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Author Name: Freeraveneye 5 Comments
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The Girl Who Would Not Eat
She wanted her body to be waifishly thin,
She wanted to feel bone under her porcelain skin.
She wanted her ribs manifest on her chest,
She just wanted to look her very best.

She wanted her limbs to be elegant sticks,
Twiggy, long, sylphish that would men transfix.
She wanted her cheeks to sink into her jaw,
Chiselled, contoured, taut that would shock and awe.

She wanted her waist as wide as a plate,
A reedy wan stalk that would slip through her gate.
She wanted the tallow begone from her thighs,
To purge the dregs that appended her size.

She wanted to feel each section of spine,
Bone pushing skin would make her back divine.
She wanted her jaw to cut out from her face,
The suet now enicircling was a prodigious disgrace.

But despite all she wanted she was never fat,
Yet no one at all could convince her of that.
When she looked in the mirror at her svelte slender frame,
She saw not a great beauty but a pillar of shame.

She would take two fingers and pinch hard at her waist,
Repugnant at the delusive flab that she faced.
She would use her slim hands to vellicate her thigh,
At the sight of any movement she would in chagrin sigh.

She would poke away at her body when no one was there,
Searching for gelatin that would hurl her to despair.
She would stretch the skin that ensconsed her taut meat,
Looking for the cellulite wrinkles to delete.

So one day she decided to take charge of her fate,
That day, she decided, would be the last that she ate.
She abjured there and then to never to eat,
No more fruit, leaf, egg, milk, flour, rice, nut, bread or meat.

She would starve the pudge right out and burn it with fast,
Famine rip out the fat and into the pit it be cast.
Food was now her enemy and she had declared war,
She would combat her foe untamed like never before.

She began her regime with a great moxie zeal,
Ignoring the torment that her body would feel.
Unless she was hungry, she did not feel good,
Starvation was a sacrifice she understood.

Once in a while her willpower would cave,
She would thrust up her mouth all the food that she craved.
Lambasted by guilt the instant she was sated,
She forced her own retch to eject what she hated.

She stood on the scale morning evening and night,
Longing for the needle to plummet out of her sight.
For each ounce she lost she would whoop, soused with glee,
Then look in the long mirror for what bone she could see.

The days turned to months as she emerged ever gaunt,
Yet her skeletal body she was not ready to flaunt.
She would look in the mirror at her meager haggard shape,
Ignoring the danger she gave her health one more rape.

Her skin once so radiant, so supple and sleek,
Was now brittle and graying, lacklustre and weak.
Her hair once so thick, so bouyant and full,
Was now dropping out easily with every light pull.

Her arms once strong and robust and bold,
Now frail, decrepit and langourously old.
Her legs once carried her fast as a gale,
Now shivered under her weight as though they would fail.

Her womanly torso once with voluptously arcs,
Now like a stick figure, empty and stark.
Her eyes that once sparkled with the vigour of life,
Now dead and hollow, void of laughter, full of strife.

Her friends and family beseeched her to stop,
Help they could give her, her habit she could drop.
They loved her too much to see her suffer, they said,
But she pushed them away and abhorred them instead.

She was doing what was needed for her to be sublime,
They would see it her way, all they needed was time.
Her attitude to those who loved her brought no remorse,
She was resolute, she had to stay the course.

So she wasted away slowly as the days seeped by,
And all the while the shimmer went out of her eye.
She kept to herself, increasingly alone,
As her famished gut in anguish began to moan and groan.

She had no one to talk to, no one to trust,
Anyone she spoke to told her that to eat, she must.
She wanted to surrender, to wolf down that meal,
But the thought of the fat would change how she feel.

And every day her insides howled and implored,
It begged her for sustenance, but was forever ignored.
It churned and winced in pain at the void,
It sobbed as it grew increasingly annoyed.

One morning she woke up hungry in her bed,
To a horrible chomping that filled her with dread.
Her stomach had given up and was eating her whole,
It was eating her limbs, her mind, her soul.

She screamed a scream born out of regret,
She grabbed to her bedsheets and started to sweat.
She cried the tears of remorse and of fear,
As her belly began to eat up her ear.

When they finally burst through the door to her room,
She was no longer there, she had met her doom.
Her involuntary suicide had fully run its course,
She decided her fate with will and with force.

She was simply perfect until her fateful choice,
She was divinity until she harked the serpent's voice.
She was the beauty so tender and sweet,
She was the girl who would not eat.
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'The Girl Who Would Not Eat' Copyright © Gabriel Ku
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Comment By: FreeEmma on June 12, 2006 11:22:48 PM Report
I really like this poem.

keep it up

em oXo

Comment By: PremiumMahala Rose on May 27, 2006 09:45:04 PM Report
this is so pwerful.i was at a stage like this, your poem has made me see. although i was not serious at all, i could of been. this is great i think every girl who feel they need to be thin should read this. its amazing and im going to putit in my favs.
well done.
mahala x0x0x
Comment By: FreeCherie on December 14, 2005 03:51:17 AM Report
Unless she was hungry, she did not feel good,- thats a really true line, the feeling of hunger can be really addictive. thank you for this poem. nice write

Comment By: FreeH. Louise on October 16, 2005 05:20:30 AM Report
This is such an amazing write.
Sadly, this is very common in most young girls.
Media is the biggest cause. Pictures in magazines often influence girls of how they should be.
In my eyes, everybody is beautiful the way they are.
Very well written.
Keep up the great work ^__^
Comment By: PremiumJoe McNinney on October 14, 2005 11:20:09 PM Report
I work as a sales manager for Gold's Gym and sadly, this is a gross reality for many woman. This is an incredible write, Joe


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