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Thank You for reading

Here are the four noble truths of poetry writing:

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. - Helen Keller The heart has its reasons, of which the mind knows nothing." -- Blaise Pascal  It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye. - Antoine de Saint Exupery Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye. --H. Jackson Brown Jr

 Now write your poems my dear friends:

Poems: 477 total (0 with awards). View By: Date | Title | Award
A Sparrow With Awkward Wing (3)No Longer does this world believe (1)Weaving Blessings (1)
Flying Seeds (2)Starve Of The Dark (2)Who shall Draw the child? (1)
To Friends (1)Persona’s Bicycle (3)Poets Must clean up After Unicorns (3)
Unamed Countries (2)Etched Into A Empty Paper (3)In Fields of Endless Stars (5)
Moon Drinking (2)Stars To Distant (3)Gentle Storm (3)
Discarded Garments (2)When Names Escape (2)A Tooth Buried (1)
How I Speak (5)Bad Poet (5)Losing One’s Nose (3)
When Dead Egyptians Dream Of Pyramids (2)On The Corner Of Lines (2)The Prophecy Of Desserts (4)
The Chamber Of A Pen (4)A Name (2)For we are the things that abandon us. . (2)
In The Gleam Of Moment (3)the proverbs of washing (4)poems without wings (4)
Night Sky (4)Borrowed To Read (2)another flavor (1)
Spell Of Your Lips (4)In Memoriam For Pastor Larry Allbaugh (2)When words spill (1)
On The Corner Of lines (2)bobbing on the ivory (2)The Boundaries (2)
Strength Beyond Midnight (2)The Surface Of Our Skin Listen To Poem (4)No Path Desired (5)
nonconformance (3)Trains And Bee Keppers (4)A Peculiar Change (4)
opposite meaning (4)Attends To My Breathing (4)Omens unimportant (3)
Life Drawing (2)End Day Mazes (3)Rib And Star (2)
Words And Bread (4) Thoughts Of Snowflakes (2)Walk Through Petals (3)
Love Song For Ursa Minor (5)Unable To Make A Peep (3)Honeycomb (2)
trains hide trains (4)Be Without Leaves (3)The Roof Of Your Desire (3)
Slicing An Apple (4)Gentle Storm (3)Take It Home In A Glass Jar (4)
The Naked Moonlight (4)Orbs Of My Eyes (3)Impermanent Air (3)
Roofs And The Steeples (3)Let Our Love Be As A Pumpkin (3)Word Kitten (4)
Spaces Of My Ribs (4)Puberty (2)To Study the Sky (3)
Song For A Tree (2)Subtract The Lesser Planets (6)Of Winged Horses (4)
my skin are letters (3)Nouns and verbs into our ears. (2)Not Enough To Make A Difference (3)
untrodden (6)For An Artist (5)what do you see? (4)
Another’s Memory (3)Empty World (4)Vanishing Point Of Words (3)
foretells its own roots (1)Word robin (3)On The Buds Of My Dreams (4)
portending leaves (2) Losing Illumination (2)Your Acceptance (2)
Fruit Of Sweet Satin Lips (2)Preemptions In Thin Circles (2)Winter Within (2)
Light Always Finds (6)Adorn Me With Forgetfulness (2)Poor Mouse (1)
The Wind Child's Riddle (3)Season of Flesh Or Spirit? (5)speak a winged horse (4)
counting ribs (3)Nursery Rhythm For A Mad Man (3)spiteful cages (2)
Winter's Dragons (2)cannot abide (4)World Within World (2)
Swallow Rainstorms (2)For A Stranger (3)My Silence Embraces Your Speaking (2)
Such A Tide (5)The Riddle Of The Creature (2)Girl With An Owl T- Shirt (2)
Overturned Barrel (1)History Class (2)Unwrap Thoughts (1)
Holes Of My Pockets (2)Thorns (2)Harm not winds of night (2)
To Poets (5)Stones And Smoothness (2)Through Bare Windows’ (3)
When Lions Speak Of Sparrows (5)Prayer In Darkness (1)Paper Temple (3)
Soundless Symbols (0)Kindness (3)This Autumn That You Have Given Me (5)
In Another Lips (1)New Consternations (1)Monk like ways. (4)
Curves Of Perception (3)Empty Trains (4)Among the Trees (4)
In the closet that Held one Book (3)Gruel of my ideas (1)Leaves of my thoughts (2)
Under The Merest Leaf (1)Words Of My Labors (1)Gryphon Games (1)
