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Author Name: Freewazastarr69 5 Comments
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At work today

They were talking about God

And how good it is to pray

They were extrolling his virtues and singing his song

They were acting all excited till I came along

They asked me " Why I didnít smile, what did I loose?"

I simply said heís all ready taken everything, cause he has

Taken you

I told them donít talk to me about God

Donít sit there and act stupid and just nod

My temper was high and running hot

Donít tell me what is good and what is not!

He didnít save her even though they said he could

If only I believed, then save her he would

He took my faith and broke it in two

Just like the heart he took from you

So Iím supposed to be happy, that Godís promise is a lie?

And Iím supposed to be happy that my daughter died?

Iím supposed to be excited that sheís in a better place

A precious, innocent little girl. What a waste!

He has enough angels flying around

I want my daughter alive, not buried in the ground

I want to hold her in my arms, and see her smile at me

I need a child I can touch and see

I donít need a guardian Angel to watch over me

And I donít want to wait till Heaven and Eternity

Who are you to tell me what to believe?

You werenít there you didnít see

You didnít hold her as her life ran out

You werenít the one that wanted to run and scream and shout

You didnít watch the life fade from her eyes

You werenít the one crying as Your baby died

So many miralces happen every single day

Whereís mine?

I used to pray

I used to believe in everything that They would say

But then again my daughter was alive that day

So donít you tell me what I should believe

If God had been there, She wouldnít have had to leave

Until the day you stand in my shoes

And everything is gone and you have nothing to loose

Then you can tell Me what to think and feel

Then youíll know why I doubt he is real

He just takes people you love far away

And then your left in a hell that you have to live

Every single day

So donít talk to me about God and what I should say

He doesnít answer prayers no matter how hard you pray

Author's Notes:
I know a lot of you will say that I'm wrong and I shouldn't say these things, But if any of you has lost someone they love to death and HIM then you might just understand where I'm coming from.
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Comment By: FreeLeonard Wilson on June 11, 2008 06:13:16 PM Report
Whe they say, "There for but the grace of God, go I," you have to wonder, why didn't God share his grace on that other guy? I believe there is a spiritual relm in the cosmos, meaning realities we aren't equipped to see. I don't believe creation is possible without a creative force behind the curtain, but I don't believe it's a blown-up version of a man. That's just human ego, in my opinion...len
Comment By: FreePaul Peter McLean on November 5, 2007 10:04:37 AM Report

Good work. It describes well the emotions caused by losing someone dear. I found it very thought-provoking, as you can see by this long and (hopefully not too) rambling comment. Many people question God's existence when something awful happens, even those who have believed in Him before. To me, looking at the question rationally, there are two possibilities -

1. There is no God, and no afterlife, and death is a random event, caused by crime, disease, old age, and so on, or
 2. There is a God, in which case God allows people to die at a time of His choosing, and for His own reasons, no matter how cruel and senseless they seem to us. But then, if we understood the reasons, we would be God, I suppose.

Whether God exists or not, bad things happen. Children die, men are murdered, women are raped. . The fact that these things happen doesn't prove the non-existence of God, any more than the good and happy things of life prove His existence. It only proves that, if their is a God, He allows bad things to happen. Which, of course, leads to the really tough question - Why?

We all have a tendency to create God in our own image, to imbue Him with the qualities we imagine a God should have. So when he does something we don't understand, something which brings us grief, the natural reaction is to say "God wouldn't allow that to happen. But it happened. So there's no God". The astonishment at God behaving in such a seemingly stupid and arbitrary way is increased, of course, if we pay attention to those stupid people who say that praying for someone to live will make them live, if only we pray hard enough


Anyway, as you can see, this poem really made me think about issues I haven't considered for a long time. It is very well written, and the emotions are strongly and eloquently expressed. Well done.

Comment By: FreeSilkinTears on March 25, 2007 03:44:27 PM Report
I have never lost a child but have had things happen in my life to question God's existance. Losing a child is the most stressful and tragic emotion any parent will ever have to endure. I understand your grief and your anger towards God. If anyone could have saved your child it was God, but he didn't. Why? You will probably never find the answer to that. For what ever reason, this had to be. It may be hard to accept at this time but you did not know what the future held for your child so this was maybe a blessing not a curse. It is always hard to accept the things we cannot change. Nobody has the right to tell you how to feel. You have the right to feel your pain, grief and anger. These are very healthy emotions during such a difficult ant stressful time. Wishing you better days.
Helen xxx

Comment By: PremiumVizualEnsemble on March 1, 2007 08:44:49 AM Report
Heartbreaking write, this brought me to tears.

I have never lost a child and my faith is so strong, but if I had to walk in your shoes,

I would clearly understand where you are coming from. There is nothing more devistating

than to see a parent lose a child.....My heart goes out to you dear.


Comment By: FreeAntony Frank on March 1, 2007 07:41:02 AM Report
Really sad, but strong poem.  This is heartfelt, no one can judge you on that.

One of my favourites.





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