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September 22
United States
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July 4, 2004
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About Me
Always Smile
100 Things you always wanted to know about me.
1. My full name is Jaclyn Rene Ellis.
2. I was born in Sc, But raised in East Tn.
3. I'm extremely emotional.
4. I'm not afraid to cry.
5. I'm a firm believer that time heals most wounds.
6. I give my heart away easily.
7. I love the feeling of being in love.
8. I'm a bit of a geek, I love to read.
9. I love to be listened to.
10. I love to listen to other people.
11. I'm very observant.
12. Thunderstorms scare me.
13. I'm often a jealous person, but hide it very well.
14.I'm not afraid of dying, I'm afraid of dying young.
15.I Feel like I'm going to die young.
16. Sometimes I laugh at inappropriate times to hide my real emotions.
17. I live in the past too much
18. I love mushy/gushy romance movies & stories.
19. I can be the nicest girl you'll ever meet, but also one of the meanest.
20. I'm easily entertained.
21. I never want to grow up.
22. Yet, I want to get married and have kids.
23. I have exactly 2 best friends.
24. I trust people too easily.
25. I'm bad at break-ups.
26. I'm not a very confident person.
27. I have been in love. ( Theres nothing more I hate worse than someone telling me how I feel.)
28. I've had my heart broken many times ( thus referring to #6)
29. My Favorite food is a Pals hot-dog ( chili, ketchup and onions)
30. I analyze too much.
31. I need a man who isn't afraid to show how he really feels.
32. Im generally a Happy person, I always try to be optomistic about the situation.
33. I am like neither of my parents. ( despite what they say)
34. I'm afraid of being like my mother.
35. I hate dissapointing other people.
36. Their feelings ALWAYS come first.
37. I get stressed out easily.
38. I've been known to have a nervous breakdown or two.
39. I love to play silly card games ( go fish, old maid,  war)
40. I am not a sore loser.
41. I love the National Geographic channel.
42. I adore animals.
43. I love my family.
44. I will always be there for my friends.
45.I'm working on not being easily influenced.
46. I'm a sucker for brown eyes.
47.I believe in love at first sight.
48.Im not a patient person, Im trying.
49. I can have just as much fun laying in bed watching a movie, as I can  going out and partying.
50. I love to cuddle.
51. I sleep better with someone next to me.
52. I cry when I see homeless people, or less unfortunate.
53. I try not to take things for granted.
54. I'm a free bleeder. ( If I get a little cut, it pours blood. )
55. I HATE change.
56. I overthink things, way too much.
57. I love country music. ( I also love rock- weird combo right?)
58. I love the mountains.
59. My favorite movie is con-air.
60. I tent to become "Attatched"
61. It's not easy for me to 'let go'.
62. My mom and I are extremly close.
63. If something doesn't challenge me, I don't try. ( very sad quality)
64. I love making other people smile, or smiles in general.
65. I love doing and receiving romantic gestures.
66. I've never been the life of a party.
67. Even when I'm drunk I feel like I'm boring.
68. I often kick myself for things I didn't say.
69.I wish I could spend more time with my grandparents.
70. I want to run away to California.
71.When people look at me, I'm not quite sure what they see.
72. I'll  be 16 in September, I can't wait.
73. I've never been cheated on, or cheated on someone.
74.I know how to work a room.
75. I know how to get what I want out of most people.
76. It frustrates me when I don't understand something.
77. I have a good Idea of what I want to do with my life.
78. A good book is always better than a good movie.
79. I love the people in my life, They make everything worth while.
80. I am very Thankful to have what I have.
81. I've had surgery once, It wasn't too bad.
82. I feel like I'm 15 going on 35 sometimes.
83. I have a big Imagination.
84. I'm afraid of failing.
85. I love to read and write poetry.
86. I want to jump out of a plane.
87. I'm terrible at Goodbye's ( there's nothing GOOD about them)
88. EVERYTHING is a learning expieriance.
89. I'm a worry wart.
90. I can't hold a grudge.
91. I don't sleep well because I think too much.
92. I love rain.
93. I used to want to be a veterenarian, I changed my mind.
94. I'm terrible at learning foreign languages.
95. I am a procrastonater (sp?)
96. The world intrigues me.
97. My feet get cold very easily.
98. I don't think before I speak, wich is weird since thinking is all I do.
99. I often play the role of a "door mat" , I'll let  you walk all over me.
100. I will allow other people's actions to change me in a positive way, but I will not allow other people's actions change me in a negative way.

Poems: 75 total (0 with awards). View By: Date | Title | Award
you might like the way i hold you, but i never hold too tightly (2)Foolish Girl (1)A Silver Conscience (0)
Refuse me Compassion (2)Your best role (0)Living in The Past (2)
Acceptance (1)To Feel, To Love, To Hurt (0)... (0)
untitled (1)Tranquility (0)My Letter To You ( a real letter I plan on giving someone) (1)
My Lake of Dreams (0)He Realised (2)(story) (1)
The Writing on My Wall (2)"See you later" (0)Night Sky (0)
What Have We Become? (1)Nothing More and Nothing Less (0)Useless and Forgotten (0)
For My Uncle Richard (0)Amber's Poem (0)This Shield (0)
I Believe (0)If (0)Thanks, Pretty (1)
I Tried (0)The Perfect Guy (4)Bj (0)
California (0)Just Friends (1)Speechless (1)
messes (0)~All innocence lost~ (2)invisable world (1)
~~>.Dreams. (1)..Mistakes.. (0)**FooLish** (0)
Goodnight..Good morning (0)Right or Wrong (1)Its time to tell you (0)
i forgive you (0)Criticize me.. (2)~Shattered Angel~ (7)
~..Listen To My Thoughts..~ (0).::.::..Can You See Me..::.::.. (0)I Gotta Pretend (1)
"Frustrated" (2)LONG overdue.. (0)Just another Peice of Food (4)
She Fights For U (0)..::..A..Fairy.-Tale.::.. (1)Dad..:( (2)
.::B.R.O.K.E.N.::.. (3)¤*-Trying to Find Me-*¤ (0)*??-How much Time-??* (0)
~Memories~ (0)Another Time & Another Place (0)¤The Girl with In¤ (13)
JUST Jackie :) (5)think of me (1)¤Things Like This Happen Everyday¤ (19)
Im afraid to say... (0)keep your eyes forward (0)Why Couldn't I see???? (1)
Seems Like I Always Fall Short Of Bein Good Enough (1)ThE sTarT! (0)Someone Who Loves Me.. (0)
Underneath The Mask (2)All About you (1)Strong enough (1)
Times Like These (0)"I Hope" (1)I Still Think About you... (1)

Favorite Poems
Devils Pawn~3A by James Lagoski
Gas Man by Timespell
Did You? by Cherie
My Girl by Vinay
Goodnight, God by Logan
Where I Belong by Liquid Poetess
a kiss in the rain by sweet vanilla


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