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Last Temple Knight
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City of Lost Souls (Not Los Angeles)
State of 'Everyday Living' (Population 1 billion & growing)
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June 7, 2004
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About Me
 Hello, I don't consider myself a typical 'poet', I'm just a writer. I mostly write what I'm feeling or thinking about at any particular time which can be quite random and not necessarily personal or intimately belonging solely to me alone. I sometimes write about things that I have seen or heard about from the people around me. I also do some experimental writing with new styles and forms just to test myself to see if I can do it. If others want to read my work, comment, and/or share their thoughts/feelings, I greatly appreciate the time spent doing any of that. I try to read any and all comments as often as I can, but please be patient if a comment doesn't get a reply right away. The time I have online can be quite very limited due to circumstances beyond my control; basically 'everyday life' can take a toll on anything else. *sigh*
What I write belongs to me; please don't take for anything more than personal viewing and entertainment, but if you see something of interest please ask before using. Thank you so very much for reading and any comments/suggestions given are welcome as well! 
8/31/2014: I'm working at a tiring night shift job while trying to attend online college classes; it would be nice if I could get some rest, but I'm being woke up during my sleep before I can truly 'rest'...
3/16/2015: Still working a hard night shift job, but have stopped attending online classes due to not getting enough sleep and being stressed out most of the time due to the job and several personal and financial issues. :c

Poems: 373 total (3 with awards). View By: Date | Title | Award
Racism -- Acrostic/Non-Fiction (5)Houston - Acrostic/Non-Fiction (1)One Year Later - Acrostic/NonFiction (2)
Angels in Heaven -- Dedications/Family and Friends (4)True Love's Kiss -- Love/Romance (2)Time, Life and Murphy's Law -- Link Poetry (1)
Short Story Sample -- Excerpt / Non-Fiction (1)A Cruel Muse -- Acrostic / Fiction (2)PDAs -- Love / Non-Fiction (1)
Sleep -- Acrostic / Fiction (2)Pure Love Our Sweet Love -- Link Poetry/Fiction (0)Dark is the fate of one so lost -- Depression/Fiction (1)
With These Words -- Free Verse/ Non-Fiction (1)Tears Of Freedom -- Inspirational/Non-Fiction (0)Whisper - Acrostic/Non-Fiction (2)
Last -- Acrostic/Valentine's Day (2)Heart -- Acrostic/Fantasy (0)A Poet & His Muse -- Sedoka/Love (0)
Heart's Muse -- Inspiration/Fantasy (1)Its All About 'Self' -- Ranting/Non-Fiction (0)Guilty -- Acrostic/Fiction (1)
Frost of the Heart -- Broken Hearts/Fiction (2)Unrequited -- Fantasy/Fiction (2)Elephants In The Room -- Observations On Life/Non-Fiction (1)
2015 In Remembrance -- Dedications/Non-Fiction (2)The Storm Within -- Depression/Fiction (1)She Inspires -- Acrostic/Fiction (1)
House Of Cards -- Prose/Non-Fiction (0)Embrace Of My Angel -- Dedications/Non-Fiction (0)Circle -- Observation on Life/Non-Fiction (1)
Unhealing Wounds -- Fiction (1)One Step On A Slippery Slope -- Rants/Venting (0)PAIN -- Acrostic/Non-Fiction (1)
Critical Hit -- Free Verse/Dedications (0)Happy Thanksgiving -- Holiday (0)Sweet Haven -- Love/Fantasy (1)
