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Rob Sparks
September 27
Mountain view
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April 12, 2004
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About Me

About me........   For my best writes check out.. Forgotten Breeze Demons of Life's Devastation Shooting Stars Comfort Maui Shores Code of Silence Washing over Me Overwatching Legacy and my most famous..... Chickenhead I love this Website and look forward to adding all of my poems in here. enjoy the trip because I sure did. Also I enjoy writing poems with others. If you like pm me a stanza or so and lets see where it goes. So far my most read work was written with another it is called Lonely Kiss. It was alot of fun to write and worth the hours we took to do it. Peace Out Rob(Happy)Sparks

American Fiends:                                    Hawaiian Punk                                 Ghosts in the Ashes

1. American Fiends                            1.F$@% the Mainland                      1.Mute

2.Tow Truck Blues                            2.Shooting Stars                             2.Emotional Decay 

3.Poke the Baby                                3.Chickenhead                               3.Time Out

4.Cream Demon                                 4.Sing the Mic.                              4.Die for Me

5.Institution of Narcoticism                 5.Fee Fee                                      5.Front  Door

6.Code of Silence                               6.Showershark                              6.Rookie 

7.Dweller of Darkness                         7.Hawaiian Punk                           7.Holy Corpse

8.Life of the Party                                8.Skunk                                       8.Exhumed/Gravedug

9.Homecoming                                    9.Browneye Baby                         9.Demons:Eyes

10.Stop Wasting my Time                   10.Millenium Sky                          10.Hollowpoint

11.Yesterday's Fool                            11.Carried Away                          11.Washing over Me

12.Angeldust                                       12.Today                                      12.Faceless

