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Author Name: FreeSensual Sorceress 63 Comments
Date Added: February 09, 2007 07:02:05 Average Score: (Needs 2)
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Caged Bird
Caged Bird

Every day I passed his cage,
I listened to him sing his song.
Though he sang with beauty,
He was not where he belonged.

His plumage was stunning.
His cage was made of gold.
I thought, what a sad place,
For simply growing old.

I quickly opened the door,
His eyes shone with fire.
I could see he remembered
He burned with desire.

He slowly crept forward,
Moving closer to the door.
But suddenly he stopped,
And he would go no more.

I tried to coax him out.
I spoke to him of flight.
I told him that as a bird
It was his natural right.

I became more surprised
The lovely bird began to speak.
He said he once knew freedom,
And no longer could he seek.

He had flown before,
Though now lived in a cage.
I tried to offer comfort,
His fears I could not assuage.

He said he made his peace.
His needs were being met.
Why worry about the rest?
It was best just to forget.

Yes, said I, but what of joy
And the beauty of the air,
The wind in your wings,
The sky, blue and clear?

All the flowers to taste,
Their nectar on your tongue.
Wouldn’t you sing sweeter,
If you could bask in the sun?

Maybe so, he replied,
But that is not to be.
I stay here by choice
This cage is my security.

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'Caged Bird' Copyright © Sensual Sorceress
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Comment By: FreeMary F. Charest on August 12, 2008 08:13:08 PM Report
Great poem with a powerful message.


Comment By: FreeSuzin on August 24, 2007 11:47:30 PM Report
Congratulations on the award and being published! This poem was beautiful.

Comment By: FreeRobin Constantinou on August 20, 2007 10:29:22 AM Report
brilliant interpretation, just had to read it cause it being mentioned published in a book so i thought i would check it out, and i am stunned and glad i did, great work jolen always, congrats on the well deserved award

Comment By: PremiumMahala Rose on June 14, 2007 03:05:34 AM Report
beautiful. well described. i was surprised by what the bird had to say.


Comment By: FreeJoe on February 9, 2007 09:11:55 AM Report
This is marvelous, the way you have brought out the choices we make whether to be free or not.

It certainly prompts one to think about life and whether he exists in a cage or not...Joe

Comment By: FreeGoliath Assassin on October 9, 2006 05:35:58 PM Report
AGGGHHHH! I HATE THAT! Security, shmecurity! Man, I got all worked up when you mentioned the fire in his eyes.  I'da' prolly took this poem in a different direction... but that's what makes me me. And you, well, you see things as they are and not just how you would like them to be. You were in the right to have ended this way.  There just are people like this in the world, and you gotta' accept the fact that the way they want to live is totally up to them... But that doesn't mean you have to follow suit! This is a very fun read, and technically-exquisite as usual. Thank you, Jolen.
Comment By: FreeBarbara Demasson on September 25, 2006 04:25:32 AM Report
I've read all of the comments below and enjoyed them thoroughly. I love what you have drawn from the hearts and minds of so many people. There is nothing I can say that you haven't heard many times from several others.

This was brilliant Jody. I especially loved that you saw another way for the bird. Perhaps that is the reason why people stay in cages, they forget there ever was another way or nobody ever opened the door for them. (hell, where is the door?) Some people don't recognize the "freedom" aspect of birds in cages for things that are caged are commonplace and just as this poem states, they sing and seem content. Even the bird forgets what "freedom" once meant.

Another thing that stood out was that you stated an option (to the bird) and waited. The choice was made by the bird and the poem ended. I loved the openendedness of this piece...the fact that you didn't state/enforce your own opinion after the bird stated his decision. *bravo*


Michael Meddings comment way way way down there is the one that spoke the loudest to me. I thought he said ALL I wanted to but in a way I never could.  I just read a poem by him about letting a caged bird free. It was brilliant too and I hope you have had the pleasure of reading it. 

Congratulations, this was an absolute treasure to find and enjoy. I believe this poem set more gears in motion than one could ever count. I've said "love and loved" so much in this comment that it probably is no longer effective but I'm going to give it one last try to speak for me...I LOVED THIS FROM START TO FINISH AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!

