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Aidan Jojhenson
June 04
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May 12, 2004
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Never trust your instincts, only trust the guy who made them. (^^^^^^)

Bonjour!  I 'm a student at the University of Montana who loves to sing read, write, and most of all.... uhm, I'm not sure what I love to do most of all... I shall have to find out some day.  But I like to do things! Yes, I quite enjoy to travel, and I intend to travel as much as possible until I die.  I also love languages which helps in my travelling endeavor.  I also love to just be in the world God made for us, exactly the way it is, the way it was, and the way it changes.  If He didn't intend for us/it to change, then we never would have made it to the ipod.  wahoo. Oh! and Food.  I reeeally like food.  My advanced rhetorical composition and analyzation course is completely devoted to food- well, writing about it in thousands of different aspects.  huzzah.  Well, yes indeed that is a small bit of me.  I'm happy to chat though I can't gaurantee I will be on to respond regularly. 
Bon voyage!  Well.. to me, hopefully.. :)

Poems: 269 total (1 with awards). View By: Date | Title | Award
Simply Starting at the End (0)Standing in the Cold (8)Little People (3)
To the Beginning, To the End (2)It Hurts (2)finding peace (4)
The Lord's Prayer (1)Songs of Protest (4)A Beseechment of Love (1)
or compassion (2)Shadows of Light (1)Imagination (1)
Dance (1)Every Night I Cry (2)Mathalia (2)
Fair Juliet and Romeo (2)A Heart to Hold (13)Get To Know You (2)
Memory (2)Sensations of Words (1)Simple Reasons (2)
Hypocrite (1)Living Life (2)Still So Quiet (2)
The Girl Who Loved To Sing (2)Hate? (0)All of my Love (1)
Good Friends (2)Lonely Heart (2)Heart Fire (1)
Lonely Eyes (3)To Mother.... (1)Adventure (1)
Flashback (0)True Love's Song (1)No Longer Safe (2)
How Can We (war) (0)My Choice (1)Gone To That Place (2)
Love Song (1)Slapping People With Fishes (and rubber duckies) (0)Haiku of Treasures (2)
sing with me a lulluby (3)Puzzled Life (1)What is wrong (1)
What?? (1)Not Fun and Games (for that butthead) (1)journey with God (3)
The Sun and Shadows (2)Prayer (1)to the little girl with no dream (0)
One More Friend.. Lost (3)Who Are You? (0)These School Days (0)
Life Is Beautiful (1)Losing You (2)The Blob (0)
Horrid woman power (0)Haiku of the Sky (2)Haiku of Love (1)
Mystery (1)I am what I am (0)Lost Little Girl (0)
Just when I am with you (2)why can't I cry? (2)I believe in myself (1)
A Dawning Miracle (1)Last Left Standing (0)Sweet Thoughts (0)
Do They Really Understand (3)Edge of Our Imagination (3)I miss the ways of you (3)
No Worries (3)untitled story ( short (0)Logan (start, chap I, part II) (long) (0)
Why God, Why ( Gregory Part I ) (0)Hell (0)Gone (2)
Do you remember when we were young (2)lullaby (1)Disgrace (1)
Temptations (1)Imagining What I Could Do (1)Stuck (1)
Unknown (0)Unknown (2)Mind's Eye (0)
I Wish We'd All Been Ready (0)why do you treat me like this (3)Food (0)
Love of Life (0)Le lune dans le nuit (0)Freedom (1)
Failure (a one page 'story?') (0)Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge (3)Untitled (0)
Untitled (0)My Land of Hope (2)Where Did It All Go (2)
New Life (3)My Time To Reflect (1)Nothing (1)
Heart (1)My Door (0)US (0)
This Veil (1)I need her NOW (3)Sad (1)
Deep (0)I Am A Rose (4)Is that me? (0)
Heart And Mind (0)What Did I Do? (0)Don't Wither Away (1)
The Man of Naverone (0)Sleep (1)I Was A Fish (2)
I Am Here (1)My Sunshine (1)Priceless Moments (3)
Untitled (0)Just Shouldnt've Cried (0)Just Take Me Away (0)
Imagine (1)True Friends (0)My Prayer (0)
My Reflection (0)Untitled (0)Music (1)
Untitled (0)Hush Little Baby (0)Untitled (2)
I Love You (1)Window Heart (0)Heartless Goodbyes (0)
Flying Free (0)How Can It Be (0)January (1)
Not Perfect (For Alex) (2)Untitled (1)Last Call (0)
I Cannot Stop This Love (1)My Pain (0)I Am Here (2)
Never Forget Your Family (1)Hide Away (1)Tsunami Vacation (2)
elegance in simplicity (2)Eve of Deception (2)You know it's there (2)
The Dance (0)The Crying Bird's Song (2)Watery Song (1)
So Glad! (0)My Pride and Joy (0)Time (1)
When will he come (2)They don't know (2)going, coming (1)
Start (2)My little treasures (1)What I hear, What I know (0)
No more, No less (0)Last Days (1)HEY! (4)
True love's kiss (1)I was Unknown (1)Penguin and more (2)
IF (0)The Moon (0)Just Me (1)
Fear (0)The Ring (1)That that is (0)
Words (2)Do they (1)Untitled (0)
Lost (2)What (1)Can I.. (1)
Halloween Hosts (1)I love how.. (1)Wonderful Seasons (1)
The Greatest Friends (3)How can they not see (0)I dreamed a dream (1)
A Dream, that was not mine (1)I Love Him (1)not titled- please look (0)
On the sixth day... (1)My Hurricane Heart (2)On the first day... (0)
Send Me a Dream (1)I don't know what love is (0)temptation and the end (0)
How I Wish I Could Fly (1)It Does Not Judge (5)I Had a Little Brother (4)
Eyes in the Darkness (1)That Night, I Was Special (2)One's Love (0)
Questions (1)Not What it Seems (1)Sunset Dreams (2)
Shadow's Web (2)Mirror, Mirror (3)The Romantic Place (2)
Different (0)Secret Signs (0)Shades of Broken Glass (0)
Random (2)Lonely (1)One Step at a Time (0)
The Days of Life (2)random card poems (1)What I See (1)
My Best Friend (2)My Room (0)When we dream... (0)
uhh- ha- more quotes (0)Free? (0)for love or money (0)
Empty of Concience (1)Sweetless Nothings (4)Fame (1)
Do I Believe (1)Ever? (1)Unfinished (3)
uh- just some quotes of mine my friend said I should put (2)trapped (3)Please (1)
Stupid Computer (7)Steal the Stars (4)Touch the Moon (1)
There is a Time (1)I leave (0)What is Love? (1)
Tree (0)L O V E (1)Just smile (3)
Is your life so short (0)The secret- the answer (0)Rain down on us (1)
Limerick of Love (1)He (0)Something to look forward to (0)
Do you dare (0)kind of a valentines day card... (1)Rain Storm (2)
Good Times (0)They say (1)Life (1)
favorite things (2)the sound of love (2)my own definitions (0)
some people (0)Midnight thunderstorms (3)To seek what you wish (0)
to wish upon a star (4)whatszit (2)the grump (0)
Loving you (4)Wonderful (2)What is (1)
for Martin Luther King (1)Understanding understanding (1)Dreams (3)
Passing On (2)One Alone (3)

Favorite Poems
Me by
I Could Be Cute, But.... by Hannah Mae
Searching by Eli D.
Hidden Paths by Andrew Rymill
Breaking The Walls by Hannah Mae
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear by Carolina
dallas underground by A.P.
Gone Are The Days... by Hannah Mae


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