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Author Name: FreeSavanahB 12 Comments
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Retribution Rides a Dark Horse-Part V

Part V

* Sir Sgàil – The Shadow Knight*

We packed up our provisions
Tacked waiting mounts
Snow clouds stacking overhead
A storm poised to pounce

We made haste down the mountain
Trail buried in white
The prophecy had begun to bloom
The gathering of knights

Resting ‘neath a jagged outcrop
Braced against wind
Grasping blankets with numbed fingers
Snow and rain blew in

* The Arrival *

T’was during this dreadful and furious storm
From the bowels of Hell, it was evil borne
To tear asunder the earth and leave it bleeding
A strange rider came softly in silent greeting


He sat a black stallion of gigantic measure
Trappings adorned in gems of treasure
Fog spewed from nostrils, a hollow strange hiss
The steed’s eyes were coals, obscured in mist


As he approached, there seemed a pale glow
Light from his visor, source nay did show
He stepped from his horse in singular grace
Hood of his garment still hiding his face

His voice lay harsh as stones on the ground
A man honed to silence, nay liking sound
“If I may bind my tired horse to yon branch,”
“For I have not found you, M’lady, by chance.”


His presence felt odd, and again that strange glow
He snagged a thin limb and tied reins in a bow
I begged his leave for I had not a warm fire
But under the ledge mayhap he’d be dryer

“Why doth thou seek me, on a night such as this”?
A sound met my ear, nay more than a hiss
He scarce could be keened above the wind’s shrieking
I gathered he had an aversion to speaking


“I give thee my life, my allegiance, my word.”
In a quiet rasping, that could barely be heard
“To protect the truth, and avenge the right cause,”
“To my death.” given with passion, pledged without pause

“Pray, tell me your tale? What doth bring you to me”?
“What cast you to shadow, what curse might this be”?
“I stood accused of possessing another man’s coin,”
“My verdict worse than death, one of eternal scorn,”

“If I had been guilty I would have paid with my life,”
“Judged by the Duke, who but wanted my wife.”
Dropping hood, raising visor, whence came the light
And faced me cold staring from two orbs of white

”A wizard stood close as they took mine eyes”
” I heard my wife’s scream as the Duke took his prize”
”As fire met my flesh, I heard a low incantation”
  “I awoke to find I was  but an abomination”

”No longer a man, I am now naught but a shadow”
“Where once lay mine eyes, now lays a glow”
”I am condemned to wander, forever alone”
”To my wife and sons, I can n’er go home”

”This cur Duke has since risen much in rank”
”T’was a bitter sip I fear from life’s cup I drank”
”He is now the king, I but a vapored shadow”
” I weep bitter tears, hearth no longer hallow”

“I beg of you M’Lady, I pray thee be kind”
“Visit vengeance on those that doth lay me blind”
“My reason be justice and I vow thee my sword”
“Low, it taught me hatred and I live by my word”


“I’ve trained other senses that no other knight hast”
“The power of vipers lets my metal flash fast”
“Keen nose tells a liar’s sweat, and truth doth be told”
“My ears can hear the sigh of Kings counting gold”

“The journey you take is a quest for the Heart”
knights are needed to lay waste the dark”
“My name shall be Shadow, never far from your side”
“Common cause shall mate us, a Knight and his Bride”

My shuttering senses all but screamed
Pray send him away
But Sir Anctil standing at my right
Kept my fears at bay

In a leather pouch, hanging round my neck
The rune stone grew warm
I heeded the soothsayer parting words
Trusting faith to keep me from harm

”I can not hail thee simply shadow”,
Sgàil shall you be”“I trust you heart is true and pure”
“That fate brought you to me”

“Many wrongs have they to answer for”
“Retribution, our rally cry”
“Crows will feast upon their flesh”
“Before this spring is nigh”

Author's Notes:

The character of the Sir Sgàil, the Shadow Knight was writen by joia edwards (green font). How one writer can get so much creepy into so few lines is amazing! must be the shoes.....or is it the booze? Well, either way she did an incredible job of throwing a real dark enigma into the story... Thanks for joining in!

The talented writers here on CP are certainly handing me some very interesting characters for my quest knights. I hope when the seven are gathered, I can do justice their awesome Knights.

The 'Shadow Knight' drawing is an original work by CP's 'Tempered Steel Knight', Bas Ruijs. Again Bas, you've done a remarkable job of translating the writer's words into a wonderful image.

