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The Mystic Poet
February 13
st. louis
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November 17, 2004
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About Me
I love writing free verse poetry. I like anime and reading/writing fantasy. I am now 31 years old. I have a degree in Business Admin.  I go where the wind blows.....i'm just Destiny's plaything..........
Open those critic cannons and let loose! From the ashes will rised a better poem.

Poems: 238 total (7 with awards). View By: Date | Title | Award
All things will burn (1)I'm mad, I'm the 1 percent, I'm not taking it anymore (5)Whats a Poet? *This poem sucks!* (5)
Does the sun exist? (2)Remember Remember the 11th of September (3)Child of the Night (7)
Thriller "A tribute to Michael Jackson" (8)A love that can not be (9)When legends die (4)
We need to stop the bullying! (3)Wow I agreed for once with Obama! (5)Phantom on the road (3)
Loves Dark Temptation -A Dark Series Poem- (1)A Single Touch -A Dark Series Poem- (3)The Darkest Reason. (4)
What economy? Blame and Responsiblity (3)The Tale of Corruption in Chicago (3)A lesson I learned from Len (5)
For love of a Tenticle (2)Little Dick, Junior Private 1 (1)Psychotic Love (1)
Death Reveals Life (3)She says True love doesnt exist (6)The Lonesome Traveler (3)
The Unrequited (3)I'm not all here myself (3)Non Value (1)
Farewell To Thee Robert Jordan (3)I'm the guy (4)I'm a Broken, empty shell. (4)
People Make me sick (5)The trials of Thorns and bed of roses (1)The Darkness Within (4)
Lost heaven, Hell in our eyes (1)The Gothic Lolita Doll: prologue (1)Love? Myth! (2)
Book Burning (1)RIP (2)Night Wings ~The Dark Poem Series~ (2)
Book of The Dead Prophecy ~The Dark Poem Series~ (4)Prison of Diamonds ~The Dark Poems Series~ (3)Bush's Failed April Fools Joke (2)
Proud to be who I am, white and male... (2)Virginia Tech Massacre (4)Cant say that! (2)
The day her world ended (3)Are we alone? (5)Bloody love (1)
A Golden October Morning (5)Gin and Tonic (5)It's Fagot Burning Time (4)
Management is not responsible for ball failure~Part One~ (3)Peter Pan the Playa ~Tinks unrequited love~ (7)Little Boy Poem contains a digital article About contains a digital article (2)
Furry Blues Bros (1)A Ghosts letter to President bush (4)The Mark `666` (1)
Moonlit Witch: Past the Witching Hour (6)An unrequited love ~Best friend blues~ (3)Mystical Maze (1)
An Atheists (3)Freedom........sin.... (3)Death to Zion! About contains a digital article (2)
HIM (2)The Christmas Arrest (2)Love denied Immortal (3)
The Illusion of Free will (5)A day with the fox (7)When you're all alone (2)
Black coat and tattered Fedora (1)The Fiery Children (2)Life's illusion (1)
Why, Mr. President, why? (4)An odd way of remembering Guy Fawkes (2)The last day of Humanity (2)
Katsujinken (3)Silver clawed Love (3)Unintelligent Armed Forces? (4)
Disregard for life (1)Voting day Nov. 7th 2006 (2)Disturbace on the Nature path (5)
The Adventures of Mr. Penis and Miss Vagina :Ping Pong bust (2)A now leaned Proverb (3)Free at last ~For len~ (3)
Mirror Existance (3)Whisper of Insanity (5)Murder at Midnight (3)
Thirteen hours ago (5)My bush (8)Soul Wager (2)
God isnt Hellfire and Brimstone (3)The mists (4)The slap happy Elf named Joe (6)
Love left me bleeding (6)Revisited Poetry lesson 1.2 (5)They say I can't understand addiction (4)
Comment Diplomacy (8)If Catgirls roamed the world (6)The nice and fluffy comments (5)
