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Author Name: FreeNatversion1 6 Comments
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Captain Nice *N Force Unlimited*

The summer air was still warm but the sky was starless on the 1st of August, Diana sat outside on the smooth grass on a hill a stones throw away from A.D.M.I.N Head Quarters looking up into space and allowing her the luxury of a few minutes peace and quiet outside of the base.


Ever since India Corp had fallen there had not been much to do for A.D.M.I.N however there was fear that a new threat to A.D.M.I.N was on the verge of coming to power but so far it had all been rumours, but A.D.M.I.N still had a few not so well known projects under way so that it did not fall behind with the times.


Inside the grey walls of a distinctly bland looking Head Quarters four very bright and talented pupils who had been watched for months were being trained up and once their training was complete they would be sent to increase the numbers of the A.D.M.I.N created N Force. Diana smiled earlier in the day she had decided to bring A.D.M.I.N HQ up to fully staffed so that she could investigate persistent rumours of a new threat. She had called in all agents of A.D.M.I.N bar N Force because they were too busy finishing off their move to N Force Tower.


 Diana was ready to head back inside now that she had taken a break when she noticed a smoke trail moving fast towards her position, at first all Diana could do was stare unsure of what was heading towards A.D.M.I.N.

At the speed it was moving it looked to be some sort of comet but as the object got closer Diana could see in full horror that it was not a comet at all but a guided missile.


Knowing it was hopeless but refusing to just stand by Diana ran towards A.D.M.I.N Head Quarters in the vain hope of reaching it, even as she ran the missile passed her and headed for its target “No” Diana stopped as she saw the missile hit. The whole of the sleeping quarters had been obliterated by the missile it was doubtful that anyone could have survived it was late at night and all but a few guards would have been in the quarters sleeping.


Diana had actually felt the blast before she heard it, the force of the explosion pushing her off her feet and then the dull thump rushed towards her getting louder and louder like a wave rolling closer and closer to the shore. Diana knew she had to go in and search for survivors but she also had to run emergency system deletion and send a message to N Force.


Through the smoke and the devastation Diana could not find on single survivor, the 4 training members of N Force were gone Diana was devastated she had spent a lot of time training them herself. The protocol had been activated and her message was sent to N Force and all the systems data had been destroyed, anyone attacking A.D.M.I.N would find nothing of use when they came for it, now she could go back out and search for any survivors that there may be still inside the building.


Suddenly the double doors behind the main control room blew open and out of the smoke seven shadows slowly walked through, the first person Diana saw was a woman who was smiling at her, she walked forwards slowly but the way she walked suggested she had power and she knew how to use it.


“Ah A.D.M.I.N Head Quarters, bit of a dump isn’t it? Seems a bit messy in her…was you not expecting company?” The woman spoke in a tone that clearly suggested that she was amused. Diana went to speak but the women shoved her down to the floor and put her foot on Dianna’s throat to stop her talking.

“Shush now really its ok we don’t mind the hospitality being a little “less” than welcoming now we want to know from you…where is your so called “N Force?” The woman pushed her foot down on Diana’s throat some more then let off so that Diana could speak but she refused to tell the mysterious woman anything and instead rasped her a question.


“Who are you?” Diana wheezed feeling the effect of a half crushed windpipe and the intake of smoke and dust from the explosions. “I suppose I might as well let you know the names of your destroyers, I am Mom the leader of the group, this here to my left is Wind Whisperer, next to her is Hydro-Cat, to my right is The Pink Lady, standing next to her is Shady and behind me is Fire-Fly and Aunt-phibian. Together we make up “The Family” We have come for revenge on N Force and also for some information that they have which we need, now are you going to tell us where they are?”


The woman forced down even harder as she spoke and seemed to really be enjoying the amount of pain she was inflicting on the other woman.

Diana was putting up a struggle but the fight was draining from her as the woman that had called herself “Mom” put her foot down harder on Diana’s throat “Well if that is your final answer…I guess… we have no further use for you…” With that Mom silenced Diana forever.


