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Author Name: FreeNatversion1 7 Comments
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Captain Nice *N Force Unlimited part 2*

Inside the deserted dinner which amazingly they do not really exist in London outside of this story Captain Nice, Erin and the Poetic Soldier were enjoying the American Cuisine. Sadly American hospitality when it came to food service wasn’t repeated in England and the waitress who Captain Nice had just finished of his fourth Gotham burger and his tights were starting to feel a little well…tight, Erin was sitting next to him trying to sit still and read the Daily Hairnet which was the number 1 newspaper in England at the time with its award winning reporter Lewis Plain, however as every one knew Erin’s energy was a little high and she pretty much bounced around the room like the Human Tigger which was what Captain N had started to call her.


The Poetic Soldier sat in the furthest corner where it was darkest in the dinner watching the waitress who herself seemed to have had one too many Gotham Burgers, “Always thinking Poetic, you know that’s your problem if you think too much it can drive you crazy you know?” Erin was trying her best to take Poetic Soldier out of his moody thoughtful mode but he just continued surveying the whole place.


In one corner there was a middle age couple eating tea and crumpets, while Poetic noted that this was highly stereotypical it wasn’t as far as he could tell a danger, the second thought he had was to do with why an American dinner was serving tea and crumpets but hey poetic license and all that. The feeling of unease had grown since he had joined N Force and India Corp had been taken down, if he had learned anything about hero’s from the comics he had read as a boy it was that you only beat one villain for another to come along.


Lady D came out from round the back and offered Captain Nice a fresh cup of Hot Coffee however after reading the news recently about a certain computer game had decided he wasn’t sure if she meant the drink. Lady D always came and chatted to N Force whenever the came into her dinner that she had named Lady D’s Dragon Diner.

Lady D had once been a foe to Captain Nice but after their battle she had gone off and lived her dream which was to open an American Diner that served Tea and Crumpets in England.


N Force had just moved into their new Tower in the middle of London town and the only place to eat that was open at 2am was this diner, they had originally been brought in to increase the talent within A.D.M.I.N but had decided to work off the side of A.D.M.I.N because they hadn’t been offered a very good dental plan while working for them direct.


After leaving the diner and thanking Lady D for her amazing hospitality N Force Returned to the tower, inside they found the Video Monitor calling out to them with an electronic plea. It took them all awhile to take in the fact that A.D.M.I.N had been destroyed but hey they hadn’t been given a dental plan so the grieving was short lived.


All the names on the list seemed very good candidates but one name in particular stuck out as the most important, “Michelle Morris? Isn’t she the girl that was once in some top secret crime gang and had been like a daughter to the leader but gave it all up?” Erin knew it was true even as she asked but she thought maybe one of the others could give some more information on the young girl.


“Yes that is her she used to go by the name Dancer after being introduced to the rest of the gang she was enhanced and her talent for dancing was fused with technology she is able to literally dance up and storm and has grace that is off the chart” Poetic Soldier talked from somewhere in the shadows only the whites of his eyes could be seen like some kind of bat or something, Erin wondered why he didn’t call himself Bat Thing or something.


Captain Nice rubbed an imaginary beard while he was thinking and then read through the other peoples names on the list, “The rest of these names seem like normal people with super powers, I thinks we should go to this Michelle Morris first as she is more well known it could make her a target for whoever attacked A.D.M.I.N.


Michelle Morris sighed loudly in her home after breaking her 5th dance mat, “Seriously when they say hard mode that she try to at least make it hard” She thought to herself as she grabbed a baileys with ice and went to stare at her collection of Argos Pens. The mirror she passed was covered up because she didn’t like to look at herself in the mirror after the technology implants she had received from the crime gang she had once been in, her eyes had got corrupted making her see herself as something less than beautiful which was sad because she was very beautiful.


Dancing around the house she had spotted a huge spider and doing what all girls super powered or not does, she jumped onto the sofa and called a neighbour to come over because the cat was probably too busy cleaning its own butt. When the door knocked a minute later Chelle opened it expecting her neighbour to be standing there but she was shocked by the sight that awaited her.


“Hello Daughter” Chelle was pushed back as Mom entered the house with the rest of the family standing outside; Chelle was unable to speak still as Mom pressed forward. “What’s wrong Daughter? Oh come now you didn’t think we wouldn’t catch up with you sooner or later did you? No one leaves the family Daughter no one and now to do what I should have done a long time ago…”


Mom had just put her boot down towards Chelle’s throat when the missing spider from earlier put in an appearance and crawled over mom’s shoulder and yes even super powered evil women still hated spiders, Both Mom and Chelle ran out the house screaming and Chelle’s neighbour Dan Ross had come over to see what was going on but had fallen under Pink Lady’s charms and had forgotten he was called by Chelle in distress.