Cloudy Sky -- Acrostic/Fiction (2)Dat Lovin' Feeling -- Romance/Fiction (0)Enchanting Muse -- Love/Romance (1)
Preciousness Lost -- Broken Hearts/Non-Fiction (1)My Muse -- Love/Romance (2)Politics And The Government -- Quote (2)
No One Will Truly Care -- Free Verse/Fiction (1)Crumbled -- Acrostic/Fiction (0)Joey -- Link Acrostic/Non-Fiction (0)
Haunted House of Oak Avenue - Word Bank for Halloween/Fiction (1)Sweet Rose -- Broken Hearts/Non-Fiction (2)Catch-22 -- Acrostic/Fiction (0)
His Mistress -- Fantasy/Fiction (1)Walking a fine line between despair and hope -- Observations on Life/Non-Fiction (2)Wall of Text -- Acrostic/Fiction (2)
Pumpkin Pie -- Acrostic/Dedications (0)Tender Loving Care -- Fantasy/Fiction (1)Conflicted Heart -- Broken Heart/Fiction (2)
Quiet Refuge -- General/Fiction (2)To Be With Her -- Romance/Fiction (0)Distant Hearts -- Fiction (2)
Love's Embrace -- Fantasy/Fiction (2)Love's Blessing & Cure -- Fantasy/Fiction (2)Dear Friend - Dedications (1)
Suicide -- Acrostic/Fiction (3)Dream's Passion -- Fiction (0)State of Affairs 2015 -- Grim Future Prospects (1)
Muse of Tranquility -- Fantasy/Fiction (1)When helping hurts... -- Observations/Fiction (1)Double Standard -- Rants/Venting (0)
Memories and Feelings -- Observations (2)The Cost Of War -- Sedoka/Non-Fiction (1)Breathe in, Breathe out -- Romance/Fiction (1)
Embrace -- Acrostic (2)Nature's Bounty -- Co-write with Jillian Alexis (0)Those Three Words... -- Fantasy / Fiction (1)
Orphan Hearts' Prison -- Link Poetry / Fiction (1)Demons of the Past -- Observation/Non-Fiction (1)Words -- Observations (1)
Desperation Flight -- Link Poetry/Fiction (1)Night Stalker -- Nightmare/Non-Fiction (1)Loving Romance -- Romantic Fiction (1)
Unrequited Love -- Fiction (2)Within/Without -- Dedications (0)Tears That Flow Freely... -- Non-Fiction (1)
Love's Energy -- Link Poetry (2)*Hindsight* -- Acrostic/Non-Ficton (2)The Manipulators and the Subservient -- Non-Fiction (1)
Happy New Year ~ 2015 (3)New 'Modern Family 2014' -- Essay (1)"De-evolution of Man" or "The Unwanted Undeniable U-turn" -- Observations (1)
Flying High And Free (2)Those Two Words -- Observations (1)The Depth Of The Love's Light -- Non-Fiction (4)
Running On Empty -- Acrostic/Non-Fiction (0)Seeking Hope And Answers In A Troubled Life -- Observations/Non-Fiction (3)Janus-faced 'Friends' -- Short Story/Fiction (1)
Wounded Hearts -- Fiction (0)A Delightful Heart -- Fiction (1)Apology -- Reversible Poetry (2)
A Broken Piece -- Acrostic/Non-Fiction (1)JUNK -- Acrostic/Non-Fiction (0)Forgotten -- Acrostic/Fiction (1)
Love's Healing Grace -- Link Poetry/Fiction (2)A Writer's Heart -- Non-Fiction (1)My Muse -- Self-Observations/Non-Fiction (1)
Why do you not see my point of view? -- Rants/Venting (2)Friend's Trust -- Non-Fiction (2)A Hand Reaches Out For Hope -- Observations/Non-Fiction (5)
Spirit -- Link Acrostic (2)Pure Love -- Link Poetry (2)Love's Dance -- Dedication/Non-Fiction (1)
Allergy Season -- Tetractys/Non-Fiction (2)Winter Rosebud -- Short Story/Fiction (0)Awkward Moments -- Acrostic (2)
For True Love -- Acrostic/Fiction (2)Love/Hate -- Double Acrostic (1)Drip, Drip, Drip -- Acrostic/Non-Fiction (2)
Wish to a Friend -- Haiku Form (2)Regret -- Acrostic/Non-Fiction (3)~True Romance~ -- Link Poetry/Fiction (2)
Romantic Rendezvous -- Fiction (2)His Joy, His Muse -- Fiction (2)Tenderness -- Acrostic/Fiction (2)