Shady put one hand on one of the computer consoles and stood motionless for a few minutes until he shot backwards with a cry of surprise, “They have wiped the database of all the information we could use and they have some rather…painful intrusion prevention methods. However…I did manage to find something that could aid us in bring N Force to us…” Shady filled Mom in on what he had found and with a smile she ordered the others.


“Fire-Fly burn the rest of this place down and Hydro-Cat see to it that water gets into all the systems maybe we can slow down any retrieval of information for them”

Mom was readying her troops to leave the destroyed A.D.M.I.N building, The Pink Lady was standing in a corner readjusting her make up that hadn’t really been smudged by their attack but she was worried none the less, Wind Whisper who had called a small tornado to blew the flames away so they could exit and Aunt-phibian who was trying to catch a fly.


“I think it is time to put our plan into phase 2” Mom said as they left A.D.M.I.N to burn down…

N Force Tower was dark and empty inside things were still boxed up and only the basic security and video systems were set up, the team had moved everything inside the Tower and decided to go and get something to eat.


The Towers video system blinked to life and displayed the urgent S.O.S message detailing the attack on A.D.M.I.N, Diana had known the attackers would not spare her life and had sent a file along to N Force which was labelled “N Force Unlimited”


The file opened up with a list of 8 names the four people that had been killed while training at A.D.M.I.N Head Quarters and also another 4 names of people and places to find them:


Michelle Morris: Last known Co-Ordinates (X2,T3)

Anya Teuling: Last known Co-Ordinates (D5,L4)

Lady Leah: Last known Co-Ordinates (R7,F3)

Katie Stutzman: Last known Co-Ordinates (Z2,Y5)


It seemed that A.D.M.I.N had been ready to expand the N Force and bring the era of the Unlimited before they had been crushed, now the only hope for N Force is to recruit these new members and become N Force Unlimited before The Family caught up with them…

Author's Notes:

This is a pretty old series now but I wanted to start almost fresh with some new good guys and some new bad guys so introducing my cast for the new series:

Mom (Jillian Alexis)

Wind Whisperer (Cynthia Jones)

Aunt-phibian (Tracy F)

Hydro Kat (Christina)

Pink Lady (Lynn Cowman)

Shady (Bas)

Fire-Fly (Samantha Fire Fly)

Well this is it for now these stories are highly enjoyable but sometimes a lot of hard work but if recieved well there will be more soon.


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Comment By: PremiumJillian K. Alexis on August 9, 2005 10:29:57 PM Report
Well now, don't I feel really stupid, this is part 2, duh. Blonde moment. Anyway, I loved this Nathaniel. Ty for including me in your' wonderful story. Into my favs. this one is going...Hugz...Mom
Comment By: PremiumJillian K. Alexis on August 9, 2005 10:18:12 PM Report
This is a wonderful story Nathaniel, but u know I wouldn't harm a fly. LOL. I am honored that u included me in on this suspensfull tale. I look forward to reading part 2...Hugz...Mom
Comment By: FreeTracy Fletcher on August 3, 2005 05:47:36 AM Report
This is awesome! Except for the fact that I'm a bad guy,not me I'm really a perfect little angel. Just don't look to close or you'll see my horns holding up my rusty halo.I love it so far, can't wait to read more.
Love.......Aunty Tracy AKA Aunt Phibian (Going to Catch Flies)
Comment By: FreeSamantha Firefly on August 2, 2005 05:25:15 AM Report
This is great, Nathaniel... I'm going to burn the place. See you later ;o)
Comment By: FreeAnya den Teuling on August 1, 2005 02:41:52 PM Report
I'm dying to see what happens, this has got so many possibilities. Was describing my super secret super hero hide out at school on Saturday, looks like he's not the only one.
Comment By: FreeLiquid Poetess on August 1, 2005 10:36:13 AM Report
A good story (as always) from you, with names of friends & jokes about their personalities.. always was a speciality of yours, keep writing.

Liquid Poetess x


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