Ink In Snow (1)The Little Ones (1)What is unspoken (2)
What Do Words Hold? (2)In the cathedral of the sun (5)Forgotten Dreams (4)
Tree Of Passion (5)Dark Passages (2) Dried In Passage (1)
Be Forgotten (1)Days Of Fire And Of Ice (1)Blessings Of Hooves (2)
The Words Of Rainstorms (3)unspoken fruit (4)Small Hunger (3)
Mark Making (1)Particular Whorls (3)Missplaced (2)
Dream Goat (3)Dried Up Leaves (0)Wild Words (2)
Unassuming Smile (2)Courtyards Of Silence (3)The Griffon Of Gleaming typewriter (3)
Last Poem (3)Words Awaken (0)Need To Shape (2)
Hidden In Forgetfulness (1)Wild Poem Creature (4)Strumming Words (3)
Dreampt of Feathers (2)Solitaire To Satisfy (0)Within my Ribs (2)
Across the whiteness of page (1)Ever Follows (1)The Cocoon (1)
Medation Of Unfishment (1)Hidden Poems (1)Cannot Wind (2)
worldless man (3)A Desolate Road (3)Stutter Of The Soul (3)
Whisper foxes (2)The Divisions Of Sky (3)Mysterious Gathering (2)
Sharing Bodies (2)Mythological Storms (3)Incantation (3)
Upon My Head (2)Saturnian Moments (2)Long Hidden (2)
Poetry quote V (3)poetry quote VI (3)Poetry quote IV (2)
Raindrop Brothers (3)Poem Jar (4)Seashell Mysteries (1)
The Strangeness Of Your Emergence (2)“walk outside tomorrow” (4)Wisdom Of Corners (1)
Misspelling Pools (2)Dream Leaves (2)Changeling (2)
Watch not (1)Unspeach (3)The Imagination Of Your Body (2)
i do not speak" (2)Reemergence (1)Share The Same Grave (3)
To Speak A Puzzle (3)The Taste Of Ice (2)Each Hair Is But A Letter (1)
Familiarity Of Sky (2)"Misspelling Of My Smile (1)Had No Hands (2)
unknown prayer (3)Words Beyond speaking (2)All The Paths To The Silent City (3)
The Virtue Of Paleness (2)But Shall Shape (2)My Only Purpose (3)
Ample Are Your Lips (2)Benediction For A New Year (3)Lessons Of Snowflakes (2)
Limitations Of Our Bodies (2)Curiosity Of Your Touch (1)Understanding Limps (1)
Spaces Of Eyebrows” (2)Blinking River (2)Swaying Bushes (2)
On The Contour (3)Raiment Of Straw (2)Sufficiency Of Smallness (1)
Contains No Beauty (2)Lacking In Naming” (4)Closure (1)
Little House Of Solitude (1)Words Shall Grow On (1)Things Of Yesterday (1)
Frozen Question Marks (3)Slender Arms (4)Have Not Forgotten To Hum (2)
The Manger Of My Heart (2)Lips Lack Wisdom (2)Walk Bravely (1)
Winter Dreams (2)Lands Beyond Dictionaries (2)Mouse Like Love (2)
No Frills To Count (0)Narrowness Of Eye (1)Stone Heart (3)
Words Must Make Their Own Light (3)Cloak Of Gentleness (2)Silent Stalemate (2)
“Beauty's Circumference “ (2)A Portion OF Words (3)Smile in Nonacceptance (2)
Compass Of Imagination Turn (0)Mystery Of Teardrops (2)Creatures Within (2)
Hidden Here (2)Tear Another Space (2)Inhabited With Questions (1)
Shepard's Pipes (1)Tales Of Angels (3)The Merest Word (2)
Inward Mistletoe (5)Knots Of My Hair (0)Mysterious Patterns (3)
Mysteries Of Dictionaries (3)Against The Glass (1)Insoluble Fences (0)
Calm (2)Hidden Sences (1)The Griffin In The Hill (1)
Disappearing Sky (3)Ending Words (3)Caroling In a Dark World (1)
Glow (5)Dreams Of Flesh (1)When Words forget their Craft (1)
Storm Outside (2)Dancing Monkey Of Happenstance (2)Carolling With One Note (2)
Memories Are Always Liquid (1)Bitterness (2)Snow Circles (3)
Worn Song (2)Poem Walking (5)Desires Never Leaves Me (2)
Shadow Chasers (2)House Of The Watchers (0)The Bridge (4)
Drawing (1)Quest for Latter Days (3)Surviving The Gift of Darkness (1)
Sweetness Of Clouds (2)Awaken (2)Unnamed Word (0)
Silent Wings (2)Marvelous Beasts (1)Future Leaves (2)
Secret Words (3)Invisible Words (2)Other Side of Soul (4)
Logic Waits (1)Inward Winter (3)Prayer For Those Who Suffer (2)
Arrival of Storm (3)Within The Anthology (1)Night Stalker (1)
Deeper Chambers (2)Fluid With Dreams (1)Follow Me (2)
Your Disturbance (1)Sparrow's Quest (1)Ghost of Virtue (0)