BUT, just in case you ever think about going all 'temperamental artsist' on me with all the braggin' I'm doing about you here..I'm posting an original of my own just so you'll realize I COULD step and do the artwork myself if needed....I bet you're a liittttle nervous now, huh?

Will someone please put this editor out of it's misery..........

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'Retribution Rides a Dark Horse-Part V' Copyright © SavanahB
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Comment By: FreeW on July 14, 2006 01:28:01 AM Report
Continuing on the journey. I'm amazed and impressed, and glad that you're getting a wee bit of help. *smile* But enough already. One more part, and then I'm for bed. ~W~
Comment By: PremiumBlake Hightdudis on December 7, 2005 03:46:38 PM Report
This was a truely awesome, excellent piece,
put together with such mastery and excellence. wonderful.

Comment By: FreeBarbara Demasson on December 6, 2005 05:01:26 PM Report
I am practically speechless!! {dont' you dare cheer!!} How do I comment in a way that will do justice to Jude...I am blown bloody away!!!

Firsty...Joia did a spectacular job with this Knight...I was truly riveted as I read through her part.

Bas...hey I am giving you a standing rise to the occasion and then some. Great work eh!! I'm thrilled that you are a part of this series. lady, I bow to thee. I am so incredibly impressed that I'm practically weeping here...but they are good tears hun...all good!

Go hard girlfriend...get those other good guys and go show the bad guys what mortality is all about. Luv this series and all involved in it! =))

~Barbara~ *clapping until her hands bleed*
Comment By: FreeAlison Storm Wolf on November 29, 2005 07:20:55 AM Report
This was absolutely tremendous! I am fair getting the hang of it now! Hey that dark night gave me the willies....wonderful work Joia!!!!!!!!!

On the edgo of my seat.
One cheek on one cheek off.
Storm. xxx
Comment By: FreeGay Johnson on November 19, 2005 12:44:51 PM Report
The Knights come riding, out of the storm,
To save the honour of one who was scorned.
Each has sworn to uphold virtue,
May none falter but remain true.
AWSOME write to the both of you!!!!! Well done Bas on capturing the Shadow.
Gentle Dove
Comment By: FreeThe Bag Lady on November 16, 2005 05:58:53 PM Report
Simply incredible~!! I think that it is a definite GIFT to this site, what with all the gathering of talent that this place possesses....I am just totally blown away with Joia's entry and it is so beautifully crafted as is ALL of your story~!!! 'Tis a joy to find this part V, my friend~!!
Margaret....a friend...
Comment By: PremiumBlake Hightdudis on November 14, 2005 12:59:23 PM Report
Very wonderful job, a master storyteller
you are.
Comment By: FreeEdward Kent on November 14, 2005 09:37:30 AM Report
you are some storyteller Jude..these are fantastic , I want to thank you for the good read you've giving me ,,I bow to your brilliance...Eddy
Comment By: PremiumMary Lou Allen on November 13, 2005 11:09:04 PM Report
Oh, lordy. This is gettin thick. What an adventure. Nice work, joia. Moving right along now...
Comment By: FreeLeonard Wilson on November 13, 2005 06:27:51 PM Report
You and Joia have come up with one hell of a chapter, here..The fog from the horse's nostrails was so descriptive..I'll use the word classy again..What a fine tale of olde.You invited me to participate but as Dirty Harry said, "A man's got to know his limitations.".I'm good at glib and hacking out yarns..Classy is out of my class.I'll just enjoy the ride, Jude:O)..len
Comment By: FreePelagic Mind on November 13, 2005 05:28:30 PM Report
Hahahahaha...Well done! Another Knight, but what will another day bring? Good stuff joia and jude very atmospheric....
Comment By: Freejoia on November 13, 2005 01:20:43 PM Report
Sir Bas, I fear you a mindreader as well as weilder of charcoal. The Shadow Knight was just in my dreams as you pictured. I must say so was Sir Stick of Balogna, he was saying something about "Drop that biscuit". Glad to see you include him too, Savannah, he will do well to guard the kitchen and perhaps the outhouse from those using too many pages from the catalogue on one
I am honored to have been a part of the "gathering" but must confess, can hardly wait to read about the rest of the legion and all the adventures. This is epic work, Savanah, and I have piled larder high with popcorn, well pleased with the saga so far...joia


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