Shady had commented on how women who hate spiders are such wimps and Fire-Fly had promptly set fire to his pants for that remark and Hydro Kat had put the fire out so Shady now remained quiet with a burned butt and soggy pants.


The Pink lady was still working her charm on Dan Ross enjoying the way he was her puppet and she had even got him to pinch Wind Whispers bottom for which she had turned around and thrown a gale force tornado at him.


Aunt-Phibian had been trying to resist ever since they had arrived but the temptation was getting unbearable and she had done it, The rest of the Family had turned and groaned at her “Tracy get out of his Pond” Aunt-Phibian jumped out a few seconds later but still grinning to herself after her rather enjoyable little swim.


 The struggle between Chelle and Mom had continued onto the front lawn and now that Chelle wasn’t so surprised she was able to use her speed and agility to avoid the blows Mom was throwing, sadly for Eddie Kent who was walking his dog he had gotten in between the fight and found an Evil Women’s knee to the groin is rather more painful than a normal one.


“Wind Whisperer I need you to slow her down!” Mom was shouting as loud as she could she knew that she wouldn’t be able to catch Chelle without some help and Wind Whisper sent a huge gust of wind at Chelle, but luck seemed to be on Chelle’s side and poor Kelly Hall who had forgotten her pants while jogging ran in front of the gust and was now reported to be out in Texas somewhere.


Next up Aunt-Phibian decided she would wrap her tongue around Chelle’s ankles to try and trip her over so Mom could finish the job however due to a poor attention span she soon spotted the Bag Lady feeding some birds and bounded over there in the hope of some bread crumbs.


Hydro Kat saw her perfect opportunity arrive when Chelle who after avoiding 3 failed attempts to be slowed down was actually felled by a root in the ground crashed down, Hydro Kat fired a high blast of Water towards the fallen girl and it seemed that the fight would be over real quickly.


Chelle saw the rushing water coming towards her and knew that there was no way she could avoid it, once her clothes were wet she would be a lot slower and there would be no way she could avoid being taken, suddenly just as she had given in to the idea of making it away from her fate the water turned to jelly and just slopped onto the lawn.


“See I told you Doctor Len’s jelly gun would come in handy one day” Poetic Soldier was talking to Captain Nice who was holding Mom away from the girl on the lawn with his Nice Grip, Erin was already on the ground running around Shady all of her energy allowing her to run in circles which caused him to fall down feeling rather dizzy.


The N-Force had arrived…

Author's Notes:

Well its keeping me amused during the working hours so its all good. Trying to fit mentions into as many people as I can without over crowding each part.


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Comment By: PremiumJillian K. Alexis on August 9, 2005 10:26:59 PM Report
I had to read this wonderful story again Nathaniel. It is most deffinetely going into my favs. I hope there is a part 3. Oh yeah, sorry Edward for kicking u, but hey, that's what us bad guys do. I just loved this son...Hugz...Mom
Comment By: PremiumJillian K. Alexis on August 6, 2005 03:21:41 AM Report
This was such a fun write to read son. U not only r very creative, u have a wonderful talent. I hope there is a part 2. I was wondering who the Mom is? Could it be me? No matter, this was great...hugz...Mom
Comment By: FreeCynthia Jones on August 4, 2005 09:59:03 PM Report
HAHAHAHA Nate, this is excellent. Well penned my friend. :o) *S* Wind Whisperer
Comment By: FreeTracy Fletcher on August 4, 2005 04:45:40 PM Report
This is brilliant! Love the part about Eddy getting kicked, and me taking a swim. But where is the love of Aunt Phibian life Fletch. Keep'em coming I'm loving it so far.
Love.........Aunt Tracy AKA Aunt Phibian
Comment By: FreeAnya den Teuling on August 4, 2005 03:04:22 PM Report
I just keep wanting more, Nate, Bro, you've got me hooked. Good Stuff.
Love Cat
Comment By: FreeSamantha Firefly on August 4, 2005 11:39:29 AM Report
LOL! This is awesome, Nathaniel.
Comment By: FreeShe Whispers on August 4, 2005 08:39:21 AM Report


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