Switch - Acrostic/Fiction (1)Broken Promises -- Haiku Sequences/Fiction (3)'Us Versus Them' -- Acrostic/Non-fiction (3)
Faded Pictures -- Acrostic (2)Hypocrites -- Free Verse (2)State of Affairs 2014 -- Racial Profiling In America (2)
Inspirational Friend -- Free Verse (2)Tonya -- Acrostic/Non-Fiction (2)Hope Floats -- Fiction (2)
Weakness -- Free Verse (3)Poison -- Fiction (1)Return To Life - Link Acrostic (0)
Fallen Idol -- Acrostic/Fiction (2)Lint Upon Your Very Soul - Acrostic/Fiction (1)*Tainted Love and Desire* -- Fiction (6)
Misunderstood - Acrostic/Fiction (1)The Horror... - Short Story/Fiction (0)My Avatar - Acrostic (0)
'Honest Feelings' - Reverse Tetractys/Fiction (2)Find Your Path - Acrostic (2)A Wish To Friends (2)
~ Spring Days and God's Humor ~ (5)Heart - Link Acrostic (5)Sweet & Amazing Your Kiss - Palindrome / Fiction (5)
That Lovin' Feeling - Acrostic (3)Heaven's Window ~ Co-write with Glata ~ (4)The Night of 'Him'... - Story Starter Challenge ~Glata~ (4)
Angels on Earth ~ Co-write With Glata ~ (4)Save Me - Link Acrostic/Fiction (4)My Everything... - Free Verse/Fiction (4)
Calling Out To Love - Acrostic/Fiction (5)Angels of Mercy - Dedication (8)Shadow Lurkers - Fiction (4)
Falling In Love - Acrostic (5)Muse Of Romance (5)Dreaming of Hope (5)
Broken Hearted (5)Free Verse - Acrostic (3)Useless Person - Acrostic (3)
Finding 'Me' (5)To my mom - From my heart (9)My Angel, My Muse -- Double Etheree (5)
So far, yet so close -- Double Mirror Oddquain / Fiction About contains a digital article (3)Life Quote -- Anonymous (6)Faded Journal -- Link Acrostic / Fiction (4)
Quest for Love -- Crown Oddquain/Fiction About contains a digital article (3)Dark Warrior -- Acrostic (4)Communications (5)
Her face... -- For Mothers (5)Petty People in High Places -- Short Ranting (4)Hope, Faith, and Love -- Acrostic/Short Story (3)
Serenity (6)Falling Rain -- Fiction (2)Starburst -- Acrostic (2)
Falling -- Love/Fiction (5)Love Light -- Fiction (5)Clean Fingernails (3)
With Hope and Faith -- Cowrite with the talented Glata (4)Iolo, Rune Knight (2)Tainted Relations: Andrew & Rose (2)
Broken -- Fiction (2)Eyes Closed, Heart Open (5)Calling on an Angel -- Crown Sedoka (8)
Tears of a Star (7)Broken Pieces -- Acrostic (5)Within (5)
Muse -- Free Verse (6)<*~My Goddess Divine~*> (4)Rose -- Acrostic (3)
Faded Picture -- Acrostic (5)Selfishness -- Fiction (4)From a distance... -- Fiction (5)
Fiction and Non-Fiction (8)Glass Heart (8)Dream Anxiety (4)
Sadness Within -- Fiction (7)Dark Tower Watch -- Acrostic/Legend (5)OMG Theatre Presents: Lola and Amanda (2)
My Bed, The Temptress -- Dorsimbra / Humor About contains a digital article (5)Arms Wide Open (5)Heart's Desire -- Dorsimbra About contains a digital article (3)
Dear Friend -- Acrostic (5)Angels on Earth (6)Sing Sweet Valentine -- Lyrics (8)
Thirty five minutes pass noon... -- Fiction (3)Distant -- Rictameter (3)Succubus -- Sedoka (3)
Searching -- Pantoum (3)Personal Space -- Reverse Mirror Tetractys (2)Father/Son -- Haiku Sequence (4)
Search for the 'Real Thing' -- Tetractys Sequences (4)7 % -- Link Poetry (6)Collateral Damages (6)
"Leap of Faith" -- Haiku Form (3)Muse's Embrace -- Harrisham Rhyme / Fiction (6)Midnight Ponderings -- Kyrielle (5)
Alone -- Reverse Tetractys/ Fiction (5)Mother Earth (5)Remarkable YenruoJ -- Alphbetic/Boustrophedon Style (4)
Beauty -- Rictameter (6)Modern Life -- Double Tetractys (5)"When love is not welcome..." -- For a friend (6)
