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Author Name: FreeGoliath Assassin 3 Comments
Date Added: June 23, 2009 11:06:12 Average Score: (Needs 2)
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Until Next We Meet
I am sick of this.  I am through with being full of myself. 
All the success I could ever attain would not be worth it
If the only result was that I got to pat myself on the back and smile.
I'm not smiling.  I'm biting my lip hoping, looking for approval from people instead of God.
And when I get my approval fom you, it's sweet, but I'm always fiending for more.
So either I label myself a social wreck and a hopeless addict
Or I go and get my words to make money.
Poet Storm is still going forward.  I've fixed the glitch in my profile
You can all send e-mails directly to my Yahoo account.  "GoliathAssassin" as always.
But as for posting here...  I will have money when I return.
It's not a material thing.  It's just that...
This world does not respect a man who has no real power.
Men without power can collect pity, yes...
But only for a little while, and then even that will fade
If no evidence is there to suggest his power beginning to build.
I can talk all I want.  But until I can lift myself out of this hole
I am no good to any of you.  In fact, I'm a fraud should I choose to continue.
Yours are the voices that will propel Poet Storm.
Mine is the voice that will simply guide the ship
On that course where experience has taught me to go...
Author's Notes:
Reply to Ali:  (Same reply I have toward all members here.)
Here is the bottom line, Ali.  I spend half the day doing this as it is.  I spend the other half looking for jobs in an economy that does not have room for me.  I have put forth an entrepreneural venture called Poet Storm.  If Poet Storm does well enough, I can stop looking for jobs and do this full time.  You want me here?  Guess what: SUBMIT SOMETHING TO MY MAGAZINE!
What you basically JUST got done saying is that you think my writing draws the masses.  I have made plenty clear that I will put one of my poems in every issue of Poet Storm that ever goes to print.  If you truly feel that my writing draws people, then how could you NOT to get involved?  So what do you believe, Ali?  What do you believe? 
Because I WILL make money writing.  And having gotten to know some of the greatest minds this site has to offer, I would love nothing better than to take those of you down that road with me.  But if you won't come then guess what?  I'll go it alone.  Having said that, I want you all to understand that I am not giving up on Poet Storm just yet.  In fact, it is for the interest of the magazine that I am moving to another site, where average daily users number in the thousands.  Bigger public, greater potential for submissions.  I do realize that such a large bowl also makes me a smaller fish... but from a biblical perspective-  Goliath Assassin LIKES those odds!
How many good, solid, talented, strong, honest poets does this site have?  Ten?  Twenty?  Fifty?  I have SIX sumbissions from TWO cp members and about fifteen of you saying "I'll give my portfolio a look..."  I have had two artists give up on me because I cannot give them the amount of poetry I promised them for inspiration.  If all of you who were capable would put your swords out like I do, there would be nothing to stand in our way.
Here is how it's going to be from now on:  I will run screaming through every poetry site I find from now until Poet Storm has gotten off the ground.  Those who scream back at me the loudest will have me coming back to their site most regularly.  I will yell and scream and swing my sword like a fool until I rouse the hearts of an army of poets.  And should that fail, I'll yell and scream and swing my sword like a fool until I personally cut through every obstacle in my path.  Either scenario involves me running.  That is why sitting on my ass right here won't do me any good. 
So how are you guys supposed to yell and get my attention?  Like I said, I've "fixed the settings" on my profile page.  The e-mail you should see when you get there is  BLOW MY BOX UP, people!  (Letters containing small talk should STILL contain submissions.  No attatchments, please, just copy-paste.  Don't feel comfortable?  Then don't submit.  The maximum three limit has been removed.  Submit as many as you want.  I will backlog all the poetry "not being used" for future issues, should sumbissions sporadically run low.)  I love you all.  I see more in you than you see in yourself.  Vision knows no bounds.  Sorry, I must be going...
I wanted to reply here to let you guys know that I am not simply ignoring what you have said.  I don't know where the divide between hard-headedness and good sense "officially" rests... but I am not giving up on Poet Storm yet.  Maybe it won't ever replace my job. (And I never cared about getting insanely-rich, for the record)  But I WILL make money writing somehow.  Maybe I'll end up producing music albums to make a breakthrough.  But as it stands right now, Poet Storm is my main focus. 
Ali-You're seasoned and wise.  I probably SHOULD listen to you.  But that's exactly why I'll choose not to.  Many of the things that succeed in life are things that nobody saw coming... besides the creator.  Sometimes, even the idea's creator has low expectations for how high it will go.  I'd rather be the fool who tried and got nowhere than the sage who gives up and does what everybody else does.  Don't read into it.  It means nothing more than what it says.  I value your talent and mean no disrespect you.  I also value whatever friendship between us my recent antics have been unable to destroy.
Amy-Yes, I am hard on myself and others.  Which is why I will eventually get something done.  I don't have a honey, and I'm not commonly very sweet of my own accord... so it's pretty hard for me to turn around and give what is in such short supply.  I want people to like me as naturally as any other human being does.  But I'd rather gain respect than admiration.  I'm tired of being a nobody.  Friends are friends, and that's good for recreation.  But with Poet Storm, I'm looking for mutual accountability.
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'Until Next We Meet' Copyright © Goliath Assassin
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Comment By: FreeAlison Storm Wolf on June 24, 2009 05:38:14 AM Report

