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A Tyler Kehl
December 01
Fort Myers
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February 29, 2004
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About Me
We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.... 
We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Poems: 264 total (1 with awards). View By: Date | Title | Award
Day to Night (1)Reality or Fantasy (1)The Doorway to Another (0)
Perpetual and Bottomless (0)Awakening to a Melody (0)Evaporate (0)
Set Yourself Free -lyrics (0)Now I Fly (1)Counting Seconds to my Mirror (0)
The Memory of Time (0)The Delusion of "I" and "Self" (1)Dancing in God's Hand (1)
The KEY (2)The Unfolding (2)Jigsaw (1)
Restoration (1)Vitality (2)Ego-Death (2)
Time (7)Ephemeral (10)I am my Thought Process (3)
Filtered and Scrambled (1)To Free I am Set (2)Time is Broken (1)
Vertibre (1)Chime (1)Ghosts of the Past (3)
Whispers of Addiction (5)Balloons of Delusional Dreams (1)Morning Prayer (1)
From Ashes I Come to God I Leave (1)W (1)Attempt (0)
Fill you with Love (0)Lost in Time (1)Perfect Place (0)
Imprisoned in my Dreams (1)Blood is Love (1)IMAGINATION (0)
FUKK MY LIFE (1)Slit, Hack, Sit Back (0)Destroy what you Create (1)
Sweet Tasting Lips (0)Spiral (0)Fountain of Mortality (1)
Cold Streets (1)Everyday Struggles (1)Float Through Infinity (1)
Love I Seclude (1)Please Help (3)Trajedy (1)
You are the One (0)Psilocybin Mushrooms - My story (1)I AM ME (2)
Drug Song (1)Murder in the Name of Love (2)Liquified Imagery (2)
Into infinity (1)Carelessness (2)Forget It All (1)
Dance to the Heavens (0)Friend (1)Falling (1)
Creation of Universe (2)Dirty Sex Poem (2)You Make Me Alive (1)
Dead Immortal (3)Perfection 2 (1)Yet again (1)
to-be-continued (2)short cool poem (2)Meaningful (0)
Delusional Haze (1)Trees, leaves (1)Beautiful World (3)
Everything Ends. (0)Addicion to Euphoria (0)Saturated In A Delusional Haze (2)
Country Song Lyrics (0)You Helped Me Find a Way (0)Flawless Beauty (0)
The Night's Only Star (0)Memories (0)Stars (2)
Waiting for the Moment (2)Vial of Eternity (1)Where Perfection is Real (0)
Desires of Deliction (1)Painful Incisions (0)Death exposes reality (0)
Realism of Happiness (0)Unlock the Door (0)Pictures (1)
WANTED: (0)simplicity (0)Dear God (2)
In My Heart (0)Pain suffering hate and blood (0)Devotion to Create My Dreams (0)
Please, forgive me (2)Odd (0)Lost Soul (0)
Make my Sun Shine (1)My lover (0)Emotions of confusion (0)
UNTIL THE END OF DAYS (1)Is there anybody out there? (2)Once Upon a Time (0)
Take away my fears (0)Beautiful (1)Threw it away (1)
End of the Beginning (0)Humanity is Crime (0)'til the End of Time (1)
Serial-Killer-Poem (0)She Destroys All (0)It's over (2)
Pain like a Pearl (1)Sometimes (0)Walk With Me (0)
Farewell (0)Puppet (0)Decisions (0)
Drowning in Tears (0)Misery (0)My Own Despair (1)
Is there an End? (0)The End of Days (0)Complete Fear (1)
In my Head (1)Moving On (1)No More Tomorrow (0)
Painful Flashback (0)Random Words (1)Twisted with Passion (0)
Farther Away (1)Random Thoughts (1)Random Thoughts of a Mad Man (1)
Eternally Entwined (0)Eternally Entwined (1)to Creative-poems (2)
<Untitled> (1)Internal Anger (1)Porceline Death (2)
Our System (0)Mentally Deranged (1)For the one I love (2)
Evil Inside (0)View Please (1)Crazy Love (1)
Drugs (4)A Friend (1)Life Cycle (0)
Million Years of Crystal Love (0)Pretty Scarlet Garden (1)Forget Me (0)
Drain me (0)Burn (0)Formal Warning (0)
Ripped Wide Open (1)Aromatic Rose (3)Anti-Suicide (2)
I pull the Trigger (1)No More (0)Picture Perfect (2)
Thank You (1)Its finally over (my song lyrics) (0)World of Pain (1)
Wishing I had you (1)Endless Love (1)Angel of Love (2)
No More Tears (1)Trajedy (0)Dad (1)
Beauty Queen (0)I can make you happy (5)All I Want (2)
what you've done (1)Utopia (0)Dont fall in love (1)
Untitled Love (1)Perfect love (0)Fallen So Deep (2)
Addiction (2)Have my Heart (0)Deep inside (0)
Deep pain (1)True Love (4)Don't be a Statistic (5)
If there is a tomorrow (0)Just wanted to smile (1)Empty (1)
Sad (1)Torn Heart (2)Anima (1)
Sweet Cinderella (5)Hold you Forever (2)I'll never forget our love (1)
Join My Cult (3)For Me and You (1)Hello Beautiful (3)
I reminisce - Lyrics (1)The Field of Dreams (2)To My Friend (3)
Until I'm Dead (1)Deepest Feeling (1)Tear In My Eye (5)
Tears can't even begin to explain (2)Special Someone (2)Silent Pitch Night (0)
My Fuck Poem (9)Without you (3)Mental World (2)
What society does (0)A Feeling that Cannot Be Explained in Words (2)Michael, My brother (3)
To her (0)Future Reference (1)My Love is Your Game (2)
Deeper (1)Bangin' (2)View within (1)
Suicidal Tendencies (2)Taken over (1)My Beautiful Creation (18)
Love (1)So Sorry (1)My Definition of Love (7)
Life (0)My autobiography (0)Cannot Love (3)
Purity of Emotion (6)My song (3)Passion of Love (1)
Falling In Love With You (4)Crack Cocaine (1)Lost myself (3)
You deserve better (2)Cant breathe (4)Parental Provoked (1)
Dreams (0)What I Call Love (4)Where am I going? (1)
Make This Pain End (5)Serial Killer Poem (12)Pure Depression (2)
Last Goodbye (8)Broken Dreams (8)My girl (6)
New Life (2)My Dead Immortal (5)Suicide Note (5)
Poetry (3)You're all I need (4)Liquified Crystal Dreams (2)
random thought (0)My Body Falls (2)My Heart (2)
Dec 8th (3)Truth (1)Forgiven Ending (2)
All Because Of You (2)My Love (4)My life (4)


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