Happy Birthday Sensual Sorceress! (6)Elevator -- Humor (4)I don't want to play anymore -- Quatern (4)
January Second -- Acrostic (4)A question for anyone -- Quote (6)Deficiency of Empathy (4)
Uncertainties & Reservations (3)Love's Complications -- Fiction (4)Merry Xmas to all! (6)
Christmas Night -- Humor/Lyrics (3)Anonymous Quote on friends (4)Our Bed -- Fiction (6)
December 15th -- For Glata & Adri (7)From a conversation at work -- Quote (4)Dreaming Dreams (3)
True Strength -- For Vee (9)Slechts Dessert -- Humor (1)An unspoken dream (4)
Blurred Lines -- Rant/Venting (4)'Everyday Life' -- Swap Quatrain (6)Hate the playa and the game -- Venting (6)
Super Boobie & Cattleprod Joe verses Jerry Springer, Part II -- Cowrite with the wonderful Glata (3)Playa Playa -- Venting (5)Emotional Distress -- Fiction (2)
One thing is said, but another is done... -- Quote (1)"The 11th Hour" or "Tears from Gaia, Earth's Spirit" (3)With Only You (3)
Touch me, Hold me, and Caress me (7)Changes -- Haiku (3)Pilgrims, The Mayflower, and The New World -- Humor (2)
I thought I could trust you -- Quatern/Fiction (10)Emcumberance -- Fiction (4)First Love Lost -- Fibonacci Sequence style (8)
ill-fated bond -- Link Acrostic (3)A Rare Smile -- Non-fiction (6)Into Chaos Fall I -- Link Acrostic - Fiction (3)
The Mystic Forest -- Short Story Acrostic (3)California -- Extended Haiku (7)"God's Accidental Miracle" or "Who turned on the lights?" -- Fiction (10)
Demon Slayer -- Halloween (4)Empathy or Weakness -- Quote (4)My Muse -- Acrostic (6)
June Mermaid -- Link Acrostic (3)Internet Indignation -- Rant (5)Her Contempt -- Free Verse (5)
Those with dream big, those without dream bigger -- Quote (3)Lost in Transistion (3)Endearing Love -- Triolet (4)
Her Love -- Free Verse (7)Help From Friends -- Nonet (5)One Moment - - Song Lyrics, Edit (4)
Out Of Reach (1)Overcoming Fear -- Terza Rima (5)Alex & Anna -- Explicit/ Romance (1)
Remnants About contains a digital article (4)Alex and Anna -- Explicit/Humor (1)Wrath of Chaos (4)
Mother and Child (6)Unseen Terror (9)Backdoor Knocking -- Acrostic (2)
Stumbling standing up (3)Trial of the Heart -- Rewrite (3)A Challenge In Doing (6)
Happy -- Acrostic (6)Love, Love, Love; Kyrielle and Acrostic -- Cowrite with my wonderful and dear friend Glata (6)Thirty minutes pass noon... -- Fiction (3)
Sweet -- Triple Acrostic, Modified (4)So lost (4)Remember me always... -- Acrostic (6)
House or home -- Extended Haiku (6)*~Romantic Rescue & Love's Hope~* (2)A Survivor's Heart -- Sedoka (6)
A Mother's Love -- Sedoka (6)Tonya -- Unique Acrostic (5)Discovering Hope - A to Z -- Cowrite with my wonderful friend Glata! (4)
He's not his father's son... (4)I thought I could trust you -- Fiction (4)Slug Snot Computer Connections -- Cowrite with the talented and beautiful Glata! (3)
*~Loving Romance & Passionate Desire~* (5)Trial of the Heart (5)Lustful Fantasy -- Erotica (4)
Dark Towers -- Acrostic (5)*~Passion & Desire~* (4)Wind blown and Time tested (6)
A Bit of Cold Truth... -- Quote (3)An Empathetic Heart (6)No rest for me... (5)
Future's Hope (3)Love's Epic Journey -- Synchronicity About contains a digital article (2)The Outsider -- Acrostic (3)
Flow of Life -- Acrostic (3)Fiction or soon to be truth? -- Line of Duty About contains a digital article (3)Ain't There Too -- Acrostic (3)
Living In Finite Existence (2)Unseen Rain -- Calender (4)Not goodbye, just get lost -- Venting on the run (6)
