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Henry M.
September 03
new york
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December 8, 2004
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About Me
I am pleased to announce the release of my book of poetry "Thoughts to ponder", it is available at for those of you that may be interested in reading. Here is the link
 I am also a diehard romantic
who believes in happy endings!
Love is the great healer
It can mend a broken heart
and warm it when it's stone cold

Poems: 490 total (9 with awards). View By: Date | Title | Award
In your eyes and mine (2)Wading in (6)Keri (7)
Love's reflection (2)Pieces (4)This empty place (9)
This used to (11)Conquered slave (8)Morning coffee - Challenge from She Whispers (11)
Ads (10)Sunrise, sunset (11)Season to season (10)
Found (10)Heartbreak (13)If you would ever leave (11)
Freedom -Acrostic (12)Going on (11)I miss her (12)
Equality in the shadow of the Brooklyn bridge (9)Nothing owed, nothing expected (11)Moral decay (13)
Knight of rusted armor (15)My friend and I (14)Convenient target (6)
Young decade of shame (9)Create agaun - Word bank 3 FF (9)Abyss (6)
Never did I dare to dream (10)There was a time (11)Mend a broken heart (13)
Love is still here (7)Nothing (14)Side of the road (7)
Learn to love again (7)Follow the sun (8)A new year (8)
BIRTHDAY WISH (6)Love has grown (6)My light (5)
Fickle (4)She is all I need (12)The heart (4)
On this cool starry night (3)Just one look (8)Say the words (7)
LOVE (3)With this ring (5)Go away (5)
Turned to dust (6)The fires of lust (4)Listen to your heart (6)
Lonely beach (4)On the shores of dreams (9)Doom, perhaps, perhaps not (9)
Best guess (7)Justice too swift (6)Proud parents (4)
First of May (3)The empty nest (6)Strong at heart (6)
I'm trying (4)These eyes have seen (6)When love is gone (3)
Stare (4)Common ground (4)The silence and thorns (4)
Aspiring dreams (3)Forewarning (5)A highway turned blue (4)
Bridges (4)Tick tick tick... (3)A fertile mind is a terrible thing to waste (5)
Inside (5)A bitter blessing (4)Faith in God and Angels (6)
Leisure time (5)Love's battlefield (2)Why? (6)
My thanks to you (6)Humbled (3)Moonlit night (8)
Timeclock (7)Thirst for love (5)Immortal (4)
Ghost train (5)Child of nature (6)Fight America! (9)
Time (7)A simple solution (6)Your smile ~Acrostic~ (9)
Always be there (5)Shadow (8)Insecurity ~An acrostic~ (10)
Our porch swing (8)Among the wildflowers ~ Jo & Henry M.~ (4)Into these arms (7)
Never peaks (4)I love you (9)Comfortable (8)
Lovely evening skies (6)The story of us (7)Without a word (9)
Reflections on the beach ~ Sheri & Henry M. (6)Messages of the heart (6)Innocence lost (8)
I'm done (14)Domestic violence (5)"Forever" `A co-write by Sheri & Henry ~ (5)
Never leave (7)For every moment (3)Until then (2)
But one guarantee (7)Thank you Fate (5)I don't want to face life without you (7)
Something real (6)Bonds of love (2)Kiss me softly (7)
A look from the future into the past (3)The great healer (5)Shines (5)
Oh, what happened! (8)Everything to me (6)Whispers (8)
Let us (5)The time will come (6)Elusive love (6)
I'll tell you what I want! (8)Universal road (3)The wish (5)
A time to grieve (8)Turn back the hands of time (8)Simply the best (5)
An equal hand ~ Pamela A. Lampaa & Henry M. ~ (7)For with wine and roses Moonstar & Henry M. (3)My name is.... (9)
Gives her love (6)Never (9)Saved my life (8)
Running water (7)She is there (8)Forever love thee (8)
More than I do now (7)The heart never forgets (7)For you my friend (9)
Because of you (8)Heart wide open (5)The answer (4)
Alone (9)Be my tattoo (10)With you (8)
This (7)Winding river (5)Bands of gold (6)
