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Author Name: FreeNatversion1 6 Comments
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Captain Nice *N Force Unlimited part 3*

Officer Paul sat back in his patrol car staring out the front window before returning to his box of Lady D’s Delicious doughnuts and putting the finishing touches to a poem “Hmmm I know but I still…needs a word to finish the title” Office Paul thought to himself, “How about…I know but I still care…yeah that works”

Officer Paul smiled to himself pleased that he finally had a title to his poem, his night so far had been a quiet one, normally Officer Paul would pen a poem and eat from Lady D’s or if he felt like being a cop at all he would look through the case of the missing Argos pens which so far he had been unable to crack. The store had searched a few people but they were either innocent or they had those pens somewhere very well hidden….

Where ever Officer Paul’s thoughts were heading they was soon cut off when a cow landed on his patrol car, then followed by a local man named Dan Ross who was dazed and a little confused but kept repeating that it was a tornado that had brought him here. Officer Paul sighed put down his doughnut and headed in the general direction of the tornado.


Wind Whisperer was the first to actually attack as she summoned a bigger tornado and threw it at N Force but by this time Michelle had got to her feet and danced a storm back. The Tornado and the Storm seemed to tussle and a strong wind tore up Frozen Tear’s garden and whipped up a pair of pink panties that was on the line and they fell on Shady’s head.

Aunt-Phibian stuck out her long tongue and tried to pull the Jelly Gun out of Poetic Soldier’s hands however his reactions were fast and he grabbed her tongue and wrapped it around a lamp post.

Hydro Kat was using her powers to send powerful jet sprays towards Captain Nice but for the time being his Nice Shield was holding up but he was forced to let his grip go on Mom who was now coming for him again.

Poetic Soldier saw Mom making her move and knew that Captain Nice’s shield would not take two angry women beating on it (No guys ever could) so he used to the wet grass that Hydro Kat had created and slid across Mom causing her to fall down.

The pink panties on Shady’s head were stretch fit so he found it rather hard to pull them off and he continued to stumble around the area (some guys just fell apart when it comes to taking off girl’s underwear)

Officer Paul pulled up close enough to see a battle that consisted of what looked like two groups of people in bad looking pyjamas, Officer Paul decided it would probably be a good idea to put a call in “This is Officer Paul calling in a 420” the receiver seemed confused but answered the request “You are currently trying to arrest a farmer who has taken one of his cows to be his wife?” Officer Paul made a mental note to look up his call codes “No I am requesting back up because I am all out of Lady D’s Delicious doughnuts, repeat send me all available doughnuts now this is an emergency!”

Miss Dayna sat in her small house at the end of a usually quiet road in front of her was a very worn drawing board, she was in charge of bring a new brand of action toys out for a major toy company but so far nothing had inspired the directors.

The noise outside really wasn’t helping though she assumed it was just that noisy Dan Ross at the end of the road doing something silly as usual, as charming as he was her patience was wearing thin and now she had enough and opened the window to shout when the most glorious thing she had ever seen greeted her. There fighting each other was a whole range of real life action figures…of course she would have to brave the battle field to get them to sign likeness agreements etc but the money they would make should be enough to persuade them.

Officer Paul decided he couldn’t wait any longer and that he would have to sort out the situation quickly and then go and get himself his doughnuts and he sped towards the battling groups…and suddenly out stumbled a guy in a silver suit with pink panties on his head, there was not enough time to swerve and Office Paul hit him square on.

The battle ceased at this moment as both groups stood in silence this was finally broken by Mom who growled at The Family “This isn’t over but for now we leave” Fire-Fly commented that he would probably have wanted to go with his head in someone’s panties but this was met with a kick from Wind Whisperer.

N-Force who was out numbered still decided to let the group that attacked A.D.M.I.N go for now but both sides knew they would meet again real soon. Captain Nice turned to the young lady they had just fought side by side with, “So how would you feel about joining N Force? Would could use a girl like you on our side”

The Family had returned beaten and down about losing a member of their group, their head quarters was dark yet there was a weird smell to the room faint but weird all the same. “Not very roomy in here is it?” the voice called out from the darkness and Aunt-Phibian had a massive smile on her face, “Fetch is that you?” the voice replied but it was tinged with irritation “I told you not to call me Fetch”

Fletch was Aunt-Phibian’s partner because they had come from the same animal/human genetic fusion centre they had always been close, he was half human now and half dog so the family had taken up to calling him Fetch.

Mom sniffed the air, “I see you have already…made yourself at home Fetch, when did you break out of jail? And may I request while you are here that you do not pee inside the house unless it is in the toilet. It seemed that the Family would remain at full strength.

Michelle had thought for what felt like forever about joining the good guys in their fight again her former group, but Michelle thought she wasn’t good enough to join this particular group. So they had told her to think for a few more moments, now it seems she was ready to make her mind up.

“I have thought about what you have offered….and…I…

Author's Notes:
Ok its taken a bit longer than planned but here is N Force 3
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Comment By: FreeFLETCHER on August 16, 2005 11:41:46 AM Report
Comment By: FreeTracy Fletcher on August 11, 2005 07:42:46 AM Report
These just keep getting funnier and funnier, I love em'. Keep em' comming. Great job on my partner Fetch. We are always together. Can't wait for the next one,so hurry patience is not one of my better virtues.
Love..........Aunt Tracy aka Aunt Phibian
Comment By: PremiumPaul on August 10, 2005 09:52:45 PM Report
LOL I loved it a Cow, a Dan Ross, a guy with panties on his head and plenty of Doughnuts!! All three great JOb Bravo keep 'em coming.
PS It occurred to me while reading this that Samantha Firefly must wear crotchless panties so that her shiny butt will show!!!

Comment By: FreeAnya den Teuling on August 10, 2005 03:47:59 PM Report
I'm still addicted and still can't wait to see more.
Comment By: FreeSamantha Firefly on August 10, 2005 12:28:07 PM Report
This is awesome, Nathaniel. Thank you very much for the fun.
Comment By: PremiumJillian K. Alexis on August 10, 2005 11:00:06 AM Report
This is great Nathaniel, it put a smile upon my face. I am so glad u r continuing with this fun story. But that Fetch, this wouldn't be the first time that he tinkled where he wasn't suppose to. Perhaps I should have a talk with his partner Tracy. Down Fetch, down boy. LOL. I love this son, and into my favs this one goes along with the other two...Hugz...Mom


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