Distant, Distant, Distant -- Acrostic (4)My Bed About contains a digital article (5)Driftin' along... (7)
Fiction or soon to be truth? -- Love's Defiance (5)Today's State of Affairs (5)The Bond of Friendship (4)
Michael of Darch Street -- Short Story (4)Metal Box of Doom! -- Jim's Dialouge Challenge (3)Love or Wishful thinking? (8)
Helpless (3)Light of Friendship -- CoWrite with the wonderfully talented Glata (6)Love's Welcoming -- Dorsimbra (4)
In her arms -- Palindrome (6)*Eternal Nightmare* -- Story Starter Challenge Revisited (3)Lost Without Thought -- Kyrielle (3)
After The Battle -- Dorsimbra About contains a digital article (5)The Journey of My Mind's Eye (5)Those three words (6)
Lost In Translation (5)Where the Wild Raspberry Grows -- Cowrite with JimiBlue (3)Midnight Angel -- Co-write with Glata (4)
Temple's Lake -- Jim's short story challenge (2)Red Rose -- Glata's story starter challenge (5)The strangers we know... -- Queens1 Story Starter Challenge (5)
Lighthouse --Link Acrostic (4)Indignation -- Acrostic (1)The Gift -- Link Acrostic for Glata (2)
Love's Bond -- Monotetra About contains a digital article (10)Online Friends -- Song Lyrics (6)Tears Within -- Free Verse (7)
Birthday Joy ~ for Sensual Sorceress (6)'The Shadow Man' -- Story Starter Challenge (3)It began with a birth... -- An Alphabetic Link Acrostic (10)
The Gast Family Tradition -- Cowrite with JimiBlue (4)*Between the two Of Us* ~~ Cowrite with the amazing and wonderful Glata (2)Super Boobie & Cattleprod Joe verses Jerry Springer -- Cowrite with Glata (1)
Hot John & Hot Jim! (7)He said, she said - they said (7)The Adventures of Cattleprod Joe and Super Boobie! - - Cowrite with Glata a.k.a Super Boobie (5)
Reinventing Me (35)Then and Now... ~Politicos Gone Wild~ (3)My Muse, My Love (11)
King Jimi Blue's Grand Speech -- A Dragonwyck Tale (4)Zombie Invasion of Local Library - Short Story (4)Her dream? - Word Bank (3)
Eva Monte Claire, CPA - Word Bank (3)Gateway To Destiny - Co-Write with Glata (4)Forgotten Sins - Word Bank (4)
~A Moment In Time~ -- Co-Write with Glata (2)~Midnight Meeting~ - Co-Write with Sensual Sorceress (3)Haunted House of Oak Avenue - Word Bank for Halloween (3)
Loving Bond - Sedoka (2)Liquid Dreams - Sijo (2)If only... Poem contains a digital article (3)
Disgusting and Tasteless Acrostic (2)

Favorite Poems
Watercolors by Helen
A to Z or is that Z to A !!! by Lady Dragonwyck
I Write Because.... by Liquid Poetess
Forbidden Love by SavanahB
The Crystal City by WilliamGoldenpen
My Comfort Zone by blackivorykeys
Obsession- acrostic by Henry M.
Super Boobie & Cattleprod Joe verses Jerry Springer -- Cowrite with Glata by Last Temple Knight
Confession by Adri
Entangled Emotions by leahlopez
Heated Love by Adri
A Girl's Best Friend-Glata's Challenge by QuiltingLady
Love, Love, Love; Kyrielle and Acrostic -- Cowrite with my wonderful and dear friend Glata by Last Temple Knight
Len Wilson's...Let It Burn Til It's Done by Joe Petro
Dear Last Temple Knight by Lady Dragonwyck
Proving Grounds by Ryoko
~*~ONE MOMENT WITH YOU~*~ by VizualEnsemble
Dreams Unshaded by Valerie Roberts
A Walk in the Park by Glata
Ill Give You The World by Tiff
Needs A Title by Mike
Swan song by Fred Clark
Favorite Authors
She Whispers
Lady Dragonwyck
Devilish Minx
Leonard Wilson
Liquid Poetess
Sensual Sorceress
Moon Fairy
Pamela A. Lamppa


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