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March 25
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July 28, 2004
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"The cradle rocks above an abyss, and common sense tells us that our existence is but a brief crack of light between two eternities of darkness." -Vladimir Nabokov


I am Afraid


You say that you love rain,


but you open your umbrella when it rains...


You say that you love the sun,


but you find a shadow spot when the sun shines...


You say that you love the wind,


but you close your windows when wind blows...


this is why I am afraid;


you say that you love me too...


~ William Shakespeare ~

 A human being is a part of a whole, called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest... a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.   - Albert Einstein 

Poems: 211 total (0 with awards). View By: Date | Title | Award
Melancholy Wishes (3)Romance Via Text Message (3)Supposedly (9)
Tried (2)He Doesn't Know (11)Don't (16)
Had I/Had You (6)Maybe-but I Doubt It (2)It Seems (2)
Why not "us"? (3)meaning (6)here you are again (6)
lust (4)He wakes up (10)not mine, but pretty (1)
In My Dreams (16)he hates me (8)keep poking (4)
don't worry (5)hide it (3)QUIET (2)
pictures (7)confusion (2)Don't Mind My Tears (1)
pushed aside (1)To: (the one) (2)not aware (1)
closing in on me (1)...had to turn the other way... (1)havin' you (3)
wish you could be here (4)questions (2)exhaled (2)
love is dead (6)shyness-strip it (?) (4)offering (2)
overwhelmed (1)cadillac2mexico (6)away from me (1)
(no title...bout my boys) (3)Looking Back (1)done all this before (3)
if you only knew me (3)just a thought (4)Pick You Up & Move You (2)
I Don't Even Miss You (1)Scattered (2)too many changes (2)
your own miserable place (1)these thoughts (4)good reason (4)
most ugly dream (5)scared to close my eyes (3)looking foward (3)
crashed (4)my sweet little ones (4)unworthy (4)
sorry (3)this love (5)Baby Boys (6)
alive (3)alone consumes/when inside (7)because of you (6)
standing (7)russian beauty queen (1)oh god!! (2)
mistletoe (1)so far away (1)BAD LOVE!! (2)
BUG-A-BOO (1)LIFE AND YOU (4)A Lonely Street (3)
Pale Pink Roses (3)numb (5)abuse of my past (3)
START OVER (3)So Sad Am I (3)Fallen (7)
inside me (4)Never Have You (3)hush (6)
lost and backward (6)completely (4)My Heart Isn't Here (2)
i need to cum (6)I Only Wish (4)under his spell (3)
Love Goodnight (4)Let Me Take You (4)MY DREAMS (1)
"I" (4)falling off the shelf (2)This Pretty Bubble (1)
I Like This Feeling Best (3)breathe in (5)no regret (2)
ONE WAY TO HOLLYWOOD (2)a little lift from my angel (2)To Be in Love (9)
So Dreary (3)Every Earthly Thing (3)Can't Be Found (2)
The Stars Are Falling (1)losing blood (5)my brother (3)
i never (3)So Alone (4)Together (1)
I Look & Then I'm Done (2)Goodbye (1)Play the Songs (3)
My Day (2)Sticks and Stones (3)You Lost (1)
I Need You (5)I'm Not Alone (2)Fall, Again, For You (3)
Parting Ways (3)Fade to Black (3)You Ruined My Monday (4)
Unending Love (4)Time Tested Beauty Tips (4)it only hurts a little (2)
Imagine That (5)Pretty (3)adoption (cause i can't think of a title) (3)
Conquer All the World (5)I Was Once Called Squirt (8)In My Dreams (6)
Pretty Little Girl (1)fluttering heartbeat (4)Close My Eyes (4)
Destiny (3)PAYDAY (3)Don't Be Mad at Me (2)
My Window (4)Save Me Now (4)Seeing My Reflection (8)
Memories (4)Waking Up to You (1)angry, hateful poem to my ex (2)
Little Ones (7)dreaming hearts (4)My Wish (3)
Picking Up the Pieces (2)This Morning (2)Take Me to Arizona (2)
HOW (1)Come On, Kris! (1)Little Girl, 6 years Old (5)
My Rock (7)LIGHTEN UP (4)JAGGED (3)
Get Outta Here (1)about dreaming... (1)Where Are You (1)
My Kind Of Chaos (1)All I Wanna Do Is Sleep (2)ONE (2)
Hold On (1)Differently (3)(you're also a bedhog!!) (4)
Would You Let Me (3)INVITATION (2)My Thoughts, They Wandered, and My Body Proceeded (6)
Be At Peace, Love (3)Your Artwork (3)Last Night (6)
FAKE (4)Soon, I'm Going Home (1)The Morning After (7)
Apology (4)Distance Killed Us (2)World So New (3)
He Forgot (3)Silence (8)if tomorrow comes without me (3)
LIFE (3)You (again) (3)My Own Worst Foe (6)
I Missed You (0)Here's Your Reasons (2)Shooting Star (8)
Poetic Pimp (4)Lifetime Too Late (3)Truly Mine (2)
Where I Was (1)So Unseen (3)Everything You Are (1)
You (1)Cast Away My Sun (2)The Other Girl (1)
CONFESSION (3)I Wish You'd Wake Up (1)Silly Me (4)
stoned (2)So Much To Give (7)Knowing Me/My Body's Yours (3)
Prince Charming Act (8)i'd rather be all alone (2)Let Me In (11)
Shattered Reflections (thanks Misty!!) (8)FOREVER (2)I Cannot Love You (6)
I Could Never (5)Lovely Music (4)the end of us (2)
My Baby (5)Say "You Are My Friend" (4)My Tounge (7)
Cry Silently (15)


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