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Author Name: FreeLen 3 Comments
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CatMan * 8 * ~ Welcome to the Party~


The Jolly Jester has cleaned out the banks of Megalopolis. Guffaw Gas, pumped into banks and police stations, made his evil task mere child's play. A much-abused CatMan has tried to no avail to alert police headquarters by CatPhone. Given the brush-off by a gassed up Commissioner Gordo, our hero has fallen into a very deep depression.

* * *
"Don't give up NOW, CatMan!" Throbbin pleads. "Commissioner Gordo can't HELP himself! That horrible GUFFAW GAS sure turned OUR minds to MUSH! You CAN'T blame HIM!""

CatMan seems to shake himself out of his dark mood, somewhat. "Of course, you are right, old CHUM," he smiles, weakly. "There is ALWAYS a solution to ANY problem, but...WHAT?"

"HOLY FIRE ALARMS, CatMan!" the boy marvel exclaims. "The FIRE DEPARTMENT! THEY haven't been GASSED!!" Throbbin beams with pride over his revelation.

The cowled crusader's handsome face seems to light up with new hope. "And the PATROLMEN in all those SQUAD CARS!" CatMan grins. "You are a GENIUS, my young friend! Get Fire Chief O'Dougal on the CATPHONE, STAT!"

Throbbin soon has the fire chief on the Cat-Line and hands the red phone to his heroic benifactor. "Chief O'Dougal?...CatMan, here! Listen VERY CAREFULLY!"

The defender of truth and justice outlines the situation. "You've heard about the robberies?...GOOD! Call up EVERY bank in Megalopolis! If you get no answer, or the party is GIGGLING, the JOLLY JESTER has been about his EVIL work! Then get your hands on EVERY LEAF BLOWER you can FIND!"

CatMan listens to the chief's protests. "I KNOW IT ISN'T FALL and there ARE NO LEAVES!" he answers, in obvious frustration. "The BLOWERS are to clear the buildings of the JESTER'S insidious GUFFAW GAS! I'll contact the unaffected police out on PATROL!!"

CatMan hands the CatPhone back to his protege'. Throbbin looks with open admiration to his mentor. "I KNEW you would come up something, CATMAN!" he gushes. "But what about the JOLLY JESTER?"

CatMan puts his hand on the boy marvel's muscled thigh. He looks soulfully into Throbbin's deep, blue eyes. "If not for your EPIPHANY, dear FRIEND, all MIGHT have been LOST on this DARK DAY! It is YOU who should be applauded!"

CatMan's gaze drops to the pronounced swelling which is rising beneath Throbbin's snug leopard tights. The hero removes his hand, re-focusing his thoughts on the matter at hand. "Ah YES," he says, huskily, "the JOLLY JESTER still IS the PROBLEM we must try to SOLVE!"

"Do you think he'll go to the LAFF FACTORY?" Throbbin asks.

CatMan momentarily mulls this over. "No, Throbbin...too many people might SEE him there...OF COURSE!" CatMan clasps his gloved hands together, "HAPPY ACRES MENTAL HOSPITAL! The Jester left us for DEAD in that abandoned ASYLUM! He would have no reason NOT to hide out there! To the PUSSYMOBILE, Throbbin!" the happy hero hoots.

"But, we're IN the Pussymobile, CatMan," Throbbin reminds his mentor.

"Ahhh, Yes...THAT we are!...ON TO HAPPY ACRES, then!" The graffiti-covered Pussymobile roars down the street on to an appointment with DESTINY!

Meanwhile, back at Happy Acres...

With a lovely Maria at the wheel, the Jester Jeep pulls into the underground parking garage of the dilapidated old hospital. He finds all eight Jester Bugs parked in the dingy garage. His Min-skirted Jesterettes are gathered around the huge pile of money bags they have collected from every major bank in Megalopolis.

The Jester hops up onto the hood of his Jeep, clapping his hands and dancing with glee. "You are just the BEST Jesterettes a Jolly guy could HOPE for, girls!" he beams. "With the DAINTY DUO deftly dealt with, we are gonna OWN this backward BURG! Hee hee. Gather up all that LOVELY loot, girls and bring it UPSTAIRS. We'll have an all night CASH COUNTING PARTY!!"

With his favorite Jesterette at his side, the evil prankster is tap-dancing down the dark hallway leading to the padded room in which he had left the dashing duo to die. He turns to Maggie, grinning an evil grin. "We'll have to dispose of the dead cats, of course," he giggles, dancing to the cell door. "Can't have fermenting FELINES FOULING up our FABULOUS FORTRESS! Tee hee."

The Jester's garishly-red painted lips gape open when he discovers CatMan, alone in the padded room. The crusader appears to be quite dead, slumped with his back pressed to the scratching post. A cautious Maggie follows the villain into the small room.

"What's THIS!?" the Jester howls. "Where's the BOY BOBBLE-HEAD?"

The other Jesterettes, hearing the alarm in the evil-doer's voice, drop their heavy money sacks and come running to join Maggie and Jolly. 

Suddenly, the door slams shut behind all of them. "Hello, JOLLY!" CatMan lifts his head, smiling. "How nice of you to COME to the PARTY! Care to join me in a little GUFFAW GAS?"

The Jolly Jester hears a very familiar hiss. "You know, CATMAN," he sneers, "you're making it VERY difficult for me to LIKE you!"

Author's Notes:

The Cowled Crusader, joining the Jolly Jester
and his bevy of beautiful babes

What CAN CatMan be THINKING??
Tune in NEXT time for...

"Justice for Jolly"

Filmed, in living color..
on the back-lots of..

{Bad Penny Productions}

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Comment By: FreeQuiltingLady on May 30, 2007 12:28:54 PM Report
Does CatMan have a gas mask in his utility belt?  Where is Throbbin?  Leaf funny!


Comment By: FreeLast Temple Knight on August 7, 2006 06:55:49 PM Report
The story is rolling along, what does the cowled crusader have up his sleeve?

I look forward to finding out where this one's going! :0)

Comment By: Freeb doneff on August 5, 2006 05:35:29 PM Report
Oh I knewwww they could make a come back, ( oh my, that's loaded, lmao)! I love that leaf blower idea, but couldn't Cat man use the practice? I best stop now, before I expose all my nasty thoughts, know you got it Len, and the Jolly Jester is about ready to take a dose of his own medicine! Maybe the duo will make him swallow a few hairballs too?! ewww, cough, sputter...that oughta keep him out of commision for awhile; those two are the cat's meoww! lol...Loved it as always Len...Doc BB.


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