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Author Name: FreeForgotten 1 Comments
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Findnig the light
* heh this is a TAD bit long and its not in poem format.. But *shrug* its good

In the darkness the child lay, huddled in the corner of the unkempt, flea infested room. She lay there, listing to the voices outside the hall, listened to them rise in anger, in rage. And listened to then whisper, in cruelness, in cunning. The child whimpered slightly, the first noise suggesting that she was still in this world, and she shifted slightly to ease the ache in her small body. She knew how to be quiet, for if she was to remain silent, the voices would not come near her, would not hurt her. The voices stopped, and she was afraid, for when the voices stopped, bad things happened to her, bad things always happened to her. The door knob moves slightly, silently, jerking back and forth, disturbing the calmness of the dirty room.

The child whimpered again, for the voices tried to get into the room. The jerked the door knob harder, and harder, and harder. The they began to pound on the door. The little girl curled tighter into a ball, whimpering as the voices raged and stormed against the door, pounding and kicking, trying to break down her door, her barrier against those voices. Silent tears ran down her sad, beautiful eyes, for she knew what would happen to her now, the voices were in a blood rage, and she would not survive the beatings again, not again. Save me, she whispered into the dark, save me please, the tears ran down.

A flicker of light caught her eye, and she was blinded by its radiance, its beauty. She lifted a bruised hand toward the light, reaching to its love and purity. The light shifted away and the child’s soul cried out in fear and agony, DON’T LEAVE ME!!! she cried to the light. Please don’t leave me to the darkness of the voices… and to her astonished beautiful eyes, the light glided back, back to her.

More tears reign down upon her face the light had answered her plea, and it had come back to her, had come back to save her. The voices screamed, but to the girls confusion, the screamed in fear. And then the girl heard angles singing, singing a song that drowned out the hate filled screams of the voices, and infolded her in its song.

The door burst open and the child cried out, the voices had broken through her door and they would devourer her before the light could save her. Noooo! she screamed silently at the figure at the doorway. And she huddled closer in her corner, the only place where the voices maybe would not find her. Slowly, so slowly, through her pain and fear filled mind, the child heard the angles song. It was still there, and it had saved her from the dark voices. The child gazed up, and in the door was stood an angel surrounded in light. The child gasped, drinking in the light that was denied to her, basking in the beauty of the angel.

The angle moved closer, shrouded in the flickering of lights, and the child saw that the angel was crying. She was confused, angles do not cry… do they? Angel… why are you crying? she asked the angel, and the angel let out a sob that brought out more angels to his side, and they were looking at her with tears running down their faces.
I am crying for you Whispered the angel, come with me little one… ill take you away from this place. The angel reached out his hand waiting for the girl to take his hand.

The girl could not move, so much pain racked her slight body, she could not move, she could not get to her angel. I-I-I cant, she whispered to the angel, she wanted to scream to him, but she could not, for the voices had almost taken away her voice, her own song.

The angel came closer to her and crouched down slowly. As if her was afraid that any movement would make her afraid. The child was not afraid, for she knew what pain and fear was, and this angel would not, could not hurt her. And for the first time in her young life, she was not afraid. The angel reached out his hand, and with his fingertips, brushed her cheek. The those fingertips brushed away a strand of her blood soaked hair, and another sob came from his lips. Then I will come to you little one, he whispered into her ear, ill take you away from this hell that you have been banished to. And with that whispered promise, the angel gently lifted the child’s broken body, and he began to carry her away from the vile room.

The child cuddled closer and closer to her angel, wanting to feel his warmth, warmth that had for so long as she could remember had been denied to her. And then, for the first time, felt safe, safe in the arms of her angel, safe from the voices. And then new tears fell from her eyes, tears of happiness. The angel brought her out of her room, and passed the broken beer bottles and the drugs that littered the living room, and then reached the entrance to the hell that she had lived in for so long. He paused for a second, looking down at her, and a tear that fell from his face bathed her soiled face. The angel brought his lips to her face, and kissed her bruised cheek.

The lights flashed, and the voice of the angles was silent, and the girl was surrounded by many different voices. She could not understand their words, and she did not care, as long angel was there with her. And so they went, pass a strange looking car, with the lights that she saw in her hell shining brightly on top of it. The red light flashed and a blue light flickered. Is that a chariot to haven? she asked her angel. No little one, that is not. He whispered into her ear. That is a car, and it brought me here to you. She looked into her angels eyes and smiled to him, and her smile almost brought the angel to his knees.
he little girl gaze fell upon a other car, and she notices that the voices here held prisoner inside it. The girl smiled gently, for now the voices could never hurt her again.
The angel brought the girl over to a big white car with flashing, wailing red lights, and inside it was a few more angles, and they told her that they would take away her pain. The little girl smiled gently at them, and her smile brought tears in their eyes.

The doors closed, enfolding the child inside, and the car slowly pulled away from the house. And standing on the sidewalk, was her angel, tears in his eyes, and his badge shining brightly.
Author's Notes:
I cried when i wrote this and i sometimes cry when i read it to, cause i know this has happed to people. but it helps to know that there are angles in this world that can help thoes people.
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Comment By: FreeDominique Gomez on August 5, 2004 10:09:37 PM Report
This is awesome...I cried as I read it...It has soo much emotion in it...well done...


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