~Barbara~ *learning about the opposite of settling from this poem and the fabulous comments below*

I really loved this poem! *smiles*

Comment By: Freesarah on March 31, 2006 11:21:45 AM Report
I think many people can relate to this poem in many ways because there are so many situations this can be a metaphor for.This poem to me makes me think of being in an relationship that is not so much unhappy but boring and unchanging.
Comment By: FreeZoya Zaidi on February 26, 2006 07:08:54 AM Report
Avery disturbing piece, very skillfully narrated. It is strange how some people just accept their plight, and try and justify it under the garb of security etc.
((((hugs sensuous dear))))
Love, xxx, Zoya
Comment By: FreeMichael on January 16, 2006 12:59:51 AM Report
"Stone walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage". I think birdie figured this out! Nicely done, Michael
Comment By: Freebrianna on November 29, 2005 12:42:56 PM Report
i think there are people who actually do that they are scared to get attached to things so they choose not to have them at all.when i think of freedom bird is the first thing that come to mind but i cannot image any reason to stay locked up and do with out somthing you love because you are scared of loosing it. what kind of life can be lived or can be enjoyed when you refuse to take a risk gamble it all away. i think thats what makes life so fun.
Comment By: FreePaul Peter McLean on November 12, 2005 03:40:49 PM Report
Great work Jody, which well deserves the award. I really felt sorry for this poor bird, so scared to surrender its security for the risky joys of flight and freedom. Then I realised that the poem can apply to people as well, which gave me a whole new appreciation and enjoyment of the poem. Excellent.
Comment By: FreeWhite Dragon on November 10, 2005 10:11:06 AM Report
Beautiful poem, loved it!

White Dragon
Comment By: PremiumSybilla on October 7, 2005 11:04:53 AM Report
Like so many men and women I know...caged.

Beautiful beautiful.
Comment By: FreeCindy Bendel on September 29, 2005 12:14:35 PM Report always your work out shines us all. Very beautifully done..and such a great truth to ponder. I have been there myself...caged..afraid to so glad i finally left the so called security ....and discovered who i was on the outside. Thanks for this one. ~Cindy
Comment By: FreeMichael Drivas on August 31, 2005 10:57:59 PM Report
So sad,yet he found his peace. If we could only accept things in our lifes we might find contentment with in ourselves metaphorically speaking that is. what a write!
Comment By: FreeStephii R. on July 28, 2005 12:17:26 PM Report
Oh my. I got Chills with this one. Definately a great poem!
Stephii R.
Comment By: FreeCraig David Dawson on July 27, 2005 09:28:13 AM Report
A great poem.
Comment By: FreeJ on July 27, 2005 12:20:07 AM Report
You really send an inspirational message here. By having the reader sympathize with the oppressed bird you can show how dear freedom is. Great job.
Comment By: FreePia Andersson on July 24, 2005 08:54:28 AM Report
Yes - sometimes we are like that sacrifying freedom for security..Your poem makes me think: shouldnt i take more risks in life ? Am i like the bird? A beautiful poem..., Pia
Comment By: Freejoey on July 15, 2005 06:16:47 PM Report
I love it perfect awsome and great
this is by far the best poem i read here on this site
and your pic. is hot beauty and talent
now thats the best combo ever
Comment By: Freenanette on July 11, 2005 05:52:38 PM Report
O:k I was a fan of your work, but now I am a fanatic!!! Great job, as always... If I can freely speak, you are truly an amazing author and I have enjoyed everything I have read from you....
((((((Standing Ovation))))))))))))
Great job
Comment By: Freehiddendragon on July 2, 2005 08:12:31 AM Report
....Oh wow!

This was excellent...such wisdom wrapped in such eloquence.

How very, very insightfull Sorceress.

One of your very finest.

Comment By: PremiumGlata on June 30, 2005 02:23:47 PM Report
Oh honey! This is outstanding! God gal, how often we stay caged by choice because we are afraid to step out into freedom? I can well see why this won an award...if it were possible for it to have a dozen, I'd vote for it!
Congrats and Love ya gal!
Comment By: FreeAndy on June 26, 2005 10:03:47 AM Report
Very well deserving! Excellent write! Jody this was inspiring to read! Congrats on your award!
Comment By: FreeSandy J Hradil on June 26, 2005 01:42:48 AM Report
Congrats on your poem Ms S
As the tears run down my face I can see my sister in every word of your poem. Believe it or not I have often wondered if given her freedom would she live to be happy or die from loss of the only surroundings she has known for 26 years.
This poem brings me much comfort as you speak of the adjutment of the cage and now its home.
Comment By: FreeThe Bag Lady on June 24, 2005 05:16:43 PM Report
By the overwhelming response to your well-deserved award-winning poetry, your work is a hit with all who read....Congratulations on a great poem with richness and flawless structure~!!
Great work, Jody....
Margaret...that old sidewalk crone....
Comment By: PremiumLindaM on June 24, 2005 02:58:53 AM Report
Jody, this is just splendid. It is so evident
why it won the award. Congratulations on
the award and for creating another jewel.
Comment By: FreeGay Johnson on June 23, 2005 01:11:58 AM Report
WOW!!!!! This is absolutely a wonderful lesson for all of us to learn.. Be free to fly and taste the nectar.... Don't stay caged up in the status quo of life.
Awsome write love.
Gentle Dove
Comment By: FreeWith pain comes strength on June 22, 2005 02:44:32 PM Report
I agree with bob works on a lot of levels.
A good write, i enjoyed reading this ;o)

