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mathu x
September 24
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February 19, 2004
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Poems: 176 total (0 with awards). View By: Date | Title | Award
(fullf)illness (3)breathe deeply (3)half empty and a zero (1)
am i enough substance? (2)having the same dream...identical scene (2)exclusive? no.. reclusive (3)
religious offending or the way of the ruined world (1)deathbed-time stories (3)when you wish upon a product (1)
***-****mathu xortem (3)babble (2)a wide variety of serial flavors in the supermarket of meaningless labor and even more dirty favors (1)
optic nerve endings ending abruptly where they started (2)of phantom feelings and admiration for the wound (1)twenty four hours spent stomping on my own head (5)
twenty four hours spent stomping on my own head (6)sel fem oclew (3)i swear that i am againstme more than i am... (1)
car sin o the abbra cadaver (1)de bought cherry by the abbra cadaver (1)invocation by the abbra cadaver (1)
CandY stain by the abbra cadaver.. (1)Cherry Chastity Charity by the abbra cadaver (2)distorted perception of ones actual presence (2)
a faraway way (2)change;evolve;grow (1)gloomwings (2)
some sort of style (1)sense of feeling to my veins (2)non-titled (3)
and i'm pulling free (3)outside influence on the inside (1)static (1)
damn (2)isnt it tragic like its a newborn choking on a timebomb (4)invest in latex (3)
spineless and defeating (2)mascara mary tears herself down in front of her mirror (3)xX138 just breathe 138Xx (2)
hearts are the first to go.. (3)infections and ointments (3)golgotha (3)
waste of human race? (3)a kings ransom/americas treason could never give me a reason to come back (2)robotics (2)
thom (4).all that glitters is cold (2)experiment no. x138 (1)
me, myself and (fuck) you (5)the damage that i can do to myself in less than two minutes with a razor knife is beautiful (1)birthday cake (2)
a tale of a deception told one times to many (3)blue (2)destitude attitude (1)
not anything anymore (1)isn't it loveless on this rainy day.. (1)a withered excuse is better than none (2)
a pig just for suckling (2)blah blah blah (1)follow-thru (1)
will i be gone? (2)the positive things cannot make themselves visible in the negative when they do not exist (1)one breath between two (2)
all in the dust (2)animal children are so fragile..i want to kill them all for nothing (2)flight, fight and fail (1)
slip (2)about a boy (2)lunch at three (1)
spread open upon the butcher's block.. (1)fly eggs into the wounds... (1)patriotic ranting evil boy is mad he found a cluod..he kills it and claims it for himself.. (1)
mutilettio (1)mask and tie (1)a thousand pins hold the heart onto the sleeve (1)
where am i? (2)little manuela is selling out (1)nothing worth mentioning (2)
a fall in the spring II (2)exits and eulogies and fools (1)name this poem!!!! (5)
bows have nothing to do (2)mytho harlot stitched wings prays to false things someone tell her differently (2)high class zoo (1)
terminally ill and sick of it all (1)fucked between a rock and a hard place (2)a static televison program/a tragic painting spoken (2)
glitch on the prosthetic heart (2)a new claim to fame is dead on the field who will tell their families??? (2)red lipstick crying on my eyes (3)
the problem with anything is i dont make sense (2)palm wound reading just to shake off stigmatic fits (1)don't move the puzzle will crumble (4)
im not a whore i am a product meant to be consumed by the masses (2)all that glitters is dead (2)lick at the coma (1)
vinyl re-emergence rpm 33 1/3 (2)this is the word i listen to (1)it was insunday skool lessons in sin that i worked up this appetite (3)
occurence and consequence and other unfortunate things (2)STiLL (2)i am at the most depressing key of the piano (2)
when hearts are only decoration... (1)hellfire licks us all..or oralsex and damnation and a virgin (3)emoclew (3)
no one ever talks to me (3)hidden sigh goes out of control have they noticed my disgust? (2)cards in a ward with christ (1)
zero 0 zero (3)i will wait at our favorite place (1)you had a dream and it woke me (3)
rainbows falling into shadows cast a light (2)religion school antics suicide(but not in this order) (1)all i need now (3)
wrong number..this is the operated i'll just patch you thru to someone else.. (1)funeral flowers in the hands of a child (4)is it on sale or do i put it back..? (4)
like some kinda nun or somebody else (2)caroling with the normal kids and being reminded of unusual taste (2)tripping on my dripping self to hold you out of the flood (3)
the moment of becoming (1)When Bush Comes to Shove (2)hey? do u think that maybe...? (2)
split ends to a split personality (2)the negatives from my trip to a fairy-tale world (1)video rental prostitution ring (3)
use of the barcode stamped on my hand to get what i want (4)ever think that patriotic is so ironic? (4)poor control in a supermarket type scenario (3)
campfire scars and other tell-tale wounds (2)@#$^ (ummm?!?) (1)altar bombs and and anti-venom (3)
genetic code, an embryo, a bright surprise and my demise (2)crime scene commentery (1)pink inside the exterior (2)
what can i say?? (2)i need new stars for all of my wishes (2)the waxing moon (2)
the most unpoetic thing i will put here (5)matches for the emotional (1)sometimes i wonder (1)
blueblack (3)its show gimme your damned tickets (3)some nails and some free time (1)
the mental thing (2)Mary Cancer and what it felt like (3)love triangle between the sixes (more finished) (4)
raven hey (3)mock-sincere (1)a stab back at the back stabber (4)
fall in the spring (2)delirium (3)and we just (2)
..::..LiBrA..::.. (4)specimen and their itty longings (1)little distractions for big problems (3)
letter (7)if i had not been abandoned long wouldn't feel blame them not me.. (5)x-EMPTY WINDOW-x (4)
incomplete (3)six and seven (2)xget wellx (3)
the skies or a better melancholy (2)call her dear..before she break your arms (3)twelve (5)
obscenities in public (5)what it feels like to die (2)i need to fade away (8)
proud of PRIDE (4)its always this way (the same) (2)put to good (ab)use (5)
untitled (4)self sumthin-sumthin (6)less than nothing & more than all (10)
A corpse and a candle and a mirror and a moment (15)the process should not, cannot, and will not repeat (9)


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