Lake Of Winter (2)Evidence Of Snow (2)Word Salad (2)
A Map For A Surrealist (2)Sparrows And Sorrows (4)The Spirit In Corners (1)
First Love (3)November Waiting (2)Mazes (3)
Alien Beehive (2)Scarecrow Lover (1)Which Road to Take (4)
Lighthouse of Spirit or Flesh (3)Frustrated Surrealist (3)Shadow Eyes (2)
Secret Creature (2)Quote III (3)Poor Creature (2)
Warning Of Leaves (1)Exploring Lips (2)Werepoem (4)
Shaken (2)Hot And Cold (2)Shadow Without Sound (3)
Nobility Of The Pathlessness (2)Jack O' Lantern (1)curves of your eyes (2)
Secret Book (1)Beyond The Windows Of Reason (2)Songs Among Stars (1)
Lore Of The Full-Windsor (0)Puppets And Poems (3)Measuring Stick (2)
Reflect Your Beauty (2)October's Blessing (1)Humming Birds Of A Musician (0)
Songs Of My Brothers (3)Liberating Self (2)The Simplest Thread (3)
Out Of The Mouths of Gryphons (1) Grammar School (3)Math-Like Horns (1)
Crying Escher Tears (0)Poem World (1)Mystic Typist (1)
Completion Of The Beloved (3)Night Harvest (2)The Heart's Permutations (2)
August Hymn (3)The Room Within (3)Song Of The Seal (2)
Quote For Poets II (1)When A Griffin Types A Poem (1)Word Delver (3)
Casting Light (5)Hidden In Your Twigs (3)Quote For poets (3)
Airmoles (2)The Labor Of Squirrels (1)Robins And Printing Presses (2)
Clock Of My Body (4)Inward Ocean (3)Snow Signs (1)
When Amazons Hunt Unicorns (3)Tracing Shadows (3)Alphabet Storms (2)
Without Umbrella (1)Hunger (3)Word Virus (0)
Stopping Words Fom Freezing (2)Awakening (2)Wings Of Prayer (2)
The Pursuit Of Wisdom (2)Barn Dweller (3)Goldfish in The Bathtub (1)
Frustrated unshapelessness. (1)In The Window By The Door (1)Paths And Ladders (2)
Cricket Songs (1)Inside The Meaning Of Winter (3)The Mouse (2)
Melting Ice (3)Poem Sparrow (3)In The Dream OF Leaves (1)
Nightmare Fruit (7)Lament For Leonardo (2)Alphabetic Reflections (1)
Fear Of Transformation (1)Waiter In The After Life (2)Promises Of Shingles (3)
Your Mysterious Ways (1)At The Crossroads (3)Wisdom Of Lips (4)
Ciphering Solutions (3)Spelling Bee (3)Dogs In The Darkness (1)
Weeping At The Ending (1)Transcendental Prairies (1)Your Heart Always Knows The Sun (1)
Home And Back Again (2)Hedgehog Song (5)Prayer For a Little Flower (1)
The Vision Of The Yellow Rose (1)When Moths come a calling (1)Why can i find poems in all things but you? (4)
The Flower Bed Of Deity (0)Our Words (2)Untouchable Directions (3)
Forgotten Path (3)Scattered Affinities (2)Bird Cage (1)
To An English Lover (1)Early Morning Rainstorm (1)The Appalachian Paradox (3)
Chalice Of My Mind (2)Generosity OF Wheelbarrows (0)Flowing Jewel (2)
Mystique Of Cursive (2)The Glowing Key (5)Your Shadow In Its Labors Gleams (2)
Lamppost Of Inwardness (2)Libations Of Imagined Corners (1)Mowing The Fields of Heaven (1)
PATHWAYS OF DREAMS (2)Pinwheel Dreams (1)Bowl Of Serendipity (2)
Throne Of The Moon (1)The Watch Of Intution (1)Left Out Of The Pages (2)
Mousetraps , Spoons , and Illuminations (2)Piggy Bank (2)The Phantom Flowerpot (3)
Unfolding (1)Spelling Of Tomorrow (2)Deconstructing A Camel (1)
The Plowman Turns (1)Millennium Leaves (0)Silent Enemy (0)
Harmony Of All Things (1)Upon The Dark Shore I Stand (0)A Unicorn From The World Next-door (1)
Book Of Possibilities (1)When The Rain Comes (4)The Tears OF The Moon (3)
Hidden Paths (4)The Teaspoons Of Your Lips (4)Puzzling Lantern (1)
Rainstorms In Kansas (2)Onyx Fox (1)Sharing Escher kisses (4)
Beyond Horizons (1)Unknown Nests (2)Round Table Of Inwardness (1)
When Words Prognosticate (3)Mysterious Labors (1)Hedges Of Schemes (1)
Foot Prints (4)Liquid Tomorrows and Frozen Yesterdays (2)Foolish Endeavor (2)
For Whatever Is Fated To Come (2)Midnight Moonrise (4)Mysterious Season (3)


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