Comment By: on June 22, 2005 08:36:45 AM Report
Amazing it works on a lot of levels excellent poem! I liked it a lot...flutter, flutter against the cage, but it can protect those wise with age....Hahahahahahaha!
Comment By: PremiumJoe McNinney on June 21, 2005 11:34:26 AM Report
Beautifully written as always Jody, congrats on the award, it is so deserved, Joe
Comment By: PremiumBlake Hightdudis on June 20, 2005 09:13:31 PM Report
A truely beautiful and true poem about so many people in this world today, you were reading peoples souls again, excelent Jody and CONGRATULATIONS ON THE AWARD, it is well deserved.
Comment By: FreeJo on June 20, 2005 08:55:51 PM Report
This is beautiful, well-written poem! Its so sad but so true! It kind of reminds me of "To Kill A Mocking Bird," if you've ever read it. Its ironic. This is very, very deserving of the award! Congratulations! You certainly deserve it! What a wonderful, wonderful write! -Jo
Comment By: Freeb doneff on June 20, 2005 08:26:41 PM Report
My Sister of the heart, you have spoken to a hundred issues with this, and many more people. You so deserve this sweetheart, and I am very proud of you! Barbie
Comment By: FreeLiquid Poetess on June 20, 2005 06:50:52 PM Report
Congratulations on your award, very much deserved - this is a deep poem, I enjoyed it very much..

Liquid Poetess : )
Comment By: FreeN.M.Sodergran on June 20, 2005 04:58:16 PM Report
The greatest gift given to the bird in this poem seems to me not the freedom of the writer but the choice itself :) One might likewise question who is in who's cage and who might be the greatest prisoner of conviction here? Beautiful poem that may evoke a great amount of mulitiplex perspectives..
Comment By: FreeChuck on June 20, 2005 03:25:34 PM Report
What a poem!!!... Congratulations... I think everyone relates to security interfering with freedom on some level in life… as expected from you, perfect poetry again!
Comment By: PremiumIbeBecky on June 20, 2005 03:02:58 PM Report
Oh, what a lovely poem, Jody. So beautifully versed and so well penned. But I find myself repeating this same thing to you over and over with each piece that you write. Your poems just become more and more glorius each time you write, My Dear.

This brings to light a very interesting thought to ponder; one in life which I dealt with that you had to listen to for many months almost daily up until not so long ago. What is more important; seeking that which the heart cries out for, what will bring happiness, adventure, excitement and fulfillment? Or settling for security? You know of whom I speak. Well, in the end, I am glad that I gave it no more thought.

What I am trying to say here is that I see a metaphor with this beautifully penned, exquisite write. As usual, have again outdone yourself! Another poem which will be framed. A picture, which after I rearrange our living room, that will be sent.

Congratulations on a most well deserved award, My Precious Friend!

~ Becky ~
Comment By: FreeSiDra on June 20, 2005 02:53:53 PM Report
WOW!!!! This poem is so beautiful...and I am so honored to win an award during the same week you have...WOW!!! You deserved this award...and I am so happy you got it...

Comment By: FreeCandy on June 20, 2005 01:37:40 PM Report
though Im not a bird I can relate! its a wonderful write sweets! Im always more and more impressed by you!


Comment By: AdminRichardM on June 20, 2005 12:04:06 PM Report
This piece is just so deserving, Jody! It says so much and just tickles and delights the mind each time it is read. Heartfelt contratulations to you!
Comment By: FreeCathy on June 20, 2005 10:54:36 AM Report
Congradulations on your award so very well deserved. this is an excellent poem with great imagery to put your reader into the poem and keep them there wanting more.
Comment By: FreeSamantha Firefly on June 20, 2005 04:00:53 AM Report
Wow! I'm so glad you got the award. Congratulations!
Comment By: FreeSharon Jorcil James on June 20, 2005 12:42:13 AM Report
WOW!!!! Congratulations on your award for this fabulous poem.
Well done babe...I'm overjoyed for you..I mean it!!