Lips of wine (6)Lover's encounter (5)Powerful (13)
Back from the edge (7)With (12)Ever the same (8)
First kiss (9)The ties that bind ~ Wide Awake & Henry M. ~ (7)Hush (7)
Forever yours (11)Injustice (3)Fade (7)
The view from our porch (7)Cuddle time (11)Fountain of inspiration (5)
Reaching for love (7)Special occasion (8)The kiss (9)
Sanctuary ~Cindy Bendel & Henry M.~ (7)All in good time (8)From the heart (9)
Roses for you (7)Once in a lifetime chances ~ Acrostic ~ (6)Where (7)
Sweethearts (10)We are the champions? (6)Angels of mercy (12)
At midnight (12)A watchful eye (3)The soldier (4)
Love's shores (19)One (16)I'll always be here (11)
Give me a moment (13)Words can be written (12)Hold you at least once (8)
In the silence of the night ~ A villanelle ~ (11)Wheel of time (4)Hope she'll stay (9)
Worth untold (5)Light in your eyes ~ A villanelle ~ (20)Met and Yankee fans agree? *Joe McNinney & Henry M.* (9)
The man on skidrow (7)Radio (11)Protective embrace (8)
Out of the cave, into the light~* Wide Awake & Henry M.*~ (8)Hastening extinction ~ Wide Awake & Henry M. ~ (7)Political season (8)
Feeling love (10)Last night I dreamed (9)Let me (9)
Night dance (9)Your beautiful smile (11)Our connection (8)
An encounter of hope ~ Gee & Henry M. ~ (6)Missing you (8)You can teach me (10)
Beach interlude (7)Ultimate love (13)Starting with a kiss (5)
A faded rose ~ Gee & Henry M. ~ (7)Time on loan (11)A conversation over coffee ~Gee & Henry M. ~ Poem contains a digital article (5)
Fragile heart ~ Gee & Henry M. ~ (5)A Mom passes (11)Your neck of the woods (8)
Unwelcome emotion (9)A confession of love ~ Gee & Henry M.~ Poem contains a digital article (7)From across the table (18)
A fiery red sky at sunset Poem contains a digital article (8)Photographs: Pieces of time Poem contains a digital article (9)~A faith restored~ (10)
Reaching hand (8)Let's just write (12)Withered leaves fall ~ Cindy Bendel & Henry M.~ (11)
Twilight (14)The solace of your arms (7)With but one soft whisper ~ A Villanelle ~ (19)
A silvery blue moon ~ Cindy Bendel & Henry M. ~ (7)I love you more than life (9)Thank you Mr. President (7)
She is love (7)I'll be there (7)Her giving heart (11)
Don't play with hearts (13)I hope not (6)Did I ? (8)
Homegrown friends ~Cindy Bendel & Henry M. ~ (6)The heart has found a home (9)That special someone (10)
Looking at love from both sides (9)Worth it? You bet! (8)Building a bridge of love (7)
A beautiful heart (8)Here and now (7)Life's trials (6)
There you are (6)Time (11)Let love in (10)
Heart's tattoo (11)Words of love (9)Embrace the horror (6)
Secret Valentine (8)Haven - revisited (10)The winds blow (8)
To where you are (6)Alas, no phoenix (6)This angry earth (10)
Consuming fire (9)Fellow man (6)I love her so (8)
Wakeup (9)A Thanksgiving reprieve ~ Alison Grindstaff and Henry M. ~ (4)Rememberance to the Vets (8)
Forever I will love you (9)It was you (8)In pieces (11)
Fame? Keep it! (9)She always.... (7)Almost gone (5)
Autumn (3)Hey my baby (6)Love is (4)
Getting it right (8)If I had (4)Up to here with the fat cats! (5)
Memories of us (6)At night (3)May you (6)
Guess what? (6)Dare to dream (11)Your eyes (9)
Don't go~ Acrostic~ (5)One simple hello (5)Just say it (8)
A must read (5)Love story (5)Wasted years (6)
One more time (5)Dance with destiny (9)Ain't got no discipline (9)
Into these eyes (5)Long ago was tomorrow (12)So what (4)
While you are sleeping (23)Tragic (9)Colors (5)
Belonging (8)The grind (4)A thought to ponder (4)
The world goes on (5)With every.... (6)She is (11)
Enough for me (5)Makes you think (6)Prediction: Yes (4)
Blessed (6)Regrets (6)Salvation (9)
Lakeside (7)Thank you (4)Biting the big one (4)
Stargazing ~ Acrostic ~ (8)My sweet Angel (6)Hand in hand (12)
