These Hands (0)This Is When (5)This Mind (2)
This Soul of a Man (6)Thoughts On Rain... (11)Three Cheers (4)
Through the window Poem contains a digital article (6)Ticking (3)Tide (6)
To All Here... (12)To Be That Snow (2)To Hell with Love (21)
To Kelsey, In Friendship (5)To Love You (6)To Phrase You (9)
To The Curb (2)To Write, or Clean the Loo (7)Tormentor of Souls (5)
Toy Chest (4)Travelin' Shoes (2)UNASHAMED ENCOUNTERS (7)
UnCommon Ruth (9)Unification (6)Unsewn (5)
Unspeakable Things (8)Unspoken (4)Until (8)
Until I Became A Parent (4)Untiltled (part 3) (4)Untitled ( part 2) (5)
Untitled ( part 5) (3)Untitled ( part four) (5)Untitled ( part six) (4)
Untitled as of yet... (5)Untitled... (9)Untold Lives (4)
Vigil (2)Wait (1)Waiting Luggage (11)
Waiting on Summer (5)Waking Up To You (5)Walks (4)
Wandering Soul (6)Watch Me Go (2)Watching the Clock Poem contains a digital article (10)
Waves of love Poem contains a digital article (9)Weathered (11)Wedding Bells (5)
What Price? (9)When Joy Came Riding By (4)Where Are You Craig?? (5)
Where I Want To Be..for Kayla Odoms (4)where was i (10)White Flag (6)
who's the master Who's the Bitch (14)Widow's Watch (12)Wild Ride (18)
Winds of Change (5)Winds of March (5)Winter Pass (4)
Words Fall Silent (11)Would You (11)Yet To Be (12)
You in the Morning (14)YOUR COLD, BIASED HEART (11)Your Present (7)


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