Sharon JJ
Comment By: FreeSavanahB on June 19, 2005 09:27:14 PM Report
Woooo Hooooo! Sista, you got a medal pinned to your chest... and I bet you enjoyed to pain! LOL

Congrats, I know when I saw this one that it was gold.. I am so proud of you! Jody, this one really earned to honors... Jude
Comment By: FreeBOB on June 16, 2005 05:29:11 PM Report
A wonderful piece of poetry Jody, we have a saying here, "He knows which side his bread is buttered" Bob :)
Comment By: FreeRoger Bacon on June 16, 2005 02:06:45 PM Report
Absolutely wonderful. It really is more than a bird. Love the metaphor.
Comment By: FreeJeff on June 14, 2005 03:49:22 PM Report
Very impressive write, my friend.
I loved the ending lines...very well written


Comment By: FreeCynthia Jones on June 13, 2005 09:52:03 PM Report
Jody, I can't believe what I have just read. What a stunning write. :o) *S* Wind Whisperer
Comment By: FreeSteve Sniukas on June 13, 2005 07:55:14 PM Report
ahh this one is just mind blowing ! though was i the bird i'd fly away and thank you for the opening of the gate!

Comment By: PremiumJillian K. Alexis on June 13, 2005 02:47:29 PM Report
This is amazing Jody. What an original and creative write. Into my favs this one goes...Hugz...Jillian
Comment By: FreeAlison Storm Wolf on June 13, 2005 01:32:19 PM Report
I settled for the security of a guilded cage for many years. I used to see the door opening from time to time but once the children arrived it slammed shut.
One day the door was flung open due to the actions of my ex husband. I made my dash for freedom.
It has been very hard...sometimes I wonder "was I wise?"
Freedom however, is priceless.
Needless to say this spoke to me at a very profound level. Thank you.
Comment By: FreeSharon Jorcil James on June 13, 2005 10:19:17 AM Report we know why the caged bird sings.
Jody this is a fantastic wite my dear!! Very powerful and philisophical
Without a of my favs.

Sharon JJ

Comment By: FreeHenry M. on June 13, 2005 06:32:42 AM Report
I really liked this one Jody, the open cage door, the path to freedom and the reluctance to take it because of the comfort and security of familiar surroundings provide. Great poem! Henry
Comment By: FreeEmily on June 13, 2005 01:47:38 AM Report
Comment By: AdminRichardM on June 12, 2005 10:25:42 PM Report
Really exquisite! Allegorical. The rhymes are so delicate I had to look for them. I really love this one, so classic. Great job! You did not ask the bird about love, and that surprised me a little... What exactly is that cage made of?
Comment By: FreeLeonard Wilson on June 12, 2005 10:11:07 PM Report
Yep...They call it becoming "Institutionalized>"..A lot of guys get out of prison and do exactly what it takes to get back in, even if most of them wouldn't admit it..They'd call it rotten luck...This intelligent story goes far beyond the realm of incarceration..We can be prisoners of our own fears, just as locked down as any inmate...Aces, the philosopher witch..I love it, and you, darlin'....Well done .yereverfreedomlovinfurball
Comment By: Freeb doneff on June 12, 2005 09:15:25 PM Report
I am almost afraid to comment on this Jody..afraid of what may come out. Things repressed and not pretty. A cage is no place, no trade in, for security. I have stayed in a cage, and it nearly killed me. I suffocated. I suppose we all have our cages, that we stay in, due to one reason or another, but sadly, it is no way to live. I am learning that its okay to live a little on the edge, lol...I really adore this, even though it is a bit sad and made me want to cry. Barbie

P.S. how is that road rash healing?? did ya ever get all the gravel outta yer rear??? love ya, me
Comment By: FreeIngwa on June 12, 2005 07:51:01 PM Report
Beautiful :) No bird deserves to be caged, and you are absolutely right to allow it to be free.
Comment By: FreeLaddee Li on June 12, 2005 06:37:44 PM Report
WoW!!! You know just like the bird I do have that tendency, and reading this poem made me realize how much security tends to put me in a cage...THNX!!! ;;) GREAT WRITE!!!!
Comment By: FreeSavanahB on June 12, 2005 05:08:09 PM Report
Girl, I'm getting all green with matches my eyes!

The metaphor of this is pretty astounding and nicely woven... I think I better go shopping and start looking for that bigger head we were talking about!!!! NO, NO, NO, Jody..for your brains not the other end...geeze.......

Give me a battle or give me a party, but don't bore my butt to death!!........NO CAGES............

Jude...proud of this write by sista....
Comment By: FreeSamantha Firefly on June 12, 2005 05:03:28 PM Report
This is so creative... Maybe love is a gold cage... This is interesting and very well written.


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