                                                                                                                13.Fallen Angel  


Poems: 340 total (0 with awards). View By: Date | Title | Award
Grieving Love :abuse (0)Full Jail Issue (0)Purr-fect Girl (0)
5150/beauty queen (0)Don't eat with dirty hands (0)Broken Door (1)
Your darkness makes me numb (0)This Way (2)Bloodstained Dreams-Lyrics (2)
Ghosts in the Ashes Lyrics 12 in 1 (1)Hawaiian Punk Album Lyrics (1)American Fiends Album 11 in 1 (1)
Gagtizm (1)Poke the Baby (2)Cream Demon (1)
American Fiends (1)Showershark (1)Fee Fee (1)
Institution of Narcoticism (1)Tow Truck Blues (1)Homecoming (1)
Super Hooper (2)Whats Left? (3)Yesterdays Fool (1)
Hawaiian Punk (1)Held Within (4)Streetlights:Persecution (1)
<Untitled> (1)Wisdoms Desire (2)Snowfall (1)
Demons:Curtain Call (2)Statistic (1)Ray of Light (3)
~3~ The Conscience (2)~2~ The Reason (1)~1~ The Plan (3)
Tightroap<<<<< (written with KAREN) (1)Relationship of Honesty (1)Fate of Destiny (2)
Point Well Taken (1)Take it Back (4)Losing my Girl (2)
Refuse (1)Mist in the Breeze (3)Morning Fog (3)
Lies and Evidence (2)Demons:Grave (1)Urgency (3)
Demons:Cravings (1)Assumptions (1)Undefined (4)
Guilt Ridden Misery (1)Need (3)Invitation (1)
Demons:Temptation (1)Devastation (1)Random Deception (1)
Demons:Forgotten Names (1)Demons:Bus Stop (1)Stuck (1)
Unconditional (2)Best Things (2)Demons:Toybox (4)
Hospitality (1)Carnival California (1)Stained Glass (2)
Eyes of Doubt (1)Dying Twice (2)Destiny Alligned (1)
Faded Galaxy (2)Pop the Cork (1)Underdead (2)
Glow (3)remembered (2)Peach of Perfection (1)
browneye baby (1)eyes (2)Hesitation (1)
Sad Confusion (2)In Vain (3)Fall Apart (4)
When (2)Smoke Rings (4)Making you Mine (4)
Drama (10)Demons:Rumors (5)A Stranger in the Dust (4)
2nd Place (2)Combination (2)RED(acrostic-haiku) (2)
Untitled 3 (1)Killing Spree (1)Trip Until I Stumble (2)
The Courtroom (1)Shit Line (0)Ratz (1)
The Losing Side (2)Loose (1)Christ is Dead (2)
Stained (1)Attached (1)Expect what you See (1)
Condemnation (2)untitled 2 (1)Proper Start (2)
untitled (3)Collection of Sadness(Legacy pt 2) (3)Eternal Struggle #3 (1)
Eternal Struggle #2 (3)Eternal Struggle #1 (2)Last Chances (4)
Protection (1)Consumed (2)Truth (2)
Mutalate (3)Down#5 (2)Demons:Torture of Christ (1)
The Days I Love (4)Demons:Strings (1)Island Dream (1)
Down#4 (1)Down#3 (1)Down#2 (1)
Down#1 (4)Burning Down the House (3)My Sin (6)
Melt (1)Lifeless (2)Give me Prozac (3)
Evil Sight (1)Condemned Souls (1)Obsession (2)
HELL-O (2)Serpents Lair (2)Beside my own Demonic Bliss (1)
Thief (1)Fix (2)Run to Cunfusion (1)
Psychedelic (3)W.W.G.G.D (2)Satan Lives in Me (4)
Animal Instincts (1)Demons:Takeover (3)Demons:Scabs (1)
Clutter (5)See No Light (2)Frantic State (1)
Creation Dimension (1)Amserdam (2)Psychotic Krush (1)
Minion (1)Driven (1)Night (3)
Paralyzing Thoughts (1)Love Is...... (4)Ghost (3)
Rehearse (1)Unclear (1)Place of Grace (2)
Lonely Kiss(Duet with Melissa) (3)The Last Time I Cried (4)Road Back to Hell (1)
Over-Again (2)Reward (1)So Many (1)
The devils Chron Deal (1)Wind (3)Same Prize (1)
Uncertainty Unseen (2)Fuck the Mainland (2)Fatass:The stupid Teacher Poem (1)
Repair (1)Washout (2)Blurry Eyes (1)
Obstacles (2)Fallen Stars (1)Insomnia (1)
Goddess (1)Rope (1)Time (1)
Surroundings(acrostic) (1)Demons:Shadows (2)Demons:Faces (2)
Demons:Anguish (1)Somethings Wrong (1)Stung by Life (2)
Crimson Coat (2)Making Sense Of Everything False (2)Eagles in the Sky (2)
Ten Years (2)Stuck in a Hole (2)Carried Away (3)
Spills (2)Lightning on the Sea (3)Code of Silence (4)
Gravedug/Exhumed (1)Hollowpoint (1)Stop Wasting My Time (lyrics) (2)
Demons:Eyes (3)Millenium Sky (3)The Same (1)
Good vs. Evil (3)Slipping Away (1)Shade to Blue (3)
One Last Goodbye (1)Rookie (1)Mute (lyrics) (2)
Die For Me (3)POSSIBLE(acrostic) (2)Overwatching (2)
Wonderful Plan (2)Unity (1)Abandoned Shore (3)
Higher Level (1)AFTER (acrostic) (2)Sugar (2)
Deaf (2)Candlewax (2)Blue (acrostic) (1)
Legacy (1)Disgust (1)Urn (2)
PRAYER (acrostic) (2)Demons Within (1)Would you, Could I (4)
Propaganda (1)Walking Dead (3)Dark Shadows (1)
Timid Lust (1)Insanity Reality (1)Secret Unexplained (1)
For Whatever Reason (1)Foreign suprises (1)Do you want me? (2)
Broken Parts (1)Drag (1)Crimes (1)
Puppet (1)Wanted (1)Standing in the Whispering Rain (1)
Junkie (1)Hidden (1)Demons:Destination-Fate (1)
Confession (1)Unseen (1)Completely Right (1)
Dripdrops (1)Demons:Resent (1)Withstand (1)
Observing my actions (1)Banished (1)Flowing (0)
Fast (0)Molded (1)Bottled up Inside (0)
Smiles of a Kiss (1)Time Out (1)Fallen (2)
Troubles (1)Light Inside The Darkness (1)Holder of my Heart (2)
confined (1)Lie Unforseen (1)Incoming Fate (1)
Noose of Steel (1)Dying is so Hard to do (1)Demons:Rosepedalz (1)
Demons:Hourglass (1)Demons:Transformation (1)Eternal Demons (0)
Demons:Reflections (1)Fatsack (1)Open Wound (1)
Flashes (1)Broken Branch (0)Less than Hell (1)
More? (1)Life of the Party 2(lyrics) (1)Restoration (1)
A Joyous Heart (1)Chickenhead(lyrics) (2)5150(lyrics) (1)
Faceless (1)Front Door (1)Angeldust(lyrics) (1)
Losing the End (1)Pretend 2 live (1)SoulBlood (1)
Teardprops of the Mask (1)Lost in Limbo (1)Visions Within (1)
Unstable (1)Drowned in Disgrace (0)Dearly Departed (1)
watching you (1)Swerve (1)Crawl (1)
Comfort (2)Sweatbeads (0)Halloween Night (1)
Boy Becomes Man (2)Je T'adore (1)Debris (1)
Last of the Light (1)Lost (1)Spiritual Infection (1)
Fire (1)Picture (0)Broken Stars (0)
The Wait (3)Circumstances (1)Behind the door (1)
Expressions of Silence (1)Forever I will (1)Ashes of the damned (1)
Emotional Decay (2)Smiling seasons of the Breeze (2)lncarceration (1)
Isolation (1)Empty Shores (1)Skunk (2)
Pain Relief (2)Shooting Stars (2)Dweller of darkness (1)
Maui Shores (3)Reasons of the secrets (1)Meeting Place (1)
Forgotten Breeze (1)This (1)Life of the Party (1)
Sing the Mic (3)surface (0)Soul Exposed (1)
Regret (1)Washing Over Me (2)Deprived (2)
Demons of lifes Devastation (1)Imagine (1)A Sadness In Your Eye (5)
In Dependence (1)

Favorite Poems
Baby... by Stefanie Davidson
suspicions by melissa
The Image Inside by blackivorykeys


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