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Author Name: Freeseriouslyginger 2 Comments
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Fathomless Eyes
My chest was tight, the muscles in my legs had fire burning trough them from running, yet i still couldn't lose them. they were like blood hounds. I heard their angry yells and curses as they chased me through the back alleys. Damned coppers never let me have any fun. I took a quick right turn down on to the main street, my breathing ragged, my lungs burning... and the police were still on my heels. Jesus, it's like I had a copper magnet stuck to my back.
"Stop that boy! He's wanted for the murder of an elderly woman! Stop him! Shoot him if you must!" I heard one of them yell behind me.
You'd think that would prompt someone into doing something, wouldn't you? But no. The cowards parted faster than the Red Sea did for Moses as I sped through the over-crowded streets.
Sweat was running down my face, streaming into my eyes. I impatiently swiped at my face and took off like a bullet round another alley corner, hoping to shake them a little. I looked back and gave a quick laugh.
A few of the dopes had gone sliding on the loose gravel, taking another one out who managed to make it round the tricky bend. It seemed a little luck was finally coming my way. I took some more quick turns down a few more alleyways. I realised I was heading into a part of town that I had never been to before, but didn't care as long as it put me a good hundred feet in front of them damn pigs.
And then Lady Luck threw me some more of her Beautiful charm. There was what looked to be an abandoned house. Perfect.
If there was anyone in there, I had something that would deal with them. Mustering up the last of my strength I sprinted towards the house, throwing myself through the door and kicking it shut. I quickly felt at my hip. Relief seeped through my veins as I felt the familiar hardness of my gun. I hadn't lost it during the chase.
I hauled my worn out body off the floor to glance out of one of the two windows that framed the door. I grinned as I watched about five police storm past the house, chuckled as I watched one rushing to keep up without spilling his coffee.
Giggling to myself, I thought about the elderly woman they were hunting me for as I glanced around the hallway. I wasn't saying that I didn't kill her in cold blood when she caught me robbing her house. I had quite enjoyed caving her skull in with her own walking stick, decorating the walls and ceiling with sprays of her own blood.
Hmmm. This house wasn't as abandoned as it had first looked. I walked into what appeared to be the main living room, but I didn't look very 'lived in'. It was nearly bare but  immaculately clean. And I was beginning to feel like I was in a mental hospital. Everything was white. The walls, the ceiling, the long coffee table in the centre of the room, the small sofa. Creepy. Might as well see if anyone was in the house. I felt a sadistic smile pull at the corners of my mouth. I couldn't help it.
No! I heard the voice scream in my head, loud enough to make me wince. If there is anyone in this house you are not, i repeat, NOT allowed to kill them. Leaving a trail of bodies isn't going to help our situation so forget the idea right now!
I know, I know, I answered the voice. Jeez, it could be annoying.
But I had an amazingly strong urge to react the scene of the old womans house, to see the pain and fear freash on their face. Anticiption shot through me. Should I? Shouldn't I? Screw it.
"Hello?" I yelled, hoping for some sort of reply. Nothing.
Well, might as well see if this freaky house had anything worth stealing before i left. where were the stairs? I walked into the middle of the room, making sure I hadn't missed anything in the mntal room before I went on my search. Nope, I glanced round the room, nothing. i snorted, you had to be blind to miss anything in here.
I turned around to head back out to the hallway and stopped dead.
There standing in the doorway was a girl no more than my age of seventeen. She stood there staring at me with big brown eyes that looked too big for her face, her skin pale, almost tranparent, her black hair flowed down her back, standing out in stark contast against her white night gown which came to her ankles. She was stunning.
I smied gently as a thrill ran through me.
No! Don't you dare!
Ah, shut up, I snapped at the voice.
"Good eveing," I said politely. "I didn't realise anyone else was in here. It looked abandoned, you see. What's your name?"
The girls mouth twitched into a small smile. "You don't need to know that, Matthew. You burst into my house and start asking questions? I don't think so."
I felt the smile vanish from my face and my body tense. I wasn't just the use of my name, but there was a certain note in her musical voice that had every alarm bell ringing.
"You know my name?" I asked quietly as i inched my fingers towards my gun. She was had to be only five feet and a hundred pounds at most, no match for my six feet one hundred and eight pounds. But there was a certain... aura that made me want to keep my distance.