Hero's doom (3)Blame and baskets (1)Initiated insanity (3)
Intimate in Insanity (3)Odd and random advice about a Twisted Faerie Tale land (1)Kissed by a dragon (4)
Heaven's Horn (3)A Poet's wet dream (1)Misunderstood Witch (15)
Starstreamer (1)Lost Eyeglasses (2)Faerie Temptresses (3)
Chaos Return (1)A passing love, just missed (3)Siren's song (2)
A single Revolution (4)White Demon (3)No one wants me (6)
True story of Little Red and Mr. Wolf (3)Mystery Leonard, Private Dick 2 (1)Patriot Act (6)
Witches bed (3)Beware: Mother Earth is Dyeing (3)Fanatic Fires (1)
An afternoon chat with Satan (2)Mystery Leonard, Private Dick 1 (1)The rapist father (3)
Return to the age of Racisim (5)The mothers grief (2)Hands of fate (2)
Free speech and a call to the rewakening the Christians (3)A misunderstood God (2)The Government Knows all (1)
Into the Great Night (6)Let Anarchy Rule! (4)The passion of the Sorceress and the Muse (2)
Golden Nectar (1)Beyond the Window (2)Liquid Terror (3)
The Dark Box (1)Send In the Lions (2)Mystery Guy (2)
The Ceremony of the Roses (1)Rise or fall of a poet (2)Dreamland (1)
Beyond the mists (2)Government chains (1)Flight of the Furies (2)
Dream Death (2)Ogre Island Treasure (1)The Last Knight Errant (3)
Lonely Lies (3)Bad Boy: Heart Breaker (2)Human Monsters (2)
Clown Suicide (2)Paranoid Bulletin Board (2)Cookie cutter poet (4)
Words Failure (2)The final Act (3)Last Poem (1)
Inner Darkness (2)My Labyrinth (2)The empty Cherry Tree (1)
Poet on a mountain top (1)Angel Kiss (14)Locked away (2)
The Willow Bride About contains a digital article (1)Winter's bride About contains a digital article (2)Erased (1)
Witches Vengence (2)Time of Legends (2)Failed Quest (4)
Shattered Lorelei (1)Extinction of the human race (3)Poet's Dream (2)
Fallen World (3)Chamber of Destiny (2)A story told to me (1)
Forever lovely (2)Land Of Wonder (Oh Dear, I'm late) (1)The submisive (23)
Nuclear Dreams. (3)Obedire est vivere, Vivere est obedire. (Heaven Insurance) (11)Evil Innocence (2)
Hypocrite Tolerance (1)The Faerie Maiden (2)Criminal heroes (3)
Puzzle Unsolved (3)Fake Muse (1)The muse is dead (3)
Demonic hunt (2)America's Forgotten (3)Golden Pedestal (3)
Silenced Pen of Truth (6)All it was, smoke and mirrors (1)Sidekick (Thank you) (2)
Guiding Light (1)The day the world ended (2)Dark Age of Heroes (3)
Wordy (2)Devil's Servant (1)Monster :In Closets and Underneath Beds (4)
Visions of the future (3)She's Dead (4)Damien (666) (3)
Born of Blood (4)Death of a little Girl (5)Moonlit Witch: Flight of the Raven (12)
Upon Wings of Tragedy (4)Moonlit Witch: The Night's Mistress (17)Silent World (5)
Blood of the Cross (7)Mysterious Hurting (1)The Aqua Locket (1)
Dark Horizons (Only Echoes) (1)The Drowning Void (2)Lost Soul (Lonely Child) (4)
The Rise of Obreon (0)Raven of Dark Destiny (3)Unlucky Stars 13 (2)
The Horror that is (2)Destiny's Puppet (4)Cherry Blossom Angel (3)
Death's Lonely Door (6)Where?? (3)Welcome to the Dark Show (2)
Life's Dream (2)Forever Lost (5)Dark Hoplessness (2)
The Rug (3)Imaginary (4)Harsh words, Lonely sad Existance (2)
Beauty of the Desert Rain (3)Loss of Jessica (2)The Sea Maiden's Dream (3)
Lonely Angel (4)

Favorite Poems
Sweet Assassin by RichardM
Dark Child by Sensual Sorceress
Favorite Authors
Leonard Wilson
Sensual Sorceress
Tracy Fletcher
Linear Z
Ross McCague Rosco


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