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Author Name: FreeArhipova Katerina 0 Comments
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Type: Short Story
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1. It was a Friday evening. Marie wanted to rest a bit from her work. She felt tired and wanted to speak to somebody, to party somewhere. She saw an advert for a meeting in the internet. The photos were not inspiring but she heard about it from one of her friends. She didn't know anybody there but it didn't scare her. She came at 7 pm, saw no people in the cafe and called. Nobody answered. She waited and called again. A male's voice asked her to look around and she immediately saw them. They put 4 tables or more together and talked with each other. Many of them as she understood later were lonely and this was a great opportunity for them to meet people. Then she saw Him. His name was Vitaliy. He had a coat decorated with fluffy fur. The fur looked gorgeous. He asked her to sit in his place. People near were frustrated that he was leaving. It was a good luck for them that they could speak to him. He took off his coat and sat on another chair far away. Without a coat there was nothing special about his appearance. She immediately stopped thinking about him and enjoyed talking to others. In less than 10 minutes she knew lots of them. Then He sat next to her. It was a time right after New Year. He told her about their celebration of it, that it was a big party with food, drinks and staying sleepless for 2 or three days in one flat together. He spoke and his eyes were sparkling. There was something in his manner of speaking, his voice, in his eyes, fur on his coat that made him a person to remember, a person that one would want to keep in his life. He was enjoying himself, was relaxed, gave a feeling of a holiday. A holiday she came for. She felt she was in good hands. She was trying to forget about her troubles there and he was exactly what she needed. He invited her to other events. She felt blessed, he was like a pill for a headache. With him all her bad thoughts were disappearing. She loved him for this. She wanted to know more about him. And actually she didn't need to ask. Other guys in their turn sat next to her and started speaking about him. They tried to warn her, they said Vitaliy was not one to trust. People wanted his attention and at the same time were afraid of him, felt offended by his actions in the past. They said he was not reliable, didn't work hard for many years and didn't have money, he could not be with one girl for a long time. Putting their all comments together she felt she was talking to a monster that everyone adored and hated. He had charm and power over people. Lots of girls were dreaming about him. One guy told her that during NY's night Vitaliy had sex with one girl. People in a room went to a balcony to smoke and left them alone. He closed the doors of the balcony and room so no one could come inside. And they had sex. People outside were frozen, all knew what was happening inside. That girl was also there this Friday evening. But they were not together anymore. Some guys said that it was she who parted with him and hit his self esteem. Long ago there was another girl in his life. She tamed him and then ran away with a masseur. She was the only girl he loved. After that he went to massage courses and learned to do it brilliantly. Lots of girls fell in love with him after his massage. But he didn't need them. In his album there were pictures of his love, he made notes under each photo giving her fairytale tender names. When she left she took his heart with her. She took colors and emotions, she took the air he was breathing. He stopped being romantic, sentimental. He wanted power over people so no girl could leave him and break his heart again. 2. It was going to be his birthday soon. Marie was very happy to receive an invitation and was thinking about the present. Right before the event Vitaliy sent her a message asking if she was coming to his party. It pleased her. She tried to find out how old he was (she always did it when she liked someone) but nobody knew. People didn't know where he was born, how old he was, some of them even didn't know that he used a nickname, that it was not his real name. As if he was hiding from the whole world. He was a mystery for her. She came early to his birthday party. He rent a big flat to celebrate it. There were people inside. Some of them tried to put pizza into the microwave to make it hot. People came bringing their own alcohol. The flat was cozy, well decorated. Lots of sofas. Marie was nervous. There were lots of people she didn't know and many of them were girls who came probably to get his attention. Vitaliy felt like a star. He moved from one group of people to another making short comments and then leaving. It looked like everyone in that room was dreaming of his glance or short comment. Then he sat on the sofa in front of her. Maybe he was shy to speak. He said something like "how are you". Very soon other girls surrounded him. Marie knew his favorite music. Now she put it on her mobile phone and watched his reaction. There was curiosity in his look but he didn't say a word. He was silently watching her. It was noisy inside. It seemed that all these people belonged to another