OK Prepare yourself
for a major reality check!

you basically JUST got done saying is that you think my writing draws the
masses.  I have made plenty clear that I will put one of my poems in every issue
of Poet Storm that ever goes to print.  If you truly feel that my writing draws
people, then how could you NOT to get involved?  So what do you believe, Ali? 
What do you believe?

From this comment I see
you are ungrounded and totally unrealistic in your expectations..AND
assumptions. When I made my comment to was to encourage you in your
writing NOT because I feel you "appeal to the friggin masses!!!!"

Also I
only vaguely remember you mentioning your "Poet Storm!" Did you place a bit on
the forum about it? Did you?

Let me tell you something of interest. I am
already published in several anthologies, several poetry journals (real poetry
journals) in England, India and France.
I also have my own poetry booklets
for sale on my web site.
I am sorry you feel so aggrieved I did not rush
wholesale to contribute to your dream book that is going to make you rich but I
will now take this opportunity to allow you to wise up.

If you do a
search on Alison Stormwolf on Google you will find on average 9 pages that show
my poetry is widely used by others on web sites and in ceremonies, newsletters,
and for various other things. this is NOT to blow my own trumpet...but to give
you a much needed reality check. In spite of all that my booklets are not
selling very much although on a almost daily basis I get emails about them from
all over the world asking to use them in different life situations

For you to imagine that by publishing an assortment of poets work
including your own you can give up work and rest on your laurels is not only sad
but also very mistaken. I am not saying this to be nasty I am telling you the

It simply does not pay to go all huffy and resentful just because
others do not feel the need to put their work on your book.
I sense a real
feeling in you of unappreciation and general resentment at nobody seeing your
talent...well get real.
You enjoy writing and you are good at it.....and I
wanted to encourage you...but if push comes to shove I do not consider you to be
'all that'...far too much self indulgence in your work and way too
long. I can see you use the platform to vent and that's ok but please do not
assume that its got 'mass appeal.'


I think you need to calm down and
re-assess where you are coming from. There is a mjor teaching for you in all
this if you would stop being a victim and start opening your eyes to what


Ali x

Comment By: FreeAmy on June 24, 2009 04:13:55 AM Report
David, I've always liked you but I'm sorry I think you would win more over with honey rather than vinegar. Your poem and its 'about' I find very condescending. First of all, I feel you have posted something as a poem that should have been posted in the forum section of the site. Secondly, as Ali stated you are a bit hard on yourself but at the same time I feel you are hard on us as well. You were absent from this site for a long time. You return to make anouncements and then sporadically check back in to see if we are emailing you. You have hung out at poetry sites enough to know you have to put in the time being an active member to get recognition. This is a huge site with new people joining globally everyday... if you aren't here on a frequent basis, they don't know who the hell you are. As for the magazine, I'm not going to pussyfoot around this....magazines and newspapers are folding right and left. Big publications that have been in business for years are struggling. I don't mean to squash dreams but for you to make it with this dream, I seriously think you should consider this being an online venture. Again, I mean no offense, just felt I needed to say my 2 cents.


Comment By: FreeAlison Storm Wolf on June 23, 2009 11:49:41 AM Report

awww sounds like you are going through a time of trial and personal inner reflection...
just remember that such things usually in my experience happen before a major leap in try not to be so self critical. As far as leaving here?...I would stick around if I was you. We need all the talented writers we can get to keep the site level up and cannot afford to lose you ;-)
 Ali x


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