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Author Name: FreeTomahawk 1 Comments
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Fast Charlie And Valkyrie
Begin Trans....00:29 hours Zulu
GHQ: Eagle 3, GHQ. Report any unusual activity in and around Alpha Quadrant. We've got intel that there was an insurgence at northeast sector, around 00:25 hours. -over-
Eagle 3: GHQ, Eagle 3. Commencing full collateral scan of Alpha Quadrant and surrounding terrain, five clicks in all directions from origin of insurgence. -over-
GHQ: Roger that, Eagle 3. Alert perimeter guard of actions taken, make sure they're in position for intercept and probable confrontation. -over-
Eagle 3: Roger. Scanning now, will alert perimeter guard in three-zero seconds. -over-
GHQ: Eagle 3, it is confirmed, intel reports forward activity in northeast sector of Alpha Quad....seal off borders, immediately. -over-
Eagle 3: Roger that, have visual of insurgent, fanning personnel to seal off and head off. Perimeter guard assisting. We.... (static noise)
GHQ: Eagle  3....Eagle  3....acknowledge, acknowledge! Eagle 3 report!
(static noise continues)
Eagle 3: Have engaged bogey....repeat....have engaged bogey! Alpha Quad is fully involved, need backup, perimeter guard holding on far end....need....(static noise)
GHQ: Eagle 3! Deploying Fast Charlie and Valkyrie, will be there in two minutes....on  heading of 270 relative. Do you you read?! -over-
(static noise, whine of a turbine)
Eagle 3: Roger, GHQ. Perimeter guard reports breech of border, to Beta Quadrant, but no involvement, as yet. We have northeast sector in hand, containing threat up to three clicks. Standing by for further instructions. -over-
GHQ: Acknowledged, Eagle 3. Stand by. -over-
Fast Charlie: GHQ, Fast Charlie. Have arrived in Alpha Quadrant, Valkyrie at Beta Quadrant, she will reinforce border, with perimeter guard, up to five clicks from electronic frontier. -over-
GHQ: Fast Charlie, GHQ. Double down deployment along far border, tell Valkyrie that she is to use whatever means necessary to contain and neutralize bogey. We can't have breech into Beta Quadrant, considering what we have there. Results would be catastrophic....repeat....catastrophic! -over-
Fast Charlie: Ten-four. Rendevous with Eagle 3 force in northeast sector imminent. -over-
Eagle 3: Fast Charlie, Eagle 3. Welcome to the fray, killer! -over-
Fast Charlie: Eagle 3, Fast Charlie. Thanks for pulling me outta bed, dude! -over-
Eagle 3: Anything I can do to help. (scoffs) Let's get it on, yo! -over-
Fast Charlie: Showtme, wings! -over-
(turbine whine)
Valkyrie: Fast Charlie, Valkyrie. Can girls play too? -over-
Fast Charlie: Valkyrie, Fast Charlie. Show me what ya got! -over-
Valkyrie: Yee-ha!! Kickin' ass with the peri-boys! We've got it licked, Sunny Jim! -over-
Fast Charlie: That's my girl! hey, hey....those peri-boys eye ballin' your chasis? -over-

Valkyrie: Nothin' I can't handle, they're straight trippin'. We've got bogey boxed....come an' get you some, son! -over-
Fast Charlie: On route, with the cavalry, darlin'! -over-
Eagle 3: And that be ME, Valkyrie....Eagle 3. Be there with my boys in three minutes, on heading 185 relative. -over-
Valkyrie: Mah man! Bring home the bacon for mama! -over-
Eagle 3: Make sure y'all can handle it now, sugah! -over-
Valkyrie: Honey, NEVER send a man to do a woman's job! -over-
(laughter on both ends)
GHQ: Eagle 3, GHQ. You got this in hand? -over-
Eagle 3: That's a big ten-four, GHQ. Fast Charlie and Valkyrie turned the corner for us. -over-
GHQ: Good news. Valkyrie, GHQ. What's the status of bogey insurgent? -over-
Valkyrie: Bogey contained and neutralized, GHQ. No further further threat. Perimeter guard returning to outer frontier. Eagle 3 and Fast Charlie have cleaned up. We win, sir! -over-
GHQ: Acknowledged,Valkyrie. Fine job, all of you. Secure all borders to ten clicks from primary, then stand down. -over-
Eagle 3: Already secure, sir. -over-
Fast Charlie: We're gettin' outta here, sir! -over-
GHQ: Fast Charlie and Valkyrie, return to base. Eagle 3, secure Alpha Quad, then return to base, you will all be debriefed. -over-
Fast Charlie: Roger that. Fast Charlie standing down. -over-
Valkyrie: Roger, sir. Valkyrie standing down. -over-
Eagle 3: Ten-four, sir. Eagle  3 standing down. All quiet along frontier, situation nominal. -over-
GHQ: Roger. Over and out.
End trans....01:03 hours Zulu
Author's Notes:
Kind of a surreal military maneuver. I wanted to try something different and kinda funky.
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Comment By: FreeLeonard Wilson on July 25, 2011 06:02:33 PM Report
Very original write, Len...Gee...I LIKE that name!!...Len


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