world that was hidden for her before this moment. They used filthy language, seemed to be not deep. In one room there were guys who smoked something illegal, in another room people played mafia and other games, in a third room people were giving each other massages on the sofa, others were dancing or talking. Girls were in very short skirts. One of them showing her naked breast came up very close to Vitaliy asking him to kiss it. He did it gladly. Then he and lots of girls made a picture "girls kissing a birthday guy". After that other guys in the room demanded that girls should kiss them too. Girls obeyed. Marie didn't take part in this. She sat on the sofa watching them. She was wondering what was going to be next. Soon a guy called Volodya came and brought shisha. People started smoking it. The window was open so it was a bit cold inside. Volodya suggested ordering a prostitute. He was very proud of himself thinking that other people should support him. Vitaly said no. A girl next to Volodya who was hugging him making selfies for Instagram said she would watch him having sex with that prostitute. But when they called the price didn't fit them. And both became quiet. The girl's name was Kristina. She had a pretty blue dress to kill, high heel shoes, blond long hair. Her smile was extraordinary. It was a dream come true. Guys came only to see her. They dreamed to talk to her but she was cold as ice. Marie heard that she was in love with some guy. She kept on thinking about him day and night . All of her talk was only about him. They were together for half a year but she didn't have sex with him and then he left. She was shocked. She wanted him back but he didn't hurry up to come back. He found another girl and was happy living with her. He had lots of hobbies that took his time. He was a normal guy. There was nothing special about him but she loved him, adored him or maybe she couldn't forget that somebody dared to part with her. As I said, Kristina was a virgin. All in that room knew about it. Maybe she told them. They all couldn't possibly check it. Kristina needed that everyone would think this way. Then she could have lots of admirers without giving anything in return. She was slim. But she achieved it not going for sport but taking special pills. She had grey spots near her eyes because of it. But make up didn't allow to see it. Kristina didn't work and didn't study. She woke up late, doing her make up sometimes took hours and she hung out in the internet on the page of her beloved. She checked every his step. Sometimes he came to her page and liked one of her photos. It was true happiness for her. It gave her hope that they some day can be together. But she couldn't confess that she was lonely. She wanted him to see that she was also with a boyfriend. For this purpose she sometimes made pictures kissing some guy. Once there was a party. She came and heard that her love with her girlfriend should also come. She left and in an hour came with a guy who gave her flowers and kissed her publicly. Where did she get that guy so fast.. Some said that it was her old friend who fancied her. So, it was getting late and many people were going home. Marie went down to buy her favorite meat and other food in the local shop. It was cold outside. She didn't want to go home. She returned to the flat and prepared tea with sandwiches for her. Kristina started arguing with Vitaliy. Vitaliy said she was a fool and she would never bring her Prince Charming back. Kristina was frustrated, she looked at him and left the flat in tears. Marie tried to soothe her. In this big flat Marie was the only person who was not drunk. When she left Vitaliy said that now it was time to sleep a bit. They made sofas bigger so about 7 people could sleep on one sofa. They lay hand in hand and turned the lights off. It was so strange that people who didn't know each other were so close to each other on one sofa. Vitaliy lay right next to Marie. He was as if a bit hugging her. There was nobody beside him except her. Marie could not sleep. She lay with her eyes closed enjoying every minute. Maybe she fell asleep for some time. When she opened her eyes the room was full of light. Other people left the sofa and flat. It was only her and him in the room. She closed her eyes and didn't move trying not to wake up Vitaliy. But it was not that easy when she saw one unknown guy trying to park his body right next to her. It was not in her plans. She asked him to find another place but there was no reaction. Then she pushed him with her feet and hands. The guy fell down from the sofa and crawled to another room. Marie felt like a winner. She lay for some time and then quietly went to take a shower. The door of the bathroom was without a lock. It usually happens when one rents a flat. Then she started making breakfast. Vitaliy woke up and came closer to have some meal. There was no "thank you", "hello". He just came up to her, took some meal and started watching TV. Kristina came back, looked at Vitaliy sadly and disappeared in another room. Marie heard her talking with some guy there. She called him Kiril. Then she came up to her and said that they all should go to Kiril's flat to celebrate his birthday, that he is paying for the taxi and no presents are needed.
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