Don't do it.
Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!
"I thin this conversations over," I hissed, reaching for the gun at my hip. But it wasn't there.
I patted round my waist. Nothing. What the f...?
"Looking for this, Matthew?"
I snapped my head up, and there hanging delicately from her finger was my gun. She must of seen the shock on my face because she laughed, musically.
Still giggling she threw it across the room. As it hit the wall, it shattered to pieces as though it was made from glass. I stared in disbelief.
The thrill I had felt earlier and turned to dread and fear. She looked at the once was gun, hair falling across her face, hiding it. She gave a slight chuckle.
"And now... Well, now you die."
As she said this, several things happened that would haunt me beyond death.
Her voice lowered to a demonic growl, she turned her head back to face me, reveling her face which had changed considerably. Her eyes had gone completely black and, what I imagined were her veins had also turned a blackish colour, showing thrugh her skin... and she smiled. I stepped back in horror as I saw what looked to be blood begin to run slowly down her face.
My heart was pounding a hundred miles an hour in my chest, feeling like at any moment it was going to burst.. My breath was coming faster and faster as she focused her fathomless eyes on mine.
"Wait! Wait! Just wait a damned minute." She stared at me, waiting. "What did I do? Why kill me?" I asked frantically.
The small rivulets of blood that ran down her strangly beautiful face, dripped slowly into her mouth as a demonic smile flashed across her face.
She tilted her head to the side as she studied my face, still grinning manically.
"That elderly woman you killed was my sister. I died sixty years ago, but a year before that i sold my soul. Your death will be my redemption and her revenge. You decided to kill her to get you sadistic little kicks. Well, now it's your turn."
My God, this girl... thing... was nuts!
I shook my head. "What are you talking about?" Backing up until the back of my legs hit the coffee table. "You're making no sence!"
She laughed.
"You know what I'm talking about." She spat. "You should have listened to the little voice inside your head, Matthew. Maybe you'd still be alive to see the sun set."
She grinned.
I couldn't move, pure fear had locked my muscles into place, rendering me useless.
"I - I.."
"Enough!" A savage snarl errupted from her throat.
She shot her hand out towards my direction, her open palm facing me, exactly the same time an invisable force flung me back, slamming me into the far wall. Red hot pain shot through my back as if someone had replaced it with a hot iron bar. The breath shooting out of my lungs on impact with the solid wall, leaving me struggling for breath.
It felt like several lorrys had parked temselves on my chest. Then I realised I was pinned halfway up the wall.
I swung my gaze to look at the girl, her face a mask of thunderous fury.
"You will feel the pain of my sister's pain a thousand fold, you will never see this world again. Your soul will brn in an eternal hell." She growled.
I screamed in pain as I felt my ribs begin to break at the same time she slowly began to close her hand.
"Your life ends here, Matthew. This evening you will be damned to the deepest hells of the underworld where you will fight the demons that have been so dying to meet you... and tear you apart." She laughed wickedly.
"It ends now." Were the last words I heard her growl as she closed her fist tightly. My chest caved in on itself the pain unbearable, but I couldn't scream. Couldn't even breathe.
Then the world around me fell away and I was tumbling into blackness, seeing the beasts waiting for me at the other end, staring up, waiting for me. The hungry look in their eyes as I fell into their waiting 'arms', their claws already slashing and tearing at my fleash.
And to this very day that is where I remain. In the world of the damned. Over and over again being torn apart by mindless demons. And for eternity this is where I will remain. But one thing is for sure.
I will never forget that girl that condemned me to this hell. Or her fathomless black eyes.

Author's Notes:
I had to write a Gothic Horror story for my English Course work a couple of months ago. The story kind of stuck with me. So all critasism welcome!
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'Fathomless Eyes' Copyright © becci burston
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Comment By: FreeRobin Constantinou on February 16, 2009 06:10:20 PM Report
wow, brilliant, it was great reading it the first time, but even better the second, alot more things jumped out into life, you paint such a deep surreal picture of a world gone mad :-) i love it! ~Robin
p.s. i wont kill your frog for posting this, be pleased lol

Comment By: Freeleanne burston on February 16, 2009 05:48:24 PM Report
i loved this the first time i read it but i think you may need to make the font a bit bigger lol its kinda hard to read sis :) love you xxxxx


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