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Author Name: Freefallenangelcry 3 Comments
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Everyone looks,
but seldom finds what they're looking for.
For the presence of what they desire
to make itself known.
Is in indeed a virtue,
yet it is not all that is needed to attain this sought after dream.
It takes countless experiences to learn what this is.
Through things that seem unforgiving and incompassionate are what we must endure to achieve our wisdom.
Through our mistakes we learn of the greatest parts of ourselves,
and what we are yet to become.
Some dreams are easy to see,
though hard to obtain.
While some are not visible to most,
though once this perception is gained....
It is as if the dream had been searching for you,
and all it was that you ever had to do was to open your eyes to discover what had always been there.
Hardship has always been my dear friend...
Within the darkness it speaks to me,
of what it is that I did,
and what I had to learn from it.
My dreams have been to me,
what the first breath is to a newborn child...
A chance for rebirth,
and to start anew.
Hoping for this life to be better.
Containing what it is that I've looked for,
but this time I would have the clear conscience...
And purified soul to deserve this dream,
and all that goes with it.
I have done a great many things to find who I am,
and a great more at times....
To escape it.
One can not choose who they are to become.
Just as an angel could not choose to be without wings without commiting itself to acts that are un-natural,
and at such a terrible sacrifice to what once was......
I am a true believer in how the ends justify the means.
That no matter what the past would hold,
that the desire within a person to be more in the present than just an insurmountable compilation of misdeeds done....and past mistakes...
Will offer redemption.
So that there will always be hope,
for a better life...
and a better tommorow.
Though what reconciliation is to be gained for things that offer no resolution over time?
I feel a sadness within me....
That exists deep within my soul.
It cries an unending shower of tears,
that at one time belonged to an angel.
And now.....
only fall for the memory of what used to be.
How am I to make this right again,
for the sake of the new found passion that I now feel for you?
So rare it is that I find such an inspiration for another.
Yet my time spent convincing myself that it would not come is now demanding recompense.
I know not the solution....
and desire may not be enough this time....
To face what I've done,
and triumph as I have in the past.
I have led the life of a challenged yet fortunate individual.
It only makes sense for the time,
when i would be placing my past alongside my wisdom so that I can move on and start anew with you.....
That i would come to face such formidable demons withinside of me.
All I have ever truly wanted,
was to be with one sincerely good person.
Someone to stay with....
And withstand the vigors of time.
Someone to love....
And hold...
To cherish more and more with each coming day.
When it would no longer matter as to what circumstance a situation might bring.
That we could make it through...
As long as we had one another.
I have a darkside..
A past I have admitted to noone,
that now is demanding acknowledgment.
And I know not if the price this time,
is more than my life can afford.
For all my actions that I have done,
even my greatest accomplishments...
Seem to have a shadow,
that is now taking life.
I fear if I am not strong enough,
that this darkness just might encompass all of the light left within my already grieving soul.
Angelic tears continue to fall....
In such greater numbers,
as my soul fights to be reborn and again become what it once was.
With heavinly purity I could once again hope for this dream.
For a brighter tommorow....
And a love that would find no end or limitation.
Will I be granted this second chance,
with the promise that this dream has brought to my life since I found you?
That at long last...
What I have desperately searched for has finally presented itself to me?
It tortures me to contemplate such a perfect and beautiful thing,
coming to my life as I now find myself consumed within this shadow.
To once again flourish within the light that I had once known as home.
Heaven would not be the word I would use to describe where it is that I came from.
Though it would be what I am striving to deserve as I continue to discover you.
Every step that is taken on my part,
that brings me ever so much closer to you.
Makes me so much more aware of what it is that I face.
The demons within me finding more clarity and definition,
Their faces now overcoming my ever thought...
And dream.
Making it seem as if.....
The shadow...
Is now leading my every good deed.
Taking such precedance when before it seemed so insignificant.
With its weight feeling so much greater upon my soul.
Crying evermore than it had before.
Struggling to persever on the basis of hope,
and once again triumph....
As it had before.
Though with this victory being ultimate over what it is that I face....
Means only a battle that is greater than I have ever come to know.
I cling to the hope,
that this is a battle to be won,
and not to have it end....
With my inevitable defeat.
This poem was meant for you my love.
So that you can know me,
in the way that I have been afraid to know myself.
It is at the great risk of judgement,
and rejection that i let the presence of such things within me....
Be knownst to you.
I have never done this....
Not for any one person that I have known.
It is a true testament,
to how much I believe in the way I am growing to care for you.
And in no typical way do I mean this.....
But in the way....
That can change a man.
And make my dream.....
A reality.
And my reality....
within my
and nothing more.
Author's Notes:
This is a poem about anyone who has strived to be something more than just a sumation of their past actions and mistakes. For the inspiration of something truly beautiful, we can overcome anything within ourselves for the acquisition of that beauty. Even the purest of souls long for redemption, and in a way I believe we all long to find that one true inspiration to help us find redemption.....within ourselves.
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'Redemption' Copyright © David Reilly
Copyright is property of the above author or group. Reproduction in whole or in part is strictly prohibited.
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Comment By: FreeStace Bix on January 19, 2005 12:15:42 PM Report
This poem brings tears to my eyes still
Comment By: Freenick on October 26, 2004 07:03:10 PM Report
wow this is long...and very good keep this up...(gust make it shorter next time plz)^_^
Comment By: FreeSouthernStar on October 19, 2004 11:13:46 PM Report
wow David.... I can relate to this piece. I have a very tourtured soul that cries endlessly. I only hope that one day the pain will end and i too can find my redemption. great write David....take care


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