Forever connected (7)Dreary day (8)For Imus (8)
There will be a time (8)She (7)Dare to (8)
Arms of love (8)Time bomb (7)Family ~ Acrostic ~ (4)
Shining through (5)Time moves on (6)The road (7)
Always and forever love ~ Angel and Henry M. ~ (4)ENOUGH!! (12)The fireplace (7)
Missing you (7)Moments (8)Would you still? (5)
Sweethearts ~ Acrostic ~ (5)At peace (4)Love waits (7)
In the way (6)Rescued by love (7)You (8)
Tears from a distant memory (9)A bonfire (4)Just one wish (10)
I'm not Santa, but you can still sit on my lap ~Joe McNinney and Henry M. ~ (5)His burden is heavy ~ Jillian Alexis and Henry M. ~ (7)Paid in full (12)
Due to the graphic nature of me, viewer discretion is advised ~ Joe McNinney and Henry M. ~ (4)Visionary times ten (11)Your dress would look great at the foot of my bed ~ Joe McNinney and Henry M. (5)
Remember my name, you'll be screaming it later ~ Joe McNinney and Henry M. (5)Fate? (12)Beauty such as this (9)
No fucking ray of sunshine ~Joe McNinney and Henry M. ~ (8)Presidential challenge (5)Fated match (10)
A world of dreams (6)Unconditionally (7)Giving my thanks (6)
Angel mine (6)Mister President ~ Miss Vee and Henry M. ~ (4)Undivided love (10)
Angels song (14)Uncle Sam (2)A twist of fate (5)
A love story (13)A cardinal love- Cindy Bendel and Henry M. (6)Sleep (9)
Lost (9)Mortal (6)Tact (4)
Fly free (7)Peace at the end (6)Fright Night (5)
Perception (7)Inside dreams (6)Give them what they deserve (4)
Obsession- acrostic (6)Eternal (18)The sailor (4)
Pajama pants with stars (7)Only new beginnings (4)Angel's love (5)
I curse the miles (10)The price of love (11)To see his angel cry (8)
Where we meet (4)Not sold in stores (4)Changes (4)
Hello again (4)The devil cried- a 9/11 remeberance (5)Swansong (8)
Love affair (13)Mr, Rogers I'm not (8)Faith (3)
Human (9)If only (8)Remember (10)
Write on! (8)A vow (8)Tending to the garden (8)
Unwinnable race (7)Betrayal (5)Simple? (4)
Burn ( co-written with Cindy Bendel) (3)Mirror (7)Love ( Acrostic ) (11)
Calming Effect (8)Boundaries too often crossed (6)Soon ( acrostic ) (3)
It's all in the eyes (6)Distance bridged (6)Sandman (5)
Gray skies blue (5)Unfocused (6)A pass on love (6)
Different seasons ( How the garden grows ) (5)To friends (7)Water anyone? (6)
Violent tragedy (8)Just asking (6)In the end (7)
A precious thing (7)We are all one (5)Sacrifice too dear (7)
No more tears (6)Ode to Woman (8)White teddy (7)
Thump, thump (8)Waiting for the bus (4)Underneath the stars (8)
Your heart will lead you home (17)Secret Valentine (9)Don't play (7)
Love forbidden (10)A tribute (6)Midnight expressions (9)
The road (8)Journey (6)A walk to love (7)
The silence (4)Apathy kills (6)Slaying the devil (7)
A road to healing (5)Support for a heart of gold (6)Under our noses (8)
This one's for you (10)Hold out hope (5)On the outskirts of dreamland (4)
The traveller (5)A love broken (14)Woman under glass (8)
These eyes (7)Life is too short (12)How about a cup of shut the fuck up(co-write with Joe Mcninney) (17)
Hearts misunderstood (5)The cruelest crime (4)It is love (6)
Oh those sins (5)Ideal (5)The golden mile (6)
The dragon's fall (4)Pictues of life (3)Ghosts (6)
Why? (2)The mind (3)Fire of love (7)
Someday (5)Tides of thought (5)Love's song (8)
I shall whisper (6)For her (6)A delicate balance (4)
Who has your heart (10)This heart (5)For all (4)
Rain must fall (4)In the distance (2)Crossroads (3)
Haven (2)Image (4)Celestial lover(co-write with Sensual Sorceress) (5)
Angel of the night (5)Always(co-written with Sensual Sorceress (4)Solitude (3)
In pieces (4)Crying in the rain (7)Hope in